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At the heart of KidZania Bangkok, the World#1 edutainment brand, is an amazing life-like, kid-sized city offering children from 4 to 14 years old a unique and engaging role-play experience that also helps develop essential life skills, such as money management, independent decision making and teamwork. With more than 80 professions to pick from, kids have the freedom to pursue their own path and the feeling of being "out on their own" as they take part in the real-life work and social activities in KidZania city.
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Very good

Darren L
Burnaby, Canada99 contributions
Jan 2020
Visited KidZania twice in a week and spent almost the entire day there each time, with my daughter obviously having a blast. Both times were on weekdays and was not too busy so lineups were short. If you have not been to a KidZania before, it's definitely a must-do with kids, as the staff encourages them to step out of their comfort zone to try things they may not usually do while also making sure us parents are simply spectators. Of note, would recommend minimum age of 4yrs to ensure they can participate in most activities, but even then there are a few that will require kids a few years older.
Written January 21, 2020
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Dear dloo86, Thank you very much for re-visiting KidZania Bangkok. We glad knowing your kid enjoyed our activity. With plenty of occupation choices, the kid always wants to come back to try more. We will keep providing the best learning and playing activity to assure your next visit will be more pleasant. Thank you once again to recommend us to others and hope to see you again. Kind regards, Anognard Permchalad Customer Service Manager
Written January 22, 2020
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Northern Virginia, VA178 contributions
Oct 2014 • Couples
I took my kids, ages 5 and 4, here on a Tuesday and they had a great time. It is comparable to a large children's museum in the U.S, but with a twist: rather than let the kids run free and climb on stuff, there are actual activities for them to participate in. In this model of a small town, if you visit the post office, you get to deliver the mail (or pick it up) from other stores in the town. If you go to the fire station, you get a brief on fire safety, followed by taking a fire truck to the other side of the town to put out a (fake) fire. They kids get paid in fake money, and at the end of the day they can spend it in a shop and buy a souvenir.

My advice: don't go on a weekend. The weekends are not only jam packed, but they limit you to a time block of 3-4 hours. So not only do you not get enough time to do everything, the lines for each activity are longer, meaning you get to do even less. If you can, go during a weekday, arrive right when it opens, and plan on spending the entire day there. There are restaurants within which are reasonably priced, and there is wifi access. We left after 5 hours, having enjoyed the experience with a feeling that we had gotten our money's worth. Make sure you book in advance for a lower rate.
Written October 17, 2014
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Dear Soomth_Sluggo, Thank you very much for sharing feedback about your recent visit at KidZania Bangkok. We very happy to hear that your kids had a great experience in our facility. We offer ultimate learning experience by role-playing. So it's a rare experience that kids can try to be anything they wants. They also learned about money management by earning, spending and saving as well. With those real-life experience makes kids enjoy activity all day. We are looking forward to welcome you back on your next visit in Bangkok. Best regards, Anongnard Permchalad Customer Service Associate
Written October 18, 2014
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Vantaa, Finland12,131 contributions
Apr 2013 • Family
Our kids had fun and were later eager to report their experiences to grandparents. We will certainly return since it was impossible for them to participate in all of the tens of activities in six hours.

Our kids speak Thai, so I cannot report on how well the staff can handle the activity briefings in English. When the staff saw a somewhat foreign looking kid they at least asked if they speak Thai or English. All the major signs have English so foreigners can navigate fairly easily.

We visited on a Monday arriving at 11am and there was no queue at the ticket counters. The tickets are fairly expensive at 650 baht per kid (4-14 years) and 400 baht for adults, but there are no extra high special prices for foreigners. Several promotional discounts are available, and sorting these out may make the ticket sales process slow. Credit cards are accepted.

The signs outside appear to forbid taking your own food and drink inside, but this was not enforced: nobody checked our bags and we carried in our own drinking water.

Before entry everybody is given a wristband that can be removed only with a special tool. The kids' wristbands are scanned at each activity, and the wristbands apparently are used to enforce that groups enter and exit intact, i.e. no kids or parents are misplaced.

Once inside the place was fairly busy and there were queues to some activities. Our kids never had to wait longer than one round, though. I suspect that weekends will be much worse.

You are given a map at the entrance. It is quite useful, since the place is quite large, has two floors and is something of a maze. The map also tells if the activity pays out or consumes play money. Activities where the kids produce some drink or food item
consume play money. It also appears to be used to limit access to activities that otherwise might be excessively popular, for example the car simulator and the disco lounge. It would be good idea to provide each kid with a neck wallet or a purse so that they have somewhere to keep their stash of play money.

Each activity has a sign stating the number of kids admitted on each round, expected duration (seemed to be pretty accurate), age or height limit and how much play money is required or paid out. There did not seem to be any required minimum occupancy. Apparently the staff starts with the then available people once the previous round has finished or waits until somebody arrives. Crowd control is set up poorly. There are no marked areas where the kids should line up and while the activity is ongoing there
are no staff members who would make sure that the queues remain orderly and brasher kids do not jump the queue. In fact, in most places there is no proper space where you even could have an orderly queue.

Some activities run on a strict schedule with the starting times posted in front of the activity space. Such ones were at least the radio station, the TV station, the disco lounge and the theater. Some activity spaces offer different activities on a rotation, for example the hospital had four different activities available.

We visited on April 22nd, one month after KidZania opened. At least half a dozen activities were not open, yet, but there were still far too many things to do in a single day.

Adults cannot enter the activity spaces, so taking photos from a distance is pretty much the only thing they can do.

Inside KidZania there are a number of food outlets: McDonald's, a takeaway coffee shop, a sit-down café (I saw somebody eating grilled chicken and rice) and an Oishi outlet selling packaged food. You can also buy popcorn and cotton candy. The prices seemed to be similar to the rest of the Paragon Mall, i.e. somewhat expensive. McDonald's is the same price as as anywhere in Bangkok, but elsewhere you can get a good cup of coffee for half the price.

We had no problems with the served food, not even the sushi rolls that the kids made by themselves.

The toilet capacity seemed sufficient, since there were no queues and the premises were tidy.

A minority of the activities are on the 2nd floor. Lifts were available, so handicapped access should not be an issue.

The air conditioning was fairly strong, so wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt I started feeling somewhat chilly towards the end of a day spent mostly sitting down and standing around. However, it probably was just perfect for the kids rushing from one activity to another.

At some activities staff members were taking photos of the kids and handing out chits that you could have used to purchase them later. We took our own photos, so I don't know how expensive they might have been.

At the exit there is a quite expensive gift shop.

The activities in KidZania are heavily branded by sponsors. On one hand this is blatant advertising, but on the other hand the kids probably find it more fascinating to be able to play in 'real' shops in uniforms that they have seen before.
Written April 23, 2013
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12 contributions
Aug 2015 • Family
In theory Kidzania is a great concept but the Bangkok one is so badly run I wouldn't waste your time or money going there.
The queues we so long that our 5 year only managed 3 activities in 3 hours and even then didn't get a the chance to earn Kidzania money (which is the most fun part) because there were so many children there that all the activities were so over subscribed that the supervisors just did the work for them, which was no fun at all. Our 3 year old was very poorly catered for and only managed one activity that she was interested in.
Apparently 3 activities in 3 hours is 'good' according to the manager - when I told him I didn't think it was he just laughed at me and said 'the queues are bigger at Disneyland' - you don't say!
Going midweek we thought it wouldn't be too busy but the place was ridiculously over subscribed with hundreds of school children charging around, pushing in for the activities with very little control or supervision.
For the prices they charge I would expect much more engaging and interesting activities and not just to spend time queuing up and watching adults do the activity.
Clearly their only interests are making huge profits (bearing in mind they'll take hefty sponsorship fees from the fast food giants that operate there too) and not ensuring their customers are happy - their policy is apparently not to offer refunds to unhappy customers, but if a few less people visit as a result of this review then they might at least listen to their customers, but I'm not holding my breath.
Written August 6, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Dear FiennaB, Thank you for taking the time to post your review on Tripadvisor concerning your recent visit with us. I am sorry to hear that your experience at KidZania Bangkok was not met your expectation. About the school groups, we have recently had more school groups booked this period as KidZania Bangkok is a top destination for school field trips. Most of schools often visit on the weekday to avoid making crowd on the weekend which normally have many family visitors. Our facility has the capacity to handle up to a maximum of about 1,600 – 1,800 visitors. Mostly the maximum number in the facility is not frequently happen. However our staff may informing visitor at the counter if we have over 1,000 people in the facility. Most of our activity is running continuously. Normally if activity already starts, kid may need to queue for next activity which may takes time about 15-20 minutes and there might be longer queue in the popular area. KidZania encourages kids to think and act independently. They are allowed to move freely throughtout the city and make their own choices about which jobs to take and how to spend their kidZos. In the queuing situation, kids develop their decision ability for choosing to wait or doing another activity with the shorter queue. The safety & security of all kids is our top priority. Our Zupervisors have been trained to handle visitors based on the suggested capacity or just slightly more in the event there are huge crowds. Our staff have also been encouraged to be as accommodating as possible to our visitors so that as many of them may be able to participate & enjoy the Ultimate Learning & Role-Play Experience. As ticket is non-refundable, our Customer Service team or any staff are available to assist visitors who met inconvenience or below expectation experience. To maintain your valued memory, please let us know your concern as soon as possible. With 65 fun career activities in 53 establishments inside 10,000 sqm replica city. There are plenty of choice for kids to try. We are sure your kids will have the best time with us. Please let me assist you for the next visit to show you what KidZania truly is. Thank you again for sharing your perspective, we look forward to welcome you back on your next trip to Bangkok. Best regards, Anongnard Permchalad Customer Service Manager
Written August 9, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia24 contributions
Oct 2013 • Family
Interesting concept, though ridiculous in practice in Bangkok. Some of the "jobs" looked like fun....IF you speak Thai, are aged < 6, and are easily amused. Yet they promote it to kids up to 14 years of age.
Otherwise it's a complete waste of money. EG. How do they let you be a Policemen?....By following a bored looking teenager around the buildings single file whilst he sporadically blows a police whistle. Excellent fun if you're a young child or else part brain dead. To be fair, being a fireman looked OK; squirting water on a fake fire.

I recognise this "amusement" (and I use that term loosely) is in Thailand and thus Thai would be expected to be the principal language. However Bangkok is an international city, and there were certainly zero warnings beforehand that all instructions would be in Thai only. Kidzania ignores the needs of all foreigners, whilst happily taking their money.
Other non- Thai speaking families we spoke to inside were similarly confused and unimpressed.
So to sumarise, if your'e REALLY young and speak Thai, Kidzania MIGHT be fun. We really wouldn't know since we had absolutely no idea what was going on inside. All non Thai speakers would be far better off spending their money elsewhere.
Written October 19, 2013
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Bangkok, Thailand1 contribution
Jul 2012
Terrible waste of money and time. Waiting time for each area was appalling. Left after over an hour and we had not got in to any of the activities at all. Half of the activities were closed or under renovation. Went to ocean world afterwards to make up for the terrible experience.
Written June 1, 2013
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3 contributions
Mar 2019 • Family
Do you enjoy spending lots of money to give your child separation anxiety and possibly be assaulted by the staff? Then this is the place for you.

We spent over 100 USD to take our toddler here. Thats right. Two adults, one two year old and a couple of “please stop crying” lollipops later we were out $100... in Bangkok. You could dine at the top of the dome with that. Babysitter included. But it’s my kid so why not do something special for him? No matter the cost. Dear god above are we stupid.

2+ age recommendation: can someone please introduce these people to a 2 year old? If you’re lucky enough to find one of these signs (there are very few activities), they will hold your toddler back from you while he screams and give him dirty looks until you demand him back.

Parents welcome activity: they will SCREAM at you that parents aren’t welcome. You will show them the parents welcome symbol in the brochure, they will SCREAM at you that parents aren’t welcome and try to take your toddler... which will result in him crying... again.

A perfect activity: Finally an activity your child can do without being dragged from your arms. He can be a florist. It’s adorable. He wears an apron. Oh wait, the worker tells him he’s doing it wrong. Reprimands the toddler on his flower selection. YELLS at the toddler to stand up, shoves a $5 coupon in his face and tells him to get out. We get it, your a grown man in your 30s teaching toddlers how to arrange fake flowers in a mall. Your parents must be so proud. However, please don’t scar my kid because you made bad life choices.

We ended up spending the rest of our time in the baby’s play area. Where they had the equivalent of day care toys for him to play with (although quite a few of them were glued down?!?)

When we were leaving the electronic bracelet got stuck on our son’s hand. The staff actually yanked on my two years old’s wrist, showing no regard for whether he was in pain or they were injuring him. My wife started to scream but they needed their property back.

We complained to the manager GENA. She shook her head insisted her “employees were well trained” and said “no refunds”.... Her well trained employee had just assaulted my 2 year old.

A note about older kids: you will get cute pictures of your kids here. No doubt about it. They will look great on Facebook. However, most of the kids didn’t look very happy. They’re shown instruction videos, dressed up in a costume and then posed for photos. If you need something to send to grandma to show that little Suzzy is indeed preparing for medical school, then this is a good spot for the photo.

That being said if you have a super driven seven year old who needs to decide his career aptitude ASAP because he’s got some pending collages applications, then this also might be a good option.

We went from visions of our little dude playing pilot in a real sized plane and riding in a miniature fire wagon to a traumatized toddler in a daycare room (where there were no other children). I CANNOT say this enough. STAY AWAY.
Written March 10, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Dear Hollytravelmom, Thank you for your comprehensive review of your recent visit to KidZania Bangkok. I am sorry to hear that your experience at KidZania Bangkok was not met your expectation. KidZania concept is providing ultimate learn and play for kid 4-14 years to explore the real-life experience through role-playing activity. In line with the KidZania spirit, it is advised to let kids choose themselves, what activities they want to do. For the best activity focusing and learning, the adult is not allowed to participate in the activity. After kid doing all the work process by themselves, the confidant was built, they will proud of themselves and it will become the self-esteem. Toddler’s area is providing for younger siblings visiting KidZania. We have a dedicated Early Years area which design for toddler including special adds 15 kid's activities. However, KidZania concept adult is not allowed in the activity room. The reason why parents are asked not to participate in most of the activities is that having parents by their side will not allow your child the opportunity to build up their confidence. In the role-play activities, kids need to feel as if they are in control. This will help trigger their belief, imagination, creativity & the whole learning process whilst developing their self-esteem at the same time. However, I am sorry to hear that you have some negative experiences at KidZania Bangkok. I guarantee that we will look into this, maintain our high standard service, and ensure that your next visit would be much more pleasant than the previous one. We would like to apologize once again for the inconvenience caused & hope to have a chance to welcome you again soon. Kind regards, Anongnard Permchalad Entry & Exit counter and Customer Service Manager
Written March 17, 2019
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Middlesbrough,UK117 contributions
Feb 2016 • Family
We took our 3 year old to KidZania while visiting family and friends in Bangkok

Before purchasing our tickets my wife who is Thai (I'm English) asked the staff if it was suitable for him and what he could do, we were told "Yes" and given a map with circled areas that were "Toddler Friendly".

The first thing that annoyed me was the ticket staff wanted to charge my son a "Farang rate" even though he's half Thai, half English. Eventually my wife managed to convince them he was Thai (which he is) and we paid the Thai rate for him. Still for the 3 of us it was about £30 GBP.

Initially I thought this is going to be great, my son ran in and first thing he had to do was go to the bank. When the girl in the bank gave him the money his face was beaming and he was so happy. It rapidly went down hill from this point on.

Now I know we were given a map with Toddler Friendly areas circled but we weren't told that meant every other area was "out of bounds" to him.

After the bank my son wanted to go in the Vets shop, just to see the fish and touch the stuffed cats and dogs. There were no signs (in English) on the door of the shop that said he wasn't allowed in so he opened the door and went in. From the other end of the shop a Thai member of staff came running over and shooed him out of the shop saying he wasn't allowed.

This obviously upset him, but we told him it was OK and we'd find something he could do. After checking the map a building site area was circled so we walked over to that and there was a sign in English saying "Toddler Friendly' - Great!

So we open the gate and tell him to in which he does, at this point another member of staff comes over and pushes him back out saying he couldn't come in unless he had a "buddy" and they needed to set things up (there was already two other toddlers playing in there) After being man handled and pushed out my son burst into tears so after 10 mins of being in KidZania we picked him up and walked out.

My wife went to speak to the staff at the ticket desk who simply weren't interested so we left, my son in tears and us £30 GBP down.

We've been to various tourist attractions from the Empire State Building in New York to the Tower of London (all of which could be described as adult attractions rather than aimed at kids) and at none of them has my son been shooed out, pushed and reduced to tears by members of staff.

I doubt Tony Fernandes will be reading this but if I was him I'd be thinking twice about being associated with an establishment that has staff who clearly know nothing about kids.
Written February 14, 2016
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Dear DavidAndPed, Thank you for adding this comprehensive review about your last visit at KidZania Bangkok. We are deeply sorry to hear that your experience was not satisfied. We are apologies that our ticket staff couldn't provide enough information about KidZania since the beginning. So it caused of some misunderstanding perspective. We can assure you that we take customer concerns very seriously. We will train staff to improve information service and anticipating to our visitors need. KidZania is a Mexican chain currently operating in 21 locations worldwide. We provide ultimate learn and play for kid 4-14 years to explore the real-life experience through role-playing activity. For toddler, in every KidZania there is a toddler’s room called Character's house. However in KidZania Bangkok, we add some kid activities which toddler can participate under activity rules. In KidZania kids also learning socialization skills, mutual cooperation and respect. So there are some activity rules to fulfill those benefits. Such as; once activity in each station starts, kid have to wait for next round. So the activity will run smoothly without interruption from in and out members. If kid prefers to wait, he has to queue by himself. Kid also has to do role-playing by themselves while Adult has to observe outside. Once kid finish all process by his own ability, the self-confidence was build and it become self-esteem after that. These benefits make KidZania different from other theme park. We hope this clarifies some queries you may have & gives you a better understanding of what KidZania is all about. Thank you very much again for your review. Visitor feedback is a critical in maintaining our high standards. We are very welcome you back if you have a chance to visit us again in the future. Kind regards, Anongnard Permchalad Customer Service Manager
Written February 15, 2016
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Redding, CA10 contributions
Feb 2015
Got there at 2pm, almost everything was closed. Staff were rude, we were in there less than 5 mins and walked out. 20 mins later we are still trying to get a refund for something that we couldn't use because of their lack of staff. Their suggestion was for us to walk back around and write down every place that turned us down and every place that was closed. Or let them walk our children around in there without us. The answer to that was no on both. After 40 mins we were told they would refund us by taking someone else's money and not ringing it in as that would be the only way to do it.
Written February 5, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Dear klee200, Thank you for taking the time to post your review on Tripadvisor concerning your recent visit with us. The voice of our visitors is critical in maintaining our high standards. With your comments on our activities, regularly during the weekday, we have more than 50 establishments operating from 10 AM until 5 PM. Unfortunately some of activities that you visit may not available at that time which may cause of your disappointed. We ensure that we will look into this and train all staff to be more efficiency, maintain our high standard service, and ensure that your next visit would be much more pleasant. Thank you again for sharing your point of view and hope that we will have a chance to welcome you back again soon. Best regards, Anongnard Permchalad Customer Service Associate
Written February 7, 2015
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Holland Village, Singapore3 contributions
Oct 2019 • Family
My family is a big fan of Kidzania, and decided to travel to Bangkok to experience the concept on a different country. However, the kidzania citizen passport is not accepted in Bangkok, contrary to its claims that it is accepted worldwide when we first applied for it. It’s a big letdown for the little one as he has been looking forward to collect the stamps.

Other than that, the number of activities and jobs in BKK Kidzania did not disappoint. The place is can better lid though!
Written October 28, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Dear ronan233, Thank you for your review of your recent visit to KidZania Bangkok. KidZania provides ultimate learn and play experience for kids through a role-playing activity. The kid has independent of learning and playing what they interested in. With realistic and fun simulations, kids love to try or repeat our various activities as much as they can. This is the reason why we are the top destination kids prefer to visit at this moment. Regarding the Passport program, we are sorry that this program does not operate when we first operating. Also, we found that it does not match the local market trend so it may not operate in the nearest future. for more information about the KidZania facility provided the pazzport program please visit the website b.Kidzanian. Thank you again for sharing your point of view and hope that we will have a chance to welcome you back again soon. Kind regards, Anongnard Permchalad Customer Service Manager
Written November 16, 2019
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