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Bungsamran Fishing Park
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Very good

Rowan H
Cairns, Australia987 contributions
Dec 2012 • Couples
Bungsamaran is undoubtingly Thailands most famous fishing park and still home to some of the biggest Mekong catfish and holds/held world records for several species including the Mekong catfish, Siamese carp and arapima. It was opened in 1983 and measures approximately 300m long by 225m wide with a central pier over 200m length, the whole of the pier and at least half of the lake is surrounded by shaded areas and bungalows dedicated to fishing. There are reportingly around 50 species of fish in the lake although virtually all fish caught are the giant Mekong catfish. Myself and my 23 year old girlfriend (who has never fished before) came to this place looking for an experience and we certainly had a memorable day and caught an amazing amount of massive catfish.

Bungsamran fishing park is located in the suburb of Bungkum on the outskirts of Bangkok. In a taxi from Khao San Road me and my partner paid 250 baht + 100 baht in various highway toll fees, so a total of 700 baht for a return trip using toll roads.

FEES (see http://www.bungsamran.com/)
Fees seem to represent a big complaint of a lot of people because there are different prices between locals and foreigners. However, you effectively pay for PER ROD rather than per person. As those who have been to the park will tell you, 1 rod is easily enough to cover 2 people and from my own personal experience (in which we caught 9 mekong catfish/hooked onto 11 in the space of 6 hours) this could easily be pushed out to 3 people. I did however note on the website there is a note saying “Allow the fish to no more than 2 kilograms per 1 rod” which I assume means there is a limit of 2 people per rod in their poorly spoken English but this might be worth enquiring about.
The fishing pricing as seen on the website are
- Cost of fishing for Thai people: 400 THB/1 Rod (bring your own rod).
- Cost of fishing for foreign: 1,000 THB/1 Rod (bring your own rod).
- Cost of fishing for permits foreigners working in Thailand 500 THB/1 Rod (bring your own rod).
- Rent 500 THB /1 Rod (a deposit of 1,000 THB).
- Guide (assistant fishing) 1,000 THB.
- Bait Set about 250 THB set, Lam Bag 500 THB.
- Fishing Time for Rod: 6.00 am – 12.00 pm (Midnight)

So overall you will need the following
1 X Fishing License THB 1,000
1 X Hire of Rod with Tackle THB 500
1 X Guide THB 1,000
4 X Bait THB 1000

Total 3500 baht (roughly 110-120 Australian/US dollars) for 1 rod with a guide and bait to last a full day easily. This serves 2 people which equal 55-60 dollars for a whole days fishing + transport costs (around 23 dollars between 2 of you).

To be honest I felt a bungalow was not totally necessary as there is a massive shaded area in the middle of the pier which is more than comfortable for most people. Regardless if you are a bit of a princess you can hire a bungalow for 800 baht a day (cheapest and more expensive from there for air conditioned option) and maybe if you have a large group of 4 or more people this might be worth wild but isn’t necessary at all. Other reviews have also suggested they aren’t the best in terms of cleanliness.

- Fishing in this place is like shotting ducks in a pond, particularly with a guide. We got there at 10.30am and left by 5.30pm and in that time we caught something like 9 Mekong catfish and got 11 to the pier (one broke me off in the pillions while another pulled the hook). With a guide, you are absolutely guaranteed to catch a fish here and the only thing that will prevent you from catching more is the 10-15 minutes you will spend fight each fish. The park actually offers a money back guarantee if no fish caught (see - http://www.bungsamran.com/)
- Restaurant available on site and lunch will be brought to you (not included in entry cost).
- No experience necessary as long as you have a guide. I saw 2x40+ year old women and 3x 10-15 year old boys catching ~20kg Mekong catfish, although admittingly with some difficulty and a bit of help from their guide!
- You will mainly catch Mekong catfish here which will vary in size from 15kg – 40kg (although I caught the biggest one on the pier for that day at around 30kg). For different fish like Siamese carp you need to use different methods and they can also be monsters.
- Because it is outside of Bangkok it is tucked away in a sleepy suburb and away from the hussle and bustle of the big city. It’s quite a relaxing location.

- The double pricing seems to be a big deal for a lot of people (see past TA reviews) who complain that foreigners are charged twice as much as locals. However, I feel to only be charged double what Thai’s are is actually quite good (as they would earn a fraction of our wages) and in addition the total price is still cheap when you consider you are paying per rod rather than per person (and 1 rod can cover 2-3 people easily). If you are solo see if you can find someone at the entrance to share the rod with you. Certainly although the experience isn’t probably cheap for thai standards, it’s still cheap for western standards and any concerns over price will soon be relieved by a picture of you with a 20kg+ Mekong.
- This is more of a note than a criticism but although they promote it as a place having over 50 fish, I didn’t see anything else than a Mekong catfish being caught. I think this is probably a reflection of the fishing methods used rather than anything else and these are certainly the most picturesque fish to catch. I am sure if you spoke to your guide your method could be adjusted to catch Siamese carp (ie bottom rather than top fishing)
- You will be sore the next day I guarantee!

- You do need a guide whether you like it or not. The style of fishing is completely different to western standards as you effectively use big balls of bread which you pack onto a float which is then thrown out in the middle of the lake with a trailing hook. This disintegrates fast and is a very labour intensive process as the guides will work all day to constantly turn over the lines (a process which occurs roughly every 3-4 minutes). In addition they are extremely handy when you get the fish close to the pier where you may need their assistance. I am a 24 year old Australian man from Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef with my own Reef boat but I still needed a guide to help me, particularly with the below pictured Mekong. In addition if you bring a less experienced fisherman you will appreciate their guidance. Our guide was excellent and I can’t speak any more highly of him. I just wish I could remember his name! I actually saw a couple of guys next to me who went it alone and didn’t catch a fish all day while we caught 9 (and got 11 to the pier) in 7 hours.
- Most taxi drivers don’t know where this place is as it isn’t your classic ‘tourist location’ like grand palace. You can write the address and name down but they usually can’t read English so it’s best to just write the number down and give that to them – they will call the park to get the details. On the return trip the park will call a taxi for you.
- Take sunscreen as even though you will be in shade you can spend a bit of time out in the sun while fitting fish.
- A lot of people make their way here through package tours (ie fishingsiam.com, kiwi fishing Bangkok) but it is way cheaper to do this yourself and completely unnecessary to do this via an tour group who will just charge you what the fishing park does + their own commission. You can get a great guide at the door (they are all waiting). All of the other reviews certainly suggest they regret using an external company. Me and my partner just got a taxi and rocked up at the door without a booking and still ended up with an awesome English speaking guide and had a fantastic day.

In summary
- If you don’t come here you are a Muppet
- Any age and/or fishing experience can do this as long as you have a guide
- A guide is essential and they will earn their money
- 1 rod between 2-3 people is definitely adequate
- The price is worth the experience and amazing pictures you will undoubtingly get

Tight lines, good times
Written January 7, 2013
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BKK6 contributions
Bung Sam Lan Lake is quite possibly the most unique fishery on the planet. This amazing fishing venue, currently holding 10 IGFA world records, is tucked away down a very inconspicuous and sleepy soi (side street), away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok life. When you first role up to the entrance of this fishing paradise you could be forgiven for wondering whether you have found the right place. But as you walk through the covered walkway entrance, collect your bait, and wonder out onto the decked walkways that follow the perimeter of the lake, you are presented with a Shangri-La type vision. Although hard to describe Bung Sam Lan as "pretty" it has a rustic quaintness that will grow on you as the day passes. The first thing that many anglers notice as they look across the lake, is the heaving, boiling surface. Everywhere you look fish are topping, and upon closer inspection, these are not just ordinary fish....some seem as big as Dolphins! Some are as big as Dolphins! This immediately sets your heart racing, and its hard to contain your excitement as you make your way around the lake to your swim. Strolling briskly now around to your fishing spot, a bungalow on stilts, your eyes will be scanning for other anglers to see if they are getting any action. First you see one, seems to be doing battle with a big fish, and then as you pan round the waters edge you see another and another all playing big fish. By now most anglers are asking themselves "Is this place for real?" The atmosphere is then added to by an almighty crash as a 200LB Arapaima pounces on its prey. By the time you reach your bungalow, you will be shaking with anticipation!

All around this lake, you will hear the warm laughter and conversation of Thai anglers, content in their day as they and their friends catch fish after fish after fish. Sitting around on their pontoons in large groups sharing food, beer and smiles.

Your guide will have your rods set up in a jiffy, he casts your first bait of the day..............to discover what happens next, you really have to be here!

With Siam Fishing Tours, our day was relaxed from the start because our accommodation was just minutes away from the lake, no forced early starts (The fish feed day and night), No troublesome journeys thru Bangkok traffic....just a short stroll with your guide, and you are fishing!

Written July 25, 2006
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fishingnutter1 contribution
After reading a lot about Bung Sam Ran I decided to give it a go as I was going through Bangkok now I have done a lot of fishing in my time including Big Game Fishing on my Game Boat.
never in my life have I seen so many large fish in one area!
the day started at about 6.30am I was picked up from my hotel and taken to Bung Sam Ran from the moment I walked in the door I could se the lake and it was shocking!t the size of these fish were amazing.
As I walked to our Bungalow it was hard to take my eyes off the lake as there seemed to be a constantly fish breaking the surface and I dont mean little fish!

the next shock was when I walked into my Bungalow I was meet by the smell of fresh coffee, it was a different style of fishing, the set up was more than just a standard fishing bungalow, Kiwi Fishing Bangkok had set it up for comfort, with everything you need to relax and enjoy the day, these guys had if all, even down to the tea and coffee ohhh and the Hammock!
after looking at the rods and reels I had a feeling that we were in for some great fishing, with Shimano Reels and Rods, also nearly all of there gear was custom modifided to fish these monsters.
well as the first bait hit the water (about 10 seconds after walking in) it was not even in the water 10 seconds and the fishing was on! the first fish of the day was a 12kg Giant Siamese Carp! I was in heaven! I proceeded to land Giant Mekong Catfish one after the other, the pace just didnt stop!
I had to call a break for lunch as I was starting to fade, I was in for my next shock of the day....... lunch.
the table setting was stunning, with the table set for one and the delights of the Thai food supplied by Bung Sam Ran it was heaven for sure, I have never been fishing and had a meal like this, most of the time it was takeways from a box or a sandwich that the wife had made, I have to give Kiwi Fishing Bangkok 10 out of 10 for the service and style.
I had done my research, looking at different companies to go with and I was very happy with my choice.

I did notice some of the other companies fishing and to tell the truth not one of them had anything close to these guys, one of the nicest things was the refresher towels, just a simple thing but what a difference it made to the day, Thailand is HOT so to have nice cold towels on hand was another slice of heaven.

back to the fishing, I lost count of the amout of fish I landed, but I did land my Personal Best of 35.05kg Giant Mekong Delta Catfish, man what a fight!
as for weighing the fish Kiwi Fishing Bangkok has a top of the line set of Digatal Scales that are rated up to 300KG!!! Kiwi custom designed and built these himself, I have only ever seen this type of thing on the discovery channel, they were built for the saftery of the fish and it looks like no expence was spared in building it.
to sum it all up I had a great day and landed to many fish I went back to my hotel needing a good nights sleep!
I would recomend fishing with this company, I have not fished with the other companies so I cant give a first hand opinion on what they are like, but what I did see made me happy that I fished with Kiwi, I will give there company credit and say that they do go fishing in style and luxury!
Written August 5, 2007
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Big M
Hatta, United Arab Emirates6 contributions
Nov 2019 • Solo
Shooting fish in a barrel.
If you are from UK it’s not the angling experience you’re after. Guide baits up casts strikes ..... then gives you the rod to pull in a dead weight .... only Mekong Cats in here no carp. Not a fishing experience at all please save your money and stay away.
Written September 3, 2020
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Daniele F
3 contributions
Mar 2022 • Couples
Worst service ever…We just left this place. Last week we got the wrong informations by phone and messenger. If you’re looking for predators, you have to pay much more. The point is they don’t tell you before. My Thai wife called 3 times to receive the info, they didn’t mention extra price for predator or special guide. Furthermore the special guide for predators is not available everyday, so we cannot do it. They didn’t tell us before. Unbelievable!!!!!!
Written March 22, 2022
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Anon Y M
Nicosia, Cyprus9 contributions
Apr 2015 • Friends
Firstly, a two tier pricing system. White people pay more than double what Thais pay. It's a fact. If you want to be victim of racism with firsthand experience, this place is for you. Prices, more expensive than Europe for a days fishing, that says it all. Bait - what a rip off 40 baht worth of stale bread with a price tag of 500 baht. The tackle shop on site is one of the most expensive in the world. Blow what ever you have left here. I shan't go again. After 2 or 3 fish it becomes repetitive and realisation sets in that this is no skill fishing, expensive, boring and you have been discriminated against.........I wouldn't recommend this place at all.
Written April 19, 2015
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Bangkok, Thailand1 contribution
Aug 2017 • Family
I am a foreigner who speaks Thai and have lived in Thailand for more than 25 years. I visited this place with my wife, son and other family members. From the moment we arrived, the folks at the front counter, particularly an older women, tried to rip us off on the pricing because I was a foreigner. Each time when the arrangements were agreed, they tried to retrade the deal. We left and went to another place and had a great time. The cost was around 25% of what they tried to charge us at Bungsamran. If you are a foreigner and don't want to be ripped off, go elsewhere.
Written August 11, 2017
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Hasselt, Belgium1 contribution
5000 bath, guides who don't speak english, the guides watch loud comedie programs in your cabin, They let their friends throw your line into the water, i catched 1 fish in 6 hours.... When my line broke They where all laughing at me.... No lessons, you may watch how They do it...
Written March 2, 2014
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Wallasey, UK37 contributions
I could not believe the size of the fish at bung sam ran,i have never in my life experienced a more harder fighting fish than those i caught during my visit. Any trip to bangkok must include a trip here if you like fishing. The fish in the photograph is a small one! The guy on the left is Mr Khun Tee the fishing guide, i would advise anyone to hire the fishing tackle at the lake,i have seen fishing rods shatter and reels disintergrate with these huge fish. Mr Khun Tee can be contacted at the fishing lake. Tight lines......billyboy.
Written February 2, 2007
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Worcester10 contributions
Sep 2013 • Friends
This was my first time to Bungsamran, and to be honest it will be my last, as many others have already stated, the two tier pricing is quite outrageous.
I live in Thailand, but because I dont have a Thai driving license or a work permit, I didn't qualify for the 'resident' price. The fact I could prove I lived here by producing my 'yellow book' (Proof of house ownership in Thailand and residency) didn't matter, they wouldn't budge on the price so I had to pay in full.
I took a mate with me who was staying with us on holiday, and we were there for a good 5 or 6 hours in one of the huts with a guide. All in all we reckon with two rods, landing net. a guide, several loads of bait and some rice and chicken from the local stall we spent around £150, sure we caught loads of catfish, but to be honest it was one a chuck and boring by the end of the day.
We explained initially to the guide we wanted to specificaly fish for Siamese Carp, but he insisted that it was all down to luck if we got one of those, not much of a guide in my opinion.
The overall impression we both got from the guide was he was trying to tire us out as quickly as possible so we'd be keen to leave, so he could maybe disappear home or perhaps try and get another days pay with somebody else.. If you like catching catfish at every cast, then this is for you, personally I can catch catfish anywhere in Thailand at the many pools on offer, I can also do it for a tiny fraction of the cost visiting this place.
I'd just like to mention that we also fished the Shadow Lake in Bangkok and caught a load of catfish pretty much the same size as Bungsamran, we only paid 300 Baht each, whereas Bungsamran charged us 2000 Baht each, quite a difference in price don't you think...
Written September 23, 2013
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