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76 reviews
Very good

Peter S
Hulhumale13 contributions
Rip off
Nov 2019
The Drivers are not honest, the dont turn on the Meter and over charge you. If you try to stop a Taxi on the Street, many dont stop for you and most are very unfriendly if you ask for Meter and refuse to drive you. The Taxis are mostly the first and last impression of a Country which is not positive for Thailand
Written November 10, 2019
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Aldershot, UK852 contributions
An easy way to go somewhere after skytrain
May 2019
We tried taxi meter a few times during our trip in Bangkok. It is an easy way after skytrain as we wouldn’t fit in Tuk Tuk. Price is a bit expensive but easier to get some directions. As most of Thai people don’t speak English, we got communication problem with driver. However, some drivers can speak and understand English well so lucky if you could get one of them. So easy to get one as there are a lot of them just available on the street.
Written May 21, 2019
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An Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam1 contribution
Most terrible drive in my life, pink taxi #700, he wouldn’t let me out of the car.
Mar 2019 • Friends
I came to Thailand in 11th March, I caught that pink taxi #700 at 00:12 12th March. He agreed 500 bath drive to Don Mueang to Avani Atrium hotel, but when we arrived, he stopped at the other side of the street and told me to give him more 200 or he wouldn’t drive to my hotel. I said I wouldn’t give more cause that was all I had, I gave him 520 bath. HE SLAPPED ME ON THE FACE AND DRIVE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, he passed my hotel and turned his head back and asked me: “so no money?” with his half Thai half English voice, I had to tell him that my friend will give you 300 bath if you drive me to the hotel. I don’t know if I wouldn’t give him money where he would take me go, LIKE I MIGHT NEVER GET TO MY HOTEL AND LOST MY LIFE IN A TOTALLY STRANGE COUNTRY, I think if there is anyone in my situation will know that thinking and feelings, it’s pessimistic but that’s all in your mind when somebody takes you a drive like that at 00:55 AM and will not let you out.
He dropped me off at my hotel, I walked out and couldn’t say anything, my friend came out and picked me, gave him a tip cause my friend didn’t know what happened, he drove away immediately when the hotel’ security took out my luggage.
I wrote this out for you, especially girls, who are just like me, take a picture of the driver whenever we get in a car and send to your friend, or do not get in that car #700 ever, when you are just alone in the middle of night in a different country.
Written March 12, 2019
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Bangkok, Thailand2 contributions
Driver - Sutdhi Saowedee # 38669
Dec 2018 • Friends
This driver took the longer way to our hotel and pretended not understanding when we questioned him. We took this taxi returning from China Town to our hotel. The meter was on BHT 129 with another 14 min to our hotel while we spent only BHT 77 going. Watch out when you are on his taxi.
Written December 23, 2018
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Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam120 contributions
Taxi in bangkok
Dec 2018 • Family
Been on taxi few time in bangkok. Most of the taxi dont use meter so have to bargain. They mark up almost tripple the actual amount. Eg. From point a to b is only 40
bt if using meter but they will cahrge u up to 200 then when we bargain normally they only reduce
20 bt.
At two occasions we are scam by the taxi driver. Once we want to

go to chatucak market, the taxi driver use meter but on the way to chatucak he insist us to go to one of bangkok souvenir shop for tourist, we refuse to go because we dont want to be late but he keep on insisting till at one point i am really scare so that we have to follow. The reasons he want us to go to the place so that he will be given free petrol by the shop and we have to be there at less 20 mins if not he wont be given the free petrol. So we have to agree and with kids somemore in the car.
So we went to the place he brought where alot of items souvenir sales and its a trapped for tourist.
He is waiting out side and once we finished according to the must 20 minutes, we went back to the car. Once in the car this taxi driver in a very sweet way offer us another place where all the korean items..omg its really craking our nerve. We nicely say we were late already. He has a tecnic of using a nice sweet way but persuasing. One after another leaflet of attractiom for tourist he offer us. We get fed up but what to do we are in a taxi and w
Worry that he will hurt

actually only took us about 20 minutes from hotel to chatucak but with this taxi we feel like hours ...omg..lucky we reach the market safely..from this experience it makes us scared to go on anothee taxi.

On one other ocassion we took taxi from central world to mbk not using meter, he charge us about 300 bt...but once we are in the car and he drove towards hotel at mbk which is obviously mbk is in front of him and yet he can said that he didnt now where the hotel in mbk is. He has his youtube on mobile but yet he dont want to use his moblie for direction. We showed him the direction of the hotel using our phone but he is ignoring it. Then we just point mbk which is just infront of him and ask him to drop as there. It was such a bad experience esp with kids in.

Tips for tuk tuk..dont go to tuk tuk where there are alot of them in a group where they start offering us but instead look for tuk tuk whom he is alone. Then you can bargain with him only but not with many of them its much safer and easy.

Overall its not a good experience unless ysing meter taxi. Generally the taxi fare in bangkok is still the cheapest even they mark up compare to other city like kl, singapore, hkg.

Its best to book online for taxi from airport to city or if from city to airport use the hotel taxi. We ar cahrged 750 bt for big taxi from city to airport.

Generally we dont feel safe in a taxi so we decide to walk alot from mbk to other nearby as long as its within walking diatance.
Written December 11, 2018
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Jonathan Y
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia841 contributions
Be careful
Oct 2018 • Family
Always try to bargain with the taxi driver for a cheaper ride because the taxi driver tends to overcharge you if you don't bargain. There is some taxi driver who don't want to use their taxi meter when you board the taxi. If a taxi driver give you a flat rate of a certain amount, the driver would still want you to pay for the tol charges when the driver use the expressway. I find that paying for the tol charges when you pay for a flat rate is not fair for the users. If the place is Jam, the taxi driver would use the expressway.
Written October 7, 2018
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Tjorvi A
Copenhagen, Denmark9 contributions
Why have the taxi meter?
Sep 2018 • Couples
This taxi service is like all other in Bangkok they don’t want to use the taxi meter and threaten to throw you out if you insist on it, just another Bangkok scam. We took taxi nr X6947 and after a long discussion we settled on a fixed price and then he tried to scam us for 50 baht.
Written September 13, 2018
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Raleigh, NC532 contributions
Perfect every time.
Jul 2018 • Family
We used them four times during our visit to Bangkok. This included pick up and drop off from airport to hotel...and they were on time, charge very reasonable, car was very clean and the driver very polite and helpful. With seniors and a child, i did not want any issues with transportation, and this company made it extremely easy.
Written July 26, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kingston-upon-Hull, UK3 contributions
One in a million.
Apr 2018 • Solo
I have been going to Hauhin. Thailand since 2005.Just about every year been ripped off by greedy, grabbing, taxi drivers.This year to my surprise l was introduced to a Mr Go(thank God) who turned out to be not only a great guy,but a gent,and a honest one at that.
For a month he looked after my travel needs,never late,never never over charged , always polite and never rude. Were ever l went he always had useful information,and if l should not be there, wisked me away out of any harms way. To be honest he made my stay! This is Thailand number one taxi driver if your in Hauhin use the guy you will not be disappointed............
David Keith.
Written July 14, 2018
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Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar3 contributions
The skillful ripping mafia drivers
May 2018 • Family
My first trip to Bangkok was 2009. At that time, there were almost all the taxis use meter. Really great.
But again in 2016, some rip off masters appeared and rip tourists money as much as they can but they did mostly at night.

In 2018, May,
This is my nightmare travelling around bangkok. You cannot go to your destination unless you have 300 bahts in your hand. From Bumrungrad hospital to pratunam cost 200bahts. WOW!!!
From MBK shopping mall to Platinum Fashion Mall cost about 200-300 bahts. F***** WOW!!

They will tell you traffic jam even in the morning and rip you off with 100 bahts , 200 bahts, 300 bahts.
When i told them to use meter, they will tell you meter will cost around 200 bahts and they will send you with a discount of 150bahts. What the hell..!!! I already know the cost and the traffic. But this is a another meaning of robing money from your pocket.VERY RUDE.
Now every every taxi drivers in bangkok are all the same.
If you grab a taxi with meter, you may be a lottery winner in Bangkok... haha...

As a conclusion, i would suggest that staying near the BTS station would be easy enough for you and Ride a BTS to go to your destinations and it is cheap too...
Written May 9, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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