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Safe Way Maritime provides ferry service between the island of Roatan and the port city of La Ceiba. Today it is the most important and cost-effective means of transportation between Roatan and the mainland of Honduras,carrying both passengers and cargo, taking approximately 1 hour and 20 mins Schedules: From La Ceiba to Roatan: 9:30am and 4:30pm From Roatan to La Ceiba: 7:00am and 2:00pm
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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Very good

Queen J
California2,090 contributions
Crowded, but cheaper than flying
Aug 2021
The Galaxy Wave ferry is the only way to get from La Ceiba to Roatan island (unless you charter a private boat or take a flight for about $100). The trip takes about 90minutes, and is more affordable than flying, but still a little pricey. I think it's $33 each way..? If you plan to purchase your ticket there, I would arrive about an hour early. The line is long and there are only 2 ferries per day. They most likely sell out in high season. Even during Covid Season, the ferry was packed.

I recommend buying your tickets online. Even though I brought my printed tickets with me, I still needed to use the kiosk at the ferry terminal to print the actual boarding pass and a little receipt with the boarding group. They will not let you board without your boarding group number.

In La Ceiba, the waiting room does NOT have A/C. It was hot. (The Roatan waiting room DOES have A/C.) I would recommend getting there at least 30min early if you have your online printed tickets (so you can just use the kiosk). You also need to check your bags outside and get a claim receipt. Don't lose this. THEN, you need to walk across the street to a little window to pay some tax, which is only a dollar or so. But it's a hassle is what it is. It's hot in La Ceiba! Hold on to this tax receipt as well.

THEN walk back to the ferry terminal and walk through security. Then inside, you will go through another security station with an Xray machine for your backpack / handbag. I think they collected the tax receipt there.

Then when your boarding group is called, you have to show them your boarding group receipt and ticket. I did not pay for first class. It looked more crowded in a small, enclosed room. Upstairs seemed to be mostly standing on the deck. I grabbed a seat downstairs near a window, but the window was too high to see anything and it was hotter because it was in the sun.

The seats are hard and uncomfortable. There is A/C, but it's not cool enough. The waves are very high and the boat rocks up and down AND side to side. I've never been on a ferry with so much movement. A couple people got really seasick and vomited a few times. I'd recommend taking Dramamine or other motion sickness prevention medication while you're waiting to board.

People crowd closely in line, impatient to get on board, but it seemed to be worse when it was time to disembark. Calling boarding groups helped with traffic flow, and when we disembarked, a security guard stood at the door and directed traffic, alternating between the line of people coming downstairs and the line of people already downstairs.

The bag claim area was a zoo. Basically, people just crowd their way to the counter and hand one of the bag boys their claim ticket and point at their bag while describing it (in Spanish). It looks like a day at the stock exchange. If you don't speak Spanish, it might be better to hang back until the frenzied crowd has dissipated.

All in all, the trip was ok. If I ever go to Roatan again, I would skip the ferry and fly there. It was ok, but La Ceiba is REALLY hot, so better to leave/arrive on the early morning ferry rather than the afternoon one.

** Once outside, there are plenty of taxis ready to take you to your hotel for twice the going price. It is very expensive to travel the island by taxi or Uber. It costs about $30 - $40 to go from West Bay Beach to the middle of the island at Coxen Hole or French Harbor. The road is one lane on either side and traffic is slow.
Written September 26, 2021
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1 contribution
Galaxy trip
Jan 2021 • Family
The trip was great Tanya bilburt is nice Vendy did a good job also am looking forward to go back me and my family
Written April 26, 2021
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Europe894 contributions
Go first class or get ready to rumble!
Dec 2019
We took the ferry to and from la Ceiba. At the window, I asked the lady, in Spanish, what the difference was between 1st and 2nd class. It was only $5 more, so how much better could it be. She assured me it was well worth it. Mas espacio, no hay mucha gente, hay bebidas, etc. etc. So, we 'splurged'.

The size of the queue waiting to board made me wonder if Taylor Swift might be making an appearance. It was savagery at its finest. I watched with amusement, and disappointment, as people literally crawled under or over each other. Elbows were judiciously thrown, despite the security guy repeatedly reminding people to go slowly. Maybe Taylor Swift really was making an appearance.
It got so bad they had to shut the door between the outside and inside waiting area. The outside looked liked a sardine can. This instantly prompted people to knock on the door, feigning an illness and requesting fresh air or claiming they just had to be next to their cousin/brother/aunt you name it. We let them duke it out and, even after waiting, as we were boarding, two ladies tried to shove past us. Does the ferry sometimes just take off without everyone on board?? WTF.
Anyhow, as I was entering the 1st class, the ticket lady told me 'whatever you do, don't try to go outside from 1st class. You must come back down here to go out. As soon as I got upstairs, I saw why. Outside those doors were the masses. If I opened that door, it would be worse than Black Friday stampede.
Inside first class was nearly empty! The ride over was fine and we were very thankful we paid the extra $5.

On the way back we ran into very inclement weather. I hadn't read the reviews before booking and wish I had. I became very seasick. I could hear others vomiting. I took some medication even though it was too late for it to kick in, and went nearly an hour with my eyes closed and my head between my knees.

Of our time in Honduras, the ferry was, hands down, our least fave thing. I recommend 1st and motion sickness. And something warm. And, if you're up for it, boxing gloves.
Written December 15, 2019
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Wyatt H
Fillmore, CA16 contributions
Don't ride the Ferry! Fly
Jul 2019 • Couples
Terminal is clean. A bit confusing that you have to pay for the ferry at one window then go to another window to pay the terminal fee which was $2. Why can't you just put it together and make it easy for the customer? Boat was clean, however the trip was rough. They gave out bags to everyone. If that ride was 10 more minutes I would have lost it. It wasn't enjoyable. The friends we were with and my wife vomited. Upon arrival it took some time to get our bags. Bags had bugs on them which made me nervous. When I got home we sprayed the bags before even letting them in the house. I gave two stars because we did make it to Roatan on time, however it was not in anyway enjoyable.
Written July 21, 2019
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Honduras161 contributions
good ride
Jun 2019 • Family
Went to Roatan from the main land to visit, it was a good ride and some good things to see. A good day
Written July 3, 2019
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Townsville, Australia128 contributions
Bumpy Ferry Trip
Mar 2019
As boat trips go, this is simply a ferry service that was our tour company's preferred way to get over to Roatan. The $31 USD, 2 hour late afternoon service leaves around 4:30 and when paying for your ticket, you receive a Motion Sickness tablet, which was a fair indicator on how the trip was going to be.

From the upper open deck, the journey was pleasant enough for the first 1/2 hour, at which time I noticed 3 crew members with plastic bags and paper towels strategically placed around the deck. Whilst I do not feel ill or the effects of the rolling and pitching vessel, the crew members were kept busy dispensing "chummy kits" for about an hour.

The vessel was clean, appeared to be well maintained and not over-crowded. I'd advise to not sit in the last 3 rows of the open deck if you do not want to get soaked with the spray from the prop wash.

Written June 7, 2019
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David C
Los Angeles, CA5 contributions
Roatan Ferry - From La Ceiba
May 2019 • Couples
The outgoing ferry schedule is 930am and 430pm from La Ceiba.

Things to note: you can leave your car overnight if you drive but you need to register beforehand right at the main entrance to the port.

Besides buying your ticket for the Ferry you need to go out and buy a “tax” at 24 lempiras per person. They should just include this when you buy your tickets in my opinion.

There is a spot to eat something if you are hungry before you board.

Each One way trip for us was about 1.5 hours so expect about that much.

To get your luggage can be a hassle. When you drop off your luggage mention you want to get your bag 1st at the other side and throw the handler a few bucks.

Saved me a hassle with a almost full ferry once we got to Roatan.
Written May 28, 2019
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Mobile, AL61 contributions
Easy ride
Oct 2018 • Couples
Staff was friendly. As a first class passenger I received a free non-alcoholic drink each trip. Round Trip first class is $65 and open ended. Check in first to buy tickets and then check your suitcase. You can bring on board a back pack or personal bag. Best time to travel is the AM ferry. You can also fly from Roatan to La Cieba for a $20 cheaper but the ferry is nice and calm. Highly recommend to spend the extra $20 for a first class ticket.
Written October 29, 2018
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Lindsay G
Roatan, Honduras57 contributions
Beautiful views!
Oct 2018 • Friends
I took the Ferry to La Ceiba this weekend, then back to Roatan and was impressed with the experience because I had heard horror stories. The sea was calm so we cruised right along. The views were so beautiful in both directions. It’s a convenient way to travel to and from the island and mainland and I would do it again for sure! We even saw a rainbow on the way back to Roatan. Lots of flying fish spotted on the way to La Ceiba.
Written October 14, 2018
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Prawet J
Washington DC, DC13,366 contributions
Great way to travel
Aug 2018 • Friends
If you are going to travel from La Ceiba to Roatan and vise versa, I strongly recommend the Galaxi Wave Ferry service. In La Ceiba, passengers can take the shuttle from the La Ceiba terminal to Hedman Alas bus and continue as planned. The ferry is pretty on time so a little over an hour, you will be in Roatan and/or La Ceiba. Prepare to stand on weekend. They have good system from checking in and getting ticket but once you are in the waiting lounge, who knows. Also, I suggest buying food and drink to take along because if the boat is packed, it is nearly impossible to go town and buy food and drinks. By the way, if you are the senior, the system will not alow you to buy online even you are not eligible to get the discount. It is the easiest way to travel to the Islands.
Written August 6, 2018
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