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Tylon Willingham
Sheffield, AL3 contributions
Exploring Crystal Cave was the experience of a lifetime. For someone with a geology background, it was fulfilling to see the magnificent stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and crystals formed in a karst topography over millions of years. Make no mistake about it, this spelunking adventure is very, very strenuous. You will be required to crawl through narrow muddy passages and climb up and down steep and slippery rock formations. Although I can hike 8-10 miles per day with a backpack, this experience tested the limits of my endurance and will. However, I made it through and will never forget the experience. Much thanks to our excellent guide Walter.
Written July 30, 2021
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Jay F
2 contributions
My daughter, her boyfriend and I explored the Crystal cave with Belize Inland Tours. Edgar was our extremely competent guide and driver, we had to be picked up and brought back to Hopkins. The hike to the cave is about 45 minutes mostly uphill, but is totally worth it. We were the only people there on the day we went. We saw amazing stalactites and stalagmites larger and more intricate than I could have imagined. Broken pottery was abundant from Mayan sacrifices. There was one piece of unbroken pottery which Edgar said was probably used for collecting water dripping from a stalactite. The Mayans believed this to be like holy water. There were also areas where the Mayans had fires and likely religious ceremonies. We also saw a human skull from a sacrifice.
An amazing experience. I am very happy I chose this adventure instead of the ATM cave which I hear can be crowded with cruise line excursion groups.
We also went swimming in Blue Hole a beautiful sinkhole with fresh water. We were quite sweaty after caving so it was perfect. And Edgar provided us with a delicious lunch of jerk chicken and rice and beans.
Written April 16, 2022
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Toronto44 contributions
This caving excursion is for the ultimate caver. This cave is only accessible by via tour companies. We went with Hun Chi'ik Tours from San Igancio. The cave takes expert cavers about 3 hours to tour and inexperienced cavers 6 hours. Althought it is a very technical cave to climb, so I only recommend the experience cavers to go. Since there are no man made foot holds, ropes or ladders inside of the cave (like ATM aka Actun Tunichil Muknal). You basically have to climb with what nature gave you and use your muscle to pull yourself up. The whole cave is filled with calcium carbonate formations from floor to ceiling and when the light shines on the formations they sparkle like diamonds. The actual caving experince is very rewarding as you climb up rock walls, slide thru small crevices and crawl thru tiny gaps. The area nicked named "Wonderland" is fantastic and even more spectacular than the rest of the cave. It is a dry cave with little puddles of water in it. so expect to get dirty. There are bats, blind crickets and spiders in the cave. So it's not for the weiry.
Written August 14, 2008
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Corinne G
Derendingen, Switzerland2 contributions
We did go to crystal cave today as a daytrip. We where briefed that its going to be rough but i really underestimated it! First of all you have to walk to the entrance of the cave which takes about an hour (its in the middle of the jungle mosquitos eat you!!!)
Then you get dirty (like a pig rolling in the mud! Seriously) the caving is really hard work and it was slippery all over the place so we had to be really careful not to fall! There is no safty ropes so if you slip you can end up in a deep hole. I dnt want to imagen what could have happend.
The guides were really professionel but because alot of our group didnt think its going to be that taff we were moving really slowly.
Due to the fact that you have to be back at the park entrance by 4.30 only the fastest 3of us could go to wonderland.
Well all in all the cave looked really nice but i would not do it again ever its only for very fit people who caved many times before and are not scared of very!!! Narrow spaces and heights!
Written November 25, 2015
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12 contributions
This cave adventure is not a sight-seeing tour. This is full-on cave exploration. Unless you are a spelunker, you’ve probably never done anything like this before. It’s physically challenging. It’s dirty. It’s dangerous. It’s AWESOME! We booked through a third party vendor and they did a very poor job of preparing us for the excursion. We were told we didn’t need a backpack, water, or food. Instead, the guide would carry our water and lunch would be provided. We were told to take a change of clothing because we might get dirty. So, my wife and I threw a change of clothes in a backpack, grabbed a bottle of water for the drive, and jumped in a truck that took us to the cave.

1. You need a backpack. Your guide isn’t carrying things for you. This backpack will be muddy and wet when you’re finished. Don’t expect to use it again for the remainder of your vacation. The pack I took happened to be the one I planned to use as my carry-on bag for the flight home.

2. You need water. Bring at least 2 bottles per person.

3. The cave is slippery and muddy. You will spend 3 to 4 hours in the cave making sure you have 3 points of contact with the rock… that is both feet and a hand. At least half of the time you will need 5 points of contact… both feet, both hands, and your bottom.

4. Wear long pants. Make sure the bottom is sturdy. One person on our trip ripped the seat out of his pants. You’ll spend a significant amount of time sliding on your butt down slippery surfaces.

5. A short sleeve shirt is fine. The cave is very hot.

6. You need sturdy shoes. The 45 minute hike to and from the cave is muddy. The cave is muddy. Don’t expect to wear these shoes for the remainder of your vacation. They will be covered in mud and completely wet.

7. Bring a snack. You will be in the cave for several hours. We started at 10 and finished at 3:30. Lunch doesn’t happen until after the adventure.

8. There are many tight spaces. You’ll be squirming through areas and crawling through others.

9. If you are physically able, your guide will take you on the “long tour”, which has another hour or so of the best cave formations you’re likely to see. But it’s tough to get there and tougher to get back out. Our guide said that only about 30% of tourists go there. If you have hopes of doing this section, pack another bottle of water.

10. Bring a complete change of clothes and a towel. Don’t expect to be able wear anything that you wore in the cave ever again.
Written November 17, 2018
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West Springfield, MA4 contributions
This was a lot of fun, the tubing great, but you are a bit rushed. The cave guide was very nice and knowledgeable. He kept saying that the water would be VERY refreshing (cold) but it wasn't bad at all, probably mid sixties. You wear a helmet with a miners light, as it is very dark in the cave. It's cool to shine it way up on the ceiling and see the formations. The tubing is only about a 1/4 mile, then you walk a short distance through the cave looking at stalagtite and stalagmite formations which are very cool, before getting back in the tube back to the starting point. This is the lagoon area and you are rushed through here, not given the chance to stay and swim if you want. You change after walking back about a 1/4 mile to your rented locker ($7 for a large one), then there is a long line for the included lunch. At this point the bus tour guide is rushing you to get back on the bus and you haven't even gotten your food yet! (Get it to go they said.) Eating messy chicken and rice, which was delicious, on the bus was impossible. The bus guides were fun, the cave guide was great, the tubing was fun, I just would have liked to spend more time there. There is a long bus ride to and from the site, they said its 1 - 1 1/2 hours based upon traffic.
Written March 1, 2015
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San Ignacio, Belize5,318 contributions
We were lucky enough to get to explore Mountain Cow Cave a few weeks ago. I've been to ATM scores of times, and always thought it was one of the is. But Mountain Cow Cave really does put ATM to shame. It's a dry cave, although you will get muddy, which is part of the fun.

It's located behind St. Herman's Cave and the inland Blue Hole. There's a 30 or so minute hike to the entrance, and then a quick repel into the mouth of the cave. There are hundreds, no thousands, of really amazing formations in there. Flow stone of all colors! Stalagmites and Stalactites everywhere. Pillars too. Amazing!

There are some technical climbing routes you can take if you want to. Having an amazing guide, Luis from Hun Chik, really helped make the day memorable. I would recommend him to everyone. Great with the kids, and adults, and he knows that cave like the back of his hand.

Definitely a must do! I'm planning the next trip already!
Written February 15, 2012
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South Lake Tahoe, CA267 contributions
Such a unique and educational tour. Very beautiful. We highly recommend going with Marcos and if you can staying at his place the Yaxche Jungle Lodge. He was one of the people that first discovered the cave so you really can't beat his knowledge. There was one other group that got to the entrance at the same time as us and they needed to use Marcos' rope to get down in the cave (it seemed like he often has to help other guides). Also, some people in the group were very poorly dressed/prepared for the difficulty of the tour. They booked from a tour group in San Ignacio. After our cave tour, Marcos took us a different way back where we ate oranges from an orange grove and used the juice to clean our hands and help prevent mosquitoes. He then took us to the Blue Hole to go swim.
Written February 25, 2017
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Margie J
Eagle, Idaho, United States99 contributions
We went all the way to the river before getting our guide. Ruth is a freelance guide and provided my husband and I with a fantastic afternoon. Don't just do a river tube adventure - see Crystal Cave. Sturdy river shoes (not water socks) and prepare for some uneven terrain. Not slippery. Great fun!
Written April 13, 2015
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Victorville, CA796 contributions
Start at 7:30am with hotel pickup. About 1-1/2 hour drive from San Ignacio to Blue Hole national park. Walk 30 minutes to get to Crystal cave and its HOT walk in the jungle. Get cave introduction by caving guides on safety. Get cave equipment of hard hat and head lamp. The cave is very high humidity (no air movement). I'm sweating buckets for entire time in Crystal cave. Several areas are HIGHLY techancial with hand and foot positions. Caving guides are excellant in helping people to do it right and NOT get hurt. The inside of Crystal Cave is wet and slippery making three point contact very common. Really hard work to get to end of cave and the Wonderland area of cave. Great rock formations in the six rooms of Wonderland. I took three bottles of water and it was barely enough due to sweating. Inside Crystal cave for 4-1/2 hours. This is Extreme caving activity and not for anyone who doesn't really want work hard inside the cave!
Be sure you really want to do this before starting!!
The payoff is great rock formations!!!
Get back to San Ignacio at 6pm - whole day adventure!!!!
Written January 26, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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