Bridge To Nowhere

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Bridge To Nowhere
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Los Angeles, CA11 contributions
Definitely worth the 60 mile drive!
Jun 2020
There are both pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. If I lived closer, I would make regular visits.

Having read the reviews, we went on a weekday early in the morning. When we arrived at around 7:30, there were still a couple of spots available in the parking area. Make sure to be there early. You need an Adventure Pass or else, they say, you might be cited. Make sure to buy your pass a couple of days before, because so early in the morning, finding a pass can be hard. If you do not have a pass, you should part on the side of the street, if you do not want to be cited.

Pros: beautiful forest and river, clean and clear water, soothing sounds of nature, pleasant water temperature when you have to cross the river, friendly people, very fun experience, fantastic view of San Gabriel Dam on the way.

Cons: No signs or directions; a lot of trash with overflowing bins, even used diapers; do not even think about using the bathrooms; too many flies and mosquitoes that increased later in the day; outside the forest it got hot; the hike was hard at some points because we had to climb rocks or jump, so perhaps not a great choice for some seniors and people with some health issues that limit limb movement.

The river got too deep and fast at some point to be safe for us, so unfortunately we had to return. Even so, we totally enjoyed our experience. I would love to return in the spring.
Written June 23, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA3,928 contributions
On my Bucket List
May 2020
This must be one awesome hike because the area was super crowded and you were lucky to find a parking space. It's a gloomy overcast Saturday and it didn't keep people away. We decided on abandoning our hiking for today because of the crowds and come back midweek. The one thing that bothers me are the dirty ignorant litter bugs that visit this beautiful area, plus the jerks who think that tagging rocks is okay.
Written June 7, 2020
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Hacienda Heights, CA4 contributions
Gorgeous long hike
Feb 2020
This was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable hikes I've been on. There isn't much climbing or steep elevation involved so it's nice to just enjoy the outdoors and your gorgeous surroundings, just be aware of your steps! It's very rocky ground. Depending on when you go you will need to cross through multiple rivers and streams and the current can sometimes be a little strong so tread carefully and wisely and bring extra socks! While the hike is pretty moderate it is a long one if you plan to reach the bridge or go past it. My group covered a solid 12 miles that day with one hour rest stop and by mile 11 my knees were feeling it due to the rocky terrain so good shoes and a hiking stick are highly recommended.
Written February 11, 2020
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Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands39 contributions
Must do hike
Nov 2019 • Solo
Went out on a Friday and there where are not a few cars at the parking lot. The trail officially starts about a mile in from the parking lot, so take that into account.
It was a relatively cool day 20c/68F although it felt a lot warmer in the canyon, and the first half had some shade, but the second half you will be walking in the open.
Apart from a few climbs and scree crossings the trail is relatively flat and easy going.
Had to do 4 river crossings (8 in total going back). Which is really nice at first, taking of my shoes and crossing the river, drying my feet etc. but on the way back the sun started to go down and to make it out of the canyon before dark I just waded to the river in my shoes to save time. Made it out about 40 mins before dark. (I did bring a headlight though).

Trip total was 16.5k, just shy of 10 miles and took me about 5,5 hours including having some lunch and relaxation at the bridge.
Written November 17, 2019
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Burbank, CA60 contributions
Amazing Fun Hike
Sep 2019 • Couples
Perfect for those looking for a fun, rewarding hike in SoCal that isn’t completely trashed and over crowded. The bridge is definitely a must do for any hiker and takes about 5-6 hours to complete.

Recommend coming early since parking “close” to the trailhead is very limited and an Adventure Pass is required. Be warned, there are snakes, poison oak, spiky plants, and multiple water crossings. You WILL get wet! You can try to rock hop, but you’ll have a greater chance slipping on algae or landing on a loose rock. Water depth ranges from ankle to knee deep.

The hike itself is pretty easy for the average hiker with moderate inclines in direct sun on numerous narrow paths. The trail for the most part is fairly clear and easy to follow, but some points can get tricky due to false trails created by campers. Scariest part of the whole hike for us was climbing back up from the water under the bridge. The narrow rocks path are becoming very smooth with all the foot traffic making them hard to grip when trying to climb back up.

- Bring plenty of water!!
- Wear comfortable hiking shoes and lightweight clothing.
- PACK OUT ALL YOUR TRASH! If you carried it in, you can clearly carry it out to properly toss in the bin in the parking areas.
- Dog owners - please use common sense. Don’t use poo bags & just leave them on the trail. They just add more plastic waste.
Written September 3, 2019
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Reid Kaufman
1 contribution
Quite the adventure
Aug 2019
So i went to do this with my friends for a bachelor party. We decided on booking the overnight along with the 5 jumps each so we wouldn't have to hike back, we could take our time, and just make an event of it. The owner, Ron, was present the entire time. He was kind, calm, knowledgeable, friendly, and more than hospitable. The staff was all of the same as well. The bungee jumping was absolutely insane as anyone would expect, but it was the best experience i can imagine one could have doing something insane. Ron wasn't pushy to the people that didn't want to go and him sharing his knowledge and taking his time made us all super comfortable. I hope to never go back ;), but if i do, i'd be glad it's with this crew and this location.
Written August 19, 2019
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Sreng L
South El Monte, CA121 contributions
Feb 2019 • Solo
Spending my Monday morning on top of the San Gabriel mountains. It was amazing views, a lot of water flowing into the riverflow....awesoem views plenty of restroom for access. Require pass...
Written February 12, 2019
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Ronald C
Upland, CA766 contributions
Great place to hike to for history
Jul 2018 • Friends
The hike takes you accross the river a number of times and will take you up to 4 hours in and out to get to this piece of history.
Written November 13, 2018
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San Diego, CA2,010 contributions
Weird California
Oct 2018 • Friends
This is a 10-12 mile hike along the San Gabriel River in the beautiful Sheep Mountain Wilderness to a 120-foot high bridge. The bridge was meant to connect a road, but the road was never built. This a is a long, but relatively flat hike with plenty of stream crossings and water holes to cool off in.But beware--this is wilderness and there are snakes, bugs, rocks, uneven surfaces, etc. Bring water and food. It gets very hot. The parking lot for the Bridge to Nowhere is a fee area, and you need to buy a pass before you arrive at the trailhead. You can use a National Parks Pass or an Adventure Pass. If you like, you can bungee jump off the bridge for $120.
Written October 8, 2018
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San Diego, CA118 contributions
Amazing Hike! Top 10 in SoCal
Aug 2018 • Friends
A friend of mine told me about this hike located in the Angeles National Forest. When he told me there was a river that the hike followed with waters crossings in the middle of summer, I thought he was pulling my leg. I agreed to go on this hike and so happy I did. Hwy 39 takes you from Azusa into Angeles National Forest. You pass a couple of lakes as you wind your way up to the trailhead. I advise you get there early because parking fills up quick. There’s camping at the head of the trail, but keep going. As long as you follow the river you can’t get lost, but there are hiking paths along the way. It’s about 5 miles in to reach the Bridge to Nowhere. It was built in 1936 and is now owned by a bungee jumping company. They are out there every weekend and for $120 you can bungee jump from the bridge. If you are like me and have a fear of heights, just cross the bridge and make your way down to the river where there are several pools of water where folks can swim and wade into. The river crossings are greatly appreciated as you hike along this trail and keep your feet cool. I recommend wearing smart wool socks as they dry quickly and protect your wet feet in your hiking shoes. Make sure to bring lots of water as it does get hot and there is an elevation climb to the bridge. I highly recommend this hike and can’t wait to go back!
Written August 20, 2018
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