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Rosie C
3 contributions
We spent 3 days at Disneyland with family. Buy your tickets on line ahead of time since the number of tickets sold is limited. Get there early so that you can get through security and the ticket line prior to the gates opening. We had a wonderful time.
Written December 7, 2021
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Laura M
1 contribution
My family has been coming to Disneyland for years, we continue to come back because we absolutely love it and it is our happy place. We recently returned from there and had a good experience for the most part. The night time spectaculars are still amazing, finding seating for watching them is a little challenging but still worth it. The food is awesome, our favorite attractions were all open for the week we were there. The only challenges we faced were extra long lines due to heavy crowds and lots of rides continually "breaking down" (this happened more in California Adventure). I try to give Disney the benefit of the doubt for this as they are likely faced with staffing challenges post pandemic and this summer is probably the largest crowds they have faced since before covid. We opted out of genie+ service due to the extra cost which also played a role in our long waits in the line-ups but if we wanted to get in a faster line, we chose rides with the single rider option which is a great option if your party has older kids/adults.
Overall, it is still Disney and still my favorite place on Earth, I hope as time goes by Disney can work out its few kinks and not have as many issues with long lines and attractions breaking down.
Written July 24, 2022
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Texas513 contributions
We came to DL to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We did 2 days at DL and needed it to ride everything as the crowds were huge because of annual pass holders. Beware if you are from out of state like us the APs are allowed to be there Mon-Thursday. I think they should have more limited days as it really ruins the experience for tourists like us. The Disney hotels are ridiculous even for middle class as far as costs so we had to stay at a good neighbor. Arrive 30 min. before official opening and you can get deep inside the park for rope drop. We headed to Haunted Mansion to do the Nightmare Before Christmas version. It was amazing! We were able to ride everything we wanted but it took 2 days with the huge crowds and no social distancing. We enjoyed a meal at the River Belle Terrace and at the Plaza Inn as both didn't require reservations but were nicer meals. It was impossible to get an advanced dining reservation anywhere in the park and I had been trying for weeks. The Halloween projection show was one night and fireworks the next and they were both outstanding. We saw a lot of characters which was nice and you take selfies with them. We were able to get the rise of the resistance pass at 7 a.m. Just make sure you have good wifi or on the internet and close other apps so nothing is open on your phone. We love the different versions of the rides that are also at WDW in Florida. Space Mountain is better here and smoother. I was in line for the Matterhorn and it went down right when a 4.3 earthquake hit. Not sure if there was a correlation. Missed that Mr. Lincoln wasn't open nor Thunder Mt. No parades but characters were plentiful. I miss the better selection in the shops as now everything is massed produced and we actually bought less as the clothing is not as good as it used to be. Nothing embroidered, all screen art that is cheap. Mickey ice cream bars were frozen and took forever to dethaw. I wish they had shuttles to the good neighbor hotels that are far down the street as it's a long walk after a 14 hour day.
Written October 4, 2021
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London, UK16 contributions
Dreadful in August. Not one ride with < 60 minutes waiting time. Used Genie to jump one queue for Star Tours which lasted 5minutes and cost 60 Dollars extra for 3 people. The entrance ticket pays for nothing but the “Mr Lincoln’s story”. Everything else is extra. Long queues even for food. If you arrive in August, download the App in advance to plan your day and arrive after 5pm - families with small kids appeared to be leaving then. Maybe you will then be luckier than us. Sign posting to Mickey car park back was poor. A complete rip off day by the Disney machine.
Written August 2, 2022
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Los Angeles223 contributions
We booked 4 tickets with the Genie+ and a la carte purchase and with the high prices there were too many issues that subtract from the fun.

There was several broken effects on multiple rides like Rise of the Resistance and Splash Mtn, as well as burned out lights. On Buzz Lightyear our light guns didn’t work, making the ride useless. The employees didn’t note it or care when we told them.

The photo pass which is bundled with Genie+ was down. We were told no refunds and nothing could be done to get family pictures or on ride photos.

Since you have to book lightning lane when you get inside, the main planner gets to spend the first 15 minutes looking down at their phone instead of enjoying the time with their family (“Shut up kid, I’m trying to enter my credit card number!”). The wifi is unreliable and slow, making me use my phone minutes all day.

You can do very little without a smart phone to access their app even if you don’t buy the plus option like we did. I used the heck out of that app and I can say the only good thing was the tip board, showing you current wait times. Everything else kept finding me hunched over my phone in the sun trying to navigate to what I want to do.

With limited time, we decided to spend the money for the Lightning lane access and the pay for play rides. While not liking the ‘we are richer than these other peons in line’ vibe, we did enjoy not wearing out in a 100 minute line.

The Fastlane reservations get booked out by early afternoon, so if you get to the park when it opens we got about 6 passes for the extra cost. You cannot make another reservation till you ride the one you selected, so choice wisely. I’m not sure if it would have made more sense to ride the rides included in the cost, then buy the ‘pay to ride’ last like Rise of the resistance.

Food options are very limited if you have food allergies. In the past we had multiple choices, but our favorite dishes are now gone. Most of the sit down restaurants already were booked up a month before our visit.

The mobile food order option is nice, but very, very limited if you are restricted on what you can eat. Even with the mobile order there was a 30 minute wait to get a Dole Whip.

The good side is the quality and taste of the food is excellent. We had some great meals at the counter serve and carts places. Our favorite ‘secret place’ was the Craftsman grill at the far back of the Grand California Hotel.
Written July 3, 2022
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Simply Chic M
New York City, NY63 contributions
Definitely not the happiest place on earth. This was our first time at Disneyland and it was an underwhelming experience. Yes you will get some nice photos and experience some fun moments but not worth the ticket price for all the stress you have to deal with. Once you buy the ticket, Disney requires a reservation for each day you will be at the park so they can plan for that and yet Disney are so greedy to allow the parks to get so incredibly crowded. Considering how expensive the tickets are and the daily $30 parking fee I was stunned by how uncomfortably packed the place was. It's to the point that you feel claustrophobic because you can barely turn around without bumping into people. I've been to many theme parks and have never seen anything like this. Mondays are the of worst weekdays to visit but every day is awful. Even the slow kiddie rides like dumbo the flying elephant had over an hour long wait. Several rides were randomly closed after we had been waiting in line close to an hour and no one even told us it was closed, we just checked the app and realized it was shut down. We paid extra for Genie+ on all tickets but it didn't really help much. It is nice that you get the photopass included with Genie+ but that alone doesn't make it worth the extra money for it. Lightning lane is supposed to help you fast track the line but you only get to use lightning lane on two rides per day and there are so many restrictions on which rides you can use it on and what time of the day you can use it. They also give way too many people the option to purchase genie+ so on some Rides like splash mountain the lightning lane line is still over 40 minute wait. For some rides we were given a time slot of 9:30pm to come back and use lightning lane even though we entered the park early in the morning. For other rides we were asked to pay an additional amount per person to use lightning lane even though we already paid extra for Genie+ which includes lightning lane.
If you go with kids they will get very frustrated with all the waiting and the crowds. We thought we were treating our kids to a fun trip but most of the time it felt like we were punishing them. So much time spent standing in the grueling heat waiting for our turn for rides, or food or the bathroom or the tram from the parking lot. The tickets are very overpriced for how little meaningful time you get there and at you look around you see all the kids having meltdowns instead of having fun. Never again.

Written July 7, 2022
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UK121 contributions
We had a really good time there but there were times where the price we paid really was not justified.
You have to be really early like 7ish to be right at the front of entrance but they have the rope midway in the park and that makes an enormous amount of people to queue altogether all at once.
Then you frantically get to the ride (rise of resistance for us) and as we got there, ride was not working! From the very beginning of the day!!. And that was not the only one, about 5/6 of them were broken..
luckily we stayed in the queue and after about 30/40 mins waiting we managed to do it and it was unbelievably mind blowing.
The new genie plus system is ok but really another way of extracting money from you and not giving you more perks than the old free fast pass was. Saying that we managed to do a few rides on genie plus in the morning but comes 11ish you are then looking at late afternoon to book rides.
Park is very busy, didn’t feel like they were working on restricted number but we did have lots of fun and loved the Star Wars area.
Pirates of Caribbean is currently under renovation and unfortunately the blue bayou restaurant was partially closed and surrounded by a wall so we cancelled our reservation which was done ages ago.
The other annoying thing is that you are ending up being glued on your phone trying to book stuff, app freezes a lot and we started to run out of battery and there was nowhere to recharge.. and without a phone you really struggle to know what’s happening.. they need to sort the app out and give free charging points to people..
Written April 27, 2022
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2 contributions
My family and I still enjoy the rides and attractions. The lightning pass system is terrible. Not only do you now need to pay for the lightning (fast pass system) you also need to pay extra for certain rides. When one of the rides was under repairs on and off throughout the day you still cannot book a 2nd ride while you are waiting. None of the Covid protocols as stated on the Disney website are followed. Ride attendants ask you to be about a foot or less apart - nowhere near the 6 recommended feet. You are also asked to prebook to limit the number of guests. It seemed just as crowded as ever with wait times of up to 2 hours if not using the lightning pass.
Written June 16, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

San Jose, CA32 contributions
In water depleted energy stressed California in Disneyland the water flows, plants are green and the lights are bright. No shortages here.

Equity. Elitists and serfs
The elitists pay for dining packages for reserved seating for shows and parades and the serfs wait on curbs and gutters for hours.
The elitists pay for lightening tickets to premium rides as the serfs stand in sweltering heat for hours.

Employees of the elite herd people like sheep and cattle without concern for convenience or comfort.

Diversity. Observed. 80% white, 15% Hispanic, 4% Asian and a statistical insignificant percent of black patrons.

A lion king-dom of capitalism wrapped in a woke sheep’s disguise.

This is business. I get it. Corporations should do everything possible to enrich shareholders. Except lie about who they are.
Written September 26, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Roger V
Coquitlam, Canada1 contribution
Quick Story time.

I never write poor reviews as I am a business owner and understand how it can impact them but this needs to be public info on how this large cooperation treats their customers.

We Purchased 4 Day Park hoppers and planned to use From March 12-15 2020.

First two days were fine until Disneyland Closed the Park on the 13th. Obviously full stop to our vacation. but still on the hook for flights hotels etc.

Fast forward until now we had 5 family members on that trip. Disney has extended the tickets for a Dec 2022 Expiry. SO I was planning on going back down. Problem is that only 3 of the original 5 guests can join. I tried using the app and calling customer service to allocate the unused days from my other two family members that can't go and we have already paid for to the ones that can. No we can't accommodate that request. Can we refund the unused days left on the tickets? No you have to come back with all 5 people to get any value. Can you do anything for me? I can refund the Max pass portion of the tickets so you can pay more at the park for the worse Genie Plus.

In summary it was Disneys decision to close the parks and their answer for the people they stranded during that time...Fly and room everyone back down at your expense and we will not make any accommodations from our policy.

Avoid at all costs!!
Written March 16, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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