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Very good

Salim N
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Aug 2020 • Family
Lovely experience - guides were experienced and fun - very engaging and reassuring. They take photos that you pay for but quality was good. They let you try out flying on your own and even will do some stunts but only if you agree. The whole experience was very positive and my teenage daughters loved it - a real highlight and you see a lot of the mountains and waterfalls. A touch expensive but worth it.
Written August 10, 2020
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Thanks so much for taking the time to review, we are stoked you had a great time flying with us :)
Written August 18, 2020
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands187 contributions
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Sep 2015 • Couples
We may have been flying with the eagles for only about 20 minutes, but the big smiles and sense of exhilaration lasted all day! We were staying in Murren, our 4th year, and after watching all those brave souls floating by every year we finally decided to go for it. SO happy we did! A splurge, yes, but a major highlight of our alpine hiking holiday. We met our pilots at the cable car station in Murren and walked with them up the steep but mostly paved path to the launch site. That was the most difficult part! They explained everything perfectly, inspiring confidence. Snapped into the harnesses, a few running steps, and we were gently airborne. A few hundred yards later we glided out over the abyss. Zero fear factor - it was serene, tranquil, almost zen. Although for those who want, they can add some excitement with spinning turns that add some G's (I didn't). The landing was easy too. I'm nearly 60 and my husband 65 - if we could do this, just about any reasonably fit person can too. Absolutely sublime and highly recommended. Ask for Marcel - he's the best!
Written September 29, 2015
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Thornton C
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Jul 2012 • Solo
Gliding along the cliffs of the Lauterbrunnen Valley is a truly incredible experience. Even though I have done many things in over a hundred countries, this experience was the most awesome thing I have ever done in all my 75 years.

You will see many ads for tandem hang gliding or “paragliding,” which means two people at a time….you plus the professional pilot. Passengers ride in a sling-type seat in front of and slightly below the professional pilot who controls what in essence is a steerable parachute. I watched for several years before deciding that I had to do it. Flights take off from two places in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, one at the eastern end above Murren and one from Grutschalp above the town of Lauterbrunnen.

There are many things that make Switzerland such a marvelous country. The Lauterbrunnen Valley is arguably the most beautiful in the entire country.

I strongly recommend the flight from Murren above the cliff at the eastern end of the valley even though the thought of taking off from above the town of Lauterbrunnen includes gliding past the Staubbach Waterfall, the largest of the 72 in the valley.

After reaching Murren on the gondola, you climb the mountain a long way (at least for me it was a long way). It is, however, much shorter and easier and the view during the flight is probably better, even though the Murren option does not pass the Staubbach Waterfall. Lift off requires walking three steps and then running downhill a few steps before you feel the chute fill and lift you off the ground. You get several hundred feet of flying over a grass pasture before you see the rooftops of the town of Murren. A few moments later you suddenly find yourself over the cliff looking down at the valley floor over a thousand feet below you.

Looking down between your feet at the river and the houses on the valley floor is a thrill that cannot be put in words. Even my wife, who has a serious fear of heights, felt comfortable strapped into her seat.

In 2012, the cost is 160 Swiss francs per person, but you probably end up paying and additional 40 francs for the still and video pictures your pilot takes of you during your flight. There are two paragliding companies. I recommend the one based in Murren, called Airtime. If you can get him, request their most experienced pilot , Bernard Brunner….but don’t call him that. He is known as Benny and is a native of Wengen in the Valley.

I also suggest that you enjoy the scenery and not spend your time taking pictures. All of the pilots carry long poles with cameras on their ends so your pilot can take pictures of you with the cliff and waterfalls behind you and the valley floor far below. Ask your pilot to tell you when he is about to take a picture so you do not get ones of you looking down.

The flights are advertised as taking 15 minutes, but mine took 19. Every moment of those minutes is a little different and when you land it seems as if you have been floating in the sky all day.

Don't worry about your age. I was worried that I would stumble running down the gentle sloop at liftoff. Benny had two pilots lift the sides of my seat so that they could hold me in the air during the run for liftoff.
Written August 4, 2012
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London, UK70 contributions
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Just do it!

Well worth the money. Great communication from the start. Karo, a very helpful lady gave me instructions and directions and even changed by booking date to suit my travel plans. Perfect English, spoke via email and phone.
On the day met Woulter. Really nice guy, genuine, friendly and most importantly you feel totally relaxed with him. You go up 2 cable cars (a good experience in itself) you have to pay separately, 1 cost for both but only pay to go up of course (about 12 pounds I think). Then when you get out you walk 10 minutes up hill (not to steep) to the spot where you leave. This little walk was a bit of a struggle for me as I'm a drinker and smoker and a little chunky (115kg, 6 ft) after 6 months no gym lol). But it's a lovely view up there while you're getting prepared to go. Hat on, strapped up, all ready. Really simple.
You just jog a little then speed up slightly running down hill then before you know it, you're in the air, flying like an eagle.
The views are truly stunning and breathtaking. I felt totally relaxed. You even have the option to steer for a bit. A surreal experience. Then you get asked if you would like to do a few stunts. Basically loop the loops. Not you steering but you hold the go-pro that the guide will bring. This was unbelievable. A truly awesome feeling and rush. Only last a little while but what a feeling. I highly recommend. Then you land. A piece of cake. You land slightly jogging and stay on your feet.
Then you have the option of buying all the videos and photos (about 30) for just 40 francs. That's like 34 pound. Unbelievable value, I thought it would be that for 1 picture. They get transferred on the spot to your device in seconds in a new album.
I keep looking back at the video of the stunts with a massive smile. Just hold onto the gopro tight and make sure you keep it aimed on you. P.s the audio is crystal clear so try not to swear too much like me (oops).
To top it I got dropped back off to Lauterbrunnen with a free drink voucher in the company's sister cafe where I had a ice cold beer overlooking the waterfall and looking at my awesome videos :).
All in all, I'd give this 6 stars if I could. When you think how expensive everything is in Switzerland, this cost relatively peanuts! And for an unforgettable experience. I reccomend 1 million percent. Just can't fault a thing. Do it!
Written September 9, 2020
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Hi Jay, wow! Thanks for that brilliant review!! We’re so happy you had a great time with us 😄 All the best, Airtime Crew! 🦅
Written September 11, 2020
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Oro Valley, AZ10 contributions
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Sep 2015
We spent a few days in Wengen, and stopped at the Tourist Information Office to inquire about paragliding. The nice lady at the TI made a phone call, and I was scheduled for an afternoon flight with Air Time. Air Time picked me up at the train station at the appointed time, and drove me to Stechelberg, where I was introduced to my "pilot", Sebastian. As we rode the gondola up to Murren, we conversed and found out a little about each other. Although I was not nervous in the least, I can see where a little conversation would help relax anyone who might be. From Murren, we hiked up a long steep trail, and about 10-15 minutes later we were at out takeoff site, I had a few minutes to take some amazing pictures of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and the Jungfrau on the opposite side, while Sebastian prepared our gear. He explained what we would be doing while hooking me into the harness. We walked a few steps downhill to inflate the chute, and then trotted a few more steps and we were floating out over the Lauterbrunnen Valley. The view was fantastic! This was much better than skydiving! When I had asked previously how long the ride would be, Sebastian said 10-12 minutes. I was a little disappointed, but that is about how long a skydive lasts, so I was not too surprised. But, he said, it all depends on the condition of the air; wind, updraft, etc. We rode for over 30 minutes! Going up and down along the wall of stone that is the Lauterbrunnen Valley wall. We went around and into another valley through which Trummelbach Falls flows. We saw an eagle soaring below us, as well as a Swiss Army helicopter, far below. When I asked if I could drive, he said "Sure" and handed me the controls. Following his instructions, I turned us left and right, sped us up and slowed us down. I was in control for about five minutes and took us wherever I wanted to go.

If you are considering "flying", I highly recommend you go. And Airtime Paragliding will make your experience one you will never forget.
Written September 17, 2015
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Aug 2015 • Family
Our family of 5 did the "The Wall- double airtime" flight, and it was spectacular. My sons are 12, 14 and 16, and this was an experience they'll never forget. We met Lisa at the Airtime Cafe in Lauterbrunnen, who then drove us in a van about 10 minutes to the gondolas up the mountain to Murren. At the gondola station we met our paragliding pilots who had their parachute backpacks slung over their backs. Their names were Robby, Dan, Wouter, Oluf and Benny. They were super friendly, chatty and funny! A couple were Australian or from New Zealand. We left our backpacks with Lisa in the van, but took water, phones, wallets, etc, which the pilots could zip into their packs during the flight.
At Murren we hiked up a zig zag path about 15 min to get to the launch site. The asked if anyone needed the bathroom at the Murren gondola station.

At the launch site the pilots spread out their parachutes in 2:1:2 formation, we each chose a pilot, signed a waiver, and they clipped us into the harness seats. After simple instructions about how to run run run until the parachute has lifted you off the cliff, we all took flight. Each pilot had a GoPro camera mounted on a selfie stick to take photographs and videos of us during the flight, and the quality of the pictures was excellent.

My harness formed a comfortable seat, and I could see the valley far, far below. There was a steady 20mph wind on my face, and the view was spectacular- Lauterbrunnen valley down below, the cliffs rising up all around us. The pilots took us to the cliff on the Wengen side of the valley to catch the thermals which lift the parachutes up, corkscrewing round and round to get as high as possible next to the cliff. I could see my kids and husband soaring around me at various heights. It was like flying, so comfortable and we were lucky it was warm, sunny, clear and just perfect. If you watch their promotional video- I swear it was exactly like that.
After gaining the necessary height, Benny steered the parachute along the cliff so we could see the glacier around the corner, a couple of waterfalls, tiny goats below. We were in the air about 45 minutes. We finally began descending towards the Lauterbrunnen landing site and I could see the pilot doing some looping tricks with my kids (I had declined the offer). The pilots also let us steer the parachutes. Benny talked to me the entire flight about Switzerland, about paragliding, and it was almost like a guided tour of the region, except from the best possible vantage point. Landing was really really cool- we corkscrewed our way down until finally were just a few feet off the ground but still going fast when suddenly we just stopped and could stand up, amazing!

We paid the pilots, bought our photos, and tipped them each 20 CHF, which seemed to really please them ("Hey we can go for drinks tonight"). Lisa drove us back to the Airtime cafe. It was an unforgettable experience, paragliding in the Swiss Alps.
Written August 19, 2015
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Austin60 contributions
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Jul 2015 • Family
We didn't find the company to be reliable. Last week, we made reservations for paragliding thru our hotel reservation desk, but nobody from Airtime paragliding showed up at the location of pickup. When contacted the owner regarding this, we found him to unprofessional and rude.

Initally, we contacted Airtime Paragliding directly to make the reservation. He asked us to call back in 5 minutes. We tried to call him several times after 5 minutes and he wouldn't pickup the phone. They don't have an answering machine either. So we had the reservation made thru our hotel desk. Our hotel asked us to get to Lauterbrunnen at 10am next day morning for pickup by Airtime staff. We reached there on time but nobody from airtime showed up to pick us up. When we called the owner (Peny) from the station and he was rude and unprofessional. When we told him about the situation, he kept making excuses rather than looking into resolving the issue. Apparently, there was some miscommunication between the hotel and Airtime Paragliding. Instead of apologizing, he kept make excuses. We ended up wasting our whole morning making a round-trip to Lauterbrunnen.

Based on our interaction with Airtime and his owner, you should avoid this company altogether. If you can't rely on their commitment, how can you rely your lives in their hands for paragliding or any other outdoor activities?
Written July 12, 2015
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We would like to state clearly that no booking was made by the hotel reception. This has also been verified by the hotel. We would have happily taken you flying, however we were fully booked. The hotel and our day manager were clearly upset by your abusive language and swearing. Naturally totally uncalled for and very offensive.
Written July 14, 2015
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Hatem M
Doha, Qatar5 contributions
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Aug 2019
Me and My wife decided to visit Switzerland this year while we are young. Therefore, we started saving money since January 2019. I made a lot of research about the country and we went for 5 days and 2 days to Prague only the trips cost us 7500 USD :). Anyway, I made so much research about Paragliding and I messaged some companies in July and one of them Airtime Paragliding. I had couple of questions and they answered me any they told me the best way and most reliable way is to book online. I spent One week looking at the forecast to find a Sunny Day and I decided to Go Sunday Morning (August 11th, 2019) since Saturday, Monday, Sunday evening and Tuesday were rainy. I booked online through their website and I received the confirmation email (Screenshots are attached).
We were not lucky that week it was raining the whole week except Sunday Morning. I woke up that Sunday at 6:00 AM and I was very excited I am going to do Paragliding over Lauterbrunnen Valley. I left Wengen at 7:15 the weather was perfect and I reached Airtime Cafe at 7:45 I messaged them on Whatsapp that I reached the place I was waiting around the cafe since the guy in the cafe has attitude and I preferred to stay outside. Suddenly at 8:11 I saw Airtime Paragliding Bus is driving on the street I waved to him and he looked at me and he went away and he didn't care. I called Airtime at 8:13 I told them I have a pickup at 8:15 from the cafe they told me we don't have your name in our system, I was literally thought she's joking and I told her but I have confirmation by email she was laughing, she has a very bad attitude and she wanted to hang up and then I sent her the confirmation on Whatsaap and I called her back she said Sorry Sir we don't have your name in the system. However, the first time I called her she could spell my name "Hatem" So she had my info. she said I can't do anything for you, I told her I will call the police she said call them they won't do anything for you. Suddenly, I saw a police man in the street and I briefed the situation I was literally burning from inside and was going to cry. he took me to their office and told me you need to find me a flight now. Afterwards, things started changing I was very upset I was looking one hour ago to Lauternrunnen as a heaven and then it became a dark hell!!!!!! I told them every minute in Switzerland costs me so much money you ruined my vacation it's 9:15 AM and till now I didn't do anything on this sunny day!! which it's going to rain after 6 hours. I saw the bus driver again and start yelling at him I told them you're not professional he understood me he said let's go fly now I felt something good even though I wasted so much time. However, the admin called me and she said we can't do anything for you now we can give you a flight at 4:00 PM or refund and asked the driver to drop me back :(. I told her I can't I am going to Gridelwald first and I am taking my wife their, and then I told her If I could make it I will let you know. We went to Gridenwald first it was a dark hell for me that day we hiked to the lake and I was so pissed and I had so much attitude with my wife I literally had a very bad day I called her around 2:00 and I told her I need the flight at 5:00 PM we can't make it before that she said Sorry sir we cancel all the flights after 4:00 (her name was Karo I guess). At 7:00 PM, the manager called me apologizing and she's offering me a free flight in future :) it was nice from her, but I doubt if I can visit Switzerland again and spend another 7500 USD again :).
This is my story with Airtime Paragliding today was me tomorrow might be you. I left Switzerland very upset and I didn't do paragliding over the Alps which was my dream. Thank you very much Airtime Pargliding for what you did to me.
Written August 24, 2019
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Hello Hatem, Thanks for your lengthy review; as you said we did do our best to offer you a flight, after a fault in our booking system meant that the daily manager didn’t have your booking logged. We have since resolved the problem with the booking company. You didn’t wish to take the flight that we found for you, which was absolutely your perogative; however our daily manger worked exceptionally hard to find a time that was suitable for you (and also free of charge). I am sorry that this issue affected your holiday so negatively, but rest assured we did everything we could to get you flying. If there is anything else we could have done please don’t hesitate to let me know via email, phone or WhatsApp. We want all of our guests to go home smiling! Best wishes from the valley, Lisa Airtime Manager
Written August 25, 2019
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RichTeresa H
Cary, NC40 contributions
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Jul 2018 • Couples
This was an awesome experience! I can't think of a better place to try paragliding that over Lauterbrunnen valley and with Airtime. The scenery is breathtaking, all the people are great and so friendly (pilots, driver, even the woman with whom we booked at the Airtime Cafe), and the ride is so (surprisingly) smooth.

So many reviews focus on the awesome experience - and believe me - it is awesome. Hopefully this review can help folks with information about some of the things I know me and my sister wondered about before we booked.

Don't be discouraged by age, "not in great shape", etc.. I am 54 and my sister is 59 and the hardest thing is the walk up the hill to get to the launching point (about 50 yards up at about at a 25-30% grade). But the pilots are very understanding and stay with you on the way up and you can stop and rest when needed (I needed two rests, but I am out of shape and about 250 Lbs).

Once you are at the top, the fun begins! They gear you up (the gear is not at all tight or uncomfortable) and have you get into position. When the the airflow is right, they start to launch one after the other. you run a bit (surprisingly easy - I had worried about it being like a "three legged race" but it was quite easy - and also not very long at all). Then you're in the air and it is VERY smooth.

My pilot was Fabian and my sister's was Marcel, and they were great. My sister was quite scared going in, but the whole experience got her into the right frame of mind. The pilots, beyond being in excellent physical shape and very nice & friendly, have clearly had lots of experience in dealing with any type of emotion: they provide a calming and reassuring environment and really focus on your needs.

I've noted a few time how smooth the actual flight is. I have gone skydiving before, and there is no point where there is any sort of jarring pull on you or your harness. The wind just catches in your paraglide, you run to get enough speed to get airborne, and you're up. Once airborne, the tandem harness system actually has a little "bench" where you essentially sit on a hammock for the whole ride. You'll see pictures on other reiews of people not even holding on at all: you don't need to. You are very safe and secure (and comfortable) in the harness (though I held on - brain may have been saying "all safe - nothing to worry about" but gut was saying "no freaking way I'm letting go" :-) )

The pilots do almost all of the flying, but they do give you a chance to do some steering once your below the thermals and its very smooth. Once they take back over the controls, they also off you the option to do some loops (my advice - do it: its really fun).

Landing is very simple also. The pilots control the airspeed as they get close to the ground so you just pop out of the hammock/bench when you are about 20 ft off the ground. When you reach the ground, you run/walk a few steps, then back up a few steps to take tension off the paraglide, and you're done.

On the ground, everyone was smiling. Not your typical smiles, bur beaming smiles. The smiles really tell the story.

I'm an engineer, so the following are logistics for those so inclined;

1) Booking is easy. You likely can book multiple places, but I really encourage you to book at the Airtime Cafe. You pay a small deposit (for us it was 20 CHF each). The woman we booked with was so nice and fun to chat with. We booked a day in advance. We didn't get the exact timing we wanted with just one day advance, but that was not a problem for us. However, if you have specific timing needs, book more than one day ahead.

2) Flight day
a) they pick you up and take you to the gondola that goes directly up to Murren. We chose to get picked up at the Airtime Cafe, but I've read other reviews that note they pick up other places also. Give them a call if you have a specific pickup need. You also can leave stuff in the van and it is safe (we left a backpack which also had my sister's purse - no worries).

b) One at the gondola station, you meet all the pilots. We were a group of 5 and there were 7 pilots, Not sure how they worked all that out - but the fact that we weren't aware speaks to how professional they were (professional, but not boring. One the pilots was doing one-handed hand stands while we waited :-) )

c) you pay for your ride up the gondola. This is not included, and I personally am glad. We had half-fare cards, which cut our gondola price in half. So many people have some sort of discount: it totally makes sense to have folks get their own ticket to take advantage of whatever savings they may have (rather than just embedding a whole-fare price in the activity cost). This means you need to bring your discount card and some way to pay for the gondola (cash or credit)

d) you ride up the gondola. They take a special gondola that is used for taking supplies (and them) so even if the lines are huge (as they were when we got there) you have minimal delays.

e) at the top, you get off the gondola and walk to the launch hill. The fist part of the walk is just city walking (paved, slight elevation). Then you get off the pavement and go up a path to the top off the launch hill (about 50 yards up at about at a 25-30% grade).

f) gear up, get in position, get attached to your pilot, then run a short bit for take-off

g) flight time. AWESOME

h) landing (right near the gondola station). SMILES

i) take off your gear. The pilots will show you the photos & videos they took of you. You pay the pilots the remainder of the agreed price and can also purchase the photos/videos. They take cash or credit.

j) the transport van meets you at the gondola station and take you back. We got dropped off at the Airtime Cafe, but it was clear that many folks choose to go all the way to the train station. I also assume that if you got a special pickup they will do a special drop-off also.
Written July 29, 2018
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Marietta, GA72 contributions
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Apr 2018 • Couples
My husband and I paraglided with Airtime during our visit to Lauterbrunnen in late April. I went first and flew with Beni. He was incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about flying. He made me feel very comfortable considering it was my first time paragliding. I think I am hooked now! It was an amazing experience. Paragliding over the valley was an unforgettable, indescribably beautiful experience. My husband (a bit afraid of heights) decided to go at the last minute in the afternoon and flew with Buzz. Buzz was such a great pilot as well. He knew my husband was a bit queasy and uncertain about flying so he took an easy route and brought him down a bit quicker than the others that went up with him. I was incredibly pleased with my experience here. I loved chatting with all of the different pilots and learning about paragliding. I'll likely be looking for a place here in the Southeast United States to start learning more now that I've done it once. I highly recommend Airtime for anyone hoping to paraglide in the Berner Oberland. You won't regret choosing them!
Written May 10, 2018
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