Wieliczka Salt Mine

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Wieliczka Salt Mine
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Penny D
4 contributions
Nov 2021 • Family
We had an amazing day and definitely well worth the visit. I bought the tickets online before we travelled to Poland and they cost 100 zloty (~£18) per adult. We took a taxi from Krakow to the salt mines which cost 60 zloty (~£10), although trains and buses run regularly here. We had hot chocolate whilst we waited for our English speaking tour to begin. It’s very well organised and we felt very well looked after throughout the tour. Once you start descending into the mines the atmosphere and sense of wonder increase - there are lots of ‘wow’ moments! Towards the end of the tour, whilst still 130 metres underground, there are toilets, a cafe and a gift shop. No worries about having to ascend up 40 flights of stairs at the end because there is a lift which brings you back up in the city of Weiliczka.
Written November 23, 2021
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sarah s
United Kingdom81 contributions
Sep 2020 • Couples
Good day out but the tour was abit rushed, especially the museum tour where we queued for ages not knowing why then found out from some other visitors it was because the museum also has a guided tour. The staff were all sat there looking on their mobile phones. The lady on the museum tour had a strong polish accent so could only grasp some words and I got the impression she did not want to be there. The guide on the first part of the tour was quite amusing though. The food/drink prices were reasonable (much cheaper than Austwitz museum!) Didnt learn alot about salt mining as it was more of a tourist attraction hearding people through corridors but there were some pretty looking rooms with statues. At the end of the museum tour we were exited out of a back door and abandoned - we had no idea where we were and our mobile phone data was not working for some reason when we came out. So we wandered the streets for about 45 minutes until we saw a sign for salt mine, by the time we found our way back to the entrance the gate was shut and locked up. The bus stops made no sense there was no mention of krakow on them, but after a while a bus that said Krakow rocked up so we jumped on it and it was under 4 Zlotty - bargain!
I would recommend getting the bus or using uber rather than the organised tours. We got the uber out and it was with us in 1 minute and cost €30 zlotty. Just make sure you dont let the tour guide abandon you and follow them back to the entrance - then the bus stop is just across the road.
Written September 20, 2020
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Birmingham, UK35 contributions
Sep 2020
One of the first ever (if not the first) entries to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a must visit if you're in Krakow. The mines were equal parts interesting, educational, entertaining, and beautiful. Each cavern, lake, sculpture or chapel within elicited gasps of awe and it's truly an outstanding marvel of human endeavour.

Despite booking individual visitor tickets we had to enter as part of a guided tour as the mines are literally a labyrinth and certain precautions need to be upheld to keep the mine preserved safely. However, after the main tour there was the option of an additional museum tour where you could see various artefacts and tools used in the making of the mine, as well as a stunning diorama of Wieliczka as it was when the mines began. This was also a guided tour which happened to be hosted by the same guide as our main tour.

Speaking of which, our guide was Dorota and I cannot speak highly enough of her. Anyone can memorise facts or a script but it takes real talent to deliver expert knowledge in an interesting way, and Dorota did just that, but also added a lot of personality and humour which really put that tour on the next level.

There are several tour companies offering tour packages to the salt mines with travel provided, but we booked directly from the official website and got an Uber from Krakow, which worked out cheaper than pretty much every other tour we could see.

Please note that there are some 300+ stairs to navigate over the course of the tour, thankfully all downhill with a lift to return to the surface, but something to consider for those with walking difficulties.

It's fair to say that we only really booked the Wieliczka Salt Mine tour as something to kill time on our last day in Krakow but it ended up being one of the highlights of our trip and I only wish we'd visited sooner and spent more time in the beautiful town of Wieliczka as well.
Written September 23, 2020
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Kuopio, Finland16 contributions
Mar 2022 • Couples
We had the english tour, estimated time about 3h. The place itself was quite entertaining, but the tour felt very rushed. The guide started talking many times before everyone was at hearing range, the info lasted for a couple of sentences and then we rushed onward. The guided tour lasted for a bit less than 1,5 hours after which we were left on our own to visit the shop, cafeteria and optionally the museum. Before taking the elevator back to surface.

If the mine tour was hasty, the museum tour felt like 3x speed. It took only 30 minutes for our group to zoom through the museum with the guide. This was true horror for museum-rats like ourselves, who could have easily spent 2-3 hours down at the exhibits. Apparently looking at the museum by oneself without the guide was not allowed, they didn't let us in without one.
Written March 3, 2022
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Evelin M
Stockholm, Sweden39 contributions
Jan 2022
A must do, if you are ever in Krakow!

We pre purchased our tickets for an English speaking tour (Tourist route) and printed our tickets at home. When you arrive you exchange your printed tickets for "real ones", don't miss this step!

Before you go, make sure to use the restroom right at the queue by the entrance. The tour is about 1-2 hours long without the museum. There are restrooms during the tour down in the mine, but you don't want to have to think about this when you're walking around looking at the amazing sculptures and chambers.

We were quite the big group, maybe around 20 people. Our guide was a nice lady who spoke great English, but she did rush us along like other reviewers have said. If you were at the back of the group you might not hear her in the beginning when she told you about the chambers since she started before the whole group gathered. So if you want to stop and take pictures, make sure you keep up!
A lot of people in the tour were speaking over our guide aswell, so if you have any difficulties hearing or concentrating, stay close to your guide!

There were a lot of stairs to walk down, but to go back to the surface you just went up a lift. We were too many to fit one lift so we crammed us into two lifts, and it was impossible to keep a distance. You were breahing in each others necks and faces. During a pandemic this just felt like awful planning.

When the tour was done you could go and grab souvenirs and eat at a restaurant down in the mine. If you went through to the museum you had to wait until the next tour. We were told we had to wait one hour(!) until the next English speaking tour, or we could join the Polish speaking tour. We chose to just skip the museum instead and waited for a guide to lead us to the lifts. Save your souvenir shopping for the shop at the surface. There were the same things but you had more space to look around up there. I got myself some salts both for cooking and bath salts!

All in all, it was worth the trip. A few small hiccups but it was an incredible experience to see the mines and chambers. You were constantly in awe!
It was not as claustrophobic as it could be, the corridors were wide but the ceiling was a bit low, watch your head if you're taller than 170cm!

We took an Uber from our Airbnb in Krakow to the Salt Mines. A quick and cheap trip if you don't want to look around for buses and other transports, if you are lazy like us!
Written January 29, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

claire l
Dubai, United Arab Emirates41 contributions
Apr 2022 • Couples
I would really not recommend visiting this place. It could have been very interesting but it was turned into a Disneyland for tourists, to make you spend your money and not learn anything. That's a shame but you are certainly better off spending your time in the old town rather than in the salt mine...

Here is our comments on our visit:
We arrived at 9.20 AM and were told that the next french tour would be at 12noon. Of course we decided not to wait and joined the English tour which was at 10 AM. We were 35 in the group with a guide that was simply trying his best to recite the text he learned which unfortunately did not include many interesting facts,such as how the miners lived, the use of the salt... And so on.
The visit lasted for 1.30hrs with many corridors, many doors, many attractions that made us feel like we were in Disneyland and not in a 700 years old mine.
The real disappointment was to spend only 2 minutes in the cathedral - the most famous room. Which was really not long enough to take in the entire spirit of the place. We then walked for 5 minutes to stop in a place with shops and food and taking a break. The tour started again for 10 minutes for us to listen to chopin and then that was it...
Written April 15, 2022
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Tom S
Canterbury, UK348 contributions
Oct 2021 • Couples
What a place!

Firstly we went here without any prior knowledge of what this was or the history behind it.

We had a tour guide who was very informative and full of information. We really appreciated how much information she gave us during the trip.

It was a long tour because there was so much to see. The further we got in to the tour the bigger and more elegant the rooms became. When we got to the main chapel we could not believe how big but how beautiful it was down there. We spent a good while looking around and appreciating the work that was done here by people all that time ago.

The only downside was our group was quite big and had small children too. I would not recommend this for people with small children as there is a lot of walking, initially a lot of steps down (about 320ish) and also is not something that would keep them entertained.

But it is something I would recommend to those in Krakow looking for something that you dont see in many other places
Written October 26, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Lizara K
Seoul195 contributions
Jul 2020
The first half of the tour was fairly decent - you see some really interesting chambers and carvings out of salt and learn a little bit about the history of the mine and salt mining in general. Our guide was rather robotic and recited all the information at high speed, and this was often very difficult to understand as she had quite a thick accent.

The second half, though, is a ten-minute break at a souvenir shop, then one more not very interesting chamber, then ANOTHER souvenir shop break, then another not very interesting chamber, then a restaurant break. It was a total waste of time and frankly kind of insulting considering we paid a very high 100 zloty each for this tour (far higher than the Polish tour price, by the way...) To add to this, we were often waiting for other groups to leave or straining to hear our guide over the sound of other tours, and this despite the fact that we went just after the mine reopened after coronavirus - I can't imagine how crowded it would be at normal times.

On the way out, we passed signs for the salt museum which is included in the ticket price, but were rushed right past this with no chance to go in and in fact no commentary on it at all. So much for that.

The whole experience was rather disappointing and left a sour taste in my mouth. It's just another place that could be really great if they were concerned about more than milking as much money as possible out of their guests.
Written July 6, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Scarborough, UK122 contributions
Dec 2021 • Couples
The guides should give the guests more time. We did the tourist route and were rushed round far too quickly in 1 hour 15 minutes. We were forever hurrying and with 21 in the group (too many in my opinion) the whole experience felt like it was orchestrated to get us in and out in the shortest possible time. Then we wanted to see the museum (a separate tour with yet another guide) and were informed we would have to wait 40 minutes until an English guide became available. We tagged on to a Spanish speaking one on the basis that as we hadn't understood the previous English speaking guide it didn't matter and we could read the information signs. Not a chance! Rushed around yet again by a 2m tall guide with legs to match. Sure the place is spectacular as everyone seems to report but the organisation is wretchedly poor.
Written December 20, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Bristol, UK8,282 contributions
Sep 2021
We arrived at the mines with our tour group and after a short pause for a coffee we joined the guided tour and started shuffling along the tunnels. To be fair the guide, Joanna, was excellent although very quiet so if you weren't at the head of the queue you couldn't really hear anything. The mines are vast, well over 200km of tunnels dating from the fourteenth century to the present day.

The salt that was dug out accounted for 30% of royal revenues so it was extremely important. The tunnels we walked through, after descending 65m, were in excellent condition, interspersed with caverns and carvings. There were several lakes and an underground cathedral, all carved from the salt. There is even the option of staying the night underground or taking a 3 hour mining experience where you get a map and a pick and have to go off and work like the miners used to. I had to rely on the iPhone for photos yet again as There was nowhere for the long exposures the proper camera needed.

We left the mine and were most happy to take off the damned masks. We went for lunch in a bistro just outside the complex and relaxed after about two hours of tour. Fantastic experience though!
Written September 23, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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