Challengeland Adventure Park

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Challengeland Adventure Park

Challengeland Adventure Park

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Very good

Milford, DE19 contributions
This place closed permanently Sept. 1, 2017
Oct 2017 • Couples
Unfortunately, the closure has not been publicized nor the posters, signs, etc. updated. In less than two months, the whole area has been trashed. When I asked, I was told that the owner would no longer rent the land and intends to build a swimming pool.
Written October 16, 2017
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Budapest, Hungary195 contributions
Fun morning with 9 kids
Jul 2017 • Family
My friend and I went with our kids and a few friends. Ages 16 down to 2. The 2 year old of course did not participate (and neither did I). All the kids had a blast. I helped the 4-9 year olds who had a hard time reaching a couple of the cables to unclip them selves.

Get your ticket and then gear and then do a practice course to make sure you know how to clip everything in.

Based on height you get a colored wrist band. Then there are an assortment of courses (maybe 15-20 total) you can do. We got there at 10. Left at 130. The older kids could have gone another 30 min, but the littlest were done.

Very few staff members. So we did have to wait a couple times when turning in equipment(as the kids finished at different times).

I wouldn't recommend getting cooked food here. We sat across from the hot dog stand and I watched the lady go get raw, frozen beef patties with no gloves and then cooking them. Sanitation isn't regulated in Hu like it is in the USA. We did get a few drinks.

Over all it was a great morning.
Written July 25, 2017
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London, UK96 contributions
Have you heard about customer service?
May 2017 • Friends
We arrived to have some fun there again. We knew the place and also have climbed several similar parks. Our arrival time was 16:38 and there was nobody at the entrance who could serve us. Than we asked a guy inside the park, if we can climb? Firstly he said, sure no problem. Than he asked the guys, who were just hanging in the cashier desk... and said, sorry we cant make it.
Yes, you can find on the site: they close the cashier desk 1,5 hours before closing time.
But COME ON!! we easily could make a quick climb within that 1 hour. Typical hungarian "pissing of the customer approach". They just dont care about that. Extremely unsatisfied with that.

NOT adviced to visit. There are plenty of other places in Hungary, visit them!
Written June 25, 2017
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Vienna, Austria2 contributions
Good fun until something happens
Apr 2016 • Family
WHen I visited for the birthday party of my nephew, my daughter tore her sweater on a screw which was protruding from an obstacle. It was a tube you had to crawl through on your belly. Luckily she didn´t cut herself - it was pure coincidence. I informed the park staff and it took them 20 minutes to fix the obstacle while I warned many other kids not to use it. Then I asked for a refund or money to mend the sweater or replace it but noone was in charge. They couldn´t reach the manager by phone. I was told to leave my contacts and promised they would get back to me,which they never did. I called twice but was always told to wait for a return call, which never came. This was in April 2015.
Written October 8, 2016
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Joanna B
1 contribution
One of the best high ropes courses i've done, and i've done alot
Sep 2016 • Couples
Today we went to challenge land, high ropes being something of a holiday tradition and it was amazing fun. We stayed for a little under 4 hours although an hour maybe of this was taken up by the safety talk and having a picnic lunch.

The course catered for every age and ability and had a colour coded wrist band system so you could easily identify what was appropriate for your height and ability. All the routes are colour coded too and you are told to tackle them in order so that if you find one very hard you don't move on to one that's beyond your reach and need to be rescued. We are both of average fitness and above average determination and experience and we didn't attempt the 2 hardest courses as we were exhausted and broken by that point.

Here is what you should bare in mind before setting off...

1. It's an easy 5min walk from the bus stop although not that well signed, if this bothers you then the excursion of high ropes is not for you!

2. The staffs English is not perfect, me and my husband both used to be climbing/high ropes instructors so it made no odds to us but if your unsure take time to clarify with them it's your safety your risking if you don't understand!

3. If you get stuck they will save you but if it's because you were doing something stupid they will charge you 1000huf for doing it (good on them I say)

4. High ropes hurts alot!! Like paintball and other great activitys do! you will get cable burns, bruises, scrapes possibility face plant into a tree etc it's part of the game so embrace it or don't bother.

5. Pay the extra for gloves, we didn't and ouch as always we regretted it!

6.take drinks and snacks the cafe may not be open and you will need them.

There is a fab zip line course here too, save it for when your exhausted as it's nice and easy and a great thrill at the end of the day.

Lockers are provided at no extra cost.

All in all, very well run with loads of obstacles that were new to me and a good atmosphere. Staff friendly but professional!

Written September 7, 2016
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Andrew S
Bournemouth, UK58 contributions
My teen kids loved it
Aug 2016 • Family
Tip: don't queue up at counter until you fill out disclaimer forms which come in English as well or you will be sent back to do them.
They are on a stand before counter and can't be missed

I was a bit worried about taking my kids here after scary reviews on trip advisor but we never experienced any problems. All the young staff spoke very good English and there was a safety talk in English first. Three hours went fast.
There are colours on all routes depicting how easy and hard is it.
A great day
Written August 25, 2016
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United Kingdom44 contributions
May 2016 • Family
We went there on May 20th, a family of four. It was the most horrible experience of this kind! I don't even know what to begin with.

The park doesn't have a nearby bus route so we had to walk around 15 on the road to get there. We were greeted by a lady in a boot who didn't speak English at all. I was with my fiance and his family who are Hungarian so thank god. We got to fill in some forms from a table outside and handed them in to that lady who got us wristbands. We then proceeded inside where at a bigger boot that resembled a cabin again we are greeted by a lad who guess what he didn't speak at all and we get are harnesses and a helmet which I didn't want to wear because it seemed ridiculous. I am informed by my fiance that I have to wear it otherwise I can't go on. Anyway I agree to do it and we are told to wait in the green area a little bit down the path where an instructor will put the harness on.

We don't wait much, but as I am instructor myself in a far more alert environment I harness myself and then proceed to harness my 14 yo brother-in-law. A lady instructor tells me, as translated by my fiance, that I can't adjust my harness myself. I tell her I don't trust her to do it but obviously she doesn't understands what I am saying and she leaves with an angry face on. We are then told to wait for another instructor to gave our safety brief.

*Please note that my fiance did all the translation since ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SPOKE ENGLISH.

The safety brief was literally 40 seconds and the resume I got was 2 lines. Again thank god I am an instructor myself. So we go on with the little one and surprise surprise we are not allowed to use the pulley for crossings. Just the safety lines on the steel cable. We then go to another one of our choice where all three of us become aware that the whole deal with no pulley means a great deal of strength and 100% friction. We struggle a lot until I finally decide to use the pulley as it became ridiculous at this point in time. We were barely moving along. We managed to do that to 3 or 4 crossings until we pass over the green area from the beginning and an instructor sees me doing it. He comes under me and says something in Hungarian, rolls his eyes and leaves. I turn to my brother-in-law to ask for translation and he tells me that he wasn't really paying attention and it was something like not to do it again.

At this point in time I am already tired and very angry with the staff. When we finally reach the zip wire I amazingly find out there is no landing site and that you actually land on the hard ground and a broken ankle is definitely not what I want so I choose to somehow deflect that and land sideways to avoid any damage.

We decide to try another route since my brother-in-law has never been to something like this before. My fiance gets stuck halfway during a very poorly Tarzan Swing design and then we discover there are no patrolling instructors!!! We literally scream for help since we have no idea how to do it at his point. An instructor comes and tells my fiance how to do it without offering any sort of reassurance or to even stay with us to make sure we are fine. At this point I am fed up with this Not Talking English Personnel and their b****y attitude.

One of the crossings was so hard not even I could do it in one go and had to take multiple stops only because we were not able to reach to put the pulley on the wire.

It just goes on and on, one bad thing after another. I managed to rip my jeans on the bum area and my fiance ripped his sleeve and the back of the t shirt when he got stuck on one of the crossings. Again.

I understood also what the helmet is for. A bunch of things are banging your head, ready to crack your skull open. We were so tired and randomly we see an instructor and we plea for him to get us down in the middle of the course. My fiance translates for me saying that they can't actually do this and that is really against the rules. When we go back to get our harnesses off my mother-in-law tells us that if it were for normal circumstances we will have to pay to basically get rescued.

All in all TL;DR very angry staff, very unsafe course, if you don't have someone to speak Hungarian you are TOASTED, I will not recommend it. Go to a park or something. Do not go. Period. Here in Uk this kind of a rope course will be closed in a heartbeat for health and safety reasons. Can't stress this enough do not go. It was the most horrible experience with a rope course in my life.
Written August 9, 2016
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Hallur G
Akureyri, Iceland25 contributions
great Park - angry staff
Jul 2016 • Family
we had had just the greatest day in this exciting adventure park. a must if travelling with teenagers.
we had done everything by the rules but took one wrong turn in the end of the day and one of the staff members just poured his bowls of anger on us and that kind of ruined the day for everyone.
Written July 16, 2016
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Yaki K
Tel Aviv, Israel36 contributions
Perfect For day of adventure
Jul 2016 • Family
The Challengeland Adventure Park is great place for families with kids.
The Challengeland Adventure Park have activities that match every kid (or adult) that want to have a climbing adventure.
Written July 14, 2016
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Budapest, Hungary144 contributions
Great time with two kids aged 6 and 8 - Remek időtöltés a gyerekekkel (6 és 8 évesek)
Jul 2016 • Family
We spent here 3 hours with our kids. It is a great place. Before we started tracks we received a small training for safety reasons on a special short track. There are different adventure tracks for different ages with different difficulty levels. In the city it was extremely hot, but as the challenge park is up the hill in a forest the climate was much better here. The tracks are long and the slidings are much longer than at other adventure parks. This was what kids enjoyed the most. Prices are affordable.
Would you be hungry it is no problem as there is a little buffet/snack bar.
The toilet is very clean.
After climbing you can have a ride on the child train as the stop of the train is just accross the entrance of the park.

Három órát töltöttünk a kalandparkban a gyerekekkel. Nagyszerű hely. Mielőtt a mászást megkezdtük, egy rövid oktatást kaptunk egy gyakorló pályán. Sok kalandpálya van minden egyes korosztálynak, különböző nehézségi szintekkel. Mivel a hely fenn van a hegy erdős részen, így a klíma itt nagyon jó volt annak ellenére, hogy a városban perzselő volt a hőség. A csigás csúszások sokkal hosszabbak, mint más kalandparkokban, és ezt a gyerekek nagyon élvezték.
Ha megéhezel, van büfé is.
A toilette nagyon szép tiszta, rendezett. Mászás után tudsz kisvasútazni és kirándulni is. A kisvasút megállója pont a bejárattal szemben van.
Written July 3, 2016
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