Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri bolhapiac)

Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri bolhapiac), Budapest: Address, Phone Number, Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri bolhapiac) Reviews: 3.5/5

Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri bolhapiac)

Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri bolhapiac)
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A great place for treasure hunters. According to locals, you can find everything at this market.
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2-3 hours
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Budapest104 contributions
I live in Budapest and visit Ecsesri regularly. It is not really a place I would recommend to casual visitors despite its reputation as being a huge flea and antique market. Firstly, the ONLY day worth going on is Saturday, whatever time of the year, and out of tourist season even Saturdays can be disappointing, especially in really bad weather when few vendors turn up. Visitors will inevitably be disappointed if they go on other days even though the market is open 7 days a week. No-one except dealers need turn up at crack of dawn however, it is fine to arrive around 9 - 10 am and even then many traders are only just opening up.
The whole place is geared up, at least in summer, to selling at high prices to tourists although there are in fact quite a few decent, fair-minded traders with permanent shops, but you have to know who they are. Prices will be adjusted, in many cases, to what traders think you will pay although bargaining is expected. Pay only 1/3 of the asking price, for anything. Concerning "antiques",there are many fakes and damaged pieces. if you are a collector it is quite possible to find a bargain if you are careful and thorough in your examination of articles, many people do not know what they are selling. However this can also result in starting prices being wildly unrealistic, such as asking the equivalent of 100 Euro for something you would find elsewhere for only 10 Euros and it is difficult to bargain down from that when the original price is ridiculous to begin with. There are no ATMs at the market - take plenty of cash. Few traders speak much English. The food is poor. There is nothing else in the vicinity to interest most visitors. But on a good day, ie lots of traders there, you can easily spend three or four hours happily bargain-hunting. The small enclosure next to the market is always worth a visit, there are tables and items spread out on the ground, but many traders there pack up quite early. I have bought many things at Ecseri at extremely reasonable prices but in most cases it is fair to say that I bought them from people who were not clued up about what they were selling.
People do find it difficult to get there if they are not familiar with public transport to the outskirts of the city, although in fact if you do know your way around, the journey is easy. Taking a taxi is expensive as the market is quite a long way out. If you have time and if you have a Saturday morning to spare then it really is worth a visit, but ONLY on Saturday.
Written May 19, 2016
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Gerry B
St. Catharines, Canada1,075 contributions
I must say, the morning our family spent at the Ecseri Flea Market in Budapest was a real treat! We were able to have a great time because my cousin is Hungarian and lives in Budapest, my aunt from Ohio also speaks Hungarian, and two cousins also speak some Hungarian. If our family group of mostly English-speaking Americans and Canadians had gone alone without people who know how to speak Hungarian, I’m not sure we would have enjoyed ourselves as much. Part of the fun at a flea market is haggling for a good price, and it takes at least basic Hungarian language skills to do this! Although some dealers spoke some English, it was my Hungarian cousin’s finesse with the language and Hungarian bargaining skills that got us the deals!

Although I know you can get to this flea market by taking public transit, I’m glad we were riding in a car that was being navigated by my cousin who lives in Budapest. We had a Hungarian GPS, and we got to the flea market with little trouble. By bus, I’m not sure how easy it would have been to get there!

I'm a flea market junkie, and have been to all sorts of flea markets in many cities around the world. I've managed to find flea markets in just about every city I've ever visited...some clean and well-run; others junky and disorganized. All are certainly interesting! This place was no exception.

The opening time for the market is listed as 8:00 AM, and we got there at 9:30 AM on a weekday in March. But this was way too early. Vendors didn’t start arriving until about 10:30. Of course, in the summer months, this is probably not the case, and you should arrive about 8:00 AM, especially if you visit on a Saturday. While we waited for booths to open, we ordered some cappuccino and pastries for breakfast at one of the food vendor booths. It was a surprise to get the coffee served in little clear-plastic cups!

I came away from the flea market with some very interesting treasures. For my twenty-something son, I found three original Communist-era merit pins from the 1960s for approximately 1500 forints [$6.50]. My cousin said that his grandfather and father had some of these pins that had been awarded to them for being good, hard workers.

Remember, you’ll need cash for all credit cards accepted. And, if you intend to buy antiques that are over 50 years old, some other websites warn that a permit and special permission from the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest will be needed.

For me, I was able to find a great deal on a Herend Porcelain tea cup and saucer in the Queen Victoria pattern for less than half the going price at the official Herend store.

My cousin found a black-and-red leather foot stool to match two others in his apartment.

My aunt found two very nice porcelain Zsolnai vases for Christmas gifts, both at great prices. We saw lots of Herend porcelain, 1940’s factory-worker loyalty signs, antique dressers, paintings, other art work, Soviet era memorabilia, musical instruments, furniture, etc., etc., etc. We could have browsed for days!

Although the Ecseri Flea Market was a bit grungy and some booths were very disorganized, I’ll definitely go back for a visit on my next trip to Budapest. But, next time, I’ll set aside a whole day for this adventure.
Written April 21, 2013
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Lauren D
1 contribution
If you love flea markets, are good at haggling prices, and love to look at old stuff... Then this is for you. There are a lot of mixed reviews on here but let me clarify, this is a true flea market. It's just a lot of old junk, but like I said, if you are a flea market aficionado, then you will love it as I did! I go to flea markets all the time so if you know how to find treasures and you know what they are worth, then it makes it easier to be here. If you never shop flea markets, then you might just see a bunch of junk and not feel your time was worthwhile. I was lucky enough to find some vintage Hungary porcelain and a vintage velvet jacket! Plus I got some authentic Hungarian food there as well. Very similar to the alameda flea market in California if you have ever been. Lots of knick knacks, war memorabilia, and tons of great art!!
Written October 6, 2012
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Falls Church, VA533 contributions
I have visited the Ecseri flea market twice in recent weeks, once on a Saturday and once on a Sunday. The place is pretty much dead with many vendors not open and very few buyers. It is a ways out of town by public transport and frankly, not worth the trip anymore. It’s too bad as there are some interesting items in the shops that are open.
Written July 4, 2022
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1 contribution
Visited the market on Monday, in January. It was rather a depressed place with almost empty stalls and several sleeping sellers. The assortment of ‘antiques’ majorly revolves around soviet dishes and utensils, pins, furniture. Nothing interesting.
Written January 10, 2022
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1,219 contributions
My wife and I are flea market junkies for many years and have been to flea markets on many countries. We visited Ecseri market on a Friday morning with a view to visiting it the following day as well.Sad to. report that less than 10% of the stalls were open despite its official notice that the market is open daily.Having made the trip from Budapest on public transport, we tried to make the best of our time there.The asking prices were far too high compared to other markets.It would be better to close the market on weekdays like most other countries instead of misleading visitors into wasting precious time and effort.
Written March 28, 2014
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Vancouver36 contributions
Ecseri is about 40-45 mins away from the city centre. You take the metro and then a bus. We used the Google Maps app to direct us there, so it was without much anxiety that we found the market.
We went on a Saturday and although reviews said to be there at 8am (on vacation?! no chance!) we didn't arrive until after 11am. There was still enough stuff to rummage though for a lifetime! Most vendors don't speak English, so they show you the price on a calculator and then you haggle by entering your offer on the calculator.
We bought a beautifully intricate embroidered linen pillow case for $7CDN (5 euro). We saw similar quality of work in the city for over $30. A real deal! We also found pretty old clock hands which we will turn into jewelry, linen napkins and some artist fashion drawings from the '60's which look super cool when framed!

There are clean bathrooms (a small charge like elsewhere in Budapest) and a little kiosk that sells food, with just a few chairs scattered about. That was my only can be tiring looking through so much stuff, would have been nice if there was a decent seating area to buy a water and take a break.
My advice is to bring your own calculator......some tourists didn't seem to know the exchange rate so they had no idea if they were getting a good deal or not.
The bus to take you back to the city is right outside the entrance, you can't miss it. We had bus tickets purchased in advance, so it made that less stressful too.

It's a great way to get a little ways out of the city and see some real people, not just tourists, although there were clearly many visitors there. It was a fun adventure and a wonderful flea market.
Written October 25, 2012
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Rome, Italy9 contributions
I went there today, which is a Saturday. It is supposed the most busy day among a week there, which means all stores are open and most amount of goods you can see. While, my problem is I arrived a bit late. Saturday schedule is 8:00 to 13:00. I arrived there at noon. So I only have one hour to look around and a few stores already closed. However, one hour is already long enough to go through all the four main streets there, especially when you know clearly what you are going for. Also, I took a bus to reach there. It's totally fine to go with public transportation. I would say if you are looking for antiques, it definitely deserves you a go, although you do need to pay effort to search and dig. I did see some nice traditional Hungarian table cover, cup mat and clothing. Also there are nice ancient cameras. If you are a stamp collector, it is for sure a good place.
Anyway, I have several tips for you guys if you were interested to give it a try.
1. Check the schedule before you go. It changes from day to day. (Just go on Saturday and be early.)
2. Figure out your target before you go.
3. Be patient to take more looks. Good items can be very hidden sometimes.
4. Don't forget to bargain.
5. Take cash.
Alright if you wanna know how does it exactly look like. Go check out my video of it. I introduced more in detail there.(I cannot provide the link here. If you want, you can go to my Youtube channel. Search: Freesia Petal)---->this is not for promotion or anything. If you have no interest, just forget it.
Written May 30, 2015
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Bora B
London57 contributions
Visited market on a Friday, half of the shops were closed and almost we were the only visitors in the entire market. We walked around, started with the covered area. Vendors can smell from a distance if you are a cheap fellow or you are going to buy something. Everything cost HUF 5000, 10000, 25000, they don't really use figures below 10000.
As my husband is not Hungarian, we spoke in English that made sellers think we were both foreigners. So I had the chance to hear some (not Hungarian origin) sellers private chats behind our back. Did you know that high amount of those goods was coming from very sick, old people who didn't have money for treatment so they had to sell their goods?
Anyway, the top three incident was when I found a Hummel figurine priced of HUF 22.000 (£60) which face was completely repainted and as such was actually worthless for a collector. The second was a rusty "baroque" clock supposed to be 300-400 years old for a bargain of £250?
The golden medal goes to the elder, chubby (not Hungarian origin) seller on the left side from the covered area, (a quite large shops full with china) who actually kicked out us from the shop because he didn't think we were serious buyers. Or we just asked too much...I don't know (nothing were priced, when we asked for the price, he asked back "how much would you pay for it") I think he was pissed off that we offered him low prices, I really didn't understand.
Anyway if you have 2-3 hours in Budapest and you are looking for antique shops, I would rather send you to the shops on Falk Miksa Street and to the large BAV Antiques on Szt Istvan Korut and you will not be cheated and disappointed.
Written October 11, 2014
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Budapest, Hungary1 contribution
Ecseri is the place to go to get good souvenirs. Yes it's a little trip out of town, about 40 minutes by metro and then bus from the city center. But it is totally worth it, IF YOU go on the weekend! Weekdays many vendors close up shop. and you can get quite a bargain if you are willing to haggle and at least pretend to sound like you know what your doing. If you come off too "touristy" don't expect to get a good deal. But the treasures you can find here are worth far more than anything you will overpay for on Vaci Utca;)
Written September 17, 2010
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