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Very good

colorado113 contributions
I read about this bath and decided to try after seeing that other baths featured parties and had bars -- distractions from the real deal. I like the set-up of this quiet, unassuming bath. In addition to the large hot pool, there are steam rooms and saunas. The place looks like it's been recently renovated and is clean and well appointed. I DO NOT rec the massage though. Truly.
Written February 2, 2020
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Majorca, Spain683 contributions
We went to this bathroom based on my partner's mother's recommendation and I found the bath very relaxing and beautiful. There are various of places you can have the bath and a small pool for swimming. We also tried the steam room but the sauna was fully occupied so we couldnt get in.

Would recommend given the price is very cheap!
Written January 10, 2020
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Toronto, Canada25 contributions
While tucked away in a full healthcare center, this "traditional" spa is very beautiful and calming. The many pools of varying degrees are nice and mixed for cycling through. We had trouble getting the saunas going, but they were nicely designed as well and enjoyable once on. Worth paying into for a nice relaxing 1 to 2 hours!
Written January 8, 2020
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8 contributions
We were shocked by our experience after reading so many good reviews. To start with, the place is super small and the showers reminded us of soviet 70s with vomit coloured green tiles, dirty floors and floral yellow shower curtains. There were not even hooks for towels. Saunas were full and you need to queue. All the benches and chairs were "Reserved" by some people for their own use covered with towels and stuff. All the pools were all the time full and you could only fit to the big one and even then you were squeezed between some other couples.

If you want only massage, you still need to pay for the baths.

About the massage... What the heck was that. We were as a couple in the room with a man and a woman "full body massaging" us. For first 20mins out of 50mins massage they only focused on our feet/toes which was weird and whole 50mins was just light touching... nothing that would actually relieve the muscles. The man who massaged was breathing heavily all the time which was disturbing. The face/head massage was odd with touching the hair and not really massaging anything. On top of all the massage tables were dirty.

I wouldnt return to this one. After all, if you want relaxing experience maybe it would make sense to stay at some luxury hotel spa instead of these unhygienic and untasteful tourist spots.
Written January 5, 2020
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Reading, UK23 contributions
Csaszar Komjadi are swimming pools right next to Veli Bej spa, they are nothing to do with each other but as most reviews appear against this combined name, I will post in both places.

Veli Bej Spa is very clean and well presented spa and tremendous value. It costs just Ft 2500 for 3 hours, as other reviewers have stated, one larger pool and 4 smaller ones, also steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming/exercise pool.

Changing facilities are spotless and secure. You get a watch style band upon entry which you activate against a machine on the wall, it gives you a locker number, watch then swipes against locker to open & close. Good size locker so you can feel happy leaving belongings all in one place. Swim hats are not needed but flip flops are useful. Bringing own towel saves Ft 1000 Not too many people have found this gem, so few people in spa gives real feel of exclusivity.

Massage for 45 mins cost me Ft 4500 and was worth every penny. They offer 15 /30/45 or 1hour slots.

The spa is in fact very easy to find, so don't be put off. Although the address is Frankel street the easiest way and you really cannot go wrong is on Arpad Fejedalem. From the Buda side of Margaret Bridge head north along the Danube for about 600 metres or so. You will pass a park with kids play area, a statue of man on horse, a modern sculpture of reclining lady. You will see a long yellow building with a row of port hole style windows (Lukacs spa) right next to it is a white building with the words HILD UDVAR above the door. The next building is the hospital which houses the spa. Enter either through the cafeteria and turn right and it is down first corridor on left or enter through the next door which is Reception and turn lleft, go past the first corridor on right, few paces more and take the next corridor, there is a sculpture just inside it, the spa entrance is right in front of you,

Staff don't speak masses of English (although masseur was fluent) but are very friendly and helpful. ENJOY!
Written October 22, 2013
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Portland, ME147 contributions
We visited the Veli Bej spa this morning, and it was a wonderful, relaxing experience. The spa does not have its own website (at least one that I could find), and I know that I came to Trip Advisor not only for reviews of the spa but also some additional info. Let me try and update what is in the reviews I've read. All info is current as of May 9, 2015.

Location: Some reviewers have said the spa is difficult to find. While it is not conspicuously marked from the street, the location is marked on the tourist map we got at our hotel, as well as on the Streetwise Map we brought with us (I cannot recommend Streetwise maps more highly, they are our go-to map), and we had no trouble finding it. The spa sits back off the street that runs along the Buda side of the Danube, just a bit north of the Margaret Island Bridge. The building has a modern glass front that stands out. Enter the spa through the cafe on the left hand side of the building (the other door is the entrance to the hospital that shares the same building). I can't give any real advice on busses or trams, we stayed in the Batthyany Ter area on the Buda side, and the spa was only a 15 minute walk from our hotel.

Price: Admission was 2,800 HUF per person (quite reasonable compared to the other, better known spas in town). Massages and other services were available (more on this in a bit), and looked to be very reasonably priced by US standards. Admission gives you a locker and essentially the run of the spa (all of the pools) for three hours (which was just the perfect amount of time, in my opinion).

Facilities: The spa was spotlessly clean and has very modern amenities. The locker room is co-ed with private changing cabins. They will rent you a plush towel for 500 HUF, or you can get a free "Turkish" towel. You need to leave a deposit for either towel. Of course, you can bring your own. Also remember to bring soap/shampoo/shower gel as a full shower is mandatory before entering the spa (showers are separate men/women). Bathing caps were not required (they are at some other spas), and neither were flip-flops or sandals (we didn't have flip-flops, but many people did, and they are probably a good idea as the marble floors in the corridors can get slippery).

Baths: The main area is the Turkish Bath. It consists of one large octagonal pool and four smaller square pools, each with a different temperature. The coldest is 23-25C (quite bracing) and the hottest is 38-40C. The main pool is 36-38C. The bath area is a wonderful, Turkish-style space; very quiet and relaxing. Plenty of chairs and loungers as well.

Steam/Sauna: There are two steam rooms (hot and hotter), and two saunas (if there was a difference I couldn't tell), as well as available ice and showers adjacent to the rooms for cooling down.

Other facilities: In a separate area is a lap pool and a therapy-style jacuzzi. There was an exercise class in the pool when we were there.

Ambiance: This really is a lovely spa. Very quiet and comfortable. We arrived at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and got right in. The spa never felt crowded. The staff were very helpful and spoke more than enough English to answer any questions we had. A note on the services: We asked about the availability of a massage when we arrived, and were told that they were fully booked. We weren't expecting to get in last minute, so it was no big deal, but if you have your heart set on a massage or treatment you should definitely book ahead. Also, the spa closes from 12-3 every day.

Overall, this was a great experience, and I would recommend Veli Bej to anyone looking for an excellent Budapest Bath experience.
Written May 9, 2015
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Chicago, IL4,870 contributions
I am a little hesitant in writing this since I would love to keep this place as a secret but after many times being here since it opened I felt I should share the wealth. Let me just say that Budapest has no shortage of renovated and overcrowded bath places but if you want something unique and special then you need to go to Veli Bej bath. As you walk along the halls you can see remnants of the old Roman water piping system originally from the 1600's so you also get a little taste of culture and history too.

As you walk in you will see the central eight-sided flat-surface pool filled with natural curative mineral waters and topped with a dome of breathtaking beauty and the surrounding four pools of differing temperatures. There is also another area with a whirlpool and a pool for those either suffering from rheumatic problems or recuperating after operations which are more therapeutic in nature. i.e. stainless steel

The wellness section off on a side area offers infrasauna, sauna, steam room and experience shower, as well as many comfortable lounge chairs to relax and unwind (did I say chairs more like comfy beds).

As previous posts have mentioned they also offer massage services which are phenomenal and as also mentioned able to be booked on the spot and I have yet to be told NO availability.

Now the very best part for those budget conscious amongst us it is 1/3 the price you will pay at any of the other bathhouses Budapest is so famous for. Impeccably clean and devoid of tourists this is truly a great kept secret well until now.
Written May 21, 2013
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Llangollen, UK430 contributions
For some reason these baths are listed twice by Tripadvisor as 1) the Veli Bej Spa and 2) the Csaszar Baths, Veli Bej. They are the same place, despite appearing to have different addresses. I have already reviewed the Veli Bej Spa, but repeat my review here.

I had been put off visiting some of the other larger and more popular thermal baths by reports of unhygienic incidents/practices and smell. By contrast the Veli Bej Turkish Baths, which was restored and opened in 2012, has received very favourable reviews.

Contrary to what some other reviewers have said, the baths are very easy to find. They are located around 400m to the north of Margaret Bridge in a modern white hospital building that is set back from Árpád fejedelem útja , facing the Danube, and at the northern end of Elvis Presley Park. The baths doesn’t yet have its own website (it is under construction) but directions may be found on its Facebook page (Irgalmasok Veli Bej Fürdője). I followed the very helpful directions kindly provided by karinski321 in her review of 21 October 2013, having got off HEV train no.5 at Margaret Bridge (which I caught at Batthyany ter after taking Metro line 2).

Walking northwards from the bridge you pass the Lukacs baths on your left, which are housed in a long yellow building with porthole style windows. Beyond this is a white building with the words HILD UDVAR on it. And beyond this is the hospital. The ground floor café on the left side of the hospital was closed on the Saturday morning I went (it opens at 2pm), so I entered the building to the right of the cafe and then turned left down a corridor. The lady receptionist did not speak much English but was very friendly.

A 3-hour session cost 2800 Ft. As others have said, you are allocated a locker and issued with a wristband that opens and closes the locker. Since the baths are open between 6am and 12pm, and then from 3pm to 9pm, you need to plan your 3-hour slot. The baths has a capacity of just 80 people. When I arrived at 8.30am, there were only half a dozen people at the spa. Everything is spotlessly clean. Generally, it is easy to work out what to do and where to go. But, if in doubt, speak to the locals. They are very friendly and most have good English. My only confusion was over the 45-minute massage that I booked (for 4,590 Ft), since I had not been asked to pay for this upfront or told which of the three massage rooms I should go to. In the event, only one room was in use and you pay the masseur after the massage. It’s a slightly odd way of doing things.

If you don’t take your own towel, you will need to hire one. You will also need to take flip-flops and some soap/shower gel.

Overall, I found it a great experience and very relaxing. It’s not clear how much of the historic baths have been preserved. Apart from the main octagonal thermal bath under a large Turkish dome, the spa now has the look and feel of a modern complex that some may not like. However, the facilities (steam sauna x2, infrared sauna x2, Jacuzzi, small swimming pool - in use for a ladies’ aerobic lesson when I went - and the main thermal bath surrounded by 4 small baths of differing temperatures) are all excellent and very good value for money. I really enjoyed my time there and came out feeling very relaxed.

My only disappointment was that the café was closed. There are some drinking water fountains inside the spa, although most appear to be for show and dispense non-potable water. So it’s worth taking a bottle of water with you.
Written September 16, 2014
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Bela G
Budapest, Hungary298 contributions
It is not easy to find the Veli bej thermal bath in the neighbourhood of the famous Lukacs bath and Komjadi swimming pool. It is located in the Irgalmasok hospital's basement, entry from the Árpád fejedelem road. Good to know that the bath is closed from 12 a.m. till 3 pm. That makes the point: the bath is not crowdy, one of the best and cleanest ones in the city. The basement's water tubes and remaining thombs of the acient Turkish (Roman?) bath are exciting. The most attractive place is the central basin with spring water and small waterfalls. Sauna-complex is located under the bath-café and combined with the open-air space to take a breath after hot minutes in the "hamam". Cosy spaces and chairs to relax in the heart of the city...
Written February 16, 2015
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Boston, MA54 contributions
We were in 2 baths places. It was our favorite. The place isn't huge. But everything is in new condition, very clean and peaceful. You can only stay for 3 hours, and the place is closed between 12:00-15:00, but the price is good.
The hot & cold showers are spectacular, the saunas are awesome.
The beat place for couples.
Written January 20, 2015
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