Hungarian Natural History Museum

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Hungarian Natural History Museum

Hungarian Natural History Museum

92 reviews
Very good

Vaggos A
Thessaloniki, Greece41 contributions
Worth a visit , if you have enough time.
Mar 2020
The museum is pretty far outside the centre of Budapest and has no other attractions nearby . It's a nice museum with a cheap ticket. Only problem we had was that no-one told us where to go in order to find the main halls/exhibitions of the museum and we had to do a little exploring ourselves. Dino Garden is not worth it in my opinion. Mineral and rock collection is very impressive and possibly the best exhibtion the museum offers. Very suitable for kids as it has many interactive games or screens with buttons etc.
Written March 21, 2020
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Ramat Gan, Israel87 contributions
Fun experience
Dec 2019 • Couples
It a little small for a natural history museum and you can see everything in about 2 hours. However, what is there is great. A very impressive mineral exhibition. A cool exhibition of Noah's ark. Some cool fossils and the place welcoming and fun to explore.
Written January 18, 2020
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Mrs Cotter
Cornwall, UK20 contributions
Slightly underwhelming
Dec 2019 • Family
As far as natural history museums go, this was probably the least impressive for older generations. Much of the interactive activities were sealed off. There were huge spaces unoccupied. It seemed like a huge building with not enough exhibits. Whilst photographs and minerals are nice to look at, after a while it tends to get a bit tedious.

When we went on the 28th December 2019 it was very quiet so either it has a poor reputation or we got lucky. Either way, we stayed about an hour and left feeling rather uninspired.

Great for small kids perhaps, but not great for teenagers.
Written December 31, 2019
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David D
516 contributions
A nice museum located a little out of the centre.
Sep 2019
The Natural History Museum is a decent museum that has good exhibits on gemstones and the flora and fauna of Hungary. They also have a quite nice section with reconstructions of dinosaurs. It is small, but it is rather cheery and something a little out of the ordinary to do while on holidays.
Written December 8, 2019
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Ágnes N
3 contributions
Great place, must visit!
Aug 2019 • Family
Today we visited the museum and it was just great! Parking is free in front of the museum only you have to ask for a car plate registry when you buy your tickets. Photo ticket also nice to have as many interesting and cool things are waiting inside. Permanent exhibition includes prehistoric creatures and plants, "Noah's Ark", giant shark, plus tons of amazing and spectacular natural stones from amethyst till diamonds. We've spent here around 5 hours and my daughter (8 years old) could try some interactive games as well. Good fun for the whole family!
Written August 16, 2019
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Lisbon, Portugal1 contribution
Very poor quality museum
Jul 2019 • Couples
We went into this museum thinking it would be very interesting and a learning experience, sadly it was not.
Firstly, the whole building looks like it wasn't made to harbor a museum, instead it feels like it was just a random building inside of which someone tried to organize a museum. Because of this, there is very little organization inside, there are large empty spaces, the expositions are located in weird places and you have to take stairs back and forth between the rooms. The workers don't seem to be enjoying themselves and looked tired.
The ticket itself was relatively cheap, about 5 euros. However, if you wanted to take pictures inside you had to pay more (!), this is absolutely ridiculous and it was the first place we ever went to where we couldn't take photos inside without paying! Because of this, there were several museum workers inside just walking around and looking at you to see if you weren't taking photos, we felt very observed and it was not pleasant at all.
Inside, the museum opens up to a huge room with posters and photos on the walls and a very empty feeling. We then had to climb some stairs until we reached a floor full of rocks. Upstairs from here there is a floor with animal figures, many of them cramped up into small spaces (it was sad to see the space so badly used, there were huge empty rooms and then so many stuff packed all together on small spaces). After this, and when we thought the museum was bad enough, we paid extra for a ticket to the Dino park, and when we get there to our surprise it was literally just 10 meters of a dirt road with 4 or 5 big poorly constructed dinossaures. It was absolutly ridiculous!
So I'm giving 2 stars because despite being cheap, the whole museum was deorganized and very little interesting. I also think it makes no sense to charge an extra ticket for you to be able to take photos and extra for a "dino park". Overall, it was a very underwhelming experience.
PS: despite some parts of the information on the exposition being translated into English, the most part is not, so take that into account.
Written August 6, 2019
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Robin H
41 contributions
Such a sad museum
Jun 2019 • Couples
We were very excited to visit this museum. The website had made this place sound like one of the top ten places to visit in Budapest. In our opinion, it was the complete opposite!

Getting there is not too difficult by public transport, although you do have to walk a few hundred metres from the nearest tram stop.

As you enter the museum, you are greeted by the skeleton of a long dead whale hanging by steel cables from the ceiling above the balcony, the museum entrance in in the basement. From there you take the stairs down into the foyer. There’s a lift for those not able to use the stairs or who have a pushchair.

Once in the foyer you are met by a sad looking ticket office. After paying your entry you move into the main museum. On a couple of walls there are microscope photos of insects and other flora and fauna. They were interesting but after looking at 6 or 7, we elected not to bother with the other dozen or so close up of a fly’s eye...

From there a signpost directs you to the exciting blue reef. Which in reality turns out to be two fish tanks containing bored looking fish. The glass floor on which visitors walk, has a collection of marine plants and creatures below. But, it was so badly lit that it was difficult to make out what you were meant to be looking at.

From there a member of the museum staff was showing off a collection of animal related things whist sitting behind a large desk. There was a murky looking fish tank with a few sad looking creatures moving about.

Next there was the cafe that looked as inviting as a weekend in a Russian gulag!

The lift, or stairs took you to the main galleries.

One had on display a very large collection of sad-looking taxidermy creatures. If they could speak I’m sure they’d be begging to be burnt! The Noah’s Ark had another display of dead animals. None of which made me think how nice the process of taxidermy was at preserving these creatures!

The final very large case of dead and stuffed creatures was set up in a “Night at the Museum” style diorama. It was probably the highlight of the parade of the dead and had been arranged to at least make it look like they had once been breathing!

The other gallery featured geological specimens and fossils. It was of more of an interest and did manage to entertain us for 5 minutes!

The lift promised a roof garden, but it appeared that it was not open to public view.

Outside the main building were a collection of fibreglass dinosaurs. This, we thought was more like it. Sadly, the collection of brightly coloured resin failed to ignite even the tiniest spark. It didn’t help that the small park had the distinct smell of urine!

I’d like to say that I have been to worse museums. But, for the life of me I’m struggling to think of somewhere. Really!

Kids might love it here? But, if you’re a tourist and you’ve been to the Natural History
Museum in London or the equivalent elsewhere, then this place really will disappoint.

We will never get those 25 minutes back. Ever!
Written July 7, 2019
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Slovenian Littoral Region, Slovenia1 contribution
Full day visit to the Natur History Museum
May 2019
I visit the museum with kids and they really loved it. The animals, the Noe boat, the dinosaurs are very beautiful. Too bad that the descriptions are only in Hungarian. We also had luck to visit the other exhibition about the Legos, which was splendid, I could not believe what achievement people made with this small bricks. If the weather is nice, dont forget to visit the part behind the museum.

I would like to warn you not to buy anything in their shop. We bought necklaces for the girls and they fell apart after only few days of wearing it :-(
Written May 27, 2019
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St. Petersburg, Russia197 contributions
It's nice to be a child
Feb 2019 • Family
This was a very nice place to go with a child! Good time-spending and good experience. My son was very exited with the fact that he could touch everything.
Written March 1, 2019
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Anamaria D
197 contributions
Choose the right time
Jan 2019 • Family
I took my primary school kid there to see things he would normally be interested in but after the mind-blowing fun he had at the Aquaworld, Zoo, Budapest caves, Palace of Wonders etc, visiting a museum was a bit boring. May this be the first thing on the to-do list if you go with kids to Budapest. Oh, and you need to pay extra fees if you want to take photos inside.
Written January 27, 2019
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