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Budapest, Hungary1 contribution
Do not use it expect you want a bad experience!
Nov 2020 • Solo
Very very very poor quality and have many bugs in the system. The last time I couldn't use my pin anymore (what was valid) and when I registrated myself again the system didn't allow to use the bikes (for which I paid).
+ the bikes are very slow (almost slower when I walk)
Written November 6, 2020
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Nics M
London, UK59 contributions
Deposit not returned
Mar 2020
We rented 2 bikes for just a half hour, returned them both (took a photo of the returned bikes and the location) but did not get back the deposit for one of them. Mol Bubi have not replied to my email and I can find no other way to contact them to get this money due to me
Written March 23, 2020
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Copenhagen, Denmark23 contributions
Excellent way to get around in Budapest. Highly recommended
Jan 2020
I have used similar schemes in London, Paris and Marrakech. I used the Bubi bikes for 18 rides during 4 days. This I can now see on my account in the Bubi bike app.
The good:
- It is free if you do not ride more than 30 minutes.
- It worked (almost) without any problems
- Scanning the code on the back of the bike is very very convenient (good idea)
- The stations are so close and always space to dock your bike and get a new one (when I was there in February)
- The bikes I used had a functioning light (good when it is dark) and the gears worked (helpful when it was going up or I was tired) - and possibility to put a bag in front of them, the tires usually well pumped.
The bad
- 1 time (out of 18) I had trouble docking a bike. I had put the bike in the docking stations, but the app said it was not docked. I could not get the bike out of the docking station. I used 10-15 minutes to try to get the app to accept and finally I tried to use the manual lock in front of the bike and then it docked in the app.
- The bikes and the app could be in a better condition (but it worked). Because of this I was thinking of giving it 4 stars, but I got so much value from using these bikes that i changed it to 5 stars.
- Please read and understand how it works. It is a very good system (in my opinion).
- Register and use the app
- Use the scannning code at the back of the bikes to undock a bike (it is so easy and worked very well)
- Always always check in the app if your bike is docked (when you leave it) - Maybe hold the bike in the docking station for about 10 seconds till the green light stops lightning and you have heard a beep (this is probably not necessary but I felt better about doing it this way).
- To undock a bike lift up using some muscles. They can be a little heavy.
I highly recommend using the Bubi bikes :-)
Written February 5, 2020
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Warsash, UK5 contributions
Nov 2019 • Couples
A complete waste of time. Spent half an hour trying to work this out before giving up. Hope theyve not stolen our deposit!!!
Written November 20, 2019
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shaun l
1 contribution
How do I get my 50000 deposit back
Oct 2019 • Couples
Terrible. The company website hints that you get the 50000 huf deposit back after the ticket expires. Minus the cost of the hire for 24 hours of course. It’s now been one week and mol Bubi still haven’t unblocked the hold they have on nearly £150 of my money. No response to the email I’ve sent them last Friday evening also. How do I get my funds back??

I only rode the bikes twice in the 24 hour period. Both times less than 25 minutes. I have screenshots from the app to prove.
Written October 28, 2019
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Amsterdam2 contributions
NON Transparent pricing! Scam!
Oct 2019
First of all, you need to have internet access at all times if you want to use the mobile app! When you create an account you are asked to provide your credit card and HUF 50,000 are instantly reserved (although according to their website only HUF 25,000 should be reserved).

Next, you should purchase a subscription. In our case, we purchased a subscription of HUF 500 for 24h access. VERY IMPORTANT: This does NOT mean that you can have a bike for 24 hours. This only gives you the right to rent out bikes during the next 24 hours. If you rent a bike for 30mins and put it back on the station, it's free.

However, until you exceed the first 30mins you are not informed what is the charge per hour. See the attached photo for their prices. Also, 30mins are not quite enough to get from station A to station B, as they are not located close enough. In order not to be overcharged, we ended up chasing stations and paying lots of money instead of enjoying the beautiful city. NOT recommended!
Written October 24, 2019
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Martin H
Barbados7 contributions
Oct 2019 • Couples
Tried via the app, website and street location to register and pay. Impossible. Also the map is inaccurate. These failures wasted so much of your precious time in Budapest.
Written October 3, 2019
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Loughborough, UK13 contributions
Getting around on a green bike!
Sep 2019 • Couples
Free 30 min rides for about £4, for 72 hours what’s not to like!
Initially had problems registering but once this is sorted it’s very easy.

Top tips.

1. Download app and pre register - note you only need to put in your mobile number, your email and a code word that you decide. You are then sent a pin to activate
2. Either add your card to the app or do it by touchscreen by the bikes. Yes you have to put up a 25,000 huf deposit down but this is paid back minus your ticket (1000 huf for 72hours) and any trips greater than 30 mins.
3. Buy your ticket 24,48,72 hour, you need a ticket each if there’s more than one of you
4. Use the QR scan code on the app to scan the bike you want to rent, press the rent bike, this releases bike and off you go.
5. There’s a map in the app to show you where you can drop off. When you arrive at a drop off point just put bike in the locking station and it stops your rental.

We used several times a day to get to major sightseeing spots, as much quicker than walking and weather was beautiful.

None of our trips have been longer than 20 mins so no charge! We stopped at the bottom of the castle, walked up and around for a couple of hours and then when we were finished picked up another bike!

This is not a tourist trap you just need to plan journeys of less than 30 mins or if longer swap bikes. With the app it takes a few mins.
Written September 19, 2019
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Lewis B
East Grinstead, UK10 contributions
So many people misunderstand how it works! Not a scam and actually quite good.
Sep 2019
Many reviewers seem to have misunderstood how the BuBi bikes work. You pay an access fee for {n} days (e.g. 24, 48, 72 hours). This gives you unlimited 30 minute rides for free as long as you re-dock before the 30 minutes are up, you don't get charged.

If you dock after 30 minutes then you pay a usage fee based on the time you've had the bike.

These bikes are designed for quick hops around the city and not for all day use. I'd suggest they are just as useful to locals as for tourists.

If you've used the London hire bikes, they work the same way.

After reading the signpost, I decided to sign up in the app (which I downloaded on 4G there and then since my data allowance doesn't cost extra, but you could get the MOL Bubi app and barcode app beforehand on wifi). It took around 5 minutes to do and although not tricky, was a bit annoying. You can sign up on the display screens at each docking station too. The rest of my review is based on using the app because I didn't use the display screens at all.

The pre-authorisation fee is a little steep, but you get it back. Any usage fees are deducted and then the funds released back to your bank. Note that the money isn't taken from your bank but held as a 'pending' amount.

You can hire 4 bikes at once from a single pass on a single account. This wasn't immediately obvious (I bought 2 passes initially) but realised once the app was set up.

To hire a bike, I opened the barcode scanner app which Mobi Bubi wanted installed alongside on my Android phone, then scanned the QR code on the back of the bike. It confirms the hire on the screen and you hit the 'Rent bike' button. The docking station beeps then releases the bike. I repeated this immediately for the 2nd bike.

The docking station itself is a little hard work to get the bikes in and out. Lifting the handlebars helps.

The bikes are quite heavy but generally OK. There's a decent sized bag holder on the front which is part of the frame, so initially looks a bit weird it doesn't move with the wheel.

The bikes have 3 gears, an adjustable saddle and a stand. A dymo light is on both the back and front.

It is worth adjusting the saddle height and checking over the bike before releasing it, otherwise you're eating in to your free time. Also, check the brakes before riding off.

I had a couple of bikes that I wasn't happy with but didn't realise until I undocked. I re-docked immediately then undocked another. The app was fine and didn't get confused by this. I did report the individual faults when I got back home as there's a form to do so.

I did notice my wife's bike light wasn't working on one of the hires, so worth checking if using at night.

When docking, even though the docking station beeped, on one of the rides, it didn't register as being returned. I always checked the app - Account, to ensure it was recognised as being returned.

Although we ended up being a little time conscious, it was great. We got exactly what we needed from them and hopped around a few different places.

If you're looking to spend more time on a bike or want a more casual experience then there's other options. I'm not sure quite a few people understand this.

A group of people asked us for help because they didn't understand what to do. I agree, it's a bit over complicated to get your head around and the app isn't amazing but once you've understood how it works, it's pretty straightforward and simple to use.

Also, if one of the docking stations is full, you can still leave your bike. There's specific instructions in the app FAQ with info on how to do this. We didn't need to, but almost at one of them. Make sure you read the instructions carefully so as not to get charged if you do need to do this.

As for riding around the city - there's loads of dedicated cycle paths on wide pavement/sidewalks and on the roads. Although it looks scary crossing some of the really busy roads, the crossings are fine - just go with the pedestrians!

There are LOADS of docking points and the app will show you how many bikes at each are available.

Written September 17, 2019
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Talia Z
1 contribution
Sep 2019 • Friends
Scam! Run away. They charge a deposit and then you are unable to rent a bike. Complete waste of time
Written September 1, 2019
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