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Piwnica Quest
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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59 reviews
Very good

Belfast, UK8 contributions
Midnight Killer - good scary fun :)
Sep 2018 • Friends
I did the Midnight Killer escape room with 2 friends . We chose the 4/5 difficulty level so had 90 minutes to complete it. I've done a couple of escape rooms and my friends have never done one so it was definitely a tricky one to start with.
Most of the puzzles were achievable although we did get offered a couple of clues.
We took about 5 minutes longer than the allotted time but thankfully they let us finish since we were so close.
I definitely wouldn't recommend this to people in small groups who might be claustrophobic. I can't say more without revealing parts of the escape room. Also, due to the content it definitely isn't suitable for children (even adults that are easily scared).
If you aren't claustrophobic though it was really enjoyable - all 3 of us had a great time and worked together to get out. I really like that it was spread over multiple rooms and that there were a lot of different puzzle types.
Written September 18, 2018
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Petra K
Prague, Czech Republic3 contributions
One of the best!
Nov 2017 • Couples
We enjoyed all of the rooms in Piwnica - fantasy, bank and Mike killer. We enjoyed great afternoon in perfectly created and prepared rooms. Fantasy is very nice, cute game with fairytale atmosphere. Bank is little bit more difficult than fantasy, more action, but still very comfortable to play. At the end, we went to play Mike Killer. We are pair and played cca 10-15 escape rooms before. Obviously, MK was one of the best, maybe the best game ever. It is not easy, but really full of atmosphere, original quests and cool scary story. Killer is recommended for advanced players, so in Piwnica you will definitely find the level and the theme of game you are looking for. Definitely recommended and greetings from Prague :-)
Written November 28, 2017
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Michaela B
Prague, Czech Republic25 contributions
Midnight Killer - an amazing room!
Oct 2017 • Couples
Me and my boyfriend played the room Midnight Killer and WOW! We were impressed. It's very logical and the puzzles are interesting. We haven't seen them anywhere else. The staff were very nice and helpful. They knew when we needed a hint and they always gave us a good one! Can't wait to go back to Wroclaw and visit you again. :-)
Written October 22, 2017
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Victor M
1 contribution
I'm amazed!!!
Aug 2017 • Friends
While traveling around Europe we visited our friends in Wroclaw.
And we decided to visit an escape-room called Midnight Killer II. I liked the room and riddles so much, that this adventure stayed with me for a few more days. 🙂
Already at home, whilst telling my friends about our trip and naturally - about this room, I was still impressed)))
There's no point in writing anything about the room itself. You have to go there!
If you'll ever go to Wroclaw you should definitely visit this great escape-room.
By the way there more rooms at that location 😉 My guess is they are also quite good.
Written September 11, 2017
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Bomber B
4 contributions
Best experience ever!
Sep 2017 • Friends
I've been to midnight killer and it is so far the best escape room me and my friend we visited in my opinion. we've been to other very good escape rooms in wroclaw and all over poland but maybe the love and the passion that the hosts are able to show you while telling you the story or the thriller feeling you feel inside the room combined with the high quality of the room itself makes me keep it at the top of my favorites. I wish i could experience it again, super suggested
Written September 3, 2017
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Алексей М
Lesniki, Ukraine2 contributions
Midnight Killer ll best thriller room ever played!!!
Aug 2017 • Friends
Definitely the best thriller escape experience I've ever had! This room is not about being scared all the time and performing the steps you do not understand. This room is about understanding your enemy psychologic portrait and feeling yourself in his shoes while solving the puzzles.
The room is hard, so I would strongly recommend it to escapers with previous background.
Written August 19, 2017
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Miami Beach, FL5 contributions
Best Escape Room EVER!!!
Aug 2017 • Couples
While visiting Wroclaw for a wedding, my friends suggested we visit the best escape room in Poland. I was a bit skeptical at first, as this is a bold statement, but upon entering the Midnight Killer escape room, we found it to be 100% the real deal!!! You will have so much fun! This is a complex and well-thought out escape room with elaborate set pieces, many of which have multimedia triggers. It isn't your regular "lock and key" escape room, the Midnight Killer is an experience I'll never forget. The staff is incredibly friendly and thorough. They really want you to have a good time and genuinely enjoy what they do. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we did a second, fantasy themed escape room right after the midnight killer. This room was also very well thought out, with unusual but fun, teamwork-oriented tasks. There are three different escape rooms at Piwnica Quest. I cannot wait to come back to Wroclaw again to do all three! Thank you Piwnica Quest for showing us a great time!
Written August 7, 2017
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Miami Beach, FL2 contributions
If you like puzzles, you'll love this place!
Aug 2017 • Friends
This was my first escape room experience, and I'm not sure any other ones I try in the future will live up to it! The hosts were so nice, spoke great english, and gave us just the right amount of tips before beginning. Like most escape rooms (from what I've heard anyways), when you first pull up to the building, it seems like a sketchy place, but once inside it's actually very clean and totally professional.

Our Polish friends who we are visiting love escape rooms, and have been to over 80 since they became popular here in Wroclaw. I see why Piwnica Quest is their favorite.

Midnight Killer was the more advance one, with tons of puzzles within 3 different rooms. It was so fun to work as a team and piece together the hints, reading a journal for clues, and hearing drawers pop open when you find the hidden trigger. We did it in about an hour, but we had so much fun the time just flew by!

I don't like scary stuff, and as you can imagine from the name, it was a scary theme, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined. Plus, we did the fantasy room after which had cute bunnies and kind of an Easter theme, which made me very happy. It was definitely an easier room, but just as fun, and simply adorable!

The fantasy room would definitely be a more family friendly one, or good for a couple. Midnight Killer requires at least 3 players, and we did it as 4. Can't wait to come back and try their other room, or one of these rooms again as they often change the themes or puzzles after a year or 2.
Written August 6, 2017
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County Cork, Ireland398 contributions
Schron bankowy
Jun 2017 • Friends
This was our first experience with escape the room, and we loved it! The best part was the staff though- really into this, doing it cause of passion and not only for money. We will be back!
Written June 13, 2017
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Caroline D
Berlin, Germany20 contributions
Great Hosts - Nice Details - and they have the "Midnight Killer"
Apr 2017 • Friends
We have been to Wroclaw with a group of experienced players and played all three rooms at Piwnica Quest.
First of all, the Hosts have been great. They told us a storyline to every room and have been interested in our experience so far. They also gave us hints at the right moment in the right amount. Also, even though english is neither their not our mother language, they managed to explain everything understandable and also fascinating.
But, coming down to the rooms:
1) Fantasia: This is definitly a room for Beginners which gives you a good idea how Escape Games work and what you have to do. It has some nice techincal details and the room is well made. For experienced players it might be a little boring, but I enjoyed playing a lot.
2) The "Schron Bankowy": I loved this room. It has also a nice storyline which is thought until the end. And if you like to open safes, you will love this room. It has also nice details in the room and some riddles you might not expect.
3) "Midnight Killer": I am still speecheless and have to think about what to write without spoilering. Let me start like this: I have played nearly 90 rooms in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. The Midnight Killer is one of my Top5 Rooms ever played. And for me it was the best in Wroclaw. The Storyline is amazing, the amount of technical details and ways to present the riddles is something I have nearly never saw before. If you want to play this room, I recommend that you have played a few before because this is for experts. You are totally in the story and every detail fits into the next. This is Escape Game 2.0 taking it all to the next level!

All in all, the rooms are not comparable to each other since they are three different stories with different ways to solve them. Fantasia is touch and play, the Bank is more opening safes and midnight killers has all of it with an awesome amount of technical details.

Finally, thank you to the hosts for this experince! We loved it with you guys and if you gonna open another room, we will be there!
Written May 4, 2017
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