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Neighborhood: Nove Mesto (New Town)
Nearly 700 hundred meters long, Wenceslas Square represents the most frequent and buzzing crossroads of the city. The National Museum in the upper part of the square watches over your spending spree in countless shops and retail stores lining the entire square, which ends at Na Příkopě, the most famous shopping street. When tired or broke, you can explore the city's underpasses, which can take you to the Old Town or to the courtyards of art nouveau houses with secret gems of greenery, white benches and rose bushes that provide unexpected peace in the midst of the city. Be sure to pay a visit to the traditional cafés, classic Czech pubs, cinemas and theaters. National Theater near the river has a lot to offer to foreigners. Go to the river bank and enjoy live music and drinks while watching a sunset behind Prague Castle.
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  • bridge • 1 min walk
  • national Ave • 5 min walk
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Very good

Ed G M
Penticton, Canada157 contributions
Jul 2016 • Friends
This is our first time to Prague and frankly I am more upset with myself than anything else. We were struggling with our bags and a nice fellow came and said he would help us. Like a novice traveller we followed him. His car was a beat up small Skoda. He got us to our hotel but he charged double what it should have been. He also wanted us to pay in Euros and he proudly showed us a sign with the "official" rate which was 30% more than what I paid at the ATM. Next time I will get to the regular taxi stand and confirm the rate in advance. Make sure you have Czech Koruna as many places accept Euros but the rate is not very good.
Written July 7, 2016
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Toronto, Canada528 contributions
May 2014 • Friends
The guy with the senior ticket has it wrong!

60-65 IS HALF PRICE (1 Photo + 30 korun -$1.50)

65 and up is free! You need an "Open Card" which cost 100 Korun ($5) and one payment of 120 Korun. So, if you only stay for 2 days it is not worth it.

if you stay 2 weeks, GET ONE!

Regular price- one short trip (30 min) = 24 K,

Long trip (90 min)=32 K.)

The open card is valid for 4 years, after that, it is just extended. provided there is "Open Card" in the future as there is some debate about it now.
Written June 20, 2014
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Jan H
Prague, Czech Republic60 contributions
Oct 2013 • Solo
Metro station, what an atraction.:-)
I read the complains about getting tickets and inspectors target tourists.
You can buy a ticket in every tobacco store in Prague, with bills and credit cards.
And you can get change there as well.
Here is few examples of the tickets:
Short term ticket - 24CZK (1.25USD) - 30 Minutes
Basic ticket - 32CZK (1.70USD) - 90 minutes
One day ticket - 110CZK (5.80USD) - 24 hours
No need to buy new ticket while changing the way of travel, just look at the time.
In every metro station are a lot of ticket machines, but only coins accepting.
First you have to choose which ticket or tickets you want and than insert the coins.
Be sure to stamp your ticket before enter the metro platform.
The inspectors are crazy about this, and there is no difference between tourists and locals. I think they treat the locals even worse than tourists.
You can find useful info here as well:
And of course, like everywhere else in the world, you have to be careful and watch for pickpockets and strange people. Tourists are easy targets. So it's always better to try blend with locals. Walk little bit faster than usual, don't speak too much and make sure you looks like you know where you go.:-)
Written October 1, 2013
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Geelong3 contributions
May 2013 • Friends
BE WARNED, THUGS ACT AS ' officials' at MUSTEK AND MUSEUM Metro stations, they try to impose FAKE 'fines' try to take your railway ticket from you, tell you it's not valid and that you have to pay a BIG fine, harass and bully you into thinking they really are officials and that you are in BIG trouble if you don't give them your rail ticket, then,when you stand up to them, tell them you know they are frauds and cheats, they try to threaten you even more by asking which country you are from, telling you to give them your passport! AND THEY HAVE up to 6 other thugs (men dressed in jeans and black leather jackets)standing nearby, and gesture towards them when you refuse to give in to them, doing their utmost to threaten and intimidate you and make you give in and give them money. They shove fake 'official ID cards in your face that make it look like they are railway officials, but they have no uniform and no other formal form of ID, simply a fake laminated card with the Czech railway logo they have copied from the Internet. Fortunately, thanks to another Tripadvisor review ( see Prague funicular review forum) , my friend and I knew about this thuggery and absolutely refused to give in to them, but if we hand't known about this, my god, these people are so threatening,intimidating, would be very hard NOT to believe them if you didn't know about their thug activity....they are SUCH BULLIES, and keep harassing you and insisting they are officials and that you MUST give them your ticket and pay a was only when I told the THUG woman for the third time that I was calling the police, and got my phone out, that she left me alone, but then she started on my friend, when my friend refused to show her ticket, the thug woman asked her what country she was other words, the next step was to take your passport from you...then of course you have no choice but to pay them money in order to get your passport back! Unbelievable....I have travelled to USA 3 times, and Europe 4 times, and NEVER have I had such a terrible, threatening experience as this......I can't believe that this actually happened to ME! Luckily I will stand up for myself and speak out if I think or know something is wrong.....this thug woman even indicated that the 6 thug men standing by we're officials, I confronted her and said they I knew they weren't officials, and that I was calling the police. funnily enough, when I finally got my phone out to call the police, all of these so- called ' officials' (that were really just thieving THUGS) quickly disappeared up the escalator and out of the station......what a strange thing for 'officials' to do. Then, when we arrived at Museum Metro, there were at least FOUR frauds, telling unsuspecting foreign travellers that their tickets were not valid ( which of course they WERE) and that they would have to pay a fine!!!these cheats even had electronic 'ticket reading' machines.....probably not functioning, but it sure made these people look like 'officials' ....I cannot believe the lengths these FRAUDS go to to trick innocent people out of their poor woman was about to hand over $700Kc ( you can buy a weeks worth of restaurant meals for that price) when I ran to her and told her NOT to give them any money, they were not officials, they are cheats and thieves... of course, this all happened at 11.15 pm, when there are NO railway officials and NO POLICE at the Railway stations. SO BE WARNED AND BE AWARE, DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR RAIL TICKET, AND ESPECIALLY NOT YOUR PASSPORT! Stand up to these thugs, don't let them intimidate you and simply refuse to play their cheating, thieving,despicable game...they are COWARDS AND BULLIES!

Don't get me wrong,apart from this shocking experience, we have had a fabulous time in this beautiful city, it is well worth visitng, but tonight's frightening experience has left me feeling threatened and absolutely FURIOUS! SO BE AWARE and don't let ANYONE intimidate you into handing over your rail tickets and ESPECIALLY NOT your passport!!

Endless to say, this experience has a ZERO rating!
Written May 25, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Christopher D
Bangkok, Thailand49 contributions
Dec 2012 • Solo
I used the Prague metro for my first time today and left feeling offended and unwelcome in this city...

I paid the fare at the booth and as any visitor was a little lost and confused how their system worked. I looked for directions in English and was able to find my way. However, unlike most North American city metros where the entrance is obvious where you validate your ticket I missed the less than obvious sign in my confusion and followed the local people down the escalator... Still looking for a validation booth I did not see and thought it was strange but without any bad intentions I boarded my train. When I left the train I was greeted by a Metro-Cop that checking tickets, which I showed him. He gave me an 800cz fine for not validating it! No forgiveness for being new, confused but as honest as I could be... I find this mistrust offensive as he could have just confiscated the invalidated ticket with a warning and explanation!?

Sure I was naive and it was my fault for missing it, but I don't think it was very understanding of them at all when my intentions were honest enough.

I threw away the ticket because I will not use metro after this experience, in fact I feel like leaving Prague sooner to go where I might receive more civil treatment than this cheesy cash-grab!

Thanks for nothing Prague!
Written December 3, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Stacy M
London, UK63 contributions
Jul 2013 • Couples
They make it impossible to get a ticket - accepting only coins, but there is no place to get change, and it will not take credit card or bills. Ticket agent will NOT help. If you get on the tram thinking you can buy a ticket, you are wrong. ticket inspectors target tourists - they will use force unnecessarily and threaten you with jail. Do not give them your ID - they are scammers. we were told 4 different prices, and then the agent threw me to the ground, leaving me with cuts and bruises. the police are just as corrupt and useless.
Written July 9, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Naples, Italy46 contributions
Apr 2019 • Couples
I want to write this experience I just had to help other tourists & to hope that Prague's authorities get annoyed from all the complaints they often receive about these curious individuals. Hoping something will change in the future or Prague's reputation will be very affected from this horrible events.
While receiving an unfair fine at the underground station (and I have just read online that it happens often!!), the inspector pushed my boyfriend's chest to intimidate him or to induce a reaction! I was shocked, we were just talking politely! I straight ran to tell another officer what happened and luckily he told something in their mother tongue that made him stop! I don't even want to imagine what could happen otherwise! And last of all, like this was not enough, the officer told us that we could use the fine as a ticket for today. Not true at all! I luckily had the feeling that it was a lie and I asked another local person to translate what was written on the fine, and it clearly says that it is not usable as a ticket!!! So what? He wanted us to get another fine later in the day?? No words. He did not even want to give us the receipt of the paid fine, we had to insist to get it. Seriously the worst transport service ever and I can not believe that these individuals still work and still provide this horrible service after ALL the complaints I could find online! I am shocked. I hope someone will investigate on this mess!
Written April 21, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Allen, TX747 contributions
Feb 2014 • Couples
Public transportation offers a discount for seniors but requires a little pre-planning or you will spend time trying to get the discounts. The discount for seniors 65-69 is 1/2 off and for seniors 70 or older all public transportation is free in Prague. To obtain the discount requires that you have a form of identification to prove you are at the age of the discount and a photo. I suggest very strongly that you bring a passport photo with you. If you do not have a photo, it is a small challenge to get a phot done in one of the automated photo booths in some metro stations. If you need a photo after you arrive, you can go to the MUSTEK A metro station at the NW end of Vaclavska Namisky (opposite end of the National Museum) at the intersection with Na Prikope. There is a photo booth in the station and you need 100 CzK in coins (about $5US).

If you brought your photo, you need to take your ID, photo, and 20 CzK (about $1 US) to the office that sells tickets in MUSTEK B station, which is about 150 meters from the MUSTEK A station. The location of MUSTEK B is at the corner of Jungmanova and Na Prikope. You must go down into the station where you will find a door with two windows. The people are very kind an understanding and you will have no problem with English.

You can purchase tickets with your discounted card in MUSTEK B. You must remember to carry your ID with you at all times to use the discount. Upon entering any of the public transportation areas/vehicles, you must time stamp the blank end of your ticket to start the clock. Do not forget the time stamp. Prague DPP (transportation department) hires contractors to stop and check tickets everywhere. The fine is 1000 CzK or about $50 US for not having a valid/validated ticket.

For those 70 and older, you need only have your DPP issued ID card.

The combination of TRAM, buses and metros is very good and they come together and several points. While the map is very hard to read because of the amount of detail, ask for the map at any MUSTEK station. Knowing the connection points between the various public transportation points can make for a very fun and enjoyable sightseeing day.

Speaking of sightseeing, I highly recommend taking one of the free walking tours that can be found in the area of the Old Town Hall, which is where the clock that all go to see play on the hour. enjoy Prague!
Written February 21, 2014
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Ozan H
6 contributions
Sep 2016 • Business
When you arrive at Vaclav Havel airport in Prague, for the cheapest (and one of the easiest) way to go to the city center that is Mustek in Praha 1, you can follow these steps:

1. If you don't travel with children under age 15, you need to buy normal tickets. You can buy them from the machine that you can find in the bus stop that is located just in front of the international arrivals terminal. But you can also buy the tickets from the tourist info desk in the terminal too. If you have children under age 15, you can buy discounted tickets but just the machines give these tickets. Info desk helps how to do it. You need to buy 90 minutes tickets that was for 32 Kč each for adults and 16 Kč each for children under age 15. Children up to age 6 was free.

2. Take the bus no: 119 and get off the bus at the final stop which is Nadraži Veleslavín.

3. Take the metro to Můstek. Metro A whose color was marked in green. You can use the same tickets with the bus.

You can follow these steps backwards if you want to go to the airport. The whole transportation takes nearly 40 minutes.
Written September 6, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Bridgeen M
8 contributions
Oct 2015 • Couples
We took the metro in Prague , we bought out ticket and got on the train. When we arrived at our destination and attempted to leave the station we were asked by the ticket inspector to show us our ticket, which we did but he said we had to pay a fine as we didn't validate the ticket. He also said of we didn't pay the fine we could go with the police , who were conveniently located near the inspector. We tried to explain that there was no signage and no barrier to encourage us to validate the tickets. So we ended up paying the fine 60 euro. It was only after taking another training that I realised that this is a tourist trap as I wittiness another couple going through the same thing. They have two inspectors at every exit to catch tourists. Be careful
Written April 26, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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