Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

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Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

Spencer Gorge Conservation Area
Nature & Wildlife Areas • Lookouts • Hiking Trails • Geologic Formations • Waterfalls
From the escarpment brow, noted for its panoramas, to the forested depths of the gorge below, the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area exhibits the physical features which have made the Niagara Escarpment one of Ontario's most spectacular geological formations. This significant natural area contains two beautiful waterfalls: Webster and Tew Falls. Webster is a magnificent tiered waterfall and Tew, which towers at 41 metres, is only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls. Both offer spectacular vistas of the gorge.
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1-2 hours
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Very good

Oakville, Canada412 contributions
A must see attraction
Feb 2021
Went exploring the walking trails and were thrilled when we arrived as this area is absolutely gorgeous. The falls area is fully fenced and so safe you don't need to worry about small children. It was -12 C, sunny and windy when we arrived but fully explored the falls & surrounding area. The fresh blanket of snow made walking a pleasure.

We took quite a few pictures of the frozen falls area and specifically the falls. Could have taken so many more if our battery didn't die.
Written February 8, 2021
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Ocean Phi Long Le
Toronto19 contributions
Oct 2020

Installed fence is terrible!!!

The HAC has ruined this gem basing their opinions on fears and decided to destroy the natural beauty of this landscape. They have installed a 4 foot black metal fence around the entire Dundas Peak lookout. When you hike to this point, you LOSE out completely on the unobstructed views. What people have done for years was hike and been able to sit on the rocks, enjoy their snacks/lunch and appreciate the views. There is no where to do it now. I think whoever decided on this should be fired in my personal opinion.

Because the fence is only 4 feet tall and pointy, I've seen people climb over the fence. They can easily loose their balance and fall off. No matter what people try to do to protect humans from doing silly things, they will continue to do so. I rather have HAC post a sign and disclaimer that reads "Enter at your own risk. Cliffs are dangerous and if you are trying to take a selfie and fall, or if you ride your bicycle and fall off the cliff or if you come at night and fall over the cliff, if you drink and fall over, "YOU HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF. YOU ARE LIABLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. THANK YOU AND ENJOY YOUR DAY."

After paying $30 dollars for the visitor fee and parking fee was this worth it? NOPE!
Written October 3, 2020
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Peter N
Cambridge, Canada125 contributions
Sep 2020
There was no mention on the website that the water flow was basically non-existent. I paid $30 for two peeps. Then prior to visiting learned the water flow was just a trickle and I was not able to cancel my reservation. It is a nice spot but totally not worth $30 for seeing the falls basically dry. The Hamilton Conservation Authority has yet to respond to my email complaint.
Written September 30, 2020
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25 contributions
A very beautiful park and waterfall
Dec 2019
Well worth a visit. One of the most scenic waterfalls in Southern Ontario.

Note: Parking on weekends is not permitted unless you park at Christie Lake Conservation area and take a shuttle bus. Even Passholders are not allowed to park on weekends!!!! :(

You can no longer walk between Websters Falls and Tews Falls/Dundas Peak, as some .... person... built a home in the middle and put an end to something that was one of the greatest walks in the area.
Written January 15, 2020
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London, Canada4,881 contributions
Beautiful falls and lovely views
Oct 2019
Spencer Gorge Conservation Area is a very busy part of the Hamilton Conservation Authority's parks that gives you access to two different and beautiful waterfalls (Tew's Falls and Webster's Falls) as well as some spectacular views of the gorge and surrounding area from Dundas Peak. Because this area has become so popular and to help preserve the park, HCA has mandated that on weekends and holidays visitors must utilize shuttle buses that will transport guests from parking areas at nearby Christie Lake Conservation Area to Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. There is a $10 fee for parking as well as a $5 per person fee to enter. Once you are parked at Christie Lake Conservation Area, you need to get a wristband from a little hut near the shuttle bus stops so you can hop on. You can also pick up a map of the Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Conservation Area. There are two stops on the shuttle - one that gives you access to Tew's Falls and Dundas Peak and a second stop that gives you access to Webster's Falls. Considering the sheer volumes of people that were visiting the area when our group came up for a hike, I must say that this shuttle transportation ran fairly smoothly and justified the meager $5 cost to ride. I cannot image where all of the people would have parked or how much of a traffic jam would have been caused if people had tried to park in the falls parking areas or on surrounding streets - it would be chaotic and dangerous. There are also hefty fines for those who choose to take their chances and park there anyways and skip the shuttles.
The scenery in Spencer Gorge Conservation Area was spectacular mid-fall when we made it up to hike in the area. The amount of people also visiting was bitter-sweet - it was nice to see so many people outside enjoying nature, but it was also kind of sad because many of the paths felt more like sidewalks in Toronto, rather than a stroll through nature. I found almost everyone was polite and took turns on the observation decks as well as at the other vantage points so that it was usually just a short wait before you could step up and enjoy an unimpeded view of the falls or the gorge.
I found the pathways to be well marked, fairly well kept and wide enough to allow for hikers in both directions. There were areas that were fenced off for safety along the paths and near the falls, sometimes obstructing clear views of the falls in their entirety, such as with Webster's Falls. I was surprised to see the lack of barriers at Dundas Peak. There was a little stone structure a couple of feet high at the top, but people could, and did, easily step around to stand or sit precariously on the edge of the cliff. The views from this vantage point were absolutely stunning, but again you had to wait for a few minutes to try to get a shot without several other heads also enjoying the same views. If you were to visit during the off-season or through the week, you might have better luck with the area not being quite as busy.
Written November 4, 2019
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1 contribution
Dundas peak
Oct 2019
Big business - ticketing unsuspecting visitors; not a single parking to park your car. They charge 25$ to park a distance away from where they operate a shuttle bus service for which the wait time is 2 hrs on weekends. Terrible experience! Just decided to get back home. Why allow so many private properties in a tourist spot like this?
Written October 19, 2019
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1 contribution
Don't go there by car if you don't like to be fined $200 or even more
Oct 2019
Don't even try to go there by car as there are not parking at all. When our car approached visitor area there was a sign for visitors to park cars on the next road. On that street all visitors parked their cars - I believe at least 150-200 vehicles, almost all of them got parking fine tickets (mine was for $200). There was no sign the parking is not allowed. It looks like a scam - guys from waterfall attraction business put the sign for parking (which was removed at time the tickets were placed), and guys from the parking enforcement harvested easy money for the town budget. When I googled for this fine I found out the official version is that city try to "rack down on road-blocking waterfall tourists" which I have doubts to believe as there were not many tourists that day (compared to other attraction sites), no sign parking is not allowed on that road and in fact there was a sign indication that the parking was on the street were all those cars were fined. Thanksgiving spirit spoiled, promise not visit that place ever nor recommend to anybody.
Written October 13, 2019
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Saint Clairsville, OH123 contributions
Beautiful but hard to access!
Oct 2019 • Couples
This area is absolutely gorgeous and can make for some beautiful photos but it is not easy to get to. All the parking lots were closed off with signs to take the Christie Lake shuttle. We drove towards that area and could not find the shuttle pick up anywhere, or signs to direct us there. We ended up paying a local grocery store owner to let us park in his lot for a few hours. The staff (teens) working the area were not very knowledgeable and couldn’t answer our questions. I can’t give it 5 stars because of how difficult it was to get there/find parking. Would be a beautiful location for a photo shoot!
Written October 6, 2019
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Kerry H
Greater Hobart, Australia250 contributions
Spencer Gorge lovely spot but access very restricted due to idiots behaving badly.
Sep 2019 • Couples
Access is restricted to the point of a visit not being worth the effort. After tolerating a lot the locals got sick of the hassle and have withdrawn access via their properties. Falls can be seen from a distance only now. Why bother when the Niagara Escarpment is only 60 km away. Hamilton has lots of falls to see but many are essentially storm water outlets tumbling from Hamilton's impressive Escarpment. A drive around the escarpment stopping at the many lookovers (lookouts) is must do. The city also has many great beer outlets, with Collective Arts being a standout.
Written September 21, 2019
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Gord W
15 contributions
Great spot for a hike and views
Aug 2019
found the parking rate a bit expensive for a conservation area, however Webster's Falls and Tews Falls are worth it. one price gets you into both parking areas. jaw-dropping view of Dundas Valley from the Peak above. the Falls themselves are heavily fenced off, though. The parks are well maintained and there's plenty of space for a picnic lunch. bring a good pair of walking shoes to hike to the Dundas Peak.
Written August 28, 2019
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