Bosco Della Ragnaia

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Bosco Della Ragnaia
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May 2019
One of a kind garden full of artistic and interesting things......
Take a picnic and spend a few hours.
Written February 26, 2020
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Manuela L
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg7,086 contributions
Bosco Della Ragnaia / Montalcino
Aug 2018 • Friends
Bosco Della Ragnaia is not a public park, but a private park in the charming Tuscan landscapes; It's a lovely italian nature park with grass-green patch and rectangular beds,
special stone fountains, charming vases, most often cypress and a lot of other trees; I think this park has a lot of philosopher's paths, bancs for reading in the calm of the nature; don't smoke in this nice area, enjoy simply this magnificent garden and his nice sculptures, stones with inscriptions and the nature reserve.
Written March 5, 2019
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Croydon, UK5 contributions
If a cult took up gardening.
May 2017 • Couples
This is the most incredible and strange place. A real must and an experience that me and my partner will probably talk about for years to come. The park has an unassuming entrance. You pass through a gate, down a gravel path that then ends. No formal parking space, just a sign signifying the start. You then lead through a walkway to this strange wooded area to an area that looks like the epicenter of some weird cult where they sacrifice humans. That's all I'm going to say, but follow your instincts and the need to explore everything, and you will go on an truly amazing, breath taking and captavating journey!! Don't read anymore TripAdvisor reviews otherwise it's just like reading a movie review that spoils the ending.
Written May 27, 2017
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Martin B
Exeter, UK210 contributions
Very strange Garden!
Jun 2015
Its a shabby chic garden , with lots of strange idiosyncrasies that has to be seen to be believed, if passing its worth looking at.
Written June 13, 2015
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Bayeux, France23 contributions
Intriguing garden in a lovely part of Tuscany, less remote than it sounds
Apr 2015 • Couples
When you look for San Giovanni d'Asso on the map, it seems pretty remote. It may be a bit of a detour, but with such incredible Tuscan landscapes to enjoy as your make your way there, who can complain? The tiny town has a charming castle with a truffle museum and a restaurant with a lovely terrace, delicious truffle dishes (among others) and an amiable owner. After lunch, you can make your way to the Bosco a short distance away. The Bosco is really three gardens, the entrance corridor, the woods and the valley garden. I highly recommend visiting this garden with a full stomach, an empty bladder and an open mind. Though the Bosco is rich in references to Italy's great gardens and monuments, it never gets academic or pretentious. One of the most enjoyable parts is walking around with neither map nor guidebook, just trusting your own eye and experience to interact with the landscapes, sculptures and inscriptions
Written May 6, 2015
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jerusalem145 contributions
A philosopher's Garden
Nov 2014 • Couples
We also came upon this magical place by accident while at the truffle Fair and this was by far and away much more powerful and exciting. The garden draws you in and you can not stop wanting to see what is around the next corner. I have never been so enchanted in my life as visiting this place. We wandered for over an hour there and when my husband wandered over to the additional side that is still under construction he was fortunate enough to meet the artistic soul behind this project! Thank you, Sheppard! This place is more important than most of the places we have visited in Tuscany and is worth driving out of your way to discover for yourself!
Written November 17, 2014
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Milwaukee, WI12 contributions
Extraordinary hidden gem
Aug 2013 • Couples
Quite by accident we stumbled upon this garden, park, work of art. It is easy to miss, but we were so moved by it that we changed our schedule to return the next day. You will not easily forget your experience here.

The entrance gate looks old and there is no formal parking lot, just some bare dirt here and there. We got out of our car and wandered into a what seemed to be a small meandering sculpture garden with no particularly defined edges. Just when we thought there ws no more, we saw something else further in woods. And then we realized we were walking along the edge of a ravine. Unbelievably there appears to be more down below, much more.

Going down the steps into the ravine is like entering a magical kingdom. The floor of the ravine looked like ancient formal gardens that had been abandoned and overgrown long ago, to which a particularly skillful artist had added a little something here, and something else there, sometimes whimsy, sometimes quirky, but always helping you see and feel and hear everything around you differently.

At first we thought the long axis of the ravine must lead up to some extraordinary estate, once wealthy but now abandoned. We learned later that it all started in 1996. There is a very small flow of water along the axis dripping down between ponds and fountains, adding its music and dampness to still silence beneath the trees. Random artworks, from tiny interactive objects to very large open cubes framing space and views. Here and there are carefully placed stone blocks, carved with words and phrase that challenge you to think freshly, without limits. Walking under the sheltering trees with all this care and intention, we felt that we were in deeply sacred space, where all we needed to do was be quiet and take it all in.

As we began to think of resting before returning to our car, we noticed the ravine was widening and opening. We followed a path up the side and there before us opened out a huge bowl, an open field many times larger than the ravine, recently laid out into what seemed to be a formal Italian garden. But soon we began to notice the same kind of artistic intelligence at work only at a much larger scale, and still young, growing into its vision.

If this sounds interesting to you, take water, allow at least 2 hours, and be sure to spend a little time just sitting in it. Like a major art museum, it is not possible to do justice to all of it in one visit. So let that idea go, and do justice to whatever you are drawn to in the time you have.
Written July 21, 2014
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Bill Quarre
San Francisco, CA497 contributions
Peaceful, interesting and quirky
Jun 2014 • Couples
We spent a couple of hours roaming around Il Bosco. We appeared to be alone the entire time we were there. It is a unique place that is worth a stop.
Written July 14, 2014
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