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Manish K
Dubai, United Arab Emirates3,968 contributions
Wonderful sports arena
Dec 2019
I had the good fortune to watch a match at the ANZ Stadium and it was a nice experience. I agree with other reviewers that the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Allianz Stadium may offer a better vibe, but the ANZ Stadium is not that far off!

The stadium is located in Olympic Park and while it may be time consuming to reach here by rail, it is still worth the journey. The stadium has nice seating and offers a great view of the action. The acoustics are very decent. Food outlets are a bit few and you get the usual burgers and doughnuts, but otherwise, it's a good place to catch a game. The area, as a whole, has a rather relaxed vibe, which makes it quite family-friendly too!
Written April 9, 2020
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Sydney, NSW1,830 contributions
Outdated facilities, frustrating transport options, severe lack of decent restaurants and bars
Feb 2020
ANZ Stadium & the Olympic Park train line were built for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. 20 years later it's barely been upgraded and mostly neglected.
I've been going there for 20 years, not because I want to, but most events I've wanted to attend are held there instead of closer to the city for some reason. I'd prefer the SCG & next-door football stadium (being re-built as of 2020) be used for sport & music events.
The stadium itself is nothing special, although the planned upgrade in 2021 might improve things, that is yet to be seen. The seating is mostly too far away from the playing surface, evident by the fact that when the Olympic running track was removed it was replaced with grass rather than more seating added. It probably has the furthest viewing distance from the seating to the playing surface in all of Australia. 20 years later & this has never been rectified.
Food options are mostly terrible, with pies and chips the only decent options, occasional donuts if on sale, and everything else tasting like fried oil or cardboard.
There are a lot of bars, but most of these are closed unless attendance of over 40,000 is expected, which is quite rare as most sporting matches attract 20,000 spectators or under, which in itself is a concern if an 80,000+ seating stadium cannot attract spectators. What they do sell is a poor selection of beer & wine & spirits, highly overpriced & not relative to the quality received. If you're lucky to get access to the members bar, there are some slightly better drink & food options, but still limited & overpriced.

Getting out of the stadium can be a hassle. While it's a 7 to 10 minute walk back to the train station & the trains run every 10 minutes, they only take you to Lidcombe station, and then you have to find a train back to the city or out west that matches up with the arriving Olympic Park train, which on weekends (when most events are held at ANZ Stadium) is much more infrequent than weekdays. Occasionally a train directly back to Redfern & Central train stations is offered, but there only seems to be one of these trains at the end of a major event, sits there for 15 to 20 minutes until it fills up with customers, and because it's not a regular service & does not run to a set timetables, it is quite common for the train to stop in between stations to allow other services go ahead, especially coming into Redfern & Central train stations. It can take an hour to get back to Redfern, which would take half an hour by driving in good traffic.
Funnily enough, the Transport NSW trip planner website will often direct you to catch a bus from ANZ Stadium to Strathfield rather than the train because it's often faster! A 50-seater bus against an 8-carriage train is not a viable option.
Parking is also overpriced, fairly limited within walking distance, and can be time consuming to leave at the end of an event.

There is only one bar open outside the stadium, misleadingly called the Brewery as it only serves mass produced beers, and it often closes prior to the end of any sporting event, for what I can only assume is to prevent people from lingering after games.
The only other bar or pub options are the Concord West train station pub about 20 minutes walk away, Paddys brewery on Parramatta Road about 30 minutes walk away (best selection of beers & food in the area if you can make it), Lidcombe pubs which mainly cater to poker machine players, the pub at Strathfield train station, Akasha brewery at Five Dock which makes the best tasting craft beers in the area & has delicious food trucks, or heading back towards the city.
Food options are hit and miss. There's a decent yet expensive ribs & burgers & steak place, 2 or 3 okay Asian food places, a Subway, and some questionable other options (McDonalds for example). Strathfield train station has some excellent food places & is the closest decent food option, unless you've arrived from the city or Newtown.

ANZ Stadium seems to be marketed as a place where you attend an event, be inconvenienced while you're inside while paying much more than you would for such shocking quality, and then leave to go elsewhere or go home. It needs a lot of improvement before it can be considered a world class quality stadium. It's certainly nothing close to anything acceptable like Melbourne offers. It's an insult to the residents of a city of 5 million people.
Written March 12, 2020
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Sue L
Sydney, Australia61 contributions
Queen concert
Jan 2020 • Couples
We parked at p5, which is quite a walk to the venue, not a problem on the way in, however leaving was quite challenging and bus queues were a few hundred metres long.

The walk to our seats was also inconvenient as it comprised of a circular steep walk, which my husband struggled with & had to stop on several occasions. When we reached the top, I asked an attendant which way to go, left or right? She was puffing on a cigarette & responded with the letter of the section we were already in - so not helpful at all, but a guy stepped in & was helpful.

The entire experience was not good & I would prefer not to go to this venue again.
Written March 8, 2020
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Mark T
4 contributions
staging of Queen concert appalling at ANZ Stadium
Feb 2020
Apart from the problems with queuing to wait for the rain to stop the real issues for me were the dreadful audio experience and lack of large video screens. We were sitting in the stands about halfway back but the delay speaker stacks were not turned on so as such only a distant muffled & echoey sound from the stage 100m away could be heard. This combined with not being able to see the band at all because of no large screens (the centre screen was too small to be useful in a stadium this size). And this for over $200 a ticket??!! I will never again attend a gig at this stadium..
Written February 24, 2020
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Richard H
Bathurst365 contributions
Great concert, poor location
Feb 2020
Queen on Saturday night, Fight Fire Australia Sunday, excellent and amazing concerts. However management of the stadium need a big kicking. Queues to get into the stadiun extended back to the statin on the Sunday and the gates only opened 20 minutes before the concert start time. Many people would have missed the first performers, as we did, but we were only fo metres from the gate. Food and beverage prices are astronomical, food is sub-standard. My wife told me that the queue for the toilets were maybe 200 metres long, no toilet paper, no hand soap and no paper towels (male toilets were fine). The garbage bins in the concourse were full and overflowing, no staff to empty them, so the litter just piled up. Loved the concert, deplored the venue management.
Written February 19, 2020
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Jenny C
Greater Sydney, Australia213 contributions
Queen concert
Feb 2020 • Friends
After standing in the line to get a souvenir t-shirt for nearly an hour we finally get to the front of the line only to be served by the slowest worker I've ever seen, who didn't have a clue what he was doing and couldn't care less about customer service or first impressions, to put it quite frankly the man was a fool and it was a huge displeasure to be served by him.

The toilets we went to use inside the venue were filthy.

We couldn't find staff to ask for directions and when we did the lady wasn't very helpful.

The venue inside is adequate shame no-one decided to put a roof on it when it was being built as it would save a lot of people getting wet like they did at the concert.
Written February 17, 2020
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Wodonga, Australia44 contributions
Firefighters Concert ten stars
Feb 2020
Totally amazing concert, the facilities were well managed, crowd control, food service, loos all kept relatively clean. Well done to the organisers, no issues to mar a spectacular concert
Written February 16, 2020
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Rowena B
1 contribution
Think first before you book
Feb 2020
I went to Queen at ANZ Stadium.Couldnt fault the quality of the concert but ANZ management need to be accountable.
You can't help rain but you can have a decent plan put in place for evacuating the
We were herded like cattle through the tunnels.
It was dangerously overcrowded, extremely claustrophobic and If there truly was an emergency evacuation then I doubt those that wernt crushed in the push would never be able to get out fast enough to survive anyway.
I would also recommend to trip advisor readers be aware that Arena ground seating is flat and visability of stage is extremely difficult .
Especially when the big screens aren't used.
Then the horrendous exit of the carpark.
We just sat in our car for 1 hour just watching chaos before our eyes.
Why is there no traffic control on these major events.
It would have to be something truly amazing to get me back to ANZ..
Just not worth the money or the stress.
Written February 15, 2020
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Singleton, Australia12 contributions
Unhealthy crap food options.
Feb 2020 • Couples
So over these venues serving food only a teenager would love!
Pizza, hotdogs, chips, donuts, burgers in abundance! 1 lot of sandwiches left and on white bread, no salads even though advertised. No wonder we have an obesity problem in Australia.
Written February 15, 2020
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Michael C
Melbourne, Australia5,548 contributions
Sports Stadium
Oct 2019
Attended a conference at ANZ Stadium. Large facility with plenty of space. Various hotels and eating out options nearby.
Written November 2, 2019
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