Anse L’Ivrogne

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Anse L’Ivrogne
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Stasha S
Castries, St. Lucia329 contributions
Afternoon Trek to Anse L'Ivrogne
Aug 2020
I have been wanting to go to this beach for the longest while, so when the opportunity presented itself about 2 weeks ago, I went for it!

From the top of the hill, the view was fantastic.Initially, there was a road to access the beach, however, as the area is being developed, my friends and I were advised not to use it due to the heavy equipment being used and a large trench there. So we had no choice but to hike down quite a steep hill to get there. It took me about half an hour since I did not come with sneakers but instead was wearing flip flops.

I found the beach to be quite a long stretch of sand and rather full of stones but being at the base of the Piton, I kind of expected that. Apart from the construction workers in the distance and two fishermen who were on their way out when we arrived, my friends and I practically had the beach to ourselves.

We were advised that for the most part, the waters were deep, so we stayed near the shore along the shallower end. The water was quite cool and crystal clear. In the distance was a faint outline of the neighbouring island of St. Vincent, mostly covered in clouds.

The trek to get back from the beach to the main road was worse than the way down because one of my friends and I opted to use the main road, being cautious to watch our step as it was quite rocky, muddy and somewhat slippery towards the end. I do hope that the new road will make access much easier in the future. Nevertheless,I would not exchange the experience for anything. I am happy that I went!
Written August 16, 2020
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Charlotte, NC54 contributions
Hard to get to and not that nice of a beach...a safe "skip" in my book
Apr 2018 • Couples
Anse L'Ivrogne beach, commonly referred to as "Sevoigne” (it's name in the Kweyol Creole dialect) by locals, interesting beach. I will preface my review of it by saying that I had heard lots of good things about it before making the trek down, and found that it was not quite as advertised. Those unmet expectations may color this review, is what it is. Take this review with a grain of salt. Also, if you want additional reviews of this beach, I highly recommend reading those embedded in guest reviews of Tet Rouge Resort, which is within walking distance of this beach. Most guests don't name the beach (because they don't know the name...? Not sure), but this is the beach they're referring to when they mention a beach that they could walk to.

My husband and I walked to this beach from Tet Rouge Resort where we were staying - the walk from the resort is probably about 30 minutes. If you're not staying at the resort, I recommend putting "The View" restaurant into your GPS and starting the hike from there (it shows up on Google maps). For reasons unknown, the restaurant doesn't appear to exist on TripAdvisor, but rest assured it is in fact a real restaurant (we didn't eat there, but heard it was great from other guests at Tet Rouge). I posted a picture of the restaurant so you can see what it looks like.

Anyway, if you decide to park at The View, the trail to the beach is on the right-hand side of the restaurant and is pretty obvious. It's a steady decline, and the path is littered with large boulders and small rocks alike - I wore hiking shoes down and was quite glad I did, as the slippery rocks and mud made the path a little more treacherous than we had been led to believe it would be (and we were there in the dry season...).

As you near the beach, you'll come to a small river/stream - easily passable, but it was at this point I wished that I didn't have hiking shoes on...because crossing the stream without full-on walking through it would have been a fool's errand. The rocks and boulders sticking up out of the river are wet and slippery, so stepping on them is a bad idea - it's easier to just walk right on through to the other side. Perhaps some sort of water shoe would be ideal?

Once you've crossed the stream, it's not far to the beach itself. You'll pass the Gros Piton beach access trail head on your right (this is one point at which you can start the hike to the top of Gros Piton - we talked to locals and they all HIGHLY recommended we not start it here, as apparently it adds an unnecessary degree of difficulty to the hike). The beach will be directly in front of you, with a beautiful view of Gros Piton to your right. The beach itself is quite pebbly; we didn't stay to snorkel or swim, but we were told that swimming is best on the left side of the beach, which is accessible by (re) crossing the previously crossed river (now much more stream-like) as it exits to the ocean.

We didn't stay long at the beach. I've posted pictures of it, so you can judge for yourself, but our impression of it, if we could sum it up in one word, would be: trashy. There are a lot of beautiful beaches on St. Lucia, and although this one is quite secluded, it just felt...dirty. There were little huts toward the back of the beach, I think some locals live there, which is fine - I don't take issue with that, and I understand that they maintain it, which is nice of them. I was also told by other guests at Tet Rouge that the locals they met there were very nice and hospitable, so I don't want to leave the impression that it was some sort of homeless refuge. It just honestly didn't appeal to me as a place that I wanted to spend a lot of time. In the interest of full disclosed, though, my husband and I fell in love with Anse Mamin earlier in the week, so that hopefully helps anyone reading this review understand the kinds of beaches that appeal to us. We like having the option to rent a beach chair. We like having people there to serve us drinks. We like a nice sandy beach. If those things aren't that big a deal to you, though, then this beach may be for you.

I'm also skeptical as to whether or not the beach bar there is EVER open - based on the Tet Rouge reviews that mention the beach as well as some other online sources I've come across, the bar is pretty much never open. So don't count on being able to get any food while you're down there unless you bring it yourself.

Re: the hike back up, if you've read the Tet Rouge reviews that mention this beach then you know it's a steep one. The entire trek to the beach is downhill, so you can imagine that the trek back up is entirely uphill. I didn't time it on our way down, but the uphill climb to The View took us 16 minutes. We were pretty much sweat-drenched when we arrived. Count on another 15 minutes back to Tet Rouge if that's where you're staying, which includes arguably the toughest park of the climb - the blacktop.

All in all, my opinion is that there are prettier and easier-to-access beaches on St. Lucia - this one didn't seem all that worth it to us. That said, hopefully I've given you a good feel for the kinds of beaches we enjoy, so you can decide for yourselves whether or not this beach is your kind of thing.
Written April 11, 2018
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10 contributions
Lovely beach just a slog to walk back up
Dec 2017 • Family
The walk going down is very pleasant, but up is a bit tough in the heat.
About 20mins walk.
Beach deserted except for local staff who were very friendly.
Beach bar not open when we went.
Snorkelling not bad, but a bit mixed up. Saw quite a lot of fish though and shallows had a lot of smaller fish.
Don’t sit under the coconut trees!
Written December 29, 2017
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