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The best way to see the fjord landscape is from above! This excursion brings you through the favourite hiking terrain among the locals, 1000 meters above the famous Sognefjorden. The path twists along the edge of the mountain in an altitude there are no trees growing, which means that you are able to watch miles of spectacular scenery around you during most of the trip. We walk up the mountainside as far as you are comfortable with, before returning down through a short distance of coniferous forest. The hiking trip ends by the viewpoint at Stegastein. Tickets may be purchased in combination with a sightseeing bus ride, or seperately if you have your own transport.
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Very good

Sheffield, UK41 contributions
Sep 2016 • Solo
I walked down from Myrdal station to Flåm, after taking the 08:40 train from Bergen. The walk is very picturesque and there is lots of stunning scenery along the way to look at and take pictures of. The route is about 13 miles long and starts just over the tracks from Myrdal station. This is the highest point of the walk, at 866.8 metres, and it goes all the way down to sea level at Flåm.

The first part of the walk is a narrow path that drops down past some old wooden houses towards the river. A little further on from there the path starts down the infamous switchbacks, a series of 21 hairpin bends. This is where the path joins the Rallarvegen, a path and cycle route which goes 50 miles from Haugastøl to Flåm. These switchbacks are steep and even going down is tough going. You do get some nice views of the waterfall cascading down, but to be honest, this is the worst part of the walk, just because it is very hard on the knees. Luckily it's only about 1.5 miles and then the path levels out a bit and joins a very little used road. This road goes all the way to Flåm.

Following the road you cross the Flåm river several times, as well as crisscrossing the Flåm railway. If you are getting tired, or you are running out of time, there are stations along the way down the road, where you could use the railway to get to Flåm.

There are lots of waterfalls to see on the way down to Flåm, and there are also lots of nice views of the river and down the valley. Towards the end of the walk, the river broadens as the gradient flattens out. This is where you will go past the old Flåm church. After that it is just a couple of miles to the port and the end of the Flåm railway.

A few things to note.
1. I first tried to do this walk the previous June, but I was unable to do so due to the amount of snow still about at the top. Really, July to September are the best times to do this walk.
2. If you intend to walk from Flåm to Myrdal, then be aware that as well as being a much tougher and longer walk, due to going up not down, you may also find snow towards the top of the walk, which may hamper your efforts. The best advice is to simply look at the highest peaks around Flåm, if they are all covered in snow, it's likely that the top of the walk will be as well.
3. I walked down to Flåm to get the boat back to Bergen, which goes through the fjords and is well worth the 795 NOK price. To ensure that I was in Flåm in time for the boat, I had just over 4 hours to walk 13 miles, as the train only arrived in Myrdal at 10:55. I actually managed it in 3.5 hours, including taking some, but not lots, of photos. Walking 13 miles in 4 hours or less is quite quick, given the length of time walking and the terrain in the first few miles. If you are trying to get the boat from Flåm back to Bergen keep an eye on the time, because there is only 1 boat a day.
4. Don't be put off by the fact that you can't see Flåm, especially the port, until the very end of the walk. This is because it always hidden by the hills. The road is very easy to follow and if in doubt, just keep going downhill.After all, the finish line is the sea!

If you have the time, and the stamina, then taking the train from Bergen to Myrdal, walking down to Flåm and then taking the boat back to bergen, is a great way of seeing the mountains and the fjords. If you don't think you can walk from Myrdal to Flåm in time to catch the boat back to Bergen, then take the Flåm railway down, which is also a fantastic way to see the scenery, and takes around 50 minutes. The train also stops at the Kjosfossen waterfall, which you can't see if you walk down from Myrdal.

The alternative to the above is to take the boat from Bergen to Flåm. There are trains from Myrdal to both Bergen and Oslo. Also the trains run later than the boat, so time is not such an issue, but do remember that it will be a much harder walk going up to Myrdal from Flåm. Also make sure that the top of the walk is not covered by deep snow.
Written February 13, 2017
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Keith P
Nottingham, UK35 contributions
Aug 2017
We arrived in Flam on a Fred Olsen cruise and had booked through them the Flam railway ticket which was for 3.00 p.m., so we had the morning free.
We picked up the free “Walking in Flam” leaflet from the tourist office. 5 walks are shown, and we opted for Number 3 Brekkefossen waterfall. Once we got on the right road (go in front of the Flam Campsite on the pavement, not behind it), the path soon leads to a track along the valley.
As indicated, there is a signpost among the way for Brekkefossen Walk going off to the right. The climb is easy to start with, and then gets progressively more difficult, but if you can manage it to the top, the views of the Fjord, and the Waterfall beside you are stunning.
If you can’t get to the top, there are good view on the way up, so go as far as you can manage.
Two observations: Wear good (walking) shoes if possible. Allow much more time than the 1.5-2.0 hours suggested in the leaflet
Written August 28, 2017
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Mark Benjamin L
Dubai, United Arab Emirates551 contributions
Aug 2015 • Couples
Beautiful scenery and great walking . We walked to the big waterfall on a good weather day . This is a 5 km roundtrip walk with most of the going on the flat _ until a sharp but short climb up to the site of the waterfall. All around is very pretty and gives a good sense of the fjord and its environs.
Written September 6, 2015
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Charles C
Colorado Springs, CO406 contributions
Jun 2016 • Couples
Flam, I believe, is one of those perfect cruise ports. Everything is close to the ship, lots of different things to do, fantastic scenery, pubs, restaurants, and just a stone’s throw from the ship. With only us and an AIDA ship tendering in, the port was not too crowded with cruisers, but rapidly filled up with regular tourists during the day and with cruisers as the early morning tours returned.

The ticket counters inside the office are more than just train ticket counters. They will ticket a host of activities from cruises to bus trips. It’s more a tourist office ticket than just a train ticket booth.

There are several self guided hikes laid out on a placard on the side of the old yellow train station just to the left of the tracks. There are about 9 local walks/hikes ranging from 2 to 7km. A map is shown on the wall with the waypoints from the guide placard shown. A paper map is available in the ticket office. Another placard had extended hikes in the area that use train or buses or cruises as jumping off or return points.

The cruise port area is new. Old Flam is about 1.5km up the river complete with ABC (Yep a church), cemetery, old style buildings and a great view of a couple of waterfalls. The walk to old Flam is almost on level ground, paved and gravel roads and paths. (Mobility impaired should plan on staying in the cruise area on solid pavement. Outside the area is cobblestone and gravel.)

There is a COOP market in the port area with a lot of ‘stuff’ you might need. Grocery items, hygiene products, water, soft drinks, meats and cheeses, crackers and biscuits. And very close to the ship, so you don’t have to carry stuff very far. There are several souvenir shops, but the big one by the ticket office has a large selection of just about everything. From trinkets to jewelry, ball caps to mink fur hats, t-shirts to fox fur jackets and tanned caribou hides, letter openers to some really wicked looked hand crafted knives – it has a massive selection.

The weather was almost perfect. Blue sky would have been better, but we’d settle for no rain in a heartbeat. Started out a little misty, but about 0900 it started to clear with patches of blue sky and some spots of sunshine. By the time we got on the train it was overcast going up the mountain, but it was high clouds, and only rained at the top with minimal loss of visibility. Still pretty spectacular.

There is a free train museum and wicked fast free internet over by the train museum. (The other site, based out of the mall, gives you 15 minutes free, then charges you.) Follow the crew, they will show you where the best reception spot is.
Written July 10, 2016
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Incline Village, NV538 contributions
Jun 2018 • Couples
Leaving from Flam, walk towards the Flam Marina and Apartments along the boardwalk. Continue on the road past the marina and the cute 4 red cottages on the water. The road will lead you to a nice view back looking at Flam. There was no traffic on that road at all. After you round the bend of the road, it converges into a pathway off of the road. It will run along the highway at that point. Nevermind, you won't notice the highway traffic. There is an occasional bus and lorry or some motorcycles and Teslas, but your attention will be drawn towards the beautiful vistas of the Fjord. You can walk as far as Aurlandsvangen I suppose. We had a certain amount of time so walked for 4 km and then turned around and walked back. We left at 9:30 in the morning and didn't see any others on the path until nearly returning. It was a lovely, easy, relaxing, photographable and level walk. Highly recommend if you have bad knees and can't do the waterfall hikes. I had good knees until I did Preikestolen in Stavanger!!! Haha.
Written June 9, 2018
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Las Vegas, NV54 contributions
Jun 2016 • Couples
We were staying in Flam for two nights to enjoy the views and not rush our Norway in a nutshell experience so we took the opportunity to go back up to Myrdal and bike down the Rallervegen.
Guys. If you have the time and resources, do this!!!! It was unbelievably beautiful, I was blissfully happy but also a little sad during the trip because as we all know, pictures can't capture very much and there's no way a person can even remember this level of beauty.
We called up to the Myrdal station to reserve our bikes the day before (about 380 nok per person) you should also book your train ticket to Myrdal if you're coming from Flam.
About us: we are not bikers at all. We know how to ride bikes but we have no mountain biking experience and before this I probably haven't ridden a bike in over a year. The start of the trail is gravely and rocky, just walk your bike down if you're feeling apprehensive. Past Myrdal is a section full of steep switchbacks, go slow if you're nervous or just walk if you're not sure about some of the turns. There's a huge waterfall right next to you that you'll want to get pictures of anyway and it's not a race. 17km is not a lot so take your time (3 hours with lots of photo breaks, 2 hours if you're not). Once you're past that area it's pretty easy going, the way is pretty much downhill the whole time. Just be cautious of hikers, other bikers and cars. Bike like you're driving; slow down around turns incase there are cars coming at you (you will encounter more cars as you near Flam but the road will also be wider around there).
It is the most beautiful and wondrous bike ride of my life. I feel that the whole purpose of learning how to ride a bike at all was lead up to this experience.
The difference from the train ride is that this drops you down into the valley much faster and you're down in the bottom of the valley next to the river. The scope of this landscape is much more impactful when you're interacting with it. The wind is in your face and the clear river is racing beside you and there's waterfalls all around and lush meadows dotting the forested hills.
I hope you all get a chance to go!
Written June 5, 2016
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Laura M
London, UK39 contributions
Mar 2014 • Couples
What a beautiful hike. We got off from the Flam train at Blomheller and hiked down to Flam. One of the best hikes we've ever done. Very peaceful and a suitable hike for any ability. The hike is 13.5km which took us 3.5 hours with a few stops to take photos and have food. We went in March and were a little worried about the conditions as further up the mountain at Myrdal station, it was snowing, very icy and steep. However at Blomheller there was no snow and the route is very flat from here. If you like to hike, this is a much better option then staying on the train all the way down to Flam since you go through a lot of tunnels on the train so don't get to experience the views as much. The trail is very well marked-impossible to get lost.
Written March 15, 2014
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New England702 contributions
Aug 2013 • Family
We trained to Berekvam, disembarked there and walked 11km back to Flam-- if you're a walker and have the time I HIGHLY recommend this option.

There is a bathroom at the Berekvam station and in August there were ripe, wild raspberries the entire walk down. The walk is along a road on which maybe half dozen cars passed us over the 90 minute walk along with LOTS of bicycles (apparently you can rent them at the top and ride down). The views are outstanding and we even passed a local K-7 school with 33 students in the entire school.
Written August 30, 2013
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Murfreesboro, TN214 contributions
Sep 2016 • Solo
I arrived at Myrdal train station from Bergen and had rented a bike from Cafe Rallaren, and cycled down to Flam. The bike was about $40 for one person at the cafe. This page is about hiking, which I biked instead but would be a pretty hike as well. The path started out very very very steep! It was loose gravel and a downward spiral pathway for about a mile/1.6km. I was four months pregnant so I took caution and walked this part till I got to the lower end of the valley. Some people were just flying down this part of the path with their bikes. I would like to add to take caution, even if you are a regular cyclist or fit. I am quite active and cycle a lot at home, but this was something I would take my time at in the beginning. I found out later by a local that at least one person dies each year from the path, and mostly because people don't take caution. There are sharp turns and lots of rocks to easily flip over and go over the mountain. Now with that said... this was such a AWESOME path! It was very scenic all the way to Flam. Don't let me frighten you be talking about the steep path in the beginning, just wanted to let people know to be careful. The bike path was about 15miles/24k. It took me about two hrs to do. It's downhill for most of the path, so you easily just glide down. I did stop at several places and took pictures and soaked up the beauty. This is a must do and you won't regret it!
I will add that I was staying the night in Flam. So I left the bike with the company at the end of the trail in Flam. If you are not staying overnight in Flam, you can ride the well known train back up to Myrdal.
Written November 10, 2016
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Midway, UT46 contributions
Sep 2014
I kept pinching myself! I could not believe I was hiking in Norway. What a way to enjoy this charming location. After taking the railway up we hiked down passing many waterfalls, walking along a river and saw goats roaming the countryside. It was like a postcard.
Written September 16, 2014
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