Nam Nao National Park
Nam Nao National Park
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Very good

Greater London, UK114 contributions
Dec 2019
I reviewed this in the wet season in 2017 when the leeches were just too much to bear in the forest trails. Not a leech in sight this time so much more straightforward. We rented the camping gear which is really recommended - it’s all good quality and not expensive, the tent big enough to be comfortable. Birds if anything were less obvious than in the wet season - woodpeckers especially less obvious than in July, but the long tailed and silver breasted Broadbills were great amongst other species. And the small flock of olive backed pipits most endearing.
Written January 13, 2020
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Debbie M
Corvallis, OR157 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
Nam Nao National Park is on the major highway between Northeast Thailand and North Thailand. This makes the highway busy. The busy season for the park is during winter because it gets colder there that most of Thailand. That is why the thermometer is famous - to show how cold it is! Since we went in August it was warmer, but definitely cooler than the Bangkok area. We drove about 5 hours from Ayutthaya Province. The park was not very busy at all. Some days we were the only tourists around! The weekend, which was the Queen's birthday and thus a holiday, was a bit busier - but still there were very few around except the workers. We stayed 6 nights.
We stayed in bungalow 301. It is the only 6 bed cabin. It worked well for our group - 2 grandparents, 2 parents, and 5 children. The one room had 4 beds, wall to wall, so no one would roll out of bed unless they were sideways. The parents and children all slept there. The children were ages 8 months to 10 years. They did have a small playpen for the baby to use, but she sometimes slept with everyone else. This room had a cupboard with 6 towels in it. It also had 4 hooks to hang things on. The other room had 2 beds side by side, and worked well for the grandparents. This room was also the main room. There was a decent size refrigerator with separate door for the freezer, which was nice. We hadn't expected a refrigerator so had brought a cooler and ice, expecting to use boxed milk (which the Thai use regularly) after the first day or two. We refroze the ice and used it when we returned. There was a TV (which we didn't use), a hot pot, and some bowls, cups and silverware, and a dish drainer. There was a cabinet that was locked that we used for a counter. This room had one power strip that was the only power outlet. There was a little bit of empty space in this room, which was needed for walking back and forth. The front door was at the foot of the beds. The bathroom was off of this room as well. This was a typical Thai bathroom with shower, sink & toilet (Western style) all together with no partitions. There was a hot water heater, but the higher you turned the heat up the slower the water flowed. There was a mirror over the sink with a ledge for toothbrushes & toothpaste. There was also a back door to a little porch where there was a sink for washing dishes. There were screens on the windows, but there were cracks around the doors. Also the bathroom drain was unscreened so large spiders and moths flew in there. One night I got bit numerous times so turned on the light and found my bed was full of tiny ants that were biting me. They were coming in under the door at the foot of the bed and found a shirt that had a bit of fruit juice on it. These "sugar ants" bite!! There was a can of bug killer in the cabin and a quick spray on the bottom of the door stopped the ants. There was a small covered porch where there was a table and 4 chairs. There was a little yard with a concrete picnic table and 4 concrete stools, but there were lots of ants by the table and all over the yard. We still played a lot in the yard. One night we went outside and watched the beautiful Perseids Meteor Shower, something we could not have seen from the city.
I will try to scan the map of where the bungalows are so you can get some idea of where certain numbers are. There is not a map on the National Park webpage. The cabins seem to spread out from the Visitor's Center. There are usually 2 cabins somewhat close together. Cabin 301 was the closest, which made it easy to go get ice cream cones or bars from the little "gift shop". There was one little restaurant open that we ate at every day, either for lunch or supper/dinner. The prices were a little higher than other places, but still not bad. A meal for all 9 of us that would usually coast about 600 baht ($18 US) cost about 800-900 baht ($25-$27). That includes drinks.
WARNING: The trails that start by the Visitor's Center have leeches on them. On the sign it says snails, but these are land leeches. We started taking one trail the first morning, assuming that this would be like the leech trails at Kao Yai National Park, where we got 2 leeches on 6 of us the whole walk. These trails are very leechy!! We turned around shortly as the 4 year old started to shriek and we all had leeches on us - on our socks, under our feet on the insoles of our sandals, on our legs, etc. These leeches look like dark inch worms - they crawl like inch worms and are small and thin. They keep one end on the ground and wave the other end around looking for a victim! They bite right through your socks, crawl up your legs, and hang on leaving your leg bloody when pulled off! We later bought special canvas leech socks at the "gift shop" for 80 baht a pair (about $2.50) for the ones who decided to brave the leech hike. In the one kilometer hike the 6 year old counted about 120 leeches. These are just the ones she saw - not all those that were hiding in the leaves. The man at the Visitor's Center told us the leech socks were 30 baht a pair. I don't know if their price went up that much or if that is the price during the busy season and it was higher because it was off season.
There are other trails that do not have leeches on them. The hike to the Sai Thong waterfall and Heo Sai waterfall had no leeches. However the pamphlet given to us at the entry gate was not accurate. We decided to go to the farther one first, then return to the other. In the pamphlet it says that Sai Thong waterfall is only 500 meters beyond Hao Sai. When we arrived at the "Y" one sign said Sai Thong 2375 meters and Hao Sai 120 meters. We went to the left and walked a while and came to a stream that went over Hao Sai waterfall. It was pretty, and refreshing. We walked on and on until the 8 year started screaming! She had hit a wasp nest and was covered in wasps. Grandpa took his shirt off and knocked the wasps off of her. The 8 year old got 9 stings, the 10 year old got one, and Grandpa and Daddy each got one rescuing the others. Needless to say we turned around there and went to Hao Sai waterfall. We soaked the stings at the stream, then continued to the other waterfall. The children played around by the waterfall and Grandpa went swimming. We went back another day and all splashed in the water, stood under the waterfall, and swam for several hours. The water was the perfect temperature to play in for hours!! This was the favorite day for many of us. We took a picnic lunch and ate it as far away from where we were playing as possible as the ants were awful. Daddy dropped the rest of us off and then went to the nearest town to get gas and some groceries. He still had time to play in the water after he got back!!
One evening we went to "Sunset Viewpoint" or "Tham Pha Hong" viewpoint. We went early so we could look for a small cave that seemed to be near. There was a parking area by the main road where we parked. There was a road that we walked up, but it had huge puddles and was very muddy - suitable only for 4 wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles. We came to the end of the road and found the path, stairs, going up to the viewpoint, but no sign for the cave. We split up, going 3 different directions and found the cave by going past the parking area or viewing area there on a small winding path along the side of the hill. There was a steep ladder going up to the cave so Daddy helped all the children with Grandpa receiving at the top but Grandma stayed down as she had hurt her wrist. While she was waiting Grandma heard a loud racket, and thought it was from crows or squirrels. Well she finally saw two monkeys!! Phayre's Leaf-monkey is what they have there, and they were swinging in the tree tops. We all went up the 259 steps to the viewpoint and took pictures but came down before the sun set because it would have been hard to come down all those steps in the dark. We spread a mat on the parking area and ate our picnic and watched the sun set. It was beautiful!
Most of the hikes required us to leave the National park boundaries, but we just showed our pass each time and only had to pay the first time. Sometimes we didn't even need to show anything as they recognized us.
There were lots of signs warning of elephants, but we never saw any elephants. There were many lovely butterflies, moths and birds that we saw. We saw dung of different animals, smelled animals nearby, and saw "foot" prints of many animals, but did not see any large animals at all. We did see a large - about 6 inches long - black scorpion on the driveway one time, but it never got near us.
Hint - we took a clothesline along and found a way to hang it up under the eaves of the porch. It came in very handy - for bath towels, for swim suits, and so we could wash juicy clothes right away to keep the ants at bay. Take soap along for washing clothes as well as dishes.
Written September 6, 2017
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Buriram, Thailand120 contributions
Nov 2015 • Family
Nam Nao is a great National Park that straddles the beautiful scenic Highway #12.

There are several hiking trails directly off the highway leading to some nice waterfalls. These can be visited during quick day trips without having to enter the main park. And without having too pay the entrance fee.

The main park has several large camping areas and a number of cabins for rent. The camping areas seem to be kept clean and have convenient bathroom facilities. We were there during a holiday so the campsites were crowded but very manageable. The restaurant facilities were not able to handle the crowds, so the choices were few and the wait to eat was long.

The park has several choices for hiking trails in every difficulty range. There are beautiful views, big pine forests, beautiful stands of bamboo. The tall wet grass along the trails have lots of leeches so I recommend long pants and boots.
Written December 6, 2015
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Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany568 contributions
Dec 2014 • Couples
The campsites are great, They are clean and spatious and there is a toilet/cold shower at disposition which is cleaned every day.
You can either rent a bungalow or a tent ( 2 to 6 persons), we took a 2 persons tent (250 baht per night) the tents are in very good condition.

The national park has three trails for trekkers, the longest one is about 6 KM and ther is a nice view point on the eay wher you can enjoy a beautiful scenary.
They also offer a taxiservice to a nice sunset point(70 baht) and a nice sunrise point(50 baht).

There are 3 restaurants on the site, which all offer Thai food( a bit more expensive than street vendors, but still relatively sheep) and a supermarket which sells everything that you need.

We got here from Khon Kaen about 3 hours with bus direction Phitsanulok or Lom Sak.
Just tell the driver Nam Nao and he will drop you of where you need the be.
Written December 27, 2014
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48 contributions
We chose the quieter camping area, about 400m from the restaurants. The spacious campsite is very clean with plenty of flat grounds for a relaxing night in a comfortable cooling climate under the pines, even during the daytime except from 12n to 2pm (we had a good sun tanning). The 2 person tent for rental are in good condition and rather clean too. There are 3 restaurants with a good selection of Thai food that tastes good and very reasonably priced. The 2 huge convenient shops are equipped with all that you need so there is no need to bring much things.

The few trails in the national park are good for bird lovers because we saw many birds. We only went for the shortest trail (butterfly trail) and decided we would not go for more as it leads past streams and some wet grounds. There are signs to warn of leeches so do put on proper attire.

The protected area of this park is rather huge. The few interesting attractions are actually out from the park. We did not go to the ancient cave because noone is going and so we need to pay about 2000B for a jeep with driver. If you are not driving, you may join their tours for the sunset or sunrise viewing at a minimal fee of 60B/30B for an adult/a child respectively. There is also a night safari tour at 80B/person which we enjoyed because it will take us deep into its jungle, usually prohibited for entry to the public. Check with the friendly rangers at the camping quarters (some speak good English) for more information. Bring your warm clothings along during these tours because it is chilling.

We got to Nam Nao by their local bus at 50B from Loei bus terminal. Buses leave about 1-1/2 to 2 hourly and no need to buy tickets in advance because fares are collected on the bus. Tell the conductor that you are dropping off at the camping site. Along the way, you will see the signages of sunrise view and sunset view. After you have alighted, pay 200B/adult and 100B/child. It is about another 2km walk to the camping quarters from there. We managed to hitch a hike up to the park. Anyway, it is a nice stroll with many birds to watch.

Thanks to all the friendly and helpful rangers who have made our 2 nights there a memorable one. Visit if you love the fauna and wish to relax at a clean campsite with pines where there are not many people in a comfortable cooling climate.
Written December 25, 2014
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Samut Songkhram, Thailand28 contributions
Dec 2021
Nam Nao National Park is located in the Phetchabun Mountain Range. which is the boundary between the Northeast and the North The general condition of the area is a high mountain range stretching through Chaiyaphum and Phetchabun provinces. It looks like an obtuse peak formed by the uplift of the earth's crust in the past. Its height is between 650-1,200 meters above sea level.It consists of Phu Kum Khao, Phu Pha Chit or another name. "Phu Dan I Pong" which is the highest point with a height of 1,271 meters above sea level. Consists of forests, watersheds, streams. The origin of long streams such as the Pa Sak River, Phong River, Loei River, Huai Khon Kaen, Huai Nam Chuen, which flows into Ubonratana Dam. and Chulabhorn Dam
Written February 24, 2022
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Roman J
Bangkok, Thailand387 contributions
Mar 2018 • Couples
We loved walking the nature trials of Nam Nao, great green environment and all the trials were clean and easy to find. During our walks we found many elephant footprints but couldn't spot any which might have been anyway more safe. As many of Thailand National Parks are heavily overrun with loud music and lot of dirt we were extremely impressed about this well maintained place. Hope the park rangers will keep in that excellent shape. A hikers paradise.
Written March 31, 2018
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Michael Rohan S
Greater Sydney, Australia997 contributions
Dec 2017 • Friends
A delightful stop while travelling through Nam Nao National Park. A short walk up a hill provides excellent views. Thailand's most romantic mountain, the bell-shaped Phu Kradung can be seen in the distance.
Written January 1, 2018
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Greater London, UK114 contributions
Jul 2017 • Couples
Camped one night here in the wet season. We were the only campers there!! Made for a quiet time which I actually quite enjoyed. The camping equipment is of good quality and low cost so is thoroughly recommended. Beware the leeches - my god. I've spent a fair amount of time in the wet season in such places but here the leeches were horrendous. Come well prepared I suggest. You can avoid them by walking the tracks to/from the park and elsewhere rather than the designated forest trails, so plan carefully. Eight species of woodpecker seen here including great slaty, white bellied, and bamboo (this in bamboo next to the campsite). Red headed trogon and banded kingfisher also around.
Written August 21, 2017
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Sydney, Australia83 contributions
May 2016 • Couples
We stayed 2 nights in a Namnao National Park bungalow and whilst spacious there were some disadvantages . Power goes off around 9am and may return somewhere around 6 or 7 pm . It was very hot when we stayed so hard to escape the heat and recharge camera batteries and seems little point having a fridge if you can't keep things cold . etc . We stayed in Bungalow 101 which was about 1 km back to the shop . This is supposed to accomodate 8 people but beds are 4 big single so if you were 2 average sized people then I wouldn't say these were double beds . There was only one little shop open selling a few Tshirts and torches and lanterns and one little cafe .when the power went out and didn't return until about 9 pm we knew then why lanterns and candles were sold The locals were very friendly and food simple , inexpensive but delicious . They kindly helped us with our bags as we left when the heavens opened . You can buy water , a few pks of chips and cold drink . The nature trails we did early were quite scenic but little wildlife about , however the deserted camp ground was great for bird watching and included Greater flame back woodpecker, Blue magpie , Oriel , to name a few . Happy to see numerous squirrels around too . For anyone visiting this park I would recommend having your own transport be that a motor bike or hire a driver for a couple of days to access other National parks in the area and perhaps stay closer to those coming here just for the day . .Bring some of your own supplies but nothing that needs refrigerating . We have stayed in National park Bungalows before in Sulawesi where power is only available at certain times and was far more rustic but somehow they better value . Camping might be the best option .
Written May 24, 2016
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