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Elephant Nature Park
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1 Ratmakka Road Phra Sing Subdistrict, 71150 Thailand

33 reviews
Very good

LK James
2 contributions
What a wonderful experience!! If you are a lover of nature I would highly recommend Elephant Nature Park's Tours.
Jan 2020
We booked to go on the Elephant Heaven project tour organised through the Elephant Nature Park, and we are so glad that we did! The tour was extremely well run - the operators were friendly, knowledgeable, on-time, courteous and fun-loving. My family and I (me, my husband and two sons 9 and 7 yrs old) were picked up by minibus from our hotel in Chiang Mai. There was only one other family on our tour. We travelled for about 50 mins north of Chiang Mai. Once at our destination we were greeted by the people living on the property. We were instructed on how to prepare the sugarcane, pumpkin and bananas for the elephants. Once prepared we took this food around the back of the hut and were met by three beautiful ( and hungry) elephants- a 60 yr old, 25 yr old and a 4 year old baby-all female.
We then walked with the elephants through the small area of jungle on the property and watched as the elephants knocked down small trees, drank water from the stream, and picked fruit with their trunks. Lunch was delicious and over lunch our guide was forthcoming in answering any questions that we had regarding the elephants.
We then walked back down to the enclosure. The handlers sprayed water on the animals and encouraged us to come into the enclosure to rub mud on the elephants' hides. Then it was time for a swim and splash in the water. Then the handler got the elephant to suck some water up in it's trunk which (on his command) she then sprayed at our sons, much to their delight.
Written February 26, 2020
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Holly G
Exeter, UK23 contributions
Once in a lifetime experience
Nov 2018 • Couples
Its a long journey from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi; but its worth every penny and all that travelling! The elephants have no chains/ropes like most others, they are not controlled, they are literally free to wonder the land, and come and go as they please quite literally. They follow the staff but they are not pressured to do so! They are all very healthy and all so gentle. The staff are knowledgeable and really care for the elephants. The lunch served was plentiful and tasty - it is a full day with the elephants and a chance not to miss. They come so close to you, you can touch them - The staff educate you not to be afraid as they are sensitive animals.. Each one has a name and each one has a different story. They are real rescues who used to be ridden but now spend their days in in the jungle roaming in peace like elephants should. Its 100% humane... not once did I see a member of staff mistreat the elephants - no ear pulling, no pinch's or push's just gentle touching and positive reinforcement with sugar canes! Fab place - YOU MUST GO!!!
Written June 28, 2019
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Columbia, MO10 contributions
Awesome Asian Elephants!
Jan 2019 • Couples
Elephant Nature Park is amazing! We went on a one day tour in the highlands. We cut fruit and fed it to the elephants, went out n a walk with them, bathed them, observed them grazing on their own and made rice balls for them. Elephant Nature Park is humane and dedicated to the health and happiness of their elephants. Our time with the elephants was the highlight of our trip!
Written January 13, 2019
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Carl S
5 contributions
DO IT!!!!
May 2018 • Solo
The first thing I want to say is that I am 100% positivet that this is a humane place to visit. They are wonderful to their elephants and I will donate/visit/and raise money for them in the future. I am a female solo traveler who stayed on the property for two nights. Everything about this place is amazing! I don’t know where to start.

I woke up to elephants outside my door. The best thing about staying here is that you get to be with the elephants before tours get there in the morning and after the tour cars leave at night. You get to know the elephants personalities; they are so individual and each is unique.

Everyone makes food for them in the morning, walks with them through the woods, feeds them, and sits on raised platforms that bring them to eye level. The guides are amazing! They are kind, speak good English, and are really knowledgeable about their elephants. Not all speak English but each was able to communicate what his specific elephant likes. They also made sure I was safe, and that I never made an elephant uncomfortable.

After you walk you go to lunch. The food is amazing!

After lunch you walk with the elephants to a mud bath, bathe them (I.e. swim with them), and accompany them to the feeding place. You give them more plantanes before you leave.

I also want to say that this trip was my first to Thailand, and I will come back here every single time. This reserve is well worth the trip to Kanchanaburi and the time it takes. Please support this venture. And say hi to Mali for me- she’s the best!
Written July 12, 2018
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Rhoose, Wales, United Kingdom6 contributions
Elephant Nature Park
Feb 2018 • Family
Fantastic day with very happy elephants. No logging, circus, trekking, football or painting for them, they seem so relaxed. Great day feeding them, then it was down for a wash in the river. They are so well looked after and can be very cheeky !
Written March 1, 2018
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Jennifer W
Berkeley, CA7 contributions
Skip all the others
Dec 2017 • Friends
I don’t know why this doesn’t come up first when I search on elephants near Chiang Mai. What is being done here to rescue and heal elephants, dogs, cats, water buffalo and cows is truly inspirational. I was afraid to go because I thought I couldn’t stand to hear the stories of the animal’s abuse. But although painful to hear, knowledge is power, and this organization has become so successful at humane and compassionate care that others are now imitating their business model. Go! If you love animals you will love Elephant Nature Park.
Written December 15, 2017
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Sarah C
6 contributions
An awesome experience we will never forget.
Oct 2017 • Friends
This place is absolutely amazing. We enjoyed every second of our stay, and the people who work there are great. We did the overnight stay and the Care for Elephants project. Both trips lived up to our expectations and our guides Dao, Su and A were all really good. Especially Su was terrific at answering questions and his english was excellent. They were also all very knowledgeable. If you want to interract with elephant you should definitely go to this place instead of supporting somewhere else where they are hurting the animals (like circuses, riding camps or elephant shows) This place has a no riding policy, which is perfect. Can't wait to go there next week!
Written October 13, 2017
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London, UK4 contributions
Amazing Experience!
Apr 2017 • Couples
The elephant sanctuary – this was an amazing experience. We did the full day from 8am to 3pm. We made food for the elephants then fed them our food, then we walked through the forest to the river with elephants and swam with them. There was no restriction on getting close to the elephants, you could stroke, cuddle, swim with the elephants which was brilliant. The lunch was homemade and very tasty and they were able to cater for my boyfriend’s nut allergy. There was also free water, tea and coffee all day. Then in the afternoon we walked through the forest with the elephants again and swam in the river with them. The elephants looked happy and we felt that they were treated well.

The journey to the elephant sanctuary - we saw this elephant sanctuary advertised and we were desperate to come! The problem was getting there as it’s quite far from Bangkok. As we spent a long time researching the best time and way to get there from Bangkok I’m going to tell you how we did it as this would have been really helpful for us! We decided to come to Kanchanaburi the day before because it would have been a very early start in the morning! It does take a while, around 3 hours. To get there we got the train from Bangkok Noi Station to Kanchanaburi the day before. Beware, we were told by some Thai people in the tourist office that the train would be full so we should get a mini bus which they could organise for us! We decided not to listen to them thinking they might be trying to scam us and we were right, as getting the train couldn’t have been easier. We got a metered taxi from our hotel to the train station and arrived there about an hour before the train was due to leave (as we were quite nervous about not being able to get on), we bought two tickets for 100 TBH each (£2.50 each) near the front of the train as the seats were comfier there. The train took a few hours but it was a nice way to travel. On the way back we just got a private taxi organised by our hotel to Bangkok. I would advise staying two nights in Kanchanaburi because the river is beautiful and there are some interesting things to do.

Would we recommend this experience? Yes, it was brilliant. There was someone on our trip who was there for the third time!
Written April 20, 2017
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Tony H
Chiang Mai, Thailand24 contributions
Looking for a real sanctuary? This is it!
Aug 2016
In the rise of awareness around irresponsible Elephant Tourism (abuse for the sake of riding, and performances) the term sanctuary has started to be used to blanket or 'green wash' irresponsible practices amongst many old riding camps - Elephant Nature Park has been an ambassador on the global scale to fight against this, and properly educate guests, while caring for their animals. They aren't perfect, but they're as close as they come! Definitely an incredible experience :)
Written March 29, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Joe F
220 contributions
A day in the life of. ...
Dec 2016 • Family
Wow. ..what can I say about this wonderful place. ..situated approximately 3 hours from Bangkok, this elephant preserve is a perfect place to get up close and personal with a truly gentle giant. We wanted to see these animals in a peaceful, non-abusive environment where they are not ridden and are simply cared for. So we booked the two-day tour and took a commuter van to Elephant Nature Park. We spent the days feeding, bathing and walking with the elephants. We actually made their food. Part of the second day was spent cutting sugar cane before we fed the sugar cane to the elephants. Due to the size of our group (5) we were put up at a hotel down the road instead of sleeping in the camp. The hotel was nice and clean with a simple fish and rice dinner and a traditional Thai breakfast with rice, American eggs, toast, coffee and juice. At the elephant camp we were fed a wonderful lunch both days and there was plenty of water, tea and instant coffee. We were very relaxed and we can easily say you will enjoy your time there!
Written February 20, 2017
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