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Dunfermline, UK234 contributions
Sep 2020 • Family
Last year when we visited Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle we drove past the cable car from a distance and thought next time we visit we must give it a go and so we did couple of weeks ago. Firstly parking, it was a beautifully hot Septembers day and parking was very busy, it looked like we would have to park quite far away from the Cable Car itself. However I decided to drive straight up to the ride and parking wasn’t a problem. Most of the car’s parked in the fields were walkers out for the day. It cost €5 for all day parking at the ride. Due to Covid everyone was socially distanced apart from inside the cable car, however from buying the tickets and actually getting on the ride it was only around 40 minutes which was much quicker than I expected. The ride to the top takes 6 minutes and the scenery is fantastic. Great views of the Castle as well. When you get to the top there’s Restaurant’s for food and drink. It cost €50 (Return) for for the 3 of us (discounted) but well worth it, however ideally to make the most of it you need a clear sunny day. If your feeling energetic there are several routes to walk back down. Regards......
Written September 30, 2020
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Lucinda T
Kingman, AZ344 contributions
Jun 2019
I was very excited about taking the cable car up to Mount Tegelberg and even bought my ticket in advance. The plan was to do two or three hikes, one at the base and one or two on top. This was early May and he sun was shining. However, best plans gone astray, it had recently snowed so the trails were closed. Bummer. However, I went up to the top to check out the snow and enjoyed the Roman ruins just behind he cable car bottom station. There is also a summer bobsled run that was already in operation. Lots to do here and I hope to return in better weather.
Written May 1, 2020
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Jacksonville, FL710 contributions
May 2014 • Couples
Everybody knows Newschwanstein Castle. Most however, are not aware that at the next bus stop after the castle, right on the base of the Tegelberg cable car is the very fun Tegerberg Summer luge. If you are unfamiliar with this ride, it is an individual luge ridden on a mini version of a bobsled track. Gravity will take riders downhill on a twisty stainless steel track. Riders can control their own speed as there is an easy breaking system to slow down. At 3 euro per ride or 15 Euro for 6 rides, this is a relatively cheap fun experience for all ages. We bought the 6 rides and share them between the two of us. We had a great time.

One tip: we were there in May and the crowd was light. This change when the tour bus arrives. Then the track becomes very crowded and slow. Fortunately it was a wave that eventually passes. If you value your luge run like we do, make your runs between the tourist waves. After all, the fun of riding the luge is going down the twisty track as fast as you can.

While waiting for the right time to make your run, on the left of the track, there is a park with mini zip lines, rock climbing wall, café and a nice area to take pictures of the luge run. The luge track is only open on a dry day as the breaking system does not work on wet track. Hours are from 10.00 to 17.30. Have fun.
Written June 11, 2014
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Udo Z
Morristown, United States10 contributions
Aug 2021 • Friends
I would recommend the experience to be up on the mountain, and the only way to get there with a 2-3 hour hike is the cable car.
Considering COVID, the cable car experience, with 30 people in tight, confined space, may not be very safe, but at least people wore masks. FFP2 masks were not enforced.
I would do it again, but anyone worried about COVID should think about it twice.
Written August 24, 2021
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1 contribution
Jun 2018 • Family
We went yesterday and I strongly advise going with your child. They are able to go alone at 8 but I don’t feel that is old enough. The sled goes very fast and there is not much space between each person. Our son hit the person in front of him and wrecked. He ended up with a black eye and chipped tooth. I feel lucky that is all that happened to him. I can see how it is fun but there should be stricter regulations.
Written June 24, 2018
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Dhahran, Saudi Arabia66 contributions
Sep 2015 • Family
The location is at the foothills of the Alps. Very easy to find! It had plenty of parking spots, BUT, you must pay for a "Parkschein" that you place in the windshield. Not sure if they actually check if you've paid or not. But there's a parking "Kasse" by the slide that will charge you about 2-4 euros, not a big deal.

The main building is where you could purchase the tickets for the alpine slide and use a bistro and good toilets (free). I can't comment on the food, since we didn't use the bistro, but the toilets were clean and well kept.

I'll attach pictures of the tickets - you can buy them as 1 or 6 ride(s) per ticket and for either children (Kinder) or adults (Erwachsene). We bought 2 6-rides tickets (12,20 euros each)for our 4 children (Ages 10, 8, 5, 3) and 1 6-rides ticket for us, as parents. In total we all rode down 3 times - which was the perfect amount! And such a fun and fast slide!

Afterward, we let the kids play on the playground which is adjacent to the alpine slide. Our kids played there for another hour on swings, a playfort and a seesaw. All in all - it was the perfect afternoon activity for a sunny day.

P.S. The castles of Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau are viewable from the site, which we had visited that morning - making this the most picturesque location!
Written September 29, 2015
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Tampa58 contributions
Apr 2014 • Couples
This was our favorite location on our recent trip to Germany and Austria. My boyfriend and I took the bahn to the top where we watched para gliders and hang gliders prepare to launch from the top of the mountain. There is a beautiful restaurant with a huge outdoor terrace at the top that overlooks the surrounding countryside below. I could have stayed here all day and enjoyed the beauty in every direction. The tables even have blankets for chilly days. We enjoyed a beer, then hiked down to the bottom where we started. There was some snow along the way which made it a little challenging, but fun. We had lunch at an outdoor restaurant/hut on the way down which also had a wonderful view of Neuschwanstein. Overall, it takes about 2.5 hours to walk down if you don't stop for lunch. We were sore for a few days afterward because we aren't used to hiking, but it was still worth the opportunity to enjoy this amazing place. At the bottom is a wonderful play area for small children and a summer rodelbahn which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Written May 4, 2014
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Katie H
Olympia, WA155 contributions
Jul 2016 • Family
We had 3 hours to kill before our Neuschwanstein tour so we bought round trip tickets on the cable car. They only accept cash, both for tickets and for food and beverages. The view at the top is spectacular. We are lunch at the restaurant up there - the food was decent and reasonably priced, and again, the view was amazing. The view of Neuschwanstein from the gondola is unbelievable. It isn't cheap (87 euro for 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 seniors) but it is worth it!
Written July 3, 2016
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Los Altos, CA389 contributions
Jul 2014 • Family
We found the Tegelberg Rodelbahn and were intending to let the kids have a few runs. We thought it wouldn't be for adults and probably pricey. Wrong on both counts. The rodelbahn was a blast for small kids and big kids alike and it was a relatively cheap source of fun! Save yourself some time and go directly to the ticket window in the building across the parking lot to the right of the rodelbahn. Also, buy a multi ride ticket right from the start. It's cheaper than a bunch of single rides and you can share the pass between the members of your group. Do it...it's a blast! Warning: if it is even slightly misty/wet, they shut it down.
Written August 24, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Brussels, Belgium13 contributions
Aug 2014 • Couples
We went up the Tegelbergbahn one day in early August, after we decided it was not worth wasting a couple of hours cuing for a ticket for the castles. We left the car in the castles' parking in Hohenschwangau and set out on foot towards the Tegelbergbahn station, a 25 minutes hike during which we also had a nice frontal view of the Neuschwanstein castle. We did not have to cue long, although there were quite a number of people in line. Up on the mountain, we enjoyed the stunning views on the Forggeensee and Bannwaldsee, the surrounding planes over many kilometres and on the surrounding mountains. It was a clear, sunny day, so lots of handgliders taking off from there. We took the hike to the top, to the cross, maybe less than an hour both ways. Not the easiest of hikes necessarily, with some steep, rocky segments, with ropes that we could use to help us climb, but lots of families with young children and senior people doing it without much apparent difficulty.

We had a nice lunch at the bergbahn hut, playing at throwing food to the crows and then took the hike down towards the Marienbrucke, the suspended bridge just behind the Neuschwanstein castle. It was a 2,5 hours descent approx. The path went first through the forest, a quite large path, on the same side of the mountain as the cable car, with much of the same views over the lakes and the plain, then it switched sides, became narrower and rockier and we had beautiful views on the surrounding mountains. Towards the end, as we got closer to the castle, we started to find different viewpoints on the Neuschwanstein here and there, the castle from above, from the side, until we reached the Marienbrucke and from there we took the road that winds down to the village from the castle itself. We enjoyed the hike very much, but as it is almost continuously descending, it is useful to have proper hiking shoes and sticks as well. It is not a difficult hike, but it may take its toll on the feet without proper equipment.
Written August 15, 2014
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