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Bayerisches Armeemuseum
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Very good

Rotterdam, The Netherlands1,678 contributions
Excellent reflection on the Great War
Jul 2020
The Bayerisches Armeemuseum comprises three museums. The Bayerisches Polizeimuseum in Turm Trivia (1841), the Bayerisches Armeemuseum in Neues Schloss (1490) and the Museum des Ersten Weltkriegs in Reduit Tilly (1841). The review is about the latter.

The Museum des Ersten Weltkriegs provides a critical and historically accurate reflection on German military confrontations in WW1 and the role of the army and the impact of the Great War on people, society and government.

The Bavarian Army museum is one of the largest museums of military history in Europe. Is an impressive museum of history with a focus on Bavaria in its European context and cover the period from the late Middle Ages to the present day.

The Museum des Ersten Weltkriegs provides excellent information and it will take you awhile to get through. You can here easily spend over 3 to 4 hours. Highly recommended.
Written July 20, 2020
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36 contributions
Museum of military history
Aug 2019
The impressive castle hosts a collection of arms and weapons from medieval period onward, through Napoleno era and a bit later. It provides great deal of swords, armour, cannons... The are deptictions of battlefields, which gives you a
good insight. Hall are spacios, as it should be in the type of castle like that. It is worth an entrance fee, since the array or military artefacts is realy outstanding. If you are in the town, give it try. You will not be disappointed.It is a place for history and military enthusiats.Night view, when the light are put on the burg, is worth to see.
Written November 25, 2019
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Oberammergau, Germany184 contributions
Definitely worth a visit
Jul 2019 • Business
This is a brilliant museum, loads of stuff to see. They have English speaking tour guides. A very interesting trip.
Written July 4, 2019
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Phi Somchai
Bangkok, Thailand3,495 contributions
Army and weapons
Feb 2019 • Friends
This is a museum focusing on the army and weapons from the past. Very interesting displays and a wide array of weapons from the past till present.

The old castle is huge and looks majestic.
Written February 24, 2019
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Luc H
Oberkochen, Germany265 contributions
Under renovation
Oct 2018 • Couples
The old castle is impressive. The museum was under renovation when we visited October 2018.
The display of old swords and weapons was still great. There is very little English labels. The 1866 war display was great.
Written October 9, 2018
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Pedro Julian C
Gavi, Italy67 contributions
Part of museum is a pre 2nd.WW construction
Nov 2017 • Couples
There was an interesting exposition about Sinti and Roma peoples' life in Germany before and during the 2nd WW.
The Bayerisches Armeemuseum was at a walking distance from our hotel Bayerische Hof.
Written November 24, 2017
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Kent, TX512 contributions
A "Must See" For All Military History Buffs
Sep 2017
This review covers a long planned trip to Ingolstadt to visit the Bavarian Army Museum.

The collection in the Tilly's Redoubt is probably the single best WWI museum I have ever visited, rivaling what I remember of the Imperial War Museum's collection. Of course it is primarily focused on the German war experience and reflects a Bavarian perspective, but it is still first rate. The displays are modern in design and contain some very noteworthy examples of munitions, weapons, uniforms, and documents. Laid out sequentially, with thematic digressions, the extensive collection doesn't shy away from any topics of The Great War. As an example, they tackle the service of Jews in the German formations in WWI, the horror of gas warfare and include forensic studies of the effects of different gases (screened off and accompanied by some "trigger" warnings of a sort), and German militarism along with an examination of social changes that the war brought to Germany.

The rest of the collection covering other periods is still not unpacked. I did catch a small exhibit on the relationship between the elite cavalry officers and the 22 July 44 coup attempt. Some attention is given to the post war Frei Corps. There is also a first class set of exhibits covering the war in the mountains of Slovenia/Italy/South Tyrol, and the later reconstitution of the German mountain units after WWI.

There was also a special exhibition in the "Neues Schloss" on the War of 1866, or as they styled it "The German North - South War." Again, it is all in German, but if you have even a cursory knowledge of German and the events of 1866, you'll get a lot of this display. I really enjoyed the uniforms of famous personages, mainly noblemen, the studio photographs of a large number of officers - some in quite casual poses - that were accompanied by descriptions of their service (and deaths), and some excellent displays of artillery rounds that represented multiple design advances.

All of the museum structures are remarkable fortifications that are really interesting and well preserved.

Entrance to all museums was €7. There is parking near the "Neues Schloss" and you can easily walk to the multiple sites that host this museum. The books for sale at the Kasse are not the standard fare, you'll find some obscure volumes. Finally, several docents/guards pointed out interesting items that I had overlooked as I worked my way through the collection.
Written September 4, 2017
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Csaba K
Timisoara, Romania3 contributions
A lesson of German hospitality
Jul 2017 • Friends
I just visited, or actually wanted to visit this museum, but it was a total fail. I wanted to visit the whole museum, and my friend only the first part, in the castle. We asked the Helga at the tickets, what kind of tickets we need. Even if we asked in english, she spoke only german. However, we understood that I will ned a kombi ticket, and my friend the 3,5 euro ticket, so I asked in german foe "Ein kombi ticket" she gave us two, than we said that it's not good, because my friend needs the basic ticket, then she gave us two basic tickets, then we said again that it's not good cause I want to visit also the Tilly redute, but she was already very nervous and said that it's good for me to, but obviously it was not... So we wisited only the part in the castle, the north agains sud, and that was all. I don't know if there was also otger part or not, because there are no signs or a map, to guide you through the museum. So if you are not german speeker, avoid this museum. Actually you shall avoid the whole Germany, because you will meet this attitude very often (I'm coming to different parts of Germany, only because of business trips, the same attitude everywhere) They are not worth to give them your money, as a tourist. There are plenty of better places
Written July 22, 2017
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Jenny H
Williamsburg, VA574 contributions
Very interesting-stopped two school-aged kids in their tracks with the power of one exhibit
Aug 2016 • Family
The trench warfare exhibit stopped my children compelling them to want to hold hands. It was memorable (and really not scary; however, it surprised them). The museum tells the history well (descriptions are only in German).
Written March 12, 2017
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Atlanta, Georgia61 contributions
Perspective of war
Dec 2016 • Family
Being basically an english speaker make sure you have Google Translator on your smart phone, that is what we did, you will get the full story that way. Only a few of the signs are in english. A very good very clean WW1 museum. Being a non-German we typically only get one perspective of any point in history. This museum helps give another side of the story. You really learn that people are almost all the same. The faces, names and languages may be different but the stories are the same. War is NOT pleasant but people fought hard for their cause.

I hope this review is not negative as the museum is not. It is laid out with in a very easy to understand manner and presented is a very thoughtful way.

If you love history and are in Ingolstadt this is worth the visit. It took a about 2.5 hours to visit and was only a couple of Euros each person.
Written January 6, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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