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buck c
2 contributions
May 2022 • Couples
At last a member of staff on the gate actually asked a man to remove his clothes! Rene Oltra is a naturiste site (not a lifestyle/swingers site) they clearley state being naked is mandatory for adults but 80% are clothed.(sarongs do not count as naked ESPECIALLY when they are tied so genitals are uncovered.
This year some staff are enforcing the rule thankfully
Lets be honest there is a premium price to stay in oltra it has no swimming pool and some shower blocks are usless if you like warm showers.
The reason people put up with this is they can be naked but if nobody gets naked then what are we paying for ?
The swingers/lifestlye/libertines need to realise this.
There have been some improvements this year and the staff are trying to improve things .
Being a naturist with clothed people staring at you as is NOT a good expierience.
Written July 8, 2022
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Manchester, UK2,451 contributions
Sep 2022
We visited for the first time in late September and it was perfect from a weather point of view and also not too crowded.
We met friends on the furthest beach and enjoyed watching the activities of others. Not too many obvious meerkats.
Must be massively crowded in the summer months.
Paralia bar was closed for some reason. They missed out big time.
Written October 25, 2022
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Philadelphia, PA40 contributions
Sep 2019
(Note: I am late in posting my review)
We stopped in Le Cap for two nights to experience what is referred to as the "Naked City."

The beach was about a 10 minute walk (naked if you wish) from Hotel Eve. Following the advice of others, we turned left passed the quieter nudist area, and set up past the last guard stand in the much more crowded area, If this was a movie, the rating differences between the two sections would be from "R" to "XXX."

We have been to clothing optional beaches before where a percentage of people were nude. Here, we enjoyed the fact that everyone was nude, and you did not even need to bother to cover up if you wanted to use the rest rooms or grab a drink (just remember to bring a towel to sit on).

We sun-bathed and swam clothes free for the entire day, not leaving until early evening. The water was still warm, and the sand was soft and continued to the sea, so no water shoes were needed.

The crowd was mostly older (over 40), mostly couples, and very international (we heard numerous different languages). There was also several single guys that seemed to move in a pack to follow the "action" which seemed to increase as the day wore on. We saw many occasions of couples being intimate with each other or swapping and getting it on with others, sometimes more than one - all with that French libertine attitude. Typically an assemblage of gawkers gathered to witness each act, occasionally ending with applause for the performers. We loved it!! For certain, the best people watching experience we ever had!!

Overall, a very nice beach and a unique experience. It was an EXPERIENCE to remember. However, the facilities need updating. "RECOMMENDED!"

We traveled in September 2015
Written February 20, 2020
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Hove, UK2 contributions
Aug 2019
I have visited the place for the first time 13 years ago and been back every summer since; staying in port nature. Every year is different, different magical experience. The beach caters for everyone in different sections so you know what to expect when moving from one section to the next, the activities are obvious from a distance and you can move around freely
The atmosphere is relaxed, the water is warm throughout July to mid September, people are friendly and will engage or leave you alone whatever you prefer, solo or as a couple. The bars are open on the Family section of the beach and will provide drinks and food.

The best experience is the night life post beach visit in the camp....There the magic happens👌🏾
Written May 30, 2020
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Alice Gao
Lhasa, China11 contributions
Aug 2018 • Couples
My partner and I loved the nudist beach and had a fun time there. Everyone was very relaxed and there are plenty of outdoor showers at the entrance plus free toilets. It was good to see lots of families as well as children. Of course the adult section of the beach attracts a lot of visitors and we enjoyed being peeping toms :)
Written August 24, 2018
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British Columbia, Canada312 contributions
Sep 2020
I encourage you to take a walk all the way along the beach to identify which section best suits your lifestyle!
Written December 7, 2020
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Washington DC, DC418 contributions
Jul 2017 • Couples
We visited Cap D'agde for a day trip while we were traveling through northern Spain. The beach at Cap D'Agde naturist village is the main attraction there. The entire facility faces the beach and Mediterranean sea. After checking in at the front gate and parking in the large parking lot, we dug out our beach gear and left our clothes in the car. It was a beautiful day. The walk to the beach was a bit far from the car carrying our supplies but it was not a bad walk. We spent some time exploring the shops in the Heliopolis as well. The beach was accessible from many points. We walked to the eastern end of the complex where the road ended at the beach. It was where the dunes began. The beach there was not the widest part of the beach and it was fairly crowded. But we were able to find a nice piece of sand to claim for ourselves. There is also a bathroom there as the road ended at the beach. The water was a little brisk but refreshing. We spent some time in the water and a lot of people watching. Most people walked the beach continuously. We've never been to a beach that had so many beach walkers. Every one was nude. There may have been a few coverups but we use the word coverups very loosely. We followed the crowd and walked the beach a little and noticed that as we went farther east the crowds got a bit denser on the beach and we saw some slightly inappropriate beach behavior but no one really seemed bothered by any of it. There are also several beach bars and restaurants that were very popular. We also stopped in at the big Foam party at one of the beach side clubs in the afternoon. It was packed with people and it is definitely worth while going right when it opens to claim a spot to sit or lay because it fills up fast. The foam party was wild. It is a lifestyle party so anything goes in there, and everything was definitely happening. We had a very nice day at Cap D'Agde. We cant wait to go back and to stay there longer than a day trip. It was a bit sad to dress and drive out that night.
Written December 24, 2017
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janusz m
Varberg, Sweden136 contributions
Aug 2013 • Couples
This is a very nice and really long, sandy, clean beach. At least 2-2,5 km long. Inofficielly devided in a family sector (just in front of appartment hotels), a quiet part (in front of a camping) and an "Active" sector just west of a beach bar. Many couples showing theirs affection quite open in front of others but descret. You can choose your favorit part and have fun in the nude. If you are naturist or nudist go to this beach at least once in your Life. You will not regret it!
Written October 10, 2013
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Nigel W
Agde, France620 contributions
Sep 2015 • Friends
Four decades ago I lived in a little village in the Haute Savoie some 40 kilometers from the nearest large town. A few kilometers away was a nightclub reserved for swingers, it is still there today. Swingers have been around for thousands of years in all parts of the world and in every civilization mainly it might be added in the upper wage bracket. While they remain doing their thing discreetly, only the very uptight are perturbed by their existence. However over the centuries mores change, swinging (pun intended) over the years from loose to tight and the fact is that we are in a period of loosening “values” across the spectrum of art, music, cinema, television, literature, publicity and life in general. 40 years ago the naturist beach of Cap d'Agde was full of families with children, and in fact our children spent their summer holidays with other children from different parts of France and the world without any risk of seeing exhibitions of a sexual nature along the beach. This was not because the swingers were not there, it was because at that time they discretely limited their activities to behind the dunes in a small 4-500 square meter space at least a hundred meters back from the beach now known as The Bay of Pigs. This is a misnomer as it would much more appropriately be called Bonobo Beach as firstly there is no bay and secondly the occupants act much as do the bonobo rather than the pig. Pig is also a term generally applied to those persons whose manners do not fit in with what one considers acceptable. The fact that the beach is now a place of public sexual exhibitionism is largely the fault of the local administration and the inflexibility of local laws. Several years ago, some bright moralist decided that in order to stop outdoor swinging (which was being enacted in a place which was completely invisible to a public which did not want to see or participate) it would be a brilliant idea to invoke the laws covering the 561 square hectare “Réserve naturelle du Bagnas”, a restricted area out of which the swingers had appropriated their “playground”. The police were sent to impose fines on anyone found in the “playground”. The result was to be expected, the swingers moved onto the public beach. There followed a period during which the police tried to descend on the exposed groups with the intention of levying fines which would discourage such behavior. However as there were legal minds amongst the offenders the swingers realized that as soon as the police were seen approaching it was sufficient to move activity to the sea and the three meter band of sand bordering it which was the legal domain of the Police Maritime, all other police thereby loosing jurisdiction. Since that time one can say that it is no longer wise to walk one's children further along the beach than the area between the port and the beach restaurant at the end of the camping . Other than these observations the rest of the beach is well kept during the high season and it is still possible to find fairly quiet parts, away from the overpowering music near Heliopolis, if one settles towards the port or a few hundred meters towards Marseillan. In these areas your children are quite safe, lurkers are still frowned upon by the true naturists who still abound and possible offenders are dealt with more swiftly than they would be on a textile beach. Thankfully more families appear to be returning each year.
Written February 7, 2016
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Miami, FL106 contributions
Sep 2012 • Couples
My wife and I had been to "standard" naturist beaches where sexual activity was forbidden, so we were curious about the "secteur libertin" that we had read in the reviews here.
We walked north on the beach until we found it. It was late September, but that section was crowded (people seating 6 feet from each other.)
My wife felt shy, so we parked ourselves away from the main group.
I read a sign with the standard "stay away from the dunes" message, but it was clearly being ignored: there was plenty of couples and single men disappearing into the dunes...
Two men parked themselves close to us, and begin to caress themselves...I guess because of my attractive wife, not me, but who knows! :)

On the way back we noticed that on the crowded section there was a lot of caressing going on, like a woman between two men, being intimately caressed by them.
But we did not see any overt sexual activity. (Disclaimer: short sample - only a few hours.)

In summary this beach has a little bit for everyone: families, straight couples, gays, etc.
Live and let live!

Vive la differance! Vive la France! :)

PS to get to the beach you need to enter the village. There is a toll booth. You need to park before the booth, enter the building, buy a ticket (15 euros for a car) and then ride to the booth.
PPS Nudity does not seem to be enforced
Written October 11, 2012
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