Cap d’Agde Naturist Village

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Cap d’Agde Naturist Village

Cap d’Agde Naturist Village
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Very good

James P
1 contribution
Absolutely fantastic
Aug 2020 • Couples
Met some wonderful people on our first naturist holiday. The best being Dominatrix Byron, he was very welcoming. His uncle also owns a bar near to the resort which we frequented most days of our holiday (try the cheese toastie).
Written February 4, 2021
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Mike F
2 contributions
Will return
Feb 2021 • Couples
Was recommended to me by my friend Domineca Brynes. I must say I was very impressed. Very much enjoyed the views across the village. All the hills and valleys were stunningly gorgeous. I also enjoyed walking through the all the wood! Will definitely return. Might even bring my friends next time. Jammy James, Turtle killer smith and Beefy pippa.
Written February 4, 2021
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Dwaine pipe
1 contribution
Butter me backwards
Jan 2021 • Friends
I have had a lovely trip to this resort recently, as I was with a group of friends I was slightly nervous for my first nudist experience, however my nerves were soon eased once we arrived, largely due to the friendly locals. One in particular, Big Dong Brin, an English man who visits Agde many times a year. He was very helpful, friendly with fountains of knowledge to unload on me. I would advise anyone travelling to Agde to seek him out, often found in the local pub "the butter me backwards inn" ran by Dongs irish uncle. Be prepared to spend though he regularly "forgets" his wallet. He's a tall guy, goatie beard and a shiny purple head.
Written February 3, 2021
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Colin B
Carlisle, UK157 contributions
Even met a celebrity.
Sep 2020 • Couples
Fantastic place first time for the wife a I and I must admit people were really friendly. Met the Revered Don Byrne whilst hanging out at the bar and it was great to meet him and his lovely wife and Stephen and the Twins. What a fine pair they were.
Anyway would highly recommend this place and it won't be the last time. Looking forward to lockdown ending so we can all return.
Written February 3, 2021
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London, UK2 contributions
Not suitable for naturist famalies
Nov 2019
We were here in summer 2019. We expected a proper traditional naturist holiday but were dissapointed. Far too many swingers and sexully motivated sorts. Our kids were 14 and 12 and the time so we were pretty much trapped to the campsite, so that they didnt see the goings on in the village.
Beach was lovely but the place is over run with pervs and swingers unfortunately
Written October 29, 2020
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4 contributions
Far Too Textile
Aug 2020 • Family
We were here end July. Having holidayed in naturist parks all over Europe this was our first visit to Cap D’agde. We weren’t too sure what to expect, from what we’ve read, but took our chances in the campsite. We are a family of 4 (with 2 teenage girls) so we’re after the true naturist side of the place. The campsite had multiple entrances to the beach and as long as we stuck to the top end we managed to avoid the thilthy goings on of the bottom end of the beach! We had heard a lot about the gay and swinging part of the beach so considering the girls ages (15 and 13) stayed well clear. The top part of the beach tho was lovely (a little shelly but lovely) and we tended to head towards the stone jetty at the end. In terms of the village, OMG why all the tacky outfit and sex toy shops. I don’t see why the place needs so many. Luckily the girls are old enough to understand what this was all about. As a family we tend to spend the entire time nude when on holiday and I have to say we were probably in the minority within the village. Even during the day time in 30c + heat. The girls found this a bit strange and got a little conscious of being nude which was a shame, as they are normally so open and comfortable. We stayed away from the village in the evenings (as we had heard tales of what goes on) and kept to the campsite, the girls met a group of German teens similar age, so we were able to let them go off and hang out. Though once again they felt a bit conscious being nude as their friends never were. Strange place really - we booked thinking this was a naturist village! Anyway we had a good enough time but probably won’t return and will instead stick to the likes of La Jenny which suits our naturist lifestyle better
Written October 27, 2020
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Annie C
London, UK6 contributions
An adventurous heaven.
Aug 2020 • Couples
Amazing ... the memories still send me dizzy and difficult to know where to begin. A hedonistic paradise where there is no shame and you are respected for the more you sin. And with my partner’s loving support and encouragement I fully embraced the libertine philosophy of. Had the time of my life yielding to every desire and whim. And plenty to entice you, for sandy beach read sandy bed, a shop window where the only cost is blushing. And pleasure to be found in most public places - in the dunes, to a sex club swing, whilst lazing beside the complex pool, to bent over a bar table offering yourself up as a communal punch . The freedom was intoxicating and the sex a primal thrill. We agreed at the outset only one rule - no one refused, and from teenagers to pensioners no shortage of takers, individually and as groups. It was a hot wife’s ultimate dream, and observing other couples, one many living. Fetish wear and sheer are de rigor of an evening. And everyone polite and appreciative of boldness and minimalism. Couldn’t recommend highly enough to exercise and exorcise all your inner lusts.
Written September 10, 2020
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Hereford, UK2 contributions
Not great for solo travelers
Aug 2020
I rented an apartment in the Ambonne complex within the village. I am a solo traveler and I stayed for 2 weeks, the first 2 weeks of August.
I had a great time, the fellow holiday makers were extremely welcoming and there was always something to do, even though the resort was not as busy as in previous years (but I guess this was due to the virus situation this year).
This is NOT just a naturist beach / village. I usually go to Vera in Spain which IS a typical naturist resort, but C d'A is totally different. There are many 'swingers' on the beach and things can get a bit 'naughty' in the afternoons / evenings on the beach, so not the best place to take the kids, but the beach is big enough for all that goes on.
Due to having my accommodation sorted beforehand my first stay was simple. Turn up on day 1, strip off and have fun for 2 weeks.
I returned to Agde a couple of weeks later. I found an apartment which was just outside of the village entrance and which was so much cheaper than I had paid for my first visit.
On my first day I was surprised and very disappointed to be informed by the receptionist at the entrance office to the village that I would NOT be allowed in as I was a solo male. I explained that I have only been in the village a couple of weeks before. I was informed that yes, if you pay the premium for an apartment within the village, you are entitled to stay, but if you wish to enter the village on the daily / weekly pass you CAN NOT as a solo male. This I think is a disgusting and very narrow minded attitude of the people running the village. I felt I had been discriminated against.
I had made inquiries to passes on my first visit, nowhere did it say you had to be registered by a naturist club from your country of origin or part of the FKK.
I had in fact read that this 'policy' had been looked at and was no longer a rule, so I was assured I would be allowed to enter on a daily pass.
Having had a very good vacation during my first 2 week stay, I have been left wondering why the people who make the rules for the village should decide on this decision not to let solo male travelers from entering. I would not have booked to return if I knew this was the case.
So, if you're going, book some costly accommodation within the village and have fun. If you're a family or couple, I would suggest staying outside of the village and paying the daily entry fee of 8 Euros, if you're a solo male traveler, I'm sorry but I would avoid this place in future. I will NOT return unless the rules for solo travelers is looked at and changed.
Written September 1, 2020
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Walton, UK114 contributions
Fantastic holidays
Aug 2020 • Couples
Stayed here for 2 weeks, great site. Plenty of ‘entertainment ‘ it’s up to you whether or not you participate

Friendly staff and other guests, various places to eat.

We have visited here many times but our first staying onsite, will definitely do again
Written August 26, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

1 contribution
Naturist paradise
Aug 2019
With the exception of Summer 2020 (AKA COVID-19 disaster), I have been to Cap D’agde naturist village every year for the last 8 years or so and it is by far a great place for naturism. One must understand that the naturist village is all naturist, its not just a nude or topless beach. Streets, restaurants, shops are all a nudist haven. The very long and wide beach itself is fantastic with its fine powder golden sand. Night life is vibrant, people will dress up in costumes that for the most part leave them still nude to live their fantasies.
The village attracts singles, couples, the young and the not so young:) and families. The diversity is fascinating and admirable at the same time. Due to the fact that the beach is so long there is enough space for different “sectors” which are recognized by everyone and respected, An important factor since one area of the beach is a free for all for sexual activities and swinging, all in public. One is welcome to just watch the activities and /or participate at will, no questions asked.
There is no supervision, there are no rules but no one gets out of line.
Those who are only interested in nudism at its purest core will never have to be concerned about the erotica part of the beach since it is located at the end side and although not gated or restricted in any way, one simply does not have to walk in that area.
July / August are the busy months, Weather is generally nice and warm however that part of France is still getting some chilly, rainy and windy days even in mid summer. Partly for that reason If you are planning a specific vacation in the naturist village as oppose to just stopping there for a day or so while you happen to be in the area, one may consider a minimum of 7-10 days or so. On occasion a stubborn weather system will just sit there for 2-3 days which eliminates all beach and nudity activities. Trekking all the way to Cap D’agde and not being able to enjoy what it has to offer will be frustrating.
Apartments rental prices are relatively reasonable as compared to European hotel prices and the smallest apartments will typically run for less than100 Euros per day. Food in the supermarkets and some restaurants may have a slightly higher price structure than their counterparts outside the village however, I must say that in comparison to typical prices in some real rip-off tourist places I visit occasionally, the village in general is reasonable and well on “cost par” and maybe even below other vacation destinations.
I hear on occasion people complaining about prices there so I would ask, In what other place on the planet can you walk around naked on the streets and go naked to your supermarket or coffee shop? If some items are a couple Euros more expensive i think its worth the expense:):) And frankly, while we are on the food subject, There are a several great inexpensive pizza and other restaurants that are no more expensive than anything outside the village. I have been traveling extensively around Europe and other parts of the world for 30 years therefore I feel I am well qualified to judge.
The Naturist village received some well deserved updates in the last year or so with a new promenade next to the boat marina and some building renovations.
There is one bothersome issue which I fully agree with other reviews on the subject of clothes. The Village was created for one purpose and one purpose only, Full nudity. It is a full blown nude only private and gated village with a beach. In the past they even had (as I was told) some kind of nudity patrols that reminded and insisted people adhere to the no clothing policy but in recent years there are more and more people walking around the Village with clothes. The beach is not so much of an issue and if you attempt to sit there with your bathing trunks or bikini you will pretty quick have right in your face a very assertive and upset nudist telling you that its a nude beach and you are to disrobe right there and then or leave. I am not sure why anyone would like to wear a bathing suite among literally 15.000-25.000 totally nude people but I am not there to perform I.Q tests. I can’t stress enough, if one is not ready to be fully nude, the naturist village may not be the appropriate summer vacation spot.
The problem is more in the village itself which should be all nude all the time as well, (other than real chilly days of course) so again, everyone knows what this place is for, why go there if you don't wish to be naked? As I was told, the problem is that even though the village is on private grounds, French law prohibits them from legally enforcing the nudity.
There are still a couple of signs posted in the village reminding people where they are and how (not to) dress but nevertheless, this is a subject that is poorly handled by the village management and irrespective of French law, there should be more effort to make visitors understand that they are not welcome there unless they act appropriately. These efforts can easily take place in a form of massive number of signs and placards everywhere with nudity reminders as well as apartment rental agencies can add similar literature on paper and electronically with the same nudity reminders to the point where all these measures together should hopefully drive the message home and either deter anyone who does not understand the nature of the place from going there or join the rest and leave their offensive clothes in the apartment or car. People will simply stop coming there if the charm and uniqueness of the village evaporates and the place becomes just another beach. This is not an easy or convenient place to get to by any means, one must take long car or train rides from any place in Europe, the nearest somewhat big Airport (and city) is Montpellier which is 1- 1½ Hr drive away (depending on traffic) to the tune of about 150-200 Euros one way Taxi ride, so no one is going there just to sit on another regular beach, those are plentiful all over Europe in way more convenient locations. One can be at least comforted by the fact that inside the village, nasty looks and occasional comments may be liberally dispensed towards the offenders and on the beach other nudist themselves will runoff anyone not conforming to the (lack) of dress code.
The age demographic in the village depends heavily on the Month/s visit, the place on the beach you sit at and the time of day. June and September are off season Months which will tend to bring in primarily the older, retired nudist adults and very few if any younger adults or Families, Those are already back at work and school. The village and beach will be much quieter and less busy which may appeal to some but it will not provide the same vibrant and colorful daily and nightly scenes and activities that comes with the bigger crowd.
July and August are Summer vacation Months in Europe and the age group in the village is a solid 1 to 100, there is no median age during that time. The only difference is location, location location. There are no specific designated spots (other than the erotica area) that people will sit on as far as young, old etc but there are a couple of large beach segments that are more popular for the families with kids since they are closer to the camping grounds. In the village itself at night, especially later at night, its adults only due to the sensual /sexual nature of many of the night scenes.
The village is routinely patrolled by French Police with Cars, Dogs and on horse back. Police is not getting involved in what people do unless there is some disturbance. The one thing all visitors and the authorities are very strict about, and thankfully so, are photos. Under no circumstances you are to take any photos or videos of anyone, anytime, anywhere. With a couple of exceptions, I have not seen any violations of the no photo conduct. If anyone suspects you are taking photos they will immediately alert the Life guards or call the police themselves. I have seen a couple such incidents involving teenagers where 8-10 Police showed up on the beach, took cell phones away and arrested the offenders on the spot. That is not to suggest that you can’t take photos of yourself with Friends or family as long as it is obvious that you are doing so in a manner which excludes other people from being photographed at the same time.
The village constructed pathways with wooden decks that extend half way into the beach so our fellow handicapped nudists and their loved ones can come as close as possible to the water line with their wheel chairs and have a great time. I am always touched by these sites and by the big smiles I see on all the faces. And if you like to feel as if you are in an alternate universe go no further than the early morning sites of the stark naked couples walking their dressed up Poodles. Naked people and pets with Jackets, well, can’t see that back home,,,
Apartment rentals in the village is handled by several agencies which you can search online. Hotels inside the village are very expensive and unless you have cash to spare, an apartment is the way to go. Book well in advance, July/ August are normally fully booked for Months so last minute availability is pure luck.
So if you wish to go, plan your trip wisely, leave all your inhibitions at home, bring some smiles and patience and let it all hang loose.
Written July 31, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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