Vulcano Solfatara
Vulcano Solfatara
The Romans already knew the Solfatara since Imperial times. Strabone (66 B.C. -24 A.C.) gives the most ancient written testimony coming to us in his “Strabonis geographica”, indicating it with the name “Forum Vulcani”, dwelling of the god Volcano, entrance to Hades. The Solfatara opens up officially to visitors in the year 1900, although it was since time immemorial destination for its renown volcanic phenomena, for the therapeutic properties of the sulfurous waters and for the hot saunas; it was in fact included among the forty most famous thermae of the Phlegreaen Fields since the Middle Ages.
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France1,476 contributions
Aug 2020
With its 700 meters in diameter, the Solfatara is an active crater, which was born from a huge phreato-magmatic explosion that took place only 4000 years ago. We learnt that the Solfatara is the most active area of a group of volcanoes which make up what we call the Phlegraean Fields!!!
Access to the Solfatare takes place at the entrance to the Solfatare campsite!
We visited the crater, whose landscapes are lunar and spectacular. We were amazed by the powerful sulfur vapors gushing out at over 160° C (be careful not to bring your hands too close or else burns !!!).
We also saw the ovens, two ancient caves dug at the end of the 19th century in the crater wall, to make natural sudatoriums.
Written May 11, 2021
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Brisbane, Australia321 contributions
May 2015 • Family
This remarkable volcano is just up the hill from the Pozzuoli metro station and takes just 15 minutes walking and you can add 10 minutes if you are down in the town itself, so enjoy the wonderful views of the bay on the walk to the volcano.

The smell isn't as strong as some suggest, especially when compared to say Rotorua in NZ, but your clothes will remind you of your visit until washed.

I tried out the Stufe, the natural dry sauna for a minute and it was quite exhilarating until a drop of boiling water fell on my bare head.

It was an interesting way to finish a lovely day at Pozzuoli.
Written May 26, 2015
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Dawlish, UK81 contributions
Apr 2019 • Couples
We walked up to the site and just keep walking up the hill to get a great view of this crater with sulphur steam smoking out of it. You can smell it! Hopefully they will re-open it soon. 3 people were killed here in 2017 when a child went under the barrier and fell into a hole. Remember that the ground here is moving...soft and dangerous like quicksand. His parents in trying to help fell into the hole and were thought to have been overcome by the sulphuric awfully sad tragedy. This region the Campi Flegrei is just awesome but to be respected. So much to see and do in Pozzuoli and surrounding areas.
Written April 26, 2019
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Hastings, UK31 contributions
We actually enjoyed the visit, it was an interesting site with a really bad smell of rotten eggs, bubbling mud and many smelly steamy vents. Myself and my partner ended up with very irritated nose and eyes to the point of swelling, redness and soreness but at the time we put that down to tiredness and a start of a cold-how wrong were we! We also ended up with headaches for the afternoon and my partner complained of some dizziness later that day. After getting back we found out that these types of volcanoes called "solfatara" emit a lot of hydrogen sulphide that gives the area that rotten egg smell. We found out that hydrogen sulphide leads to almost instant death at high concentrations and at lower concentrations it causes mucous membranes irritation, headaches and dizziness! Apparently prolonged exposure to even low concentration of it can have some serious health concerns. We were shocked to learn all this as we saw many families with children visiting the volcano and nobody even mentioned to us that the gases venting from the ground are so toxic, nobody gave us any warning at all. Not even small print. If I knew this before I would think twice about going there and paying money to inhale lethal gas. Instead the people who are running the volcano as a tourist attraction advertise hydrogen sulphide inhalation as a means to enhance tour sex life! No kidding! There's a poster about that beside the biggest smelliest vent in the crater! Anyway I just wanted to share this with everyone so that at least you've been warned and you can make an informed decision of whether it's worth the trip.
Written July 23, 2011
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Ulrike M
Antwerp, Belgium52 contributions
Aug 2018 • Couples
We bought the Arte Campania card. They specifically told us that the volcano was accessible with the card.

Took train and bus and walked all the way in scorching heat up to the volcano. to find out that it is already closed for nearly a year???!! For 'maintenance reasons'. Since this was so typical of Napoli and the bad information or lack thereof. We asked a local man. He told us that the volcano is closed since last September since a family of three died in there. Great advertising solfatara! Maybe update your website and don't waste our time!
Written August 26, 2018
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Virginia24 contributions
Jan 2016 • Friends
It won't take long for you to do this tour, just 30 minutes to an hour at absolute most. It's fascinating and a bit scary to be thinking about the fact that you are in an active volcano! Be prepared for the stink, it's pretty overwhelming. Other tips:

This requires a walk up and down some relatively steep, graveled terrain. Do not wear heels, do not expect the site to be stroller friendly or handicap accessible. They allow you to be as close to the hot steam as you would like - meaning it probably isn't safe for very little ones, like toddlers, who might break free of your grasp and wander into places they shouldn't. Ages 6+ would be ideal, I can't see any kid not thinking this was a super cool thing to do.

Also, the food and gift shop areas are only open during certain periods of tourist season. Please keep that in mind if you come during the winter, you may want to bring your own snacks.

Unlike many sites in this area, there are a lot of signs explaining highlights of the volcano and they are in English. No tour guide is really needed here.
Written January 21, 2016
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Sydney, Australia2,411 contributions
Oct 2014 • Couples
We found out about this volcano crater in Naples, from the owner of the B&B where we stayed. Our trip to Italy was all about volcanoes & archeology, so when we found out about this one, we decided to check it out, even though it was the 1st we’ve ever heard of it. We’re so glad we did!

The crater is located in Pozzuoli on the Western side of Naples and is a short metro ride from Naples. You could get onto the train at either of these Metro stations in the central part of Naples: Garibaldi, Cavour, Montesanto or Amadeo – make sure you take the metro to Pozzuoli (the last stop). The trains from the other metro stations in the city do not go to Pozzuoli.

There are busses going up to the crater from Pozzuoli station (buy a ticket from the tabacchi just outside the station). We bought a ticket but then just missed the bus and decided to walk – in all the time we walked we did not see another bus, so maybe not worth waiting for one unless you really don’t want to walk.

The walk was not far (about 20 to 30 mins). It was a very easy walk at a very slight gradual incline. If you decide to take the bus, they depart from via Solfatara – follow the directions for walking below, up to the T-Junction. The bus stop is on the other side of the road just to the right of the T-Junction in Via Solfatara – you can’t miss it.

This is how you get there from the station: As you exit the station, turn right and walk to the end of the street: a T-Junction with Via Solfatara. There is a huge sign with many directions to many tourist attractions. Turn left into Via Solfatara to go to Solfatara and just keep walking along the street. The street will eventually do a long bend to the right, just keep going and stay on Via Solfatara. You’ll start smelling the sulphur – you’re close now. On your left you will see a wide street entry and a sign to turn left to Solfatara crater (you can see the entrance building from here and there may be a few large busses parked outside). Turn left here and enter through the arch in the building – the ticket office is on your right on the other side of the arch. Entry is €7 per adult and you get a map with a bit of info about the crater. The lovely man at the desk gave us an English map which turned out to be German – I’m not sure he can speak either so must have taken it from the wrong pile. We only discovered this when we were quite a distance along the path so did not want to turn back. Check the language on your map before you leave the ticket office. You don’t actually need a map – the signage is clear enough – but we would have loved to read the background info and history.

You can walk around and through the crater any which way you like – the map is simple and easy to follow and the walk is very easy. You can go right up to the steaming fumaroles and really experience everything up close and personal. You can touch the ground and feel the heat underneath. It was just a surreal and amazing feeling to be walking on a volcano crater and I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in this sort of thing.

Kids would find this fascinating too – depending on if they’re the inquisitive kind or the PlayStation kind. If they’re not the inquisitive kind, they may find this boring as there is not much to see or do other than the crater and there is quite a bit of walking involved if you want to go right around.

There are no toilets in the crater area but there are toilets to the left side of the crater (if you keep walking past the ticket office instead of turning right towards the crater). Not very clean & no toiletpaper - take tissues! There is also a souvenir shop and café near the toilets. We decided to support the local family owned pizza cafe just outside the entrance of the gate and had a cheap quick meal here: ice cold beer and a slice of pepperoni pizza - €9 for two people! Very basic but great service and a very friendly owner!

We are very glad we did this – it was the cherry on the top of our volcano explorations in Italy!
Written November 3, 2014
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Costa de Pajaros, Costa Rica83 contributions
Sep 2014 • Couples
We enjoyed a short walk through the caldera of the Solfatara Caldera. The ground is smoking in spots, and there is a mud pool bubbling, and steam vents. This is as close as you will get to a real volcanic experience. There were few people there, as the whole Puzzuoli area is virtually unknown to tourists. After reading the reviews and forums,and looking into transportation, we decided to hire a car and driver to take us around the Puzzuoli/Baia area. It was well worth it. there is so much to see, and if you have done Pompeii, and Erculeneo, this region is well worth touring.......We used Naples Tour Service.
Written October 5, 2014
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Farmington, CT555 contributions
Jun 2011 • Couples
Going to the Solfatara volcano is a must-do activity for anyone faintly interested in geology, history, strange natural is a one of a kind spot.
You know you are approaching the Solfatara when the air starts to reek of sulfur. You pull into a rather innocuous looking street, follow the arrows for the parking area and start to hold your nose. There is ample parking along with a campground, snack bar and playground equipment for the younger set. Follow the signs for the crater and soon you will be walking on what looks like a live moon-scape.
There are areas where the mud bubbles up like lava, where the sand "boils", where steam pour out of fissures in the rocks, where the rocks themselves are stained yellow with sulfur deposits. All around are warning signs about the amazingly high temperatures. One has to pay close attention to where one is walking here!
One of the neatest things to do: find a good sized rock and give it a good throw onto the ground. The sound isn't the dull sound of a rock hitting solid ground. It is more the sound of knocking on a big pumpkin...hollow! That is because the ground you are walking on is being held up by the steam and pressure within the volcano itself. It's a very bizarre feeling, and none too comfortable.
We first went to the Solfatara in 1978 and we had a guide who took us around and explained everything to us. Now it is self-guided; not as informative perhaps but still a fascinating experience. I highly recommend the Solfatara as an unusual and unforgettable part of any trip to southern Italy.
Written September 25, 2011
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barbara V
Bournemouth, UK44 contributions
Sep 2018 • Couples
Due to the sad death of 3 people this site is not signposted. It is neglectedif you do manage to find it.
Think the locals don't know what to do next with the site.
Written October 2, 2018
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