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I'm the AuroraChaser and as one of first one, if not the first one, who started with real flexible tour to chase the northern lights I have many,many years of experience doing this.Local knowlegde about the weather, professional photography and good knowlegde in astromony makes me able to give you a good experience and increase your chance to see and photograph the elusive Aurora Borealis. People has been writing about me long time before I got this profile and I actually think you find more "reviews" about me outside this profile. I also had the pleasure to work with celebrities like Joanna Lumley, Brian Cox, Queens Brain May and Roger Taylor, Fern Brittain and Globo Sportos Clayton Conservani. Feel free to give me a feedback from your experience from my tours.
Tromso, Norway
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The AuroraChaser Kjetil Skogli
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Very good

Chris Bril
Ringwood North, Australia161 contributions
Oct 2015 • Couples
I felt so tense before this excursion. Everyone goes to Tromsø hoping to see the Northern Lights but it is so touch and go so you tell yourself it'll be OK if you don't see them. We were glad to put our experience in the hands of Kjetil, a seasoned pro.

We drove around for ages making one failed attempt to see them but finally found a stunning lakeside setting that was clear. The lights came and went for about 2 hours. The first time the 'active lights' came we all cooed and cheered - this was the real deal! The active lights, move, pulse and drop all at the same time. It seems corny trying to explain a very profound experience.

It was cold out there as it must be to see the aurora borealis. We stayed as long as we could. There was tea and coffee and biscuits. My partner and I drank scotch, which made us feel warmer and closer. It was so romantic. Dreamy beyond belief.

As we made noises about finally leaving a final burst of active light came over the sky. It was the biggest and brightest one so far. It seemed like it was right above us. Our heads were flung back and our mouths dropped. We seemed lost for words.

On the drive home everyone was relaxed....we had come to the arctic circle and we had seen the northern lights!

Kjetil was a total pro. It must be nerve racking driving six strangers around. Six people with high expectations. His northern lights tracking electronic set up made his van look like one of the ghost busters. It felt like we were going on an adventure and that's what we had.

Bravo, Kjetil!
Written November 1, 2015
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Phil B
Cronulla, Australia23 contributions
Mar 2012 • Family
On 29 March 2012 we were taken by Kjetil on an intriguing chase for the Lights. He drove us to various vantage points whilst monitoring the sky and consulting various devices. After a couple of hours Kjetil pulled over next to a scenic lake, with snow covered mountains as the backdrop. He served some hot tea, coffee and cake, and then said that we should set up our cameras as the Lights were about to appear - which they did, in spectacular fashion. One of the benefits of Kjetil is that he is also a professional photographer, so he is able to advise on correct camera settings. He is also able to provide a tripod for a fee. I would not have had any hope of taking decent photos without reference to Kjetil's photographic expertise. As it turned out we now have some great photos and memories of our night chasing the Lights. Highly recommended.
Written April 20, 2012
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Steph A
London, UK46 contributions
Sep 2017 • Family
I've been wanting to see the Northern Lights for about 10 years now, but never got round to going. This September my parents and I visited Tromso specifically to see them. Not only did Kjetil advise us the best time to come (as an FYI September tends to have clearer skies) but also made our visit incredible.

Although we had initially only booked to go out on the Tuesday and Thursday, we ended up going out on three nights. We didn't see much on Tuesday (only a very faint band on the horizon) and, advising that we were unlikely to see more that evening, at around 10pm Kjetil offered to take us out on Wednesday as well when forecasts looked better, rather than wait all night and be disappointed. Thank goodness he did: both Wednesday and Thursday the lights were spectacular.

I cannot describe how stunning the lights were, or how great Kjetil made the experience. Hugely knowledgeable and incredibly friendly, alongside fantastic locations, warm drinks and great snacks, he really did make the 10 year wait worth it.

I would highly recommend going to see the lights with him; I really doubt you'll find anyone else more dedicated or knowledgable.

Thank you Kjetil
Written October 8, 2017
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Leicester, UK70 contributions
Feb 2012 • Couples
We were assured that even though we are not particularly interested in photography, it was worth going with Kjetil and it definitely was! Just 7 passengers in a car that can stop at any lay-by and allow people plenty of space to get tripods etc out for long photographic sessions, away from masses of other tourists. Kjetil prides himself in finding the Lights if they are there and he certainly has all the equipment and know-how to do it. We had 3 stops, had some amazing viewings, with lots of different colours and shapings. Although we had seen a great deal by 11ish, he took us on further for yet another stop and we didn't return to Tromso before 1.30am! He's also very knowledgeable about the solar system. It's great that he appears so enthusiastic, even when he has to go out with tourists night after night. One complaint - he hasn't emailed us the group photo with superb lights behind us- we need it as proof to our doubting friends!
Written February 28, 2012
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Dartmouth, UK179 contributions
Feb 2012 • Couples
We booked two evening aurora hunts with Kjetil. We knew that the weather might make life difficult, but his reputation of staying on the hunt until his clients had seen the aurora or that he and they agreed that there was no hope that night won our booking. We also knew his reputation for assessing the changing weather conditions, coupled with knowledge of topography and experience of potential viewing spots.

Each night we joined him at the gathering point in time for 6:30pm. He greeted us all warmly, stowed tripods in the rear of his comfortable vehicle, seated us, ensured we fastened our seat belts, and we headed off.

The first night we had no luck. Not for lack of trying, either. We covered at least 400km, and finally abandoned the hunt deep into Finland, amid cloud, snow, almost thin enough cloud, more cloud, and, well, yes, cloud. The aurora was playing all right, but we never stood a chance with the cloud cover. We got to bed just before 4am.

The second night was a real chase. There was cloud again, and the temperature had soared into the positive! Northern Norway in mid winter at +4C is absurd! But almost at once, in a snowy lay-by, we stopped and found a display starting. The full moon made it very hard to work out what was wispy cloud and what was aurora, but our camera sorted it out after Kjetil's advice on settings. That's another benefit of going with a professional photographer who is also a guide.

As clouds came in we moved to another viewpoint, chasing a parking place down the E8 behind two aggravatingly slow drivers. Kjetil drives too safely to risk overtaking and scaring his passengers. He's safe, but quick. We made it and got what are, for us, some superb pictures, though right at the limit of our little camera. The clouds followed us, so out came tea, coffee, and a sweet snack.

We tried a third place in the Tamok valley, but without success there. It was a glorious and quiet place, amazing mountains against the sky, but the cloud was too thick for the aurora there. We all agreed to wait until midnight and see what happened then. What happened was a drive home to Tromsø, hoping all the while as we headed north to see the display in the windscreen. No luck.

Major plus points with this tour include the fact that Kjetil almost insists we see the aurora and will not give up if there is the smallest hope. He's calm, charming, very customer oriented, and drives in such a manner that all his passengers are totally relaxed. We didn't need the insulated suits he offers with the high temperatures on the second night. The first night we never got out of the car! As a bonus he also knows where good grade toilets are and makes sure there are enough toilet stops on the tour. He networks by phone during the evening with other guides who all co-operate in a competitive way to find the best places for that night.

Do not expect just to go out for a short drive! If the aurora isn't playing you will be out for a long time trying to find it! Kjetil does not give up easily!
Written February 9, 2012
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Oslo, Norway26 contributions
Feb 2016 • Couples
we just finished a great week end in Tromsø. we booked 2 tours with Kjetil ( Friday and Saturday). First of all: when you first plan this trip, do your best to get Kjetil Skogli. He is the most experienced and he knows exactly where to go. He use modern equipment to chase the Aurora and he find the quiet spots where no other busload of tourist ends up. He will go deep into Finland if he has to. Friday evening was a cloudy one, but he found a spot close to the Swedish border ( 1 1/2 h from Tromsø). That evening we say a glimpse of Aurora for 5 min. disappointing, but you cant control the nature ;o). Saturday was different and we found clear skies just 30 min outside Tromsø, again, Kjetil found a perfect quiet spot. AND, this time we had Aurora again and again. Its too fantastic to explain. You simply need to experience it yourself. You will never forget it when it appears on a crystal clear sky filled with stars. Amazing. So, when you plan to do this ( and you should) , contact the auroraChaser Kjetil Skogli. His car can take 7 people, so you are NOT in a bus with 50 others! In addition, Kjetil knows what's worth knowing about Aurora!. This amazing phenomenon goes on from end of September to end of March.
Written March 1, 2016
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East Horsley, UK90 contributions
Sep 2015 • Solo
This is my third visit to Norway in the last 3 years.

As you will discover if you thinking of booking up to see the Northen Lights there are many tour operators and guides operating out of Tromso who will be only too pleased to help you. As in all walks of life, there are some good, some not so good and a few who are exceptional, and, in my opinion, Kjetil Skogli falls very much into the latter category.

Kjetil (pronounced 'Chetil' for English speakers) is passionate about the Northern Lights, and from the moment he picks you up from your hotel (normally around 6.30 pm), he uses his years of knowledge and experience to best effect to find QUALITY displays of the lights. From the outset, 'the chase' is very much on. He is committed, determined and exceptionally skilled at what he does; and fundamentally that is to give you the best overall northern lights experience possible. He will drive anywhere at anytime, sometimes hundreds of kilometres, to hunt them down, knowing all the best vantage points, with fjords (to allow reflections in the water), mountain ranges and trees in the background to provide the much needed context for those great northern lights photographs.

So in a nutshell, if you want to believe the stats of some guides who claim 95% success rates (with fuzzy green bands in the sky counted as 'sightings'), and display fantastic pictures on billboards outside offices and hotels, then go out with them. But if you want a chase to remember with someone who I think is the best of all the guides I have met in Norway, then it's a no brainer, go out with Kjetil Skogli.

I've just finished a 4 day tour with Kjetil, which started out to be about seeing the Northern Lights but in the end turned out to be a fantastic photographic experience including the lights, mountains, fjords etc. Kjetil's greatest asset is his unparalleled knowledge of the Norwegian landscape and his ability to constantly use his on board instruments to read changing weather conditions and the aurora's activity, and when it is likely to appear in the sky. His knack of ending up in the right place at the right time is uncanny, and whilst no one can offer guarantees to see this natural phenomenon, I tell you that I'd rather be chasing the lights with Kjetil than anyone else.

So my advice is very simple. If you are in Tromso and thinking of going out one evening to see the Northern Lights then go with Kejtil Skogli. If you are in Tromso for 2 nights, then go out with him for 2 nights and if you are in Tromso for longer and want a total photographic adventure including the northern lights and a whole lot more, ask him to put together a private tour for you. It is well worth it.

Bottom line, I can't speak highly enough about this guy. He is simply great.
Written September 29, 2015
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Paul B
London, UK3 contributions
Feb 2012 • Couples
I have just returned from four very enjoyable days (and nights) in Tromso.

Like many others I had heard of Kjetil Skogli through the BBC programme with Joanna Lumley and as a enthusiastic amateur photographer, Kjetil seemed the perfect person for my first night hunting for the Northern Lights.

Kjetil is more expensive that some of the other tours but you definitely get what you pay for and if you are looking for a small group (8 people) with an extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide and expert photographer he is the man for you (followed by Guide Gunnar, which is slightly cheaper but with a bigger group (15 people) but also very enthusisatic and persistant!).

On the night of my tour, Tromso was covered by a thick layer of cloud with very little wind, which was apparently one of the worst combinations available. However, Kjetil consulted his satalite weather guide on his equipment and decided to head due north for the coast, where he believed there could be more wind and less cloud. This proved to be an inspired decision and we were rewarded with a good show for at least 30 minutes before the clouds closed in.

On returning to the hotel, we discovered that we were one of the very few people to have seen anything that night and the only other lucky party had been with one of the other guides who share Kjetil's Tromso base and who Kjetil had called to tell them where to go.

Kjetil also provided me with some great tips for taking photos (for anyone interested, 3.5 Appature at ISO 1600 for 20 Secs for my particular lens, which only goes down to 3.5).

Overall I would thoroughly recommend Kjetil and he will definitely give you one of the best chances of seeing the lights. He is a delightful individual who is passionate about what he does. My only other advice is book up very early as I understand 12/13 is already starting to get busy.
Written February 24, 2012
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East Horsley, UK90 contributions
Nov 2016 • Solo
So you are going to Tromso for a few days and want to see the famous Northern Lights. You've pre-booked your flights and hotel, and are looking on the internet for Northern Lights excursions or perhaps you will leave it to chance and book a trip when you arrive.

Well having been to Tromso a few times now to chase the Northern Lights, 5 to be precise over the last 3 years, you have two options: join up to 50 other people on a large coach with a company you've never heard of or book in advance on a small group or highly personalised private tour with THE Aurora Chaser and a MASTER of Northern Lights Photography. I mean to say, you wouldn't just arrive at Tromso airport without booking your hotel would you, so why take the risk of not fulfilling your dreams to see the Lights by booking with just anyone?

I have just been on a 5 day private tour with Kjetil. He's taken me to some spectacular locations around Norway offering breathtaking scenery and fantastic vantage points to see the Lights. I would never have found these on my own and I certainly would not have seen so many beautiful landscapes, fjords and mountain ranges stuck on a coach! We went as far afield as Senja and the Lyngen Alps. We went off piste up, down and around mountains to shoot some incredible pictures. Kjetil takes you to the places that no one else knows about and pinpoints the very best spots to photograph the Lights. Or perhaps you would like to be on one of the big buses stopping at a lay-by on the road side to wait for the Lights to appear?! And when they do, have 49 of your new friends in your photos! 😉

I can't speak highly enough about Kjetil Skogli. What he doesn't know about the Northern Lights and where to photograph them isn't worth knowing. He is a guru of Norway and such a great guy. Even Joanna Lumley and Sir Brian May think so (check out Kjetil's website). I mean they could have picked anyone to go out with, ask yourself why did they choose Kjetil? He's even been featured in a special Norwegian TV documentary on the Northern Lights this week.

Of course, there are no guarantees in life and with the Northern Lights being a natural phenomenon sometimes you get lucky, sometimes very lucky and sometimes not so lucky. So don't just go out one night is my view. If you are in Tromso for 3 nights, go out 3 nights, and see Tromso itself during the day. I was with Kjetil for 5 nights this time. We saw the Lights on 3 out of the 5 nights. The 1st night was good, the 2nd night not so good, the 3rd night very good, the 4th night very poor with hardly any lights and the last night was OUT OF THIS WORLD, with a spectacular show lasting on and off for 4 hours. Where exactly? Well 'if I told you that I would have to shoot you', so you will need to ask Kjetil. And what about this, we arrive at our destination around 8.30pm after an hour's drive from Tromso, we set up our cameras and Kjetil does his stuff looking at various indicators on his phone (but never any Northern Lights Apps by the way). He calls out 'something is moving, we should see Lights between 9.30 and 10.00 pm'. He was wrong; they started to appear in the skies in front of us at 9.25 pm, 5 minutes early 😉. The show was great. I managed to get some great photos, taking advice on the optimal camera settings from 'The Master'. Then they disappeared and I thought it was over. But Kjetil turns to his indicators (not Apps!) and then makes the call, 'we stay here, there could be something big coming in an hour or so'. Well something big was the understatement of the Norwegian year, for what unfolded before our eyes 45 minutes later was a G1 storm (quite rare) and the most spectacular display of the Northern Lights I have ever seen. They rained down forming long colourful green, white and purple/red streaks as they danced across the sky. It was big, very big, I mean very very big and lasted about an hour, with time for some fantastic photos and memories. After the show we laughed out loud, not just at our good fortune and the fitting end to a great 5 days on tour but also to the fact that 'the Apps' had predicted only an hour earlier a KP value of 0 with a zero chance of seeing the Northern Lights. How wrong could they be! Mind you there were no big buses out ... perhaps they'd looked at the Apps!!!

Kjetil - thank you for a great tour and your warm companionship ..... and of course for some fabulous memories of Norway and the magnificent Northern Lights.

If you want to give yourselves the best chance of seeing and photographing the Northern Lights in perfect settings then contact THE MASTER, Kjetil Skogli.

Go on check out his website now, and hope that he can accommodate you as he gets booked up well in advance. 😊

Written November 10, 2016
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Hi. Thank you for you great review. It was a pleasure to chase the lights with your for 5 days in a row. It is a reason why I don't use apps to predict the northern lights. Welcome back to Tromsø to chase more lights and to explore more of this wonderful part of the world.
Written January 19, 2017
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Northampton, UK293 contributions
Apr 2016 • Couples
Very seldom have I wanted to give more than Five Stars but Kjetil would have been worth every one of them.

We went out on Saturday night and yes, the sky was clear, which made the chances of seeing the Northern Lights more likely. However, regardless of the probability of seeing the lights, it was Kjetil's natural enthusiasm, photographic expertise, sense of humour and just shear willingness to work hard to make our evening a success, that made it for us. We were even told to take our passports as he is prepared to travel significant distances to find the Northern Lights. Finland was a possibility!

For us, it was a shorter journey to one of the islands on the coast where we set up on a stoney beach. Initially, we watched the sunset and then at 9.00 / 9,30pm, the Northern Lights started appearing and were still lighting up the sky when we left (our choice, not Kjetjil's) at 2am by which time sunrise was on the way!! In my partner's words "it was a magical evening".

The lights came at us from every direction with a mixture of colours, shapes and sizes. We even saw two full coronas. Despite his 10 year experience of chasing Auroras, Kjetil's enthusiasm was unbounding. He was videoing the lights himself whilst helping us to use our cameras to get the best pictures, whilst making a fire on the beach, whilst serving coffee and cakes........etc. No end of energy!

Some tips for the Aurora Chase:

1) Be prepared to travel.
2) Locations are beautiful but remote - be prepared to rough it a bit.
3) Patience may be required.
3) Come appropriately dressed. It will be cold particularly if you don't have a camera and the adrenaline isn't flowing.
4) Bring an appropriate camera for night shots. I was using an SLR with 5 -15 sec shutter speed on ISO 1600 / 3200. Some cameras, Ipads, phones just won't do the job. My Canon 500d achieved nothing on automatic settings. It all had to be on a manual set up which Sjetil did for me. I'm no expert.
5) BRING A TRIPOD - I forgot mine. Sjetil fortunately leant me his spare one. You cannot take a 10 second shutter speed photo with the camera in your hand.
6) Ask Sjetil for photographic advice. Don't be shy. It may be your one chance to capture the Aurora Borealis.
7) Sleep deprivation is a certainty but it's worth it. I would not advise going on a "chase" on the same day as you have travelled to Tromso. Tiredness could ruin the experience for you.

You have to accept that there is a possibility that the lights won't appear. Kjetil does not control the sun from where they originate but when someone is prepared to make so much effort to help your dreams (bucket list) come true, he should be congratulated.

Would I go back - hard to say when you've seen such a display as we saw BUT would I advocate you go with Kjetil - ABSOLUTELY. If they are there, he'll find them.
Written April 5, 2016
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Hi Thank you so much and sorry my late response to this. Communication is a two way process and thank you for that. Very good advices from you. Appreciated:) Welcome back to Tromsø any time
Written January 19, 2017
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