Mozart Requiem Karlskirche

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Mozart Requiem Karlskirche
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8:15 PM - 9:15 PM
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The concerts are performed by the Choir Cantus XVII and the Soloists of the Salzburg Concert Society as well as the Orchestra 1756 (on period instruments). All together there are more than 40 musicians on stage. In Vienna you will not find another concert to experience Mozart and his surrounding mystique in a more authentic, more profound or more typical way.
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1-2 hours
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The area
Neighborhood: Wieden
The fourth district combines elegant tradition with contemporary style and relaxed living. More than a dozen town palaces and churches such as St. Charles Borromeo have added glamour to a neighborhood known for its traditional retail and crafts shops, taverns, cafés. Wieden is also home to Naschmarkt, Vienna’s largest street market. Many bohemian types have found their way to Wieden: meet them in trendy cafés and bars, shop alongside them for vintage items, enjoy Wien Museum’s and Kunsthalle’s modern temporary exhibitions, and hang out with the bees at Vienna’s most beautiful urban garden, Karlsgarten.
How to get there
  • Karlsplatz • 6 min walk
  • Karlsplatz • 6 min walk
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171 reviews
Very good

Boston, MA15 contributions
I have listened to many recordings of Mozart's Requiem, but this performance of a small group of musicians (12 strings; 8 winds/brass; 1 timpani; 13 singers + 4 soloist singers + conductor) revealed to me new aspects of how well the different voices of the orchestra and choir/soloists are integrated and support each other. Less is really more. Here, location is everything, and Karlskirche and its acoustics was a key part of the performance. The acoustics at many times made me look up toward the dome, especially at the end of movements. Mozart's orchestration as to when he used the timpani or not, seeing up-close how the singers and instrumentalists support each other or counterbalance each other was inspiring. Period instruments were appreciated - especially cellists playing without endpin, period trombone, horn, etc. This performance made me fall in love again with the Requiem but in a completely different way. It felt like going back in time and getting a glimpse as to how this piece was performed in the day. Thank you for such an amazing experience!
Written February 29, 2020
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Dear J W, thank you so much for your review! We are very glad, that you liked the concert. If you happen to come back to Vienna, please let us know. Best regards from Vienna Constantin
Written March 4, 2020
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Cambridge, MA1,808 contributions
We visited this church and its wonderful reflecting pool in the daytime to get our tickets and returned at night for the concert so we saw it also beautifully illuminated at night and discovered the edge of the reflecting pool is a gathering place in the evening when the sun has set and it is wonderfully cool.

Each Saturday night the Heinrich Franz Biber Chor and Orchester 1756 using period instruments performs Mozart's Requiem at 8:15. We were able to get tickets the day we went.

A caveat:
Tickets for concert - all is general admission by section except the front section which has assigned seats. Online ticket resellers and hotels don't tell you this because they can't choose seats for you in the front section.

We had a bad experience ordering tickets through our hotel. They bought them for the following Sat rather than for the day we called but we didn't realize that until later. We opted to pick them up at the office of the ticket issurer so we would not have to stand on line at the concert which proved a good decision. (I am 77 and can't stand for any length of time) We only discovered the error when we went to pick up the tickets. They were only able to change the date by giving us a voucher for that night which meant standing in line before the concert to get out tickets.

We went then to the church box office (which we should have done form the start) and they were kind enough to call the ticketing company and actually got our tickets and it was then that we found we had reserved seats. I HIGHLY recommend buying your tickets directly at the church where they are available during the day before the concert and the day of the concert.

The two aisle seats are added chairs and the seats are more padded than the very hard pews. Programs are 2 euros.

You can take pictures without flash before and after the concert.

Very near U Bahn stop Karlsplatz.

Dress was the entire spectrum from jeans and a few shorts to semi dress. No formal attire was seen. Saw a few backpacks. People with babies in strollers in the back.

If you found this review helpful, please not so below. I appreciate it when others remind me to do so.
Written June 7, 2015
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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic6 contributions
This is for sure the most impressive classic music event you can ever experience, period. This event is suitable for everybody - you don't have to be a friend of classic music.
Written April 20, 2015
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Sydney, Australia570 contributions
It's a fine venue (although spoilt considerably by scaffolding inside to facilitate restorations) and i am sure the orchestra skillfully executed Mozart's Requium. But if you are not a big fan of classical music, this is the wrong concert for you (and for us, as we discovered). It's just sombre noise with no real melody like a waltz would have.
Practical tips for everyone:
* Only Category I seats are allocated seat numbers. If you have Category II or III, it is free seating within the area pertaining to your category, so it is wise to line up early (a full hour before the show starts).
* There are 2 lines, one for ticket-holders lining up to enter, and another line for people who have to pick up (or buy if it is not already sold out) your ticket.
* Inside within each category, there are 3 physical types of seats: A church pew (very uncomfortable), a wooden chair (uncomfortable) and padded chair (comfortable). Its a dilemma because the uncomfortable options are about 20cm higher than the comfortable option, but as the person in front of you is at the same height, it doesn't make much difference in the end unless you are on the inside edge of the raised area so you can look diagonally across the lower seats towards the stage.
* As the rows of seats are not tiered in height as one progresses further back from the stage, and as the various members of the string orchestra are not tiered, if you want to see the orchestra playing, category III seats are not a good choice. Category I gives the best view (about the first 20 rows) and Category II seats give a reasonable view unless you are unlucky enough to be sitting behind a tall person or a beehive haircut.
* There is no interval & you are out by 9.45pm.
* The crowd is serious classical music buffs who obey the no photos rule, notwithstanding most are tourists.
* Dress code is just smart casual.
Written September 21, 2015
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Chicago, IL3 contributions
The Orchestra 1756 seems competent, but their performance is ruined by the overly resonant acoustic of the Karlskirche which causes the sound (especially in fast or loud movements) to become one big muddled mess. Google "requiem + Karlskirche" and look at the approximately hour-long video on YouTube to get an accurate idea of what the concert is like. If you're there for the view of the church and the experience, you may be satisfied. But if you actually care about the sound of the performance, you will probably be disappointed, as I was last week. Additional cons: To get an assigned seat near the performers, you have to pay for Kategorie I (currently 49 euros, which is rather expensive for this type of touristy performance) and yet you have to wait in an incredibly long line (potentially in the cold depending on the time of year) along with everybody else who paid less for general seating. The concert seemed sold out, and at the prices they charge they must have raked in at least $100,000 euros -- and they do this at least once a week! As other reviewers have noted, people start lining up an hour or more in advance. Personally I wish I had attended another concert that was taking place that evening elsewhere.
Written May 4, 2016
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Randal S
Bangkok, Thailand11 contributions
Mozarts Requiem is performed practically every Saturday evening at Karlskirche. I had booked my ticket online and couldn't (didn't try to) print it out so had to collect it first at the box-office. I arrived in t-shirt and shorts and could tell the guy at the box office wasn't impressed at all. He snapped at me when I tried to show him my ticket reservation code in my phone and then didn't even look at me when handing me my ticket. That wasn't good service at all. Bad start to the evening.

I have sung Mozarts Requiem in my own choir a few times. The performance was good. There were only 16 singers, I thought they needed twice that number as the orchestra drowned them out a bit.. especially a few more sopranos. I found the tempo to be a little slower than I'm used to though it picked up a bit from "Hostias" to the end.

They finished the night with Mozarts - Ave Verum and the "ceiling" above the altar was lit up to great effect. The audience were well behaved, not clapping until the end and no obvious photo taking. I thought the audience however could have tried a little harder to applaud at the end. Lots were just sitting there doing nothing while the musicians and conductor stood to accept the audiences appreciation.

Not too expensive and worth doing when in Vienna. If you go, please clap at the end. It is customary to continue clapping until the musicians start to leave the stage. Yes, that could mean several minutes of continuous clapping. The musicians deserve it.
Written August 22, 2015
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Klagenfurt, Austria50 contributions
I was very excited to finally have what was supposed to be a really breath-taking musical experience in Vienna. I had seen that the reviews were mixed and I thought...well, there are always people that are hard to please, what can you do? But I have to say I agree with those who felt a little if not entirely cheated. I had category 3 tickets way at the back but it was full so after a little fighting, I was moved up right next to the category one seating area. Nonetheless, it was terrible. Acoustics are VERY BAD. I think this likely creates at least the illusion that the musicians are not talented. There seemed to be a great deal of passion lacking as well. In one review I read earlier, someone said people were sleeping and I thought, no, that can't be. But right next to me in category 1 seating area was a reasonably young man falling asleep during the performance. I was tempted to leave but I was determined to get my money's worth for better or worse. I would rate it higher if it was perhaps 10 Euros but for 31 Euros, it does feel like a big waste to me.

Another reviewer mentioned that musicians would be horrified, I have to agree completely because I was there with someone with a musical ear and he was completely disgusted. Apparently, part of the problem is the use of baroque instruments which don't tend to sound as nice but I suppose that is highly subjective.

I definitely do not recommend seeing this piece.
Written August 10, 2017
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Kimberley Beach
London, UK11 contributions
Before the performance starts there is announcement to say that no photography is allowed as they want you to enjoy the performance how it would have been historically. Well I can tell you they achieved that. The lower classes generally weren’t present at Mozart’s orchestral performances, times have changed so now they have to let us in. However, they’ll stick you at the back near the door where you can’t see a thing and you spend the entire hour huddled together freezing. The give blankets out but they really don’t help.

The sound is also horrendous. The acoustics of the church aren’t great. The performance sounds very flat and lacking any enthusiasm or emotion. I was falling asleep as were the many people around me. It was only the minus temperatures that kept us awake.

It’s a tourist trap and it’s not worth the money. I get to say that I saw the orchestra play Mozart in Vienna so maybe £30 for bragging rights is a bargain, I don’t know. What I do know is that I had to sit through an hour of physical and audio hell and I would hate other people to be disappointed. If you can, spend a little more on something more accommodating.
Written December 29, 2017
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Dear Kimberley, we are very sorry, that you didn´t like the performance. We try to make the best out of our concert hall which happens to be a church. This piece was written for places like this. If you have a look at the history of this piece you can see that it was played in a church for the very first time in a church just like Karlskirche. We try to be as close to the historical background as possible. Thats why we play on period instruments and the sound may vary from other "ordinary" recordings. We can tell you that all our musicians try their best to give you the best possible performance because even after 10 years inside of this church, every concert is something special for them. We are very sorry, that it didn´t sound like that for you this night. Adressing the issue of the cold church: after all it is an old building and we are doing our best to get it as warm as possible even fighting with the temperatures outside. We are always looking for options to keep our guests as warm as possible why we hand out blankets and use fan heaters. We are very sorry, that you had the feeling that we didn´t tackle this issue right. If it happens that you return to Vienna, please contact us that we can try to make this experience forgotten and show you the real face of our great Orchestra 1756! Kind regards and looking forward to hearing from you, Constantin
Written January 1, 2018
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St. Petersburg, FL12 contributions
I love this piece of music and the church; however, it is not a good venue for music. It is so echo-ey that I agree it becomes a cacophony of sound. All sounds blend together; it is difficult if not impossible to detect words or individual sections of the orchestra or choir. At times it even sounds like the musicians' timing is off because different pieces of the music get to your ears at different times. I am by no means an expert, played piano in my youth, did a little choir singing in college, but it was very obvious to me. Think a real musician would be horrified.
Written August 6, 2017
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Herzliya, Israel20 contributions
It is not easy finding a decent classical (non-Strauss, non-Mozart) concert in everyday Vienna unless you are willing to order tickets in advance and invest a hefty some in their purchase. So in the jungle of the Strauss/Mozart performances played in original outfits it was nice to find a straightforward, less "touristy" performance of Mozart's Requiem.
The cathedral is beautiful and the echo added another dimension to the music. The Requiem was well executed and dignified though the conductor did seem somewhat pompous in his presentation. The idea of listening to a piece of music that was written not too far from the cathedral and was probably played in the same cathedral for several hundreds of years also added to the moving experience.
I highly recommend this concert to those interested in the music and less in the show.
Written October 23, 2014
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