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Monaco Grand Prix
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Los Angeles, CA134 contributions
May 2021
We attended our first F1 Grand Prix in Monaco. What an experience! Such a beautiful place and the iconic circuit is mesmerizing as Sir Lewis Hamilton put it. While we had to deal with Covid restrictions, we didn’t let this minimize the fun. Walking to the market we saw Charles LeClerc and my son got a selfie with him. Made our day to say the least. We also saw Fernando Alonso running. The entire experience was heaven for us - Monaco! The cars! The race! I can’t recommend it enough. We had a blast and hope to go again.

Question: can someone recommend a good, reasonable way to reserve on one of the Ermanno Palace Terraces?
Written May 27, 2021
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Ernesto F
Varese, Italy19 contributions
May 2021 • Couples
Not a big fan of F1 but the experience of the Grand Prix de Monaco is something have to live it.
Written May 25, 2021
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Vienna, VA3,645 contributions
Jun 2020
We were not there for the Grand Prix, but it was still quite fun to see track and surrounds. Pretty incredible in its location. Wow.
Written May 6, 2021
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155 contributions
May 2020
I finally got to visit Monaco and walk every meter of the track.
I could visualize different drivers talking the various corners. Standing where two drivers left the track and landed in the harbor was interesting.
Sad when I reached the place Lorenzo Bandini fatally crashed in 1967.
Written February 7, 2021
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Alessandro F
Milan, Italy25,452 contributions
Oct 2020 • Solo
Since 1929 , on one weekend of may , the streets of Monaco-Monte Carlo changes into a circuit of Formula One, during the year only a large promenade beside the Harbor remember to you the point of arrival, large and empty, with all money circulating in this city , removable street furniture could be positioned
Written October 23, 2020
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stuart florida2 contributions
May 2019
We went with friends last year to see the Monaco Grand Prix. Got our tickets from www.thegrandprixclub,com, watched from a private apartment balcony directly on the track with fantastic views of almost 75% of the track.
Written February 16, 2020
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79 contributions
May 2019
Went on 5 day Leger coach trip with a friend staying in Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy on B&B basis. Stayed overnight in Reims on outbound journey. I enjoy travelling by coach and the drive south through Champagne, along the Rhone to Cote d'azure and then along the coast road passed Monaco to Italy for 3 nights. Plenty of seafront restaurants in Bartolomeo al Mare so no need to stay in your hotel. Our experience was to go out of the hotel for dinner and NOT eat dinner in the hotel. The breakfast was perfectly fine as a Contintal Breakfast. But the restaurants along the seafront were friendly, had Italian family clientele and the food was superb and definitely value for money. We had included coach transfers in and out of Monaco on Saturday and Sunday for Qualifying and the GP race and spent full days in Monaco on both days, walking around and watching both the main events and other races. The attractions in Monaco are closed while the races are on and some do reopen once the races have ended for the day. There are plenty of affordable eateries and bars around Monaco for a bite to eat, coffee or beer etc. You don't have to look too far. We had swimming pool section tickets pre bought via the F1 website but general admission tickets were included in our tour operator package. This was an excellent trip well organised by Leger Coach Holidays. We enjoyed every bit of it and the Monaco Grand Prix should be on your bucket list.
Written January 8, 2020
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1157053228 contributions
May 2019
wow, was the time of my life. we watched from up on the hill and could not see too much. but the tickets were 100E and totally worth it. what a wonderful experience, even though ferrari rigged vettel's pit stop so that vettel beat kimi...2017 GP...but would recommend again...hope to go back
Written November 10, 2019
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Roses, Spain395 contributions
May 2019
this is an impressive experience; the city is full of tourist and lovely cars; of course it is all packed and the prices are much higher than normal ;
Written November 1, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ottawa, Canada12 contributions
May 2019
When I decided we were going to go see the Monaco Grand Prix, I found it difficult to find any information online with tips/tricks about how to get there, where to stay or even where to eat. So here is my long winded review in the hopes that it will aid other travellers to see the iconic Monaco Grand Prix.
We stayed in Nice, found a reasonably sized AirBNB apartment very close to the main Nice train station, Gare de Nice Ville. The SNCF trains travel regularly between Nice and Monaco. While they call them ‘direct’, what this really means is that you don’t have to change trains. These trains will stop at every station in between Nice and Monaco.
For the Thursday and Friday of the race weekend, the trains run every 30 minutes and note you are looking for the train that says it’s going to Vintimille (it stops in Monaco). For Saturday and Sunday, they add extra trains that just go to Monaco so this increases the frequency to almost every 15 minutes depending on the time of day. Watch for which platform, they do sometimes change platforms, especially when extras are running.
There are machines at the train station to purchase tickets, good for any train on that day (as opposed to the website which requires you to pick a train time). The website claims it’s cheaper to pre-book, but the website and the onsite tickets are the same price.
I recommend you buy enough for all your days once you get to one of these machines. We bought just Thursday and it took minutes, but when we got there Friday the lineups were extremely long.
Depending on which race day and time of day, you may be standing, but the ride is just over 20 minutes so it’s not too bad, it just might be a little hot. The extra trains on Saturday and Sunday start at the Nice Ville station so they will be empty to start, but there will still be a bunch of people trying to get seats. This train does go through the Nice Riquier station, so obtaining it there could be an option, but because you’re not at the main station, you are likely standing, assuming you can even squeeze yourself onto the train.
And if you’re North American, like me, a reminder: the street signs are embedded into the corners of the buildings. For the first day I was trying to find street signs on the corner light posts to no avail!

In Nice, we found the area near the train station had a lot of food other than French (i.e. Indian, Asian, or even American fast food). I regret not doing more research because we were interested in local cuisine of course. However we were lucky enough to stumble upon a quaint restaurant, Chez Moi, which we did enjoy. If you do end up here, be aware, they are cash only.
We used the grocery stores to pack lunches; look for Monoprix, Carrefour or Casino Supermarche. Bring your own bags and in some we had to pre-weigh our own produce before bringing it to the checkout. They also won’t pack your groceries for you.
In Monaco, we tended to eat at off times, so in general we didn’t find it difficult to find a spot to grab a bite. We did tend to stay away from the main streets which had all the vendors in temporary tents. Everything in Monaco was expensive; a burger was 18 Euros, some restaurants were charging 10 Euros for a pint, we did find a street vendor selling pints for 5 Euros. Also be aware that service changes are typically already included in the bill they present.

I decided to go with F1 Experiences due to their apparent tight ties with F1. This was a mistake for this particular race. The Monaco Grand Prix is actually run by the Monaco Automobile Club and as such, so F1 Experiences people told me, they are limited in what ‘experiences’ they can actually provide. So be aware, if you are purchasing any of their lower-end packages (like the Hero package I chose), for other F1 races they have extras like driving around the track or a picture on the podium, but not in Monaco. Since I purchased my tickets they have cleaned up the details on their website so it is more accurate now, but I still don’t think the extra cost was worth what the package ended up being. But I will admit, one of our experiences was spending Thursday practice hanging out on a yacht, and that was pretty cool.
Included in our full weekend grandstand ticket was a pit lane pass. Because everyone who bought full tickets also got one apparently, and it was for only one-time slot on Friday afternoon, it was a large press of people and took over an hour just to clear security. When we got in, a few lower drivers came out to sign autographs. Of course the Ferrari and Mercedes pits were the most crowded and hardest to see.
Our tickets were for the K grandstands, upper K3, facing the harbour. It was bleacher seating, plastic seats however, so for short durations it was fine to sit. But for the race I was quite thankful I brought some seat cushions. The top row of the grandstand had ‘individual’ seats, but they still don’t have a seat back. I would argue you don’t really need to be ‘upper’, at least not in K3, the view was just as good lower down in the stands as it was where we ended up, row V. You need to bring binoculars to see the one and only ‘big screen’ available to the K grandstand. K1 is closest to the screen (and the exit of the casino tunnel). The higher number K are closer to the pool.
There is security getting to the bleachers. You are allowed to bring in plastic bottles but without the cap. I brought in a plastic refillable water bottle and snacks without issue.

After passing security, there are people selling things like programs and posters. They also sell them on the streets of Monaco. The people inside were charging more and claimed what was sold on the streets wasn’t ‘authentic’. Well I couldn’t tell the difference in the case of the race poster so we just went with a street vendor. Just saying.
There were a number of restaurants in the Fontvieille Harbour area. If you’re looking to get out of the hustle and bustle, this may be a good location to grab some eats.
Watch for cars. Pedestrians do take over the streets due to their sheer numbers, but the streets are still open. Even some of the streets with the temporary tent vendors on them. Don’t be surprised to be honked at to get out of the way.

All in all, an experience like no other. I was impressed at how well the big screen and a loudspeaker announcer kept us up to date on what was going on and I don't feel like I missed anything even though you really only see a portion of the track in any race seat. After the race we walked a bit of the track, but because it's a street race, very quickly things were opened up and cars were travelling the area. Because there’s so much to see, I would love to come back to see another Monaco Grand Prix!
Written October 30, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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