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Enigmo Rooms
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
Three escape rooms you choose from and try to escape in one hour. Which one is going to be your favourite, you want more searches, more logic, more thrills ? It’s up to you, and don’t forget to tell us your degree of experience. A journey to past times awaits you. Servants of a rich beautiful princess in 19th century Japan, criminal mastermind in 20th century Egypt or common tourist in a bolivian prison. Different accommodations, riddles and locks everywhere. You search, combine, discuss, find, open locks, search again, doors, closets... and hopefully escape. But please, shh, don’t tell anyone. Friends, partners, birthdays, stag party, wedding anniversary, teambuildings, our escape rooms are for everyone. You choose the level: beginner, intermediate or expert. Our escape rooms are selfcreated and selfbuilt. Therefore we can garantuee a unique style and look and a special experience.
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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138 reviews
Very good

Bonn, Germany6 contributions
Nov 2019 • Family
In the morning of a rainy day, I wanted to offer my grandson another escape room experience, this time in Luxembourg. At 9 am I called the number indicated on the website and I booked at 11.15 the Howard Carter’s room for 11.15 am. I received an email indicating I have to pay an advance of 50 euro, which I did. When we were entering the car, I got a call asking me to arrive later, at 12.30. We went back to the house for one hour and finally arrived there at 12.25 when we were told the Carter’s room is not ready and we better take the prison room. I said I will wait for Carter’s room, but I was told this is actually not possible as there are few objects broken inside. When I said this is what I paid for, I was told I called only two hours ago, is not easy to have everything as I wish. At the end I had to accept Zen’s room instead.
Big mistake.
The indications were not clear, the staff was answering our questions with big delays... they did not even apologize when we left. What bothers me the most is not that I paid 80 euros and I drove 50 km for nothing. Is that my grandson instead of having a nice memory with me, will remember the worse escape room experience...
Written November 1, 2019
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Immediately after you left the gamemaster warned me about his experience with you. The facts: I booked over the phone your reservation (you didn't book) because you wanted to play the same day. It is not possible to book the same day on our webpage, because we are just present when we have customers. My fault: I didn't check with the gamemasters if they were available. The gamemaster phoned you to ask not to tell you if it's possible to came later. His fault: because he didn't have access to the Internet he didn't see that the Howard Carter was already booked days before for 1 pm. This shouldn't happen and will not in the future. He offered you to play the San Pedro Prison instead, which is our easiest room, as you were alone with your grandson and as the Zen room (you told me you wanted to play anyway after the Howard Carter) is the most difficult room we have, especially for an adult an a child. If you would have listened to the indications, they would have been clear, but you insisted to talk all the time when the gamemaster wanted to explain and help you. Even after he tried to explain to you, that our system doesn't work like a phone but more like a walky talky (you have to talk and then wait and listen when the other person wants to talk), you insisted to talk and therefore not listen. The gamemaster gave you even 20 minutes more for the inconvenience. Did your grandson had a bad experience or do you think he had? At last, as for me, if I'm not happy with an escape room, restaurant, hotel...I tell them before I leave. I don't wait to be home and write a devastating review to try to harm someone.
Written November 3, 2019
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Chris K
2 contributions
Apr 2019 • Friends
An absolutely unique outdoor escape experience. Definitely worth a visit, whether with friends or family.
Written May 1, 2019
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Anders L
2 contributions
Sep 2018 • Family
We were two groups one in each room. Both seemed promising, but the experience was somewhat ruined by malfunctioning equipment and staff who wasn't able to neither fix the problems nor guide us when we gut stuck because of broken items. After the visit, we were harassed by the lady running it, accusing the children of our group of theft. It might have been a good experience, but it wasn't for us - and we strongly advice against going there.
Written October 21, 2018
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This comes from a client who told us that he will give us a bad review if he has to pay the second room that he "forgot" to pay (after reminding him he did pay several days later). For the theft: we always ask our customers if they have perhaps put something in their pockets. This can happen, and until now this was never a problem. There was a big lock missing after the client left and we had to change the room which caused a delay for the next clients. By chance three days later we found the lock hidden in a drawer of the lavatory. So nothing was stolen but hidden (funny joke). This party also attracted attention in the rope garden. And through experiences like these more and more escape rooms tend to not accept children or teens anymore.
Written October 24, 2018
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Martin R
6 contributions
Apr 2018 • Family
Having done one of these in London with the same family members minus one and escaped we were keen to try out another while visiting my daughter here in Luxembourg. firstly if you are new to this area like us driving to the venue from the city will test your patience before you try and get out of a locked room so give yourself plenty of time to get there,and you are looking for a converted apartment not an industrial unit something you could not do in England due to planning laws.
Getting there just on time Jan was very descriptive with his instruction and very helpful. The room we chose was the jail which we failed to get out of due to the digital lock,this is one of my only complaints a mechanical one would be better so it does not auto lock if an incorrect code is entered, the other thing is the picture clues could be a bit clearer not easier just better drawn.
Other than that a good hour spent with the family we will return on our next trip, price wise the same as at home.
Written April 5, 2018
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Christopher C
2 contributions
Aug 2017 • Friends
We visited with a group of five and had a brilliant time in the prison-themed escape room! Some very ingenious and creative puzzles and amazing how many they managed to fit in.

We've done some of the very highly rated London escape games in the past and found this to be of equally high standard. We're looking forward to coming back and trying some of the other rooms soon!
Written August 27, 2017
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Tania C
24 contributions
May 2017 • Friends
We tried the "Prison San Pedro" & the "Bureau de Howard Carter" rooms an both were very good, we had fun, the puzzles were tricky but solvable. We will definitly try the third room too.
To recommend 👍🏻
Written May 14, 2017
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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg4 contributions
Mar 2017 • Friends
We were six friends visiting for the first time of our life this kind of adventure. It was really challenging but to my opinion you need a lot more time to find the many different "keys" to get a way-out. I can only recommend this super experience.
Written March 11, 2017
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Rixensart, Belgium16 contributions
Mar 2017 • Family
Fans of escape rooms, Enigmo rooms was our 9th escape room. We were with our 7 months old daughter.
At first, they recommended us not to choose for the prison but after explaining that we went to Bolivia and saw the prison from outside, we decided to choose for this room though.
It was A-MA-ZING.
So great that we decided to go back the day after.
The Carter room was also very good. We were 2 + 1 baby so quite challenging in terms of timing but great though

Thanks a lot Enigmo Rooms !

See you soon for the Zen room!

Maïté & Quentin
Written March 6, 2017
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Kevin T
3 contributions
Jan 2017 • Friends
The prison break room was incredible! We were able to finish with 1 second left. So much fun!

There were three of us that completed the challenge. Highly recommend three or four people! Overall exciting 60 minutes!
Written January 25, 2017
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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg295 contributions
Jan 2017 • Friends
I had to think quite a bit before giving this one 3 out of 5, but in the end this is what it boils down to for me (we tried two of the three rooms and so can resonably eliminate the 'it was just a bad day for them factor'); the positive: the rooms are absolutely beautiful, probably among the best designed rooms that we've tried; attention to detail is amazing and the atmosphere is quite immersive; riddles too are well designed and quite witty in their conception; we had a lot of fun solving them; now the bad: both times the supervisors messed up in a significant way: first time they had prepared a riddle in another language and only noticed after we got stuck for 10 minutes, entering the room and completely ruining the atmosphere; second time they told us that certain elements were not part of the game, when in the end it was revealed that they were. Also, they gave us clues about a riddle that we had already resolved (both resulting in serious time losses - in the end they did not add additional time and chased us out just as 1h had lapsed); finally pacing: We are experienced escapers and are used to do runs at just the two of us, never with any trouble escaping in time. Enigmo are not paced for a two man team (despite pretending to be suitable) and are more of a 70-75 minute experience (first time we managed just in time, second time probs 10 minutes behind), which does lead to frustration, especially when they enter the room after 60 minutes and almost chase you out (both times they were not very friendly, despite having messed up both of them); this is all very sad, since the rooms themselves, as explained, are really quite good and with a little better pacing and professional staff would easily keep me going back for new rooms; as it stands, however I will not be going back to this place, since it left us underwhelmed both times we tried them.
Written January 2, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Thank you for your thorough review, we are happy that you loved and complimented the look and riddles of our rooms. But as experienced gamer you know that an escape room can only be so good than it's game master. I for myself can manage the look, logical game play and systems of the rooms, but not the game master. It's like going on a beautiful winter resort hotel and having bad weather. Would you give it a 3 star rating? As you mentioned, it's a tough call. Unfortunately I and my best game masters can't always be available, and even if we brief our game masters on a high level, we can only know how good or bad they are, through criticism of our customers. As you can see through most of our reviews, most of our game masters are complimented on their work, even from experienced escape room players. And we always (should) ask, and I would like to encourage our customers during the debriefing to tell us, what they loved and what they didn't and were we could improve. A complete non-go for the game master is to enter the room during the session (except if something breaks or the customers ask), and I think the most important thing in a room, besides being beautiful and setting you in the right atmosphere, is the logic of the course of play. Luckily for us it's easier to get the game master straight, having a well done escape room, then having a good game master and a poor room. As experienced game master I have to tell you that with rooms as complex as we have, it is quite difficult to follow each step of our customers at 100% due to camera angles or simply several persons doing different things in different corners or the wifi not playing along (since one week we switched to cables, so wifi being no issue any more). As for the one hour game play, we have customers which managed to due the rooms in less than 1 hour with 2 people. For most of the time we give our customers 5 to 10 minutes more, if they have difficulties. Sometimes we don't or can't because more and more customers are late (around 70%), between 10 and 20 minutes (see our other 3 star rating for the 20 minutes, and 45 m. being the record) which leaves us in a very difficult position: do we get them out after 40 minutes, do we refuse them as clients. Whatever decision we will take, it will always be the wrong decision for the customer. Sometimes customers are punished by their forerunners which were much too late or broke something (and normally not telling the game master, this happens every third to fourth game). This can mess up a whole booking plan for the day, specially the first customer of the day being too late and also putting a lot of tension on our game master, even if the customers shouldn't feel the consequences. In 2017 this is a thing we simply have to live with, as a lot of my friends working in different branches (even asking money to simply accept reservations) with reservation schedules having the exact same problem. And I can tell you that as a game master, specially myself, who built everything, it is really hard, seeing more and more customers break stuff and tear everything apart, that you put days or weeks to create, not respecting anything, but again, we are in 2017. I for myself played 7 rooms in whole Europe, some good, some not so good or even bad, but didn't manage to come out in 5 rooms in time and didn't get 1 minute more, and mostly wasn't frustrated, because I enjoyed the experience. I can assure you that the we will train the game master again (could you send us on facebook or mail when was your booking, so we can find out which rooms you played (Zen and Carter?) and who was your game master) and nevertheless thank you again for your review and hope to see you again in our San Pedro Prison to prove you wrong, once having the right game master.
Written January 5, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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