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Independent Family Tours, Small Group Tours, Private Tours since 2007 – Made by us and guided by us. We are a local family and team of like-minded people, who care deeply about nature and the country we live in. We go from the must-see sights to secret sights leaving as little impact on nature as possible. All our tours are guided by handpicked men and women, who are passionate about Iceland, nature, history, culture, and sharing it all with you. Join our Small Group Tours if you love nature, meeting new people and having fun in a group. Book our Family Tours and we will tell you all about the best pools, where to buy diapers, snacks, ice cream, and all the other insider tips only a local family can tell you. Or enjoy the luxury of designing your own Private Icelandic adventure for just you, family or friends.
Reykjavik, Iceland

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5.0 of 5 bubbles894 reviews
Very good

Dallas, TX112 contributions
4.0 of 5 bubbles
Nov 2015 • Friends
I occasionally write reviews a few weeks/months after the fact, when I suddenly realize that I never wrote about something that I really enjoyed! It's my natural instinct to immediately jump online to roast something that annoyed me, when I feel ripped off... But sometimes I forget the good stuff??? Recently, I became aware that I've been talking about my experience with Goecco quite a bit. In the past week, I've told stories about this adventure at work and at play, with a variety of colleagues & companions. And the cool thing is that I always have highly positive things to say! My wife and I spent a week in Iceland, searching for the aurora, in November. Sadly, the cloud coverage prevented us from getting to observe it, so we have an excuse to come back and try again another time. But even with the disappointment of not being lucky with the Northern Lights - we both felt that we didn't waste our money on this trip! That's entirely because of the exceptionally good time we had with our "Viking" tour guides. These guys who drive us around, show us the sights, tell us the stories... They are attentive to our wants/needs, without being invasive or obnoxious. I feel glad to have met them, and I consider them friends. I guess I'm weird, because I genuinely feel like it's a big deal to meet quality people. Taking a trip to an exotic location and experiencing a different culture wouldn't be as interesting, if you didn't get to interface with the natives. So Goecco did a superb job of bringing us into touch with the most gloriously beautiful sights in their country, and we have to be forever thankful for that gift. But while showing us around, they kept us safe, comfortable, fed, and entertained... And I consider all of that to be a bonus!
Written April 10, 2016
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Hi, Thank you for taking your time in writing these kind words. We truly appreciate getting feedback for our line of work, as it keeps us at our toes! We are happy that you have had so many positive things to say when you returned and talked about your experience to colleagues and companions! We hope you get another chance of seeing the northern lights! Kind and happy regards from Goecco
Written February 22, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Jeff S
Williamstown, Kentucky, United States33 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Mar 2014 • Solo
I went out with Jonas and Siggy on March 16, 2014. we drove between 800 and 900 kilometers that day through all sorts of weather, and these guys seriously took us an a wild adventure of a lifetime. Please note: if you want to sit on the bus and see the countryside, but not really feel it, don't read any further...there are other large bus companies that will take you for a ride. Goecco is about adventure and experiencing some really fantastic parts of Iceland that you won't see elsewhere...at least not in this way.

First, we receive note that the rivers in the ice cave we will be visiting will run high...bring extra shoes, socks and clothes...in my rush to get out the door over to Hallsgrimm's Church, I forget these essentials...more on that later...the day would be fierce with intermittent periods of sunshine and blue skies only to be swallowed up by snowstorms and rain...it was amazing and frighteningy ll at the same time.

We started from Hallgrimm's Church at 7:45 (I had left my hotel at 7:15 to drop off my bag at the next point of stay, the Hilton Nordica, and then over to the Church). We would not get back to the Hilton until 2:15 am Monday local time. We would end up traveling between 800 and 900 km during the day...truly exhausting and made up my mind that i would not even think of planning a Monday morning excursion (whale watching or horseback riding).

We started off at the Batman cave, a slippery trailed path over lava to an entrance where they filmed Batman Begins...once I got my footing I made my way down into the fairly light cave filled with snow piles under each skylight (each skylight was easily 5-8 meters wide). We spent a few minutes here with our guide Jonas and our driver Siggy. Both have done this work here and in other countries for many years and have been friends for what appeared to be their whole lives...good people..

Next, we picked up a couple of people in Selfoss making our vehicle full and moving me up the the front seat, which really has a great view on a small bus. We headed off to a secret waterfall within 100 meters to the west of the world famous Seljalandsfoss water falls.

In between two towering walls in the same cliffside as Seljalandsfoss, there existed a narrow entrance into this hidden waterfall. It was no less than 30 meters in a single drop into a pool with moss-covered rocks...just gorgeous...

We drove on south towards Vik where the basalt columns stand. They were no less impressive today than when I saw them a couple days prior. I was now taking pictures with my iPhone (my DSLR drowned in the secret waterfall - honestly, i am still not disappointed). Jonas was quite the gent and would soon loan me a very serviceable Canon Powershot G11 that I ended up using the rest of the trip (thank you, Jonas!).

The wind coming from the North blows across glaciers and it turns 2-3 celsius temperatures to -8 very quickly much like how the lake effect causes northerlies to chill and become more frigid in the upper midwest US. Needless to say we were all happy to get out of the cold and head off to lunch in Vik. I had heard that meat soup was a Good Iceland dish...it is basically lamb stew and with a bit of bread warms the bones and fills the belly.

Off we drove. Vik is close as the southernmost point of Iceland you can get, although there is another nearby town (name escapes me) that gets that distinction. We could see the Westman (Deadman) Islands off to the west, but now we would be heading East towards Eyjafjallajökull (the volcano that sent European travelers to panic on its eruption in 2010 - stranding millions and creating mass devestation in the Southeast of Iceland) and then north up the east coast of Iceland towards Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in all Europe. It covers over 8,300 square kilometers and makes up greater than 10% of Iceland's landmass.

On the way up to the Glacier, we stopped in the lava fields where you see twists of molten lava past now black and covered in beautiful moss that feels like the plushest carpet (about 4 centimeters deep). In this field, we drove on the old road that people used before the Ring Road, the circumferential road navigating around the whole of Iceland, was completed in the mid 1970s. We barely make it across the bumpy road with lava about 40 centimeters space on either side of the bus (quite the squeeze) at times.

A bit further northeast we hit the great black sand desert where volcano eruptions past and the minerals here create a sand dessert similar to the black sand beaches seen in Hawaii, but this desert dwarfs those beaches by hundreds or thousands of times over.

Now we are enter Vatnajökull and drive for many kilometers coming closer but it seeming so far away...

Our first stop, quite awhile later is the largest glacier flow, on Iceland, where the glacier melts and refreezes from eruptions as well as the a glacier's natural tendency to move forward and then recede.

Now, this particular "Express" excursion I booked not because I knew anything about the Goecco, but the things we would see this day. I wanted two things: 1) Vik and the Basalt Columns, and 2) Jökulsárlón, the Glacier Lagoon. The latter is a deep blue lagoon with small glaciers floating around it (small in terms of the glaciers like Vatnajökull and Eyjafjallajökull - the glaciers in this lagoon dwarf houses, buildings and many other large objects).

Jökulsárlón was truly the impetus to go on this crazy trip to the East. You have the lagoon itself, with huge glaciers, then notice little dark heads peaking out (no pictures sorry - my loaner camera simply didn't have the range)...seals playing and fishing in the frigid waters. I love seals. Soon it was time to go and I had taken my fill of pics of the lagoon. But, Jökulsárlón has another side to it...a dryer and wetter side - beyond a bridge that connects the Ring Road on either side of the lagoon drift out glaciers towards the Atlantic Ocean and towards the black beaches of Jökulsárlón. When we drove over to the beach, I volunteered (of course), to fetch a few missing members of our party that had gone to this part of the lagoon, and I remembered the pictures of glaciers against black sand...today, they were mainly in the Ocean, but still beautiful nonetheless. Jökulsárlón was worth the 400+ kilometers we had driven to this point.

The sight of it, on either side of the bridge, was breathtaking and makes me now, two weeks later, long for Iceland. I miss the cold winds and the breathtaking beauty of it all. Weird, since most of us are trying to just dig ourselves out of Winter, and I want more cold.

I was cold. It was 5:30 pm local time. We had been on the road for 10 hours and Jonas, our less-than-conventional viking guide (I say that with the highest amount of respect), had left one more pilgrimage - to the Ice Cave (don't ask me its name - if Jonas told us, I didn't hear him).

Due to the extremely rough roads leading towards the ice caves, we had to stop the bus about a mile short and walk on fairly difficult terrain. It was one of the reasons we didn't go to the Ice Cave before Jökulsárlón. If someone had twisted an ankle or worse yet, broke something, they would have missed out on the Glacier Lagoon. And, as we would find out - breaking something would be a very real possibility.

The terrain was dirt, sand and lava patches. If one didn't take care, they were taking a header, and I am famous for my headers. We all embarked on the hike - leaving the warmth and dry of the bus behind and heading out into what looked like a beautiful, but brutal wasteland - mountains and more of Vatnajökull. The sun was going down and the wind was strong. It was cold and after awhile we hiked beside a raging stream - the same stream that we would end up needing to ford if we wanted to go deep within the cave.

We finally got to the Ice Cave, and yes, it was interesting, beautiful in its own stark manner. The stream, which roared like a river, didn't calm down inside the cave. It was about a 2/3 of a meter high and raged at anyone daring to cross. Several of us dared after seeing Siggy cross. Of course, he and Jonas were experienced at this. Siggy crossed using trekking poles - that must be the secret. It wasn't.

He helped one girl cross as I descended the icy stairs into the dark oblivion of the cave. Then Jonas wanted volunteers to cross. I had been consulting with a gentleman from New York who said there was no way he would cross. He had been in ice caves in Alaska, and they were great, but it wasn't worth getting wet and cold over...I replied I had not been in ice caves in Alaska and found myself the next volunteer.

On my second step into the zero celsius water, I nearly got swept over (thanks for the hand, Siggy). I trudged across the 12 feet of stream now above my knees and climbed up onto the other side - cold, but happy to make the journey. I had no idea what lay ahead (okay, I'll stop with the drama - think walking the mile back in wet pants, shoes and socks filled with zero degree water across rocky and desert terrain - that's what lay ahead).

The colors were beautiful. Tubes ascended up through the ice and showed meter patches of fading blue skies. Pictures out the main entrance and where the stream exited the cave were made more dynamic by the full walls of ice reflecting blue, purple and other colors reflected all around.

I laid on the ground under a huge block of ice - larger than my house and evidently unstable - taking pictures of the structure only a meter and half above. It was gorgeous and breathtaking, and evidently deadly. After one of my fellow excursion mates took a couple of pictures of me in the Ice Cave, Jonas yelled "Time to go!! Been there too long!!"

Siggy helped us across the frigid waters and back to the relative calm of the safe side. I exited up the icy steps and the reality of what I had done hit me - I would be walking back in soggy, cold shoes, with freezing calves and knees. Like i said before, this was an adventure you feel, not just one you observe, an now I was feeling it.

We all walked a bit waiting for the rest of the group to come and filling the cold air around us. We had now been out for nearly 12 hours, and we had another 400 kilometers to go. It was 7:00 p.m. The tour had been scheduled to end at 7:45 local time. Something told me that wouldn't happen.

Finally, we all assembled as a group and trudged our way up dirt and sand hills several meters tall to take a "short cut" - all of us scrambling in our tired and now (for several of us) somewhat colder states.

We all finally made it back to the bus and Siggy drove around rough mounds of dirt, sand, ash and lava rock. He skirted this way and that and all the while the bus, which had been full of chatter earlier, was silent as a church during Sacrament. I don't think any of us had energy to move our lips much less do another "event". We were cooked.

It was awesome.

A couple of hours passed and we got food in a small town at a stop that was probably the only one still open (many businesses close in early afternoon on Sundays in Iceland - whether it's Reykjavik or Hofn). Honestly, the food left a bit to be desired, but the company was good including Marissa from San Diego, a fellow photographer / IT nerd from San Francisco, and our Barcelonan travel queen, currently based in Helsinki, Finland...They were all great company and we talked on until we headed off towards the highlands.

Back towards Reykjavik we drove and the snow came down. This time it wasn't too bad. It was now around 10:30 and all was okay. We were fed, we were tired. My socks and boots were demolished (well, VERY wet anyway), and I just chilled in the front seat (quite literally).

We dropped Off a couple in Selfoss and then headed home...it would be slow going. It was near midnight as we started to head towards the pass that would drop us down into Reykjavik. The day had been beautiful throughout most of it - with sporadic snow showers, but mainly blue skies above and sun shining bright in the +2 Celsius weather (which, when you're dressed for it feels just great). Now it was -2 Celsius, the snow had increased and Siggy pointed out lights that appeared to be airplanes...they were cars coming slowly down the pass.

Snow was falling well now and the winds roared...The snow drifted all up the windy road and the only indicators of the curve of the road were the well placed reflectors along the side.

We drove on, the snow increased, the wind blew higher, and then it decreased, the wind whispered rather than roared and we finally were able to resume normal speeds of 70 km/hr (I believe we had been going about 40 km/hr or slower). After that, I would trust Siggy to drive my kids through weather like this. He's a real pro.

It was now 1:30 am local time. Jonas asked me what my favorite thing on the trip was - Jökulsárlón and the hidden waterfall...and the ice cave. The fact that we were truly excursioning, not just dropping by a site here or there. This was adventure on steroids.

As I told Jonas several times this day - "I've never been more cold, wet and miserable...my camera is dead. I'm soaking wet. And, this is the best adventure I've ever been on." And, I've been on some good ones...this one just got the blood pumping and made me feel VIKING.
Written March 25, 2014
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WOW! This has to be the longest and most thrilling review in Goecco's history!!! What a day - just as thrilling for us!!! And that's exactly why we love our job!!! We can't thank you enough for this!!!!! Big smiles and hugs and thanks!!!! Jonas, Christina & Siggy
Written April 9, 2014
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Guildford, UK2,274 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2016 • Family
My family and I (husband, wife and two sons (23 & 21)) have just returned from one of the best scenic trips that we have ever taken and, believe me, we are fortunate to have taken quite a few all over the world. Many thanks to nature and all at Goecco, and in particular Siggi our guide, for giving us this wonderful, unforgettable, experience.

In my opinion, it is well worth taking this longer tour to the south coast if you possibly can. The scenery is more spectacular and the visitor numbers much smaller than on merely a 'Golden Circle' tour. Furthermore, I would also like to stress at this point something that otherwise hadn't occured to me when booking our trips within Iceland which was that, on this tour, Goecco provided everyone with their own crampons. These proved to be invaluable in this snowy & icy terrain. Most (if not all) other tour groups that we saw didn't appear to offer their clients this piece of equipment. Others were falling like nine pins, or being unable to undertake the activities / experiences that we undertook, and we were all fine.

Before reviewing the 3 day tour in more detail can I just put our trip into context, as I feel some other recent reviews have not set out the context and weather constraints that any visitor to Iceland over the period December 26th - January 2nd faced.

We ourselves flew into Reykjavik on the afternoon of December 26th to be met with a light covering of snow on the ground. The next morning, our planned flight north to Akureyri was cancelled, three hours before departure due to 90 mph winds, as was our rearranged flight the following day. We had to cancel our planned accommodation, tours and dinner reservations in Akureyri and find new accommodation, at one of the busiest times of the year in Reykjjavik. It was disappointing, but NO ONES FAULT - t was life. Our initial travel plans now in tatters, we therefore found ourselves with two and a half 'spare days' in Reyjavik and so arranged two tours (not with Goecco) out from Reykjavik. Firstly our newly proposed day tour to the Reykjanes Peninsula was cancelled, due to horizontal rain, little visibility and 60 mph winds and then our proposed Northern Lights tour was also cancelled due to 0% chance of seeing anything due to snow and cloud cover. In both cases the companies involved had NO OPTION - weather and nature just happens. Despite knowing that it will disappoint clients, their safety must be the first priority. Clearly companies cannot control the weather and nor should they be blamed for it. They can only do what they did, which is inform people affected and refund them. There can be no guarantees.

Enough of that.

Our experience of Goecco was first class. We were fortunate to have booked a 3 day tour of the Golden Circle and the South over New years Eve. Setting off on Friday 30th December, in improving but not great weather, our group were collected on time at the designated spot by our wonderful guide, Siggi, and then toured the 'Golden Circle' sights of Thingvellir National Park, the Strokkur geyser and the Gullfoss Waterfall. All are impressive, if somewhat crowded by 'day trippers' from Reykjavik. Visibility changed as the day progressed although sometimes, in a wild and wonderful country such as Iceland, bursts of sunlight or glimpses through the clouds can (whilst not ideal as we all love sunshine, blue skies and clear visibility) add to the experience.

For lunch we were taken to the Fridheimar Tomato farm in Reykhott for some of the freshest & tastiest tomato soup you'll ever try. From there it was a long 3 hr drive beyond Vik to the guesthouse that was to be our base for the next two nights.

Just before we arrived the clouds began to thin and that night we were blessed with a distant display from the Northern Lights. To put this into context, we were told that this was the first time that the Siggi had seen the lights for over two weeks and a previous guide that we had used from Reykjanes Peninsula told us that 2016 had been particularly bad for sightings over there with only five sightings since the start of the season in early October. To state the obvious, your seeing the Northern Lights is not a given.

The next day, New Years Eve, we traveled east in the dark, across Skeidarasandur (the black desert) to Jokvisarlon beach, arriving (thanks Siggi) as the sun rose to a clear blue sky. Absolutely magical. From there to the adjacent glacier lagoon. Stunning. Next to the Vatnajokull glacier where, with the help of a specialist 4 wheel drive jeep and the provided crampons, we crossed the moraines and walked into the recently discovered Ice Cave and onto the crystal clear (save for a dusting of fresh snow) surface of the glacier itself. The Ice cave had only been discovered 4 weeks prior, had been closed due to flood waters the day before and was now approx. 100 metres shorter than when originally discovered, due to debris being washed under the glacier in its ever flowing stream. That's called the unpredictability of nature. Every day the experience is different. Again, no guarantees. Next we drove to the beautiful blue Svinafellsjokull glacier (used in The Game of Thrones) arriving after all other tours had departed to experience it as a small group rather than with the hoards. On more than one occasion Siggi departed from the original itinerary order so as to give us the best and most remote, personal experience possible. He was also pretty relaxed about timing, giving us plenty of toilet stops or time to take photos. Despite only four hours of daylight, we experienced some wonderful long dawns and dusks. We didn't really notice some of the longer drives as we undertook them in the dark, relaxing to some wonderful Icelandic music that Siggi played in the minibus.

That night, back at the comfortable guest house, Egill prepared a tasty 'Viking dinner' that was shared around a large table, bonding the group (aged between 59 & 21 and disparately from UK, USA, Australia, India, China & Singapore) before we all, amazingly, saw the Northern Lights for the second night running, this time even stronger and directly overhead. What a way to see in the New Year. Simply one of the best days of any holiday, on a par with sunset in the Okavanga Delta, Sunset / sunrise over the Grand Canyon / Bryce Canyon or sailing down Doubtful Sound in Fjordlands, South Island, New Zealand.

For our final day it was a drive and climb to Fjadrargljufur canyon then across the Laki lava field (short walk included) to the black sand beach and basalt cave of Reynisfjara beach and lunch. Next to Skogafoss (In my opinion, it is impossible to safely the following three waterfalls without crampons) before a short stop to pet some Icelandic ponies on the way to Gljufrabui, the 'secret elf' waterfall accessed by walking in a river through a fissure in the rock face, before finishing on a high, in the pitch dark (head torches are a benefit) walking on sheet ice, drenched by the spray, behind Seljalandsfoss. Stood with the group and Siggi, looking out through the waterfall at the lights beyond was truly magical (that word again) and a wonderful climax to a marvelous trip.

Siggi was a wonderful guide, who maximized our experience, irrespective of the weather. He took time to speak personally to each and everyone of the group and was informative without going into overdrive. He was thoughtful and safety conscious without being overbearing.

As you will guess, and if you've been patient enough to read this far, I would thoroughly recommend this 3 day winter Ice Cave tour with Goecco and, if you're fortunate to have Siggi as you're guide then I'm confident that he'll do everything humanly possible to give you the best experience that the completely unpredictable weather & nature, will allow.
Written January 4, 2017
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Thank you so much for writing this great review and for recommending our 3 day Ice cave tour! We are a small tour operator company, and are absolutely in deep gratitude for your kind words! We are very happy that you and your family had a great experience and embranced how our weather and nature cannot always allow first planned itineraries! Thank you for your great spirit! Big and happy smiles to you and your family
Written February 22, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Reno, NV152 contributions
1.0 of 5 bubbles
Oct 2011 • Friends
Do NOT take any tour offered by GoEcco! I wish I could give this tour a less then zero rating. It was the biggest disappointment of our trip, the biggest disappointment of anything I have ever booked using TripAdvisor. The cost of $24,500 ISK per person is ridiculous (over $200 USD per person). Total rip-off.We were told we would be going on a short hike to Iceland's oldest geothermal/concrete pool, have snacks, hike behind a waterfall and then finish with a lobster feast. Here's what we got: first we were picked up in an old, uncomfortable van with at least one broken seat belt, if you sat in the back of the van you were overhwhelmed by fumes from the van. We were driven out of Reykjavik about 100 km and took a short hike up to a lukewarm pool. Only 4 of us got in the water and we all regretted it. Way too cold. We were given a thimble full of "Black Death", a glass of red wine, ram's testicles and putrid shark. Once back in the van we were headed to the waterfall, but we were told that it was too later to hike behind it because we had dinner reservations at 9 pm. We were all starving and very much looking forward to a "lobster feast". What a disappointment. Lobster dinner turned out to be lobster bisque, no salad, no entree, nothing else to eat. Then to top it off, Jonas told us that we could order drinks but that we would have to pay for them ourselves!!! Our "guides" (and I use the term loosely) were Jonas and Elias. Neither one provided much information on Iceland or the sights we were seeing. We kept trying to dig out information by asking questions, didn't get much info in return. Instead of providing us with information they played Elvis cd's over and over. Also Jonas did use inappropriate language and has a coarse sense of humor. Jonas is a heavy smoker and the residual smell filled the van. Hated this tour, total rip-off!
Written October 20, 2011
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Toronto, Canada1 contribution
2.0 of 5 bubbles
Sep 2011 • Solo
I agree with the unhappy reviewer that the tour is very overpriced for what you get and disagree that it is the fault of the traveler for being too passive and not outgoing enough. I suspect that reviews of small tour companies and B & B's might be less reliable because there is more of a personal connection made with the tour guides/owners and it is more difficult to write negative reviews. That is the only reason I can think of how this company has such excellent reviews. If you want to drink with locals go to a bar. Why pay $350US. It was the worst part of my Iceland trip by far. I suspect that there are many others who think the same way but are reluctant to write a negative review of people they spend significant time with and some personal information. They are kind, interesting people who are passionate about what they do. Still, the value is not there. Obviously many people do treasure their time with Goecco but it is not for everyone, irrespective of poor weather. I like the idea of a small group and learning and seeing things about Iceland that other, more impersonal companies cannot provide. However, this tour was double the price of similar tours offered by other companies and listening to a CD and drinking with locals does not cut it for me. Lesson learned.
Written September 26, 2011
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Kerry R
Portland, ME3 contributions
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Sep 2011 • Couples
We planned our day around the free walking tour of the city only to have it be cancelled. Their website said guaranteed departures on the day we were there, Wednesday. The site also says no minimum number of people needed. This trip is free but the guide accepts tips. We arrived at the meeting spot to find two others waiting to go. At 1pm the guide arrived and said that he was going to cancel since he works on tips and there were only four of us. He felt it was not "worth it" for him to take us out. We were certainly prepared to tip and were throughly disappointed to have it cancelled. They are misleading you...beware.
Written September 28, 2011
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

Zaragoza, Spain233 contributions
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Sep 2011 • Solo
The Snæfellsnes Gourmet Day Tour was the worst tour I took out of six. Very disappointing, unprofessional and a rip-off.

The bathing took place in a lava field. Quite decent place. But the pool water was not clear at all!! I had been in other wild hot springs with crystal-clear water where I didn't feel I needed a shower afterwards. And no, they were not crowded with tourists at all.

About Snæfellsnes, we only drove through the lava field, then visited a beach with big rocks and a small village on the coast with rocky cliffs. All was beautiful despite the miserable weather. At the end, we also stopped to see seals.

Due to the stormy day, horseback riding was not possible, so we didn't go to the farm. That was somewhere that I was expecting to go, as I wanted to see how life in an Icelandic farm was. Anyway, there were no explanations whatsoever about Iceland, nature, life, etc. or even about the supposed healing or magical powers of Snæfellsnes, which the guide kept mentioning. So I didn't learn anything at all, which is something I like to do while traveling.

About the gourmet food, there was nothing like that. We just had loads of red wine (and I don't like wine!), some rotten shark, a couple of shots of Brennivin. Lunch consisted of cheese and smoked lamb sandwiches and spiced bread. Then we had some chips from the petrol station. I was glad I had taken my own bottle of water. Dinner was home-cooked by the guide: some minke whale as appetizer, green salad, lamb, salmon trout. Except for the whale, I cook that for normal dinners, nothing "gourmet"!! From the Dill restaurant we only had potato salad.

And for all of that I paid around 250€!!!!! It's understandable why I think this tour was disappointing and a rip-off, isn't it? So if you have a genuine interest in exploring Snæfellsnes, go on your own or try the normal day tours. And for gourmet meals, go directly to the restaurants.


I also went on the free walking tour of Reykjavík. The guide was just a clown, talking about himself and family almost all the time. There was also not much walking involved as we moved around the meeting point only. On foot it would take 10 minutes to cover the whole way. So the walking tour just meant standing up and listening to the guide. Not really what I expect from walking tours. But well, it was for free, so I can't complain that much.
Written September 21, 2011
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21 contributions
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Nov 2015 • Couples
We've recently gone on the 2 days ice cave tour, Iceland is beautiful with great sceneries and we were very lucky to have traveled with a bunch of amazing people, but the tour itself is rather poorly managed.

Overall, we’ve lost 2 hours daylight each day and done 75% - 80% of what’s listed on the website. Iceland is great and the sights are there to be seen but that shouldn’t count towards to rating the tour, what tour organizers provide should be the logistics, organization, timeliness, transportation and information. Is it a good tour among those who offer two days ice cave experience? Possibly so as not many are doing it. Is it a good tour in general? Maybe not. Does it worth 590USD? Not for what’s been offered.

The tour guide is very cheerful and energetic, though we felt we've learnt more about Iceland from another tour the day before. Jonas the owner is very philosophical when it comes to preserving the local ecosystem, though I don’t think it’s cool to swear while a child is present at dining table. Driver seemed quite experienced and drove very well in rain in the dark/ on uneven ground, though was rather unprepared and at lost when a tire blew up.

We were picked up at about 9:10, for a brief moment we were worried that we were the unlucky people who got forgotten by the tour company. Then in that morning we stopped at a bus station, two gas stations, one liquor store and 30 min at batman cave. Then the tire blew up, the driver didn't seem to know what to do, a guest visitor actually helped change the tire. The emergency tire was significantly smaller than the other wheels, and didn’t look suitable for long range driving. We then stopped by two more gas stations and had lunch at 14:00. Essentially we only visited one place of interest in the first 6 hours and lost 1 hour day light fixing tire. We joked that day 1 was a decent Icelandic gas station tour. Flat tire may be an one-off incident, but the company was obviously not well equipped for emergencies, I’m just glad that it didn’t happen in the dark or on the rocky road at Glacier.

We visited two waterfalls and arrived at black sand beach very late, and it was quite dark by the time we got there. At no point on day one we were told how long to spend at each places / when to get back to the van. It was great in the sense that people could take their time to explore, but inefficient when there’re 20 people on tour. Then we hit the road again to the guesthouse, you would expect the dinner to be ready on arrival (21:00) but we only started eating at about 22:30. Food was great and it was nice to mingle with people.

We were woken up at about 6:30 to see northern light, which was quite cool, then had breakfast at 7:30. People are rather clueless of the plan ahead (including the drivers), so we approached Jonas and was told that the first 10 who were ready by 8:00 would go as team A, because there were not enough safety gears, plus he wanted us to arrive Glacier before other tour company. So we rushed and packed up by 8:00 and helped washing dishes while waiting. But we ended up waiting until all 20 people are packed and departed at around 9:15.

We reached Glacier at around 9:40, but ended up going up an hour later, and after another tour company. Basically the two tour companies have some unresolved access issues and they were trying to straighten things out at the spot. I appreciate that Jonas probably wants the best for environment / his tour groups, but I don’t quite understand why this cannot be sorted out at another time.

We went up first while the other 10 people waited at the foot of the hill, which was probably not the best use of their time (1hr +), they could have gone to glacier lagoon and come back by the time we came down. There was little safety instruction before we went up, and ended up carrying crampons and ice picks as dead weights without using them. We met team B half way back down and handed over our safety helmets on the edge of mountain, but not harness or safety rope. So the second team went up with only basic crampons and helmets, which was rather dangerous and worrying.

The view in ice cave and on top of glacier was amazing, definitely highlight of the day and I thoroughly enjoyed the hike.

Similar to team B, we waited at bottom of the hill for over an hour. Luckily we’ve got a group of fun people, and the waiting didn’t seem that bad.

Due to the poor time management, we didn’t have time to walk on the glacier, as we wanted to catch the limited daylight and see glacier lagoon and lava field and waterfall. We left Glacier at 14:00.

We had 30 min at glacier lagoon and 10 min at crystal beach, both had breathtaking views. We then headed off for lunch at around 16:00. By the time we drove by lava field it was pitch black outside, and we could only imagine what it looks like.

We arrived Skogafoss waterfall at around 19:00, completely dark outside. Our team was rather adventurous, so most of us went out with torch anyways, but I don’t think the other team came out.

Jonas and his team obviously are hard working and very nice people, but I feel the company still have a lot to improve.
Written November 12, 2015
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Dec 2015 • Couples
Goecco is without doubt one of the better and more credible tour operators in town - experienced and knowledgeable guides, reasonable prices and unique destinations to offer.

Most of the positives mentioned in this post are justified, but I would like put focus on areas that fell short of my expectations, which I hope can benefit future participants through improvements made by the operator:-

1) Tour on 9, 10 Dec exceeded the maximum number of guests per tour - Due to the hurricane, guests who had their trips cancelled on 7-8 Dec for the ice cave tour were given the option to sign up for the 9-10 Dec ice cave tour. Note that the quota mentioned on Goecco's website was 'a maximum of 11 guests per tour". We ended up having 35 guests for the tour on 9-10 Dec. 20 over guests were put on a bus/truck, while 10 were fortunate enough to be on the jeep (offering a small group experience). I was fortunate to be amongst the 10 but I can understand the frustration of those who had signed up for the trip expecting a small group experience but ended up having their expectations misplaced, and promises shortchanged (for the price paid). I recognise the need to accommodate guests who have had their tour plans displaced by the hurricanes, though this should not be at the expense of guests who had originally signed up for the tour on 9-10 Dec. I have raised this to the tour operator and expressed my hope this could be better addressed in future trips.

2) Better time management by the operator. This has also been echoed in earlier reviews.

3) A demonstration to participants on how outdoor gears are donned would be helpful. On two occasion, I noticed participants struggling to keep up with the group as they were not briefed on the proper way to wear crampons and harnesses. During the ice cave hike, I had to stay back to help some poor souls with their harnesses while the guide went off ahead. Doesn't reflect how a professional operator should be conducting its operations. Maybe this was a consequence of bumping up the numbers in the group, I don't know, but its definitely something that has to be addressed. Dont assume everyone is a savvy hiker ;)

4) Dinner (or supper) was taken at midnight. Positives was the quality of food was pretty well done. Do note it's part of the experience that participants should help out in the food prep! This is not a negative comment, but it might turn some of you off, if you expect to be served and waited on for this trip :)

5) Better communication to guests that lunch is not covered. Guests who were not aware might not have prepared sufficient cash (or brought a card along) to foot the bill.

These are some of my thoughts. I hope there are no hard feelings. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and the accompany of our dearest viking guide who was with us on the jeep (we call him Thor), but Goecco can do even better if they build on their success so far to address some of these shortcomings :)

Welcome a discussion and clarifications if need be!
Written December 12, 2015
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Aug 2018 • Couples
Booked ice cave express for christmas this august. I was so expecting it. But then I received an email from them last week, telling me their company went bankrupt, some dark side stories in iceland and all the tours are cancelled. Goecco suggested we can get refund from paypal protection or credit card association.

Website is down. No one is replying email. I tried to contact them but there was no response at all. Now i have to look for other tours. I hope i can get a full refund really soon. It is quite a lot of money there.

One tricky thing is that, their official website should be “goecco.com” which is currently inaccessible. But The website shown in the paypal email receipt is “icecaveguides.com”. This website is totally accessible and the ice cave tour is still there!! Buyers beaware! Do not book any tour from this alternative website.
Written November 19, 2018
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