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Kungsleden, Vasterbotten County: Address, Phone Number, Kungsleden Reviews: 5/5

A 450-kilometer-long hiking trail through northern Sweden.
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Very good

Julian B
Ottershaw, UK19 contributions
A lovely walk.
Sep 2019
im an experienced walker,many great trails ive done but after developing lung problems i needed something that was easier than my normal holidays in the alps.1200 metres of ascent in one week walking from Nikkalouta to Abisko compared to that in a day in the alps.
Ive never been in a helicopter so got the morning 8 minute flight from Nikkalouta to Kebnakaisie,great fun. Time to start walking.
1) Its cheaper to pre pay for your acomodation if using the excellent mountain huts, google stf mountain huts Kungsladen and click on the british flag. Become a member of an international youth hostel network( Y.H.A. in U.K) for even greater savings.
2) Dont be a moron and spend a £1000 on a travel company trip, my trip cost £158 using the same beds in the same huts. I met a family of 4 who spent £3200!!
3) Walking south to north is quiter, north to south you will be in a stream of walkers peak season,but you may like that??
4)The hike is one of my very favourites,less mountainous than the alps /lake district but solitude and beauty is world class.
The language in the mountain huts is English,the dutch guy will speak to the swiss guy who will speak to the Swedish guy in English.
Singi and Tsaki hut dont have shops/saunas the rest do.My pack weight net was 7 kilos.
You dont need a sleeping bag or cooker as bedding and gas stoves are provided.
September is best for amazing autumn colours,weather lack of crowds and lack of mosquitoes. Early season June/July snow and mossies.
Written November 6, 2019
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Darren D
Texas678 contributions
Abisko to Nikkaluokta in 3.5 days
Jul 2019

My sons (ages 22 and 19) hiked the trail July 2019. I am 51 years old.

Day before the hike: Our airplane arrived in Kiruna at 11:00 am. We then took the bus to the central bus station, and walked to Stejk Street Food. We had the reindeer subs, which were wonderful. After eating, we went back to the bus station and got on the bus to Abisko (this bus is only available twice per day, so make sure that you know the schedule). We stayed at the Abisko Touristation, which is at the start of the Kungsleden. I highly recommend staying there. The cleanliness, accommodations, and convenience makes it the best place to stay before starting the trail.

Day 1: We started from Abisko in the morning between 5:00 and 6:00 am, and we reached Abiskojaure around 10:30 am. The trail between Abisko and Abiskojaure (15 kilometers, 9.5 miles) is quite easy, so we felt very good. After a break, we decided to continue to Alesjaure (21 kilometers, 13 miles). We had done a lot of research, but we did not imagine the trail being covered with so many rocks. Our progress was slower because of the rocks and the times we had to remove our shoes to ford across shallow rivers. The first portion is easy, walking through birch-tree filled valleys. With various explorative detours, our distance on Day 1 was 40 kilometers, 25 miles).

Day 2: We departed from Alesjaure near 7:30 am, and we witnessed one of our favorite portions of the trail from Alesjaure to Tjaktja (12 kilometers, 7.5 miles). We will never forget our mid-morning snack as we sat on boulders surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, etc. Beautiful! We had a late lunch at Tjakta, and then walked to Salka (12 kilometers, 7.5 miles). This part of the trail had the most rocks of any other portion. It was during this part of the trail that we often said, "How is this considered a trail?" But, like all the other parts of the trail, it was filled with breathtaking views. We actually hiked through snow for about 200 meters. Because of all the zig-zaging between rocks/boulders, my pedometer registered at 34 kilometers, 21 miles for the day. We pitched our tent next to a river and had a great night of sleep.

Day 3: We departed from Salka early in the morning, arriving at Singi for a late lunch break (12 kilometers, 7.5 miles). The first part of that leg of the trail was easy and majestic. Then, rocks again :-). From Singi to Kebnakaise (14 kilometers, 9 miles) began with a lot of rocks and elevation. Then it involves a lot of up and down hills on the rock-covered trail. The end of that part of the trail includes a beautiful valley, more beautiful rapids, bridges, and trees (for the first time in days). Tenting is free near the Kebnakaise touristation, as long as you stay outside of the immediate location of the buildings. We found a beautiful campsite surounded by birch trees. Once again, due to all the zig-zagging through rocks and boulders, my pedometer registered more than the actual distance (36 kilometers, 22.5 miles).

Day 4: After three grueling days, we were looking forward to our shortest walk. From Kebnekaise to Nikkaluokta is 19 kilometers, 12 miles, and it is a beautiful trek. We observed that a lot of people simply hike from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise and back. Because Kebnekaise has a restaurant and other accommodations, this seems like a nice shorter hike (or one can take the helicopter between them for a high price). The walk was scenic and easy. We were amused that the two ends of the Abisko-Nikkaluokta are the easiest parts of the trail, giving some hikers a false sense of what is to come :-).

When we arrived in Nikkaluokta, crossing the finish line was a wonderful experience. We ate, rested, and waited about 4 hours for the next bus to Kiruna. Having cell phone coverage was nice, because I was able to reserve a room in a hotel in Kiruna. By the way, the Scandic is a great hotel in Kiruna, and it has a wonderful breakfast buffet.


The mosquitoes are overwhelming, so bring a lot of repellent. We used deet wipes, which worked well, but we had to wipe a number of times each day. We even had to wipe on our shirts and hats, because the mosquitoes would bite through them. The worst portion of the trail for mosquitoes was between Abiskojaure and Alesjaure.

The huts can be expensive if you have multiple hikers, but they seem to be a popular option for many people.

The best equipment I had with me was trekking poles. Between all the rocks, thin boards, etc. it was a miracle that I didn't fall at all.

I'm not sure if I'd recommend hiking the trail in 3.5 days, but it is an experience that my sons and I will cherish for the rest or our lives.
Written August 17, 2019
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Trnava Region, Slovakia23 contributions
Wonderfull trail in beautiful nature
Aug 2018 • Couples
I`ve been there for the trail from Nikkaluokta to Abisko and it was definitely an edventure of my life. You can just walk and still see an amazing north wilderness, enjoy breathtaking views and calm everywhere. We had a really bad weather but to warm in sauna in Salka and Alesjaure was one of the best :)
I really recommend this hike a lot
Written August 31, 2018
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Ella M
9 contributions
Most favorite trek - Abisko-Nikkaluotka in the Northern belt of Sweden!
Jun 2017 • Friends
This is one of the my favorite getaways, owing to the wonderfully amazing feel to Nature that it always gives. Yet this was the first time I was on it, with two other friends of mine. I read a little, here and there, while actually going for the proclaimed-to-be the best hike out in the northern belt of Sweden. Since once of us was a professional trekker, the effort spent in researching was quite minimal, as we were relying on his experiences more than anything.

Certain pieces of advices which I'd like to give to all nature enthusiasts willing to take up this hike is:
1. Carry Water-proof shoes for this hike, since there will be a lot of stream-crossing throughout the hike. The hike runs around and along Torneträsk lake, and hence at multiple places the level of water is such that water-proof shoes become a must.
2. Enough mosquito repellents - Since water is omnipresent, there are a lot of flies and mosquitoes which you shall find throughout; especially, if you're living in your own tents and choosing to ignore the decently comfortable STF huts.
3. The flora and fauna around are commendable and exceptionally b'ful, and hence you must carry fully charged cameras along with spare batteries. You don't want to miss out on the chance of capturing a reindeer!
4. This is a 7-8 day trek, and hence do carry enough packaged food for yourself.
5. If you want to travel light, then the STF huts are the best option for you. We wanted to take the full advantage of being with nature, and hence we chose to skip that option.

In summary, friends, this is a wonderful nature hike which you must take in the early summer season. In case you want to ski, then winters are a better option. The entire Alpine terrain looks beautiful and transports you to an era of no phones and no cars. Be prepared to leave the world behind, and get dissolved in Nature.

Hiked in June, 2017.
Written September 27, 2017
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Barry M
Mt Eliza, Australia177 contributions
Tougher than expected
Jun 2017 • Couples
We had been looking forward to this hike for some time and had done a lot of research. None of which prepared us for the worst snow conditions in 70 years. Our plan was to hike from Abisko to Kvikkjokk. unfortunately because of the heavy snow and water conditions we were advised not to hike the 1st 4 huts. So we went to Nikkoloutka and walked from there. We ran into people who had made it through from Abisko, but most had turned back or taken a helicopter out. There was still a lot of snow about and whilst it looked great on the mountains, the snow banks were a little treacherous and we often fell through the soft snow into the melt water below, meaning on many days we had wet feet despite our quality gear. There was a lot of rock hopping and in many places there were kilometres of 'rock garden' to navigate. Hard on the feet and joints. eventually we preferred the snow to the rocks. Nevertheless the walk was fantastic. We looked forward to a sauna at those place which had them and a few dips in the freezing water...which is most and being able to buy a cold beer in many places..we came across a bear footprint..that was exciting.
It was a little tougher than we thought it would be but had a real sense of achievement to get to the end. we also looked forward to the larger Fjallstations where we could catch up with the world on wifi and get a hot shower and restaurant meal. We met some very nice people and found the culture in the huts of everyone mucking in, conducive to building friendships. we ran into few people actually walking, mostly catching up in the huts in the evening. The midnight sun took a bit of adjusting to, but most nights we were tired enough to fall asleep quickly.All the hosts in the huts were very genial and happy to help with information. We chose to use the water taxi's wherever possible. Rowing the lakes looks very daunting.
We were early enough to miss the biting insects. A lifetime experience that is highly recommended .
Written July 12, 2017
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Indiana7 contributions
Fall hiking on the Kundsleden Trail: An amazing hike.
Sep 2016 • Solo
I started on my solo hike in Abisko and branched off to Vistas from Alesjaure and then hooked back into the Kundsleden trail at Salka via Nallo, and then onto Singi and Kebnekaise mountain station. The trail was simply amazing, and the folk one meets along the way was very diverse. The after dinner hut discussions were funny as was the broad range of topics discussed. From Kebnekaise I returned to Singi and hiked over in Norway via Hukejaure hut which was closed when I got there. I had obtained a hut key for the norwegian huts and I did a circular route back to abisko via Gautelis, Unna Allakas back to Alesjaure and Abisko. An amazing series of trails that really lets one experience safe hiking above the arctic circle. The simple pleasure of just drinking from the streams without concern was a great as well. Instead of flying back to Stockholm I booked a private sleeper and enjoyed a great train trip thru Sweden as well, great way to end the trip.
Written May 7, 2017
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Renata D
Nuremberg, Germany3 contributions
Abisko to Nikkaloukta wonderful hike
Aug 2016 • Couples
My boyfriend and I hiked this short part of the Kungsleden in August. It was amazing. Green neverending landscapes, fresh and pristine water to drink, very friendly people along the way. I never felt this way, I was just happy walking, enjoying the silence and admiring the breathtaking landscape.
Initially I thought it would be challenging for me, but I thoughened up and did it and it wasn't difficult at all. You have to wade couple of rivers, but if you have poles you can do it easily without getting wet.
We want to do it again and do it all (440km). Highly reccomended.
Written December 24, 2016
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70 contributions
Amazing nature and relaxed hiking in Lapland
Aug 2016 • Friends
We hiked part of the Kungsleden in this years Fjällräven Classic. The nature is absolutely beautiful. You can drink the water from all of the streams, sometimes spot some reindeers and walk for hours and hours. It is not a very strenuous hiking, most of the hike is quite flat.
Written November 5, 2016
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Thomas N
3 contributions
Walked from abisko to kvikjokk. Best holiday ever!
Jul 2016 • Friends
The only bad thing is the mosquitos. The views and quietness are awesome. The people friendly! If you go in july be prepared for warm weather and bugs! There is plenty of water. The route is well marked and the staff is helpfull! It's really a great place to get some peace.
Written September 19, 2016
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Dublin, Ireland22 contributions
Sep 2016 • Friends
Abisko to Kebnekaise.

What an adventure! Fantastic back to basics hike. Not for those with dodgy knees or hips(too many stones/rocks). Challenging but manageable. Superb huts, hosts and saunas. Lots of work - chopping, sawing wood m, collecting water. But amazing scenery and the opportunity to see herds of reindeers running free. Met fantastic people en route. Loved every minute. Thank you for the opportunity.
Written September 16, 2016
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