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Mount Olympus
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Very good

Tullahoma, TN786 contributions
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Jul 2023 • Friends
My cell phone for family members climbed the top of Mount Olympus and felt like Greek gods.

This is a two day process. The first day you Heike difficult for or five hours to a refuge about 2100 m. The next day you’ll wake up at sunrise and take the rest of the way to the top of Mount Olympus This takes about three or four hours.. Then you just sent about 7 hours The base. You have to be moderately good physical shape. If you are an avid climber but I’m sure I could do this faster. I am not. So it took me longer :-). It is very well worth it.
Written July 18, 2023
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Almaty, Kazakhstan3,307 contributions
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Sep 2021 • Couples
Good way to spend your time in sporty way! Views are awesome! I advise you to take hiking staff like sticks with you - it really helps you to hike more safe and comfortable.
You can leave your car in the parking zone (1000 meters high). The refuge A is on 2000meters high (it’s approximately 3 hours of hiking) from parking lot.
Written September 7, 2021
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Duffield, UK509 contributions
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Sep 2021
An amazing part of Greece to visit. If you just want to sample what the area has to offer, stop at The Old Monastery of St Dionysius. You can walk along the river for an hour or so in both directions & see the Chapel in the rock, walk over wooden bridges & delight in some of the majestic waterfalls. The walk is not too strenuous if you are able bodied & takes in the highlights, without the full E4 six hour Prionia to Litochoro hike.
Written September 26, 2021
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Mori N
Lima, Peru4 contributions
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Oct 2023 • Friends
I would highly recommend to stay away from Refuge C (Cristos Kakkalos), in Mount Olympus area. Their team showed zero flexibility, and once you pay them is order to make your reservation (it is mandatory to pay in advance), they will never return your money, even if you were forced to cancel due to a family death or war.
Their customer service was one of the worst I have experienced in my life. The other Refuges were actually quite fair.
I would be very careful before choosing Refuge C, would probably be much better to choose other Refuges in Mount Olympus.
Written October 11, 2023
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Ouranoupolis, Greece57 contributions
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Sep 2020 • Family
In September is still hot outside but is a good time to go and visit mount Olympus. Going for hiking will take few days to reach all the parts of the huge mountain .The only thing that we didn't like was the fact that few people was literally camping there while is not aloud from the law . Even we saw same homeless persons living there ,so is good to go with company because the some parts are not so safe . To one of the many waterfall was dirty because of the people living there . Overall the experience is unique ,Olympus is a huge mountain with a lot of history and a respectable name .
Written September 4, 2020
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Rethymnon, Greece23 contributions
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Nov 2019
A visit to M. Olympus is a must for every hiker! I have visited several times the national park and simply you cannot see it all in once. Several mountain huts up there with friendly people will make your hike easier. Best time to go there early june or late October-make sure to contact with huts for availability.
Written February 13, 2020
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Yossi R
Tel Aviv, Israel626 contributions
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Oct 2020 • Couples
Breath taking views. Beautiful roads, lovely view points. If you are a hiker, you should prepare for a treat. Recommended, even with a private car, for a few hours. Strat from the tourist visit center .
Written October 6, 2020
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Oxford, UK4 contributions
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Jul 2011 • Friends
This July I climbed Mt. Olympus with three friends. We were woefully unprepared for the rigor of the hike and I remember how much trouble we had finding decent information online, so I thought I'd share our experience to help anyone else planning to trek to the top. Mt Olympus is absolutely gorgeous, and the little town at the base (Litohoro) is lovely with several very nice places to stay and dine. Getting there can be problematic--we came from Athens by train, something I highly encourage other travelers NOT to do. The Litohoro train station is usually unmanned and miles from town, and a decent walk from so much as a bus station. The bus station is infrequently serviced and does not have a schedule posted, so the wait can be a bit aggravating. Much better to take a bus from Athens or Thessaloniki if you don't have a car; we took the bus to Thessaloniki on our departure and found the bus clean, comfortable, cheap and convenient!

If you plan to climb the mountain, bring all of your gear with you--supplies are expensive in Litohoro and if you forget your hiking poles you will pay dearly for it. And hiking poles, as well as sturdy broken-in hiking boots are an absolute non-negotiable. We passed many groups that gave up on the climb because it is challenging enough with the right gear and simply not worth the pain without it. Now, before describing the trail, I would like to preface it by saying that I am a very experienced hill-trekker; I've hiked up most things of note in California and had done Ben Nevis, highest mountain in the UK, not long before tackling Mt. Olympus. My three companions, on the other hand, had virtually no hiking experience between them, and it made a huge difference. I started with the 'optional' part of the mountain climb, the train from Litohoro to Prionia. Lovely but not as nice as, say, some of the hikes through Santa Barbara, but prettier than most of the rest of the mountain. This part of the hike is a bit over seven miles, guides recommend five hours to complete but I was on track to finish in just four before I got horrendously lost: not not try this section of the trail without a very, very, very explicit map! All in all an enjoyable hike, would make a good day hike. Met up with the rest of my party at Prionia which is already a third of the way up the mountain and the conventional trailhead for climbing Mt Olympus (if you are aiming for Mytikas or Skolio summits). Most folks take a taxi from Litohoro to the trailhead, costs about 25 Euro when we were there, make sure someone has a cell phone and get the cab's number so you can call for a ride home. Excellent pub at Prionia, the only thing there other than the trailhead; try to use a restroom before you get there, but don't worry too much about water, there is a fantastic fountain to fill up at before the trailhead. It is vital that you carry enough water, because there is no place to get more other than the refuges.

The hike from Prionia to Refuge A, where most people stop for the night, should take an experienced, fit, properly-equipped hiker about 3.5 took my little troop nearly six. Experience in this sort of terrain really matters! One of my companions was a marathon-runner who wasn't much better off than the less-fit other two, and everyone had top-notch gear I'd selected for them, they just weren't used to that sort of exertion. Refuge A was a spectacular surprise, so friendly, clean, comfortable, good food for reasonable prices, and all around one of the best hostels I've ever stayed in. Don't plan on a shower, because their water comes from melted snow caps and there is no heater, so it's breathtakingly frigid even in the height of summer!

To continue your climb the next morning, start as early as possible (7am, when the refuge lights come on, is ideal). Then it's a long slog up exposed switchbacks until you reach Kaki Skala, the Evil Staircase. In all my time hiking, I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a more miserable mountain feature. This is a steep slope of loose scree, and depending on your experience with scree you're going to be on it for 1-3 hours. Poles are an absolute must to tackle this stretch safely. From the top of Kaki Skala, you're more or less a few minutes easy walk from Skolio, the main tourist summit and second-highest on the mountain. From the top of Kaki Skala, Skolio is on the left and Mytikas, the highest peak, is on the right. On the way down I left my group to attempt Mytikas on my own--as a class III technical rock scramble I knew it was beyond anyone else in my group but I wanted to give it a go. My advice for anyone else with the same inclination? Don't. I managed to get about half-way across the tiny ridge leading up to the pinnacle before I decided it wasn't worth it: there were pitons set in the rock I was free-climbing across, and a some-thousand-odd-foot drop down into Louki Corridor if I screwed up. Side note to this is don't even think about taking Louki Corridor to the top unless you're an experienced mountaineer going with a full set of equipment, as this is where most climbers who die on Mt Olympus are killed, and very understandably.

The view from the summit was phenomenal, but the trip up and down with novices took so long we had to stop for an unplanned second night at the refuge before continuing back to Prionia on day three. I would most certainly recommend this climb to anyone who has trekked mountains before and came with the right gear, because the views are stunning, but it's definitely not feasible to try to take someone unfamiliar with hiking to the top. Up to Refuge A is challenging and lovely, and would be a much better idea if you're not sure of your ability.
Written September 9, 2011
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Michael Adamidis 🇬🇷
Kastoria, Greece6,534 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Sep 2019
Olymp is one of the most fascinating mountains of the world.but unfortunately we dont have so many travvelers as the alps and is not so much organized as the swiss alps .but there is this virgin environment and this fantstic nature.but...everyone must be aware of not going alone or if someone thinks is a simple mountain hike he is wrong.the wiser is to go with groups and not alone with your friends..the best is to find a guide and he will show you and take care of you.everyone can go by car to the first shelter but if someone wants to walk and οr to climb the mountain he must be very careful...this year many lives have been lost in olymp and many transfered dead to hospitals because they were not ready or did not take the right enjoy the mountain and the nature but please pay a guide to help..
Written September 28, 2019
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Belgrade, Serbia230 contributions
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May 2017 • Couples
I have decided to share my experience as a person who tried this wonderful adventure as - at the moment of trekking - an average, or even below-average fit person, with strong will to go for it, but without taking any health and other risks. This approach included thorough self-assessments for seven months before trekking, thorough planning and preparations and everyday fitness walking trainings. I assume my then fitness status as minimum requirement for this trek and think that anything below that would be a torture, not enjoyment.
This is quite long post, but I felt that every detail could matter to those who are not sure if they should try mountain trekking, and that it is important to give a view of average person who is usually not fit enough to trek longer distances especially uphill, but has a will to put an effort and prepare for wonderful experience such as mountain trekking. Also, I would like to encourage people not to give up of themselves regardless health issues, because clever planned and on relevant information based decision on fitness activities – especially walking and fitness walking – can really change the point of view. And the way you live. At least, it did for me and for my husband.

Reading many posts before trekking Olympus, I was very much worried if my husband and I could do it. Until a year ago I had been a 45kg overweight woman near 50s, a smoker, living sedentary life with no sports or physical efforts at all, with hypertension, moderate cardiac problems and hypothyroidism.
My husband, on the other hand, has been quite fit as it comes to cardiopulmonary and muscular status, but he has suffered serious autoimmune neurological disorder since 2013, with no medical advice on how trekking may influence his slow recovery or if may produce relapse of the autoimmune attacks.
In middle October 2016, due to my husband’s huge concern about my health and with my understanding that we both need to change something in our lives to try to gain as much preconditions for healthier life, I have made two significant moves: shift to vegan diet and start with fitness walking.. As walking was very hard for me and very painful in the first days, I have been thinking what could be my first goal, which would give me stable motivation to do hard and painful trainings in the time of reaching basic fitness. And somehow Olympus has crossed my mind. I remembered the moments when I trekked it in my youth and how I longed that my then partner and today my husband and me were together at the Olympus top, up above the clouds. And I have caught that idea: my goal is that my husband and I reach fitness necessary for trekking Olympus.
After four months of walking flat terrain and after reaching 10km of continuous walking I have introduced uphill walking, as well as squats and other leg muscle and stretching exercises on a daily basis.
I have started with walking and fitness walking and weight reducing step by step, but with almost everyday training. To make the long story short, by May this year I have lost 28 kg with 17 more to go, my heart problems disappeared and I was able to walk 16km on flat terrain in 2 hours 45 minutes. I also managed to trek uphill for 2,5km without rest and with up to 7kg of weight on my back. My husband had no health problems at all, on the contrary, he felt that walking and trekking gives him benefits.
At the same time, we started with informing and planning the trek. After reading huge amount of materials on the Internet, the final decision was made in February when we booked our accommodation and plane tickets to Thessaloniki. We go to Olympus on May 22th for a 3 days hike, with itinerary: Prionia-Spilios Agapitos Refuge, first day; Spilios Agapitos Refuge - Mitikas/Skolio, second day; Spilios Agapitos Refuge - Muses Plateu, second day (if the weather allows) and Spilios Agapitos Refuge -Enipeas Gorge - Litochoro, third day. There were no dilemmas about how are we going to do this: we will go as far as it is possible without putting ourselves in any kind of risk or trouble. That was the first and basic rule, which we followed almost all the way.
We have bought hiking gear and ordered paper and kzm. Olympus maps. I have downloaded several excellent gpx. treks. We decided to take our own food for three days, as we are vegans and were not sure about vegan food at the Refuge (we were wrong, there were vegan possibilities). We booked an apartment in Litochoro, beautiful San Giorgio apartments, for two separate nights (one before and one after trekking) and two nights at Refuge Spilios Agapitos.
And on May 22th of we go.
Thessaloniki welcomed us with public transport general strike, so we shared a taxi to the Thessaloniki main intercity bus station with a guy from Scotland. We found a bus to Litochoro and in an hour or so we were at the foot of Olympus. An owner of the apartment, extremely kind and warm Matina, was so nice to wait for us at the bus station and take us to the accommodation (which was perfect) and she reserved a taxi for us for the next morning. We had enough time for a few hours walk around the town and entrance to the Enipeas Gorge, and then repacked our packs for the next three days hike. Matina, however, informed us that the weather was not so promising, as the forecast said it will occasionally rain in the next few days. We watched the forecast for Olympus for two weeks and figured out that afternoon trekking is not the option because of expected afternoon t/storms and snow on above 2000 meters. So Muses Plateu was out of our plans, as well as trekking down and trekking Enipeas Gorge in the afternoon, according to the basic rule (no risk). That was the time of reasonable and cautios thinking, which flared away at the end.
We have started at 6.30 with a 30 minutes taxi drive to Prionia, which is 25 euros. There, we watered our bottles with clear and icy spring water, took some photos, watched a bit around and started with a hike at about 7.30. We had about 9 kg each on our backs (most of it in food and water – we took almost three liters each).
Now, many posts and many blogs and articles write about 3,5 hours for 6km uphill trek to Spilios Agapitos Refuge. After our experience, I could confirm that fit person could do it in that time without much trouble. The “fit person” in my opinion would be a person who is not overweight, who has endurance for 5-6 hours continuous walking on mixed terrain (flat,uphil, downhil), who can easily walk uphill and chat, and has a pace of 8 - 8,5 min/km on flat surface with 5kg pack on the back. Maybe I am too harsh, but this is how it looks to me after this experience.
So having not been a fit person according to my criteria, but having accumulated some strength, endurance and fitness during seven months of fitness and uphill walking and exercises, it took me precisely 6 hours to finish the sequence Prionia – Spilios Agapitos Refuge, including rests and breaks for photos. On the very first kilometer I have assumed I will need frequent rests, so I have distributed them: short stops (less then a minute) when my heart rate exceeds 160 and 5-10 minutes rests after every kilometer. This worked fine, but during the last two kilometers I had to stop for 10 minutes every 500m, so that part was really a long walk.

The path from Prionia to Spilios Agapitos Refuge is pretty much like climbing huge, wide and 6km long stairs, some high, some moderate and low, but stairs, mixed with some path-like parts. It was quite strenuous for me, but acceptable with rests distributed as noted before. But I remembered every text I have read during previous months about stairs climbing as an excellent way of preparing for trekking.

On the elevation of about 1900m I have started to feel dizzy. Dizziness continued during next two days every time I walked, which severely hindered my activities. And it stopped immediately after reaching the altitude below 1900m on the third day. I believe that was the price for smoking.
The weather during the trek was perfect in the morning and first afternoon hours. It was sunny, clear, not hot and not cold. We trekked in shorts and shirts and were not cold, although we have passed over parts covered by snow. In the hour before our arrival to the Refuge (about 12.30 pm), however, weather started to change quickly. We heard distant thunder. Clear, sunny day turned into cloudy and occasionally foggy weather. Then we felt few drops of rain, and after a while a sporadic snowflakes flew around us. Only 15 minutes after we arrived to the Refuge, the sky opened with strong thunderstorm. The same thing at the same time happened tomorrow and the day after.

During the trek we did not eat much, only a bit of GORP, and we used about 0,7l of water each, due to ideal temperature, 14 degrees C in the morning at Prionia and about the same during the trek (and a bit lower - 10-12 degrees C -on higher altitudes). Warmer weather would demand more water.

On this trail, there is a spring on Prionia, and another one about half way up, but this other one is not certain during dry months.

Refuge itself is very comfortable. It has several dormitory rooms with bunk beds and two common rooms with fireplaces. It is rather cold up there. During the nights, temperature falls about 0 or 1 degrees C. We slept in all the clothes we took with us, but jackets, and with three heavy blankets on us. There is no electricity during nights, and the fire is kept on minimum. No hot water is available. Who needs a shower can have it but only with ice cold water; I have not challenged myself that much. Food is being prepared in the Refugee and there are quite decent choices, even for vegans and vegetarians. And it was not as expensive as one might expect at the only place with food in many hours walking distance.

After dinner we repacked our packs and took some discussions about tomorrow hike to Mytikas. The owners of the Refuge informed us that reaching Mytikas is impossible, due to the snow cover and ice, and that Cofto ridge (way to Muses Plateu) is also not accesible due to the snow. Some trekkers who tried to reach Mytikas that day told us that the snow coverage near the foot of Mytikas was hip-high. One of the trekkers whom we met on the trek went for his chances to Mytikas but returned very quickly due to the thunderstorm and later snow.

We got up the next day at six; it was still night. We prepared ourselves and took some fruit and went towards Mytikas with the first light. Several other trekkers joined us, but I was slow and soon we were looking them trekking over stony path in front of us. This path was more strenuous then the trek from Prionia. There were plenty of very steep parts and those covered with snow and ice. After two hours, due to my slow pace, we passed only one of three kilometers to the Mytikas. In the distance we could see snow on Skala peak. My dizziness went worse. I started to rely more on my trekking poles then on my legs. I have tried with black chocolate, water, dry fruit, nuts, but nothing helped. We managed to reach altitude of 2600m in three hours with many rests, and then the weather begun to the change. Very soon clouds covered us and peaks. We started with slow return. Not long after us, other trekkers returned as well. Only two made it to Skolio. Mytikas was apparently unreachable this time.

The third day we started downhil with the first light. It took us 4 hours to reach Prionia. We then sat to discuss wheter we should take the road and hitch hike someone or wait to find mobile signal to call a taxi, or to go through Enipeas Gorge. There, for the first time, our caution and watchfulness weakened. I was thrilled with the accomplishment and the way I have passed since last October and my euphoria passed on my, otherwise very cautious, husband. We undermined the map’s information about quite difficult parts of the gorge, we undermined our experience with the weather changes and we completely ignored the fact that there is no mobile network coverage at all on Olympus and the Gorge. It was sunny, I was euphoric and proud, my husband was happy for me and for himself, and we just jumped into the new adventure.

It was 11.30 am when we entered the gorge. It was 9 pm when we left the its stony paths and steped the asphalt path leading to Litochoro. It took us long nine and a half hours, again due to my very slow pace and not enough fitness for such a walk.

The gorge is 12km long. Although you can find different data on the length, it is for certain 12 km. It crosses seven times Enipeas river and once one smaller stream. Starting from Prionia, the first half is easy to moderate trekking, even according to my criteria of easy, moderate and strenuous. During this part, we stopped many times for making photos, for visiting the old monastery and for lunch in the Holy Cave, by the Holy Spring. The weather was nice, until 1 pm, when clouds started to cumulate. But the sun found its way through the clouds, and it looked like the weather change shall hit only high parts of the mountain, leaving the gorge at least without rain, thunder and show. So we thought.

It was about 2pm when the weather severely changed. The closer thunders, the occassional rain drops turned into constant rain. We ate our lunch in the cave, and waited for rain to stop. When it stopped we continued, but the path became more and more strenuous. It climbed to the very top of one cliff just to drop down to the very river bed. Then climb again to the cliff and again down. It was steep. My muscles started to react severely, with pain and shivering. I needed to stop and rest very frequently. Then the weather became even worse, with huge showers. We hid in a shallow cave to wait the rain to stop. But it did not stop, and it was getting late, so we had to continue in the rain. Luckily, despite the rain the path was not slippery. And more then once we have met people completely wet walking on the trail, which was kind of comfort for me.

The trail went sharply up to the cliff tops and down to the river bed several times in last 5 km. It took us good 4 hours to pass them. Finally, near the end we caught mobile signal and called our apartment host to inform that we are ok. She was very worried and told us that Enipeas Gorge trail is much more difficult then trail Prionia - Spilios Agapitos Refuge. The night fall almost at the same moment when we stepped on the asphalt path which leads from the gorge to Litochoro.

In the next days, we both felt angry with ourselves for entering the gorge so unadvisedly and without thorough consideration and reassesment of our, especially my capacities. But after a while, as it usually happens, all what was left was amazing feeling of joy, proud and accomplishment. Remembering it, I think I would make the same choice again.

Thinking of my Olympus adventure now, I would encourage people with average strength and fitness to try trekking Olympus. because it is really worth efforts.

On the other hand, I would not suggest or recommend Enipeas Gorge for people who are not in really good condition for trekking, as it is very long and strenuous trek which consumes time and the mountain weather is quite unpredictable.

I would also not suggest May and early June for Olympus, nor for Enipeas Gorge due to the weather changes, thunderstorms, rain and possible snow on higher altitudes (over 1800m). July and August are probably better time as weather conditions are more stable and more predictable, although can be difficult due to high temperatures.

In any case, these treks are fist for nature lovers and are really worth putting effort in reaching good condition and going for it. Every step there uncovers the indescribable beauty of nature and the stunning views. Clear and fresh water, views, nature and scent of mountains are the best reward for endeavor. And the feeling of accomplishment and freedom at the end of this trail is unforgettable and has no price.
Written November 21, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

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Mount Olympus - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

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