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Very good

Saint Louis, MO32 contributions
Great experience.
Jul 2017 • Family
Tropic Ferry had maintenance issues with their ferry but ensured we had someone waiting for us to get us to our destination via another ferry service. They even waited around for us when our immigration experience was delayed. Management (forgot her name) was terrific. Phillip, our shuttle to Belize City was also helpful.
Written July 13, 2017
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Ashford, UK59 contributions
Superb, Friendly and punctual!
Apr 2017 • Family
I have read the other reviews and am very sad as we used them in April, and they could not have been better.
They met us at the airport and immediately took us to the boat. I asked a thousand questions, all of which were answered. The only issue we had was confirming the pick up for the return visit as their internet was down for a day, but they were there early waiting for us. The lads are great, the rum punch strong, and the joys of arriving and then leaving on a nice little speedboat cannot be faulted - loved it, and will definitely use them next time.
Thanks chaps
Written May 6, 2017
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Grand Rapids, MI29 contributions
BEWARE of this ferry service.
Apr 2017 • Family
We arrived in San Pedro and were greeted by a taxi driver hired by Tropic Ferry. He was accompanied by his teenage son to take us to Ladyville dock for our boat ride to Ambergris Caye. We had been awake since 4::15 am, traveling from Detroit to Dallas, Dallas to San Pedro, Belize. You can imagine how exhausted we were and looking forward to get to Ambergris to unwind & enjoy the last several hours of sunlight and fresh air to start our vacation. Unbeknownst to us, he was also picking up a party of 3 to join us in the van. Yes, that's 8 ppl in the van, including the driver. It was a tight squeeze. Not even halfway to the dock, the driver informs us that the captain was running late and since the other party had errands to run, would we mind waiting at a waterfront restaurant and have some lunch. We were told that they would be back in an hour. Let's just say, 2 1/2 hours later, we were still waiting at the restaurant. After several calls to the taxi driver by the restaurant owner, the waitress, and a few concerned locals ...... they all got the same answer, he says "he is on his way". If only we had our luggage w/ us we would've arranged another means to get from the mainland to Ambergris Caye. When they arrived, we angrily expressed our dissatisfaction to the driver and the other passenger for inconveniencing us. The driver informed us that he was only doing what he was told by Tropic take the other passengers to a bank in Belize City (Look at a map and distance in miles, and consider the traffic...It is not an hour round trip drive. When we arrived at the SKETCHY deserted dock, NO captain in sight. The taxi driver pointed at a dirty looking boat and said "you see, no captain". I had him contact the company and I asked to speak to them. The man on the other line kept saying I'm almost there. Then it was " I'm just around the corner". Another 10 minutes passed and there was no captain or a representative from Tropic Ferry. At this point everything was beginning to look like a scam. I suspect they've done this kind of things before for additional $$. This is when I finally said, take us back to the airport and we will fly to Ambergris Caye instead. The cost for this ferry ride was 50+ pp. The cost for a plane ride to Ambergris is 55pp..... Cheaper if you do round trip. So, my advice to travelers going to Ambergris Caye from the mainland? TAKE THE PLANE!!!! . It's only a 15 min easy flight versus 1 hour or so min boat ride. If you want your vacation to start on a good note, DO NOT use this ferry service.

DO NOT mistake Tropic Ferry or associate them with the airline Tropic Air. FYI- we were told by few of the locals eating at the restaurant that this is not the first time they've had clients dropped off to hang out at the as they wait for a captain to arrive. It was also confirmed by the hotel staff that past guests has complained about them. And how they are expensive for the service they offer their clients .... basically the same cost as a plane ride and you get to your destination by plane a lot quicker.
Written April 7, 2017
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Scott M
Kingston, Canada4 contributions
A nice alternative
Mar 2017 • Couples
As advertised a sign with our name awaited us upon exiting airport but two other travellers missed a flight so there was a delay that wasn't really avoidable as the operator double checked on their status. If it were we delayed we would have appreciated it. We did think the ability to pay by credit/debit card was available but had to pay cash which left us short for Saturday night and Sunday as our credit card only worked at the bank. Email confirmation on return time was slow and had us a bit panicked but eventually it rolled in and as promised they picked us up at the pier right in front of our hotel. The return trip was nice as we saw dolphins and manatee. The later was expertly spotted by our driver who is scanning for them in the shallows so as not to clip them. Taxi back to airport was a bit delayed. Biggest drawback was the lack of washroom as it is a nearly two hour trip- but luckily it wasn't an issue!
Written March 28, 2017
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Bloomington, IL14 contributions
What a disaster!
Mar 2017 • Friends
Be aware, these people are scammers and lie to you with no problem.
I travelled to Belize with a group of 20 people, 17 had never been to Belize before so I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly.
Several people referred these people to me.

I was told:

* We would have a bus waiting for us at the airport to get us all at once from the airport to the Tropic Ferry port. We had to have a minivan and 3 taxis (at $25 US) a car take us to the Tropic Ferry port.
* I was told that we would have a case of cold beer waiting for us. Instead, we were charged $70US for the case of cold beer.
* I was told that we would all be transported with our luggage to San Pedro at once. Instead, our luggage stayed in Belize City while the group rode in the boat without their luggage to the island.
* I was told we would have the boat to ourselves, we didn't. One lady went on the boat that had been waiting longer than us and was charged $190 US for her trip.
When I spoke to the captain to complain, he told me he was only the captain and couldn't do anything. Who does this to people?
* We had to wait for gas and oil to be delivered simply so we could go on the smaller boat. This took 25 minutes.
*The boat with the my group with no luggage went to San Pedro at 3:10pm. We had appointments to have keys for our condos and carts delivered at 4pm. We were late.
* We had a business owner in the group who must have cell service. Because of this debacle, BTL was closed before he could get to the BTL office to get a SIM card.

I as the contact person who arranged this mess was left behind with all of our luggage and belongings. The captain said it would take 90 minutes to get to San Pedro, 60 minutes to return to pick up the luggage. 10 minutes to load the luggage, then 90 minutes to get to the island.

I had to wait: 20 min to get to the port via taxis I shouldn't have needed, 30 minutes for fuel and loading, 90 min for the trip to San Pedro, 60 min to the port, 10 min to load and 90 min to the island. I wasted over 4 hours of my time because of this mess.

This was a complete disaster and I was told they were on the verge of going out of business and that their big boat that they said had broken down that day had actually been broke down for close to a month.

The ONLY blessing was the fact that I had not prepaid because they wanted cash so they didn't have to report it to the Belize government.

Written March 27, 2017
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Hannah K
New Hampshire9 contributions
Excellent service!
Feb 2017 • Friends
6 of us used Tropic Ferry as transportation between the Belize City Airport and our accommodations on Ambergris Caye. Even though our flight into Belize was delayed by several hours, the staff at Tropic Ferry responded promptly to our email and were there waiting for us when we arrived. The boat was comfortable, and Alex and Rob kept us entertained the entire trip, even providing rum punch on board. They had excellent recommendations for restaurants and things to do while on the island. Would highly recommend Tropic Ferry!
Written February 27, 2017
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Anchorage, AK3 contributions
Tropic Ferry did not show up!
Dec 2016 • Family
We have confirmed our reservation with tropic ferry to take us from Belize City (Ladyville) to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. I double checked and received assurances that we were all set for a 2:00 departure on December 30. We were staying at a jungle lodge prior to our scheduled departure with no internet access. We showed up at the Tropic Ferry Dock and it was Shut down and locked up. We called them and they said they tried to email us the day before, when we did not respond, they cancelled us.

We then had to hustle over to the Belize Ferry and wait for the next one. NEVER try to take TROPIC FERRY between Ladyville and ANYWHERE!
Written February 17, 2017
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Karen C
1 contribution
We were ripped off!!
Feb 2017 • Couples
They picked us up at the airport just fine and drove us to the boat just fine. The boat looked like it could fall part at any moment. The Crew was nice and the punch was ok. The trouble began when we reached our destination. They did not accept credit cards, (we couldn't pay on-line because the web site had problems, so we had to pay in cash which was $370 total for two people round trip. Somehow we managed to scrape up the cash. They did not give us a receipt. We were tired from traveling for 12 hours so we didn't really worry about the receipt. When we called to confirm our trip back they said we only paid $185 total and would owe another $185!!! He said it was written in his book so it must be true. I repeatedly asked them to call us on our cell phone (we couldn't call out), but nobody ever called. The one time I got a hold of him was from the resorts phone. We ended up taking the plane to Belize City. They are pirates if you ask me.
Written February 13, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Maine35 contributions
reservations didn't pan out
Jan 2017 • Couples
I read all the reviews, good and bad, and decided to give Tropic Ferry a try, ONLY because I didn't want to take the plane from Belize City to San Pedro.

I was pleased my email communication with Tropic Ferry was responded to quickly and I checked, double checked and triple checked that my reservation from Belize City to our resort on Ambergris Caye was confirmed. (They had my credit card to charge for half the total costs but never processed a charge.) I even asked if we would be transported if our plane was late getting to Belize City and was told by them via writing, "If the flight is delayed we would wait for your guys. :)".

Our arriving flight was about 40 minutes late, and we were met with two men, one holding a sign with our name on it. He said "lets go over here to talk" and proceeded to tell me that since our plane was late and there was "weather" Tropic Ferry would not take us to our resort. We could either get a hotel in Belize City and be transported the next day or take a flight if there were seats available. We elected to take a flight and the driver, who was not an employee of Tropic Ferry but was just Tropic Ferry's messenger, worked to get one of the two airlines to give us the last two seats. We thanked him, tipped him well, and went on our way.

Tropic Ferry did not keep their word. Yes the plane was a little late, however they already had told me they would wait for us. (Best I could tell there was no significant weather occurring at that time.) I never heard from Tropic Ferry - not an apology, not an explanation, nor any communication as to our reservation for returning to Belize City the week later. I later contacted them to cancel our return trip with them.

While on the island I inquired with others on the island as to their experience with Tropic Ferry and they all responded they do not recommend them due to their unreliability, poor communication, history of being no show.

So there you have it. Use them at your own risk. We were lucky there was one last flight available or we would have been required to scramble to get a hotel room and lose our already paid for first night at our resort on the island.

We traveled back to Belize City on one of the two taxi ferry services which was very reliable, efficient and inexpensive.
Written January 22, 2017
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Dallas, TX6 contributions
Tropic Ferry was so great!
Jan 2017 • Friends
After reading several reviews about Tropic Ferry vs. flying on Tropic Air, we decided to go for the ferry. They picked us up from the airport and drove us straight to the boat where we had a really fun ride directly to our dock at Matachica, north of San Pedro about 6 miles. I think it would have been just about the same amount of time, if not longer, to wait for the flight, board and fly to San Pedro, then walk to the water taxi dock and another 20 minute ride up north to Matachica!

Alex & Rob were great captains and shared so much information about Belize and the island with us on the boat. Looking forward to going back soon and taking the ferry again.
Written January 19, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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