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What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? You can read about it or someone can tell you about it from their own experience, but during a visit to muZIEum (muSEEum) you will experience it yourself. Enter a world in which your other senses - hearing, smell, touch and taste - suddenly play a far more important role than you are used to.
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Very good

Leighton Buzzard, UK8 contributions
Aug 2020 • Family
I was in Nijmegen visiting family with my 2 boys and we were looking to do something different. I can't recommend this highly enough. It's around an hour and half of your time and we all found it really enlightening. Don't worry if you can't speak Dutch as they have excellent English speaking guides ours was Jasper. There are several puzzles and interesting things to do beforehand and then you send around an hour in the pitch black with a guide stick and navigate around a pre set scenario to experience what it is like for the blind all the time. Our scenario was a holiday so we went to the airport, checked into the hotel, went to a restaurant etc. There are sounds and props and as I said it was interesting, entertaining and eye opening (no pun intended). Go along and keep the muZIEum open
Written August 29, 2020
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Dublin, Ireland10 contributions
Oct 2021 • Family
Really enjoyed this museum. It was very interesting. We had a tour through English which was great. Our guide Freddie was very friendly and engaging. 2x teens also enjoyed it. Highly recommended and a unique experience.
Written November 2, 2021
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Michelle S
18 contributions
Oct 2020 • Friends
Me and my sister grew up in Nijmegen, but had nog done the outside experience from the Muzieum yet. We do recommend it. They have very nice guides who have really bad sight who come with you and they tell you their story. You can ask all your questions. Also their is a seeing guide who comes as well. They show you around and with the VR glasses on you can experience different eye illnesses and how it is to live and walk with such an illness. You have your stick to feel the ground. An interesting experience everyone should do. It is a real eye opener because you get to know things you otherwise would never think about. Why certain decisions are made etc.
Written October 7, 2020
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La Salette, Canada1 contribution
May 2017 • Family
The road to understanding begins with a step in the dark.. How true this was last week when we visited the Mu-zie-um in Nijmegen with my husband, son and daughter and 3 of my sisters. It was a fascinating experience and a real eye-opener. During our one-hour "Trip to Indonesia" experience, we were placed into complete darkness. So many things we always take for granted were completely impossible to do in the dark. To mention just one thing: Imagine getting your luggage after a flight..
In the beginning I felt a bit insecure and alone, although we were in a group. What if I lagged behind and lost the group? But the dark world was still bright because of our guide Bart D. who was right there to guide and encourage us. With his interesting and humorous little anecdotes and his comforting touch when we needed it, we quickly felt at ease. Interesting to experience that my ears worked overtime in this setting. I realized that I kept my head up and my eyes closed, since I couldn't see the ground anyway. Some say: Living is easy with eyes closed, but I experienced the opposite. One of the major drawbacks of not seeing I found was not having a quick overview of things. Normally you walk into a room and in a moment you take everything in, now you had to find out inch by inch.
Towards the end of our 'trip', we had a nice refreshing cold drink in the dark and could reflect on what we experienced. The guide gave us plenty of opportunity to come with our observations and questions.
We all loved the experience, adults and teenagers alike and it definitely gave us a better understanding of what it must be to be in the darkness everyday of your life. If you come to the area: Highly recommended! Definitely worthwhile trying out this unique mu-zie-um!
Written May 6, 2017
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Nijmegen, The Netherlands47 contributions
May 2018 • Family
An amazing experience to wander around in a dark world for half an hour or so. Supervised by an experienced blind guide, who was happily sharing her personal experiences of her tactile-auditory life with us. There are two "worlds", I once did the local one, now the tourist experience had similarly great impact on us. Unique!
Written August 6, 2018
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Chris L
Salt Lake City, UT132 contributions
Apr 2018 • Couples
The muZIEum isn't a museum in the traditional sense of the word. You don't turn up and browse items of interest (except some of the items in the waiting room). Instead, you have to book a 'tour' ahead of time. If you're not a native Dutch speaker, you might have to wait a little longer as their English-speaking guides are not there all the time.

The 'tours' are best with small numbers - two to four people.

The muZIEum offers one of two experiences. "A Day in the life of..." and "On holiday with...."
These experiences are in complete darkness. You don't get a blindfold, just a white cane. Your guide is someone who is either blind, or partially sighted.
You're given some basic instruction on the use of the cane, and given a few minutes to get used to it, then you are led into a very dimly-lit room. Once the outer door is closed, the inner door is opened and your guide will introduce themselves and from that point - for the next 60 minutes - you see nothing.
We did the "A day in the life of...." tour with just three of us - my wife and I and a Dutch lady who spoke English so came on the English-speaking tour with us.
We were guided into a set designed to represent a living room and pretty much left to our own devices. We had to feel around for common objects, use the cane to try to detect obstacles and such. Our guide would ask questions designed to make us think, and we could ask questions and discuss with him in return. My wife found a sofa. My shin found the edge of a coffee table. The lady we were with found my butt cheek.

This is an important takeway here - if you're even faintly claustrophobic or have ANY problems with personal space, do NOT go to the muZIEum. You will necessarily become extremely friendly with the other people on your tour as you inevitably bump into them in sometimes embarrassing situations.

The tour continues through a garden, a supermarket, an outdoor scene (simulating crossing a busy road), and finally ends in a bar. All the while the guide will be introducing you to concepts that are completely normal to him, and likely completely alien to you. For example in the garden there is a little bridge over a stream. I'm sure if I could have seen it, it wasn't very big, but it seemed unnaturally steep when I couldn't see, and I nearly lost my balance on it.

You very quickly learn to use your hearing and other senses to figure out what's going on and build up a 'mental map' of your surroundings. All the while the guide has no problem with this because this is the world they live in.

At the end of the tour, you are gradually led back out into the light, because by this point you've been in the dark for so long it becomes painful to see light again for the first few moments. The tour ends when you see your guide for the first time and get to ask a final little round of questions and/or thank them for the tour.

The muZIEum is a lot less sensational than those "eat in the dark" restaurants, and necessarily so. It's a look at the humdrum basics of every day life that you - as a sighted person - take for granted. But those basics become extraordinary if you're now blind - especially for a short-duration tour like this. You'll feel completely out of your element and hopefully learn a lot in the 60 minutes of your enforced 'blindness'.

I'd like to say it was fascinating but that somehow feels rude to people who are blind because to them, this isn't fascinating - it's "normal". It's unusual for an attraction to be able to so quickly encapsulate the notion of suddenly losing a key sense and I think you'll probably see the world slightly differently after the visit.

There are no photos that I can present for the muZIEum because it's entirely in the dark....
Written April 24, 2018
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Barcelona, Spain5 contributions
Aug 2014 • Family
This was a unique, memorable visit. Everyone should be able to have this experience where you can take a moment and empathize with someone else, in this case, a blind person. The first five to ten minutes were scary as you are in complete darkness with a cane, but with the friendly and kind host to show you around his world in the dark, you adjust to losing a sense. (Tip: Close your eyes if the darkness starts to terrify you!) The games for the visually impaired outside the museum exhibit are really fun and surprising as well! Every city should have this type of museum. Highly recommended.
Written September 6, 2014
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The Hague, The Netherlands12 contributions
Aug 2020 • Family
Best experience of Nijmegen so far! “Seeing” my surrounding in a different way & gaining more appreciation of what it means to be blind. Everyone was welcoming & helpful.
Written August 10, 2020
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Alexander C
Utrecht, The Netherlands92 contributions
Sep 2018 • Couples
A great way to spend a day. The guides are very friendly and the experience is unlike anything I've seen elsewhere. A real eye opener and thoroughly recommended.
Written January 29, 2019
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Lucy R
Staffordshire, UK81 contributions
Apr 2017 • Friends
A genuinely fascinating and unique experience, different to any other exhibition I've visited. The staff are very friendly and down-to-earth. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Written December 13, 2017
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