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This is a truly new, tasty and exciting way to discover Naples. The tours take you away from the usual tourist routes and make you discover neighborhoods and local foods that are usually overlooked. The tour leaders are genuinly passionate about their job, their city and most of all, their food. They will show you how Neapolitans really live and eat! We also host the best Pizza and Cooking Classes in town.
Naples, Campania, Italy

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Oct 2021 • Family
We had a truly unforgettable Napoli pizza making class today with Eat in Italy Food Tours. This class was held in a restaurant setting with views from the kitchen over the Bay of Naples. The class starts calmly before the main staff arrives so you can get acquainted to the pizza making space in front of the dual 800F domed ovens.

While learning about the different flours, cheeses and type of tomatoes from pizzaiolo Francesco Civita, you get a sense of the vibrance of the restaurant as the staff arrives along with the fresh food and fish deliveries. The focus of the pizza making class is on the new Neopolitan style pizza with the thick outer crust and thin middle crust that bends.

With additional help from third-generation pizzaiolo Dilan, there were many nuances we learned to making pizza that varied greatly from the typical recipes found in America. Starting with the right flour and the correct amount of water & yeast, we were surprised by that the correct cheese is not mozzarella di bufala (too much mositure). Then, it was the sauce - just canned “Italian tomatoes” (no the cans of San Marzano are not real) with a little salt (where’s all the spices?). Last, we learned about oven heat, cooked time and pizza rotation. The golden crust came from the 800F (425C) oven temperature and only took about a minute or so too bake (don’t let the cheese brown or the crust burn). The bonus was learning a few trick to achieve golden crust in the 450F temperature of our regular home oven.

Both pizzaiolos were very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. We can’t wait to get home to try out what we have learned during our Napoli pizza making class with Eat in Italy Food Tours!
Written October 13, 2021
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Our customer’s satisfaction is what we thrive for and this incredible review is the best paubauwe could possibly ask for! Thank you so much!
Written October 14, 2021
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vermont19 contributions
Jun 2022 • Family
My son and I had the most wonderful experience learning to make pizza. Francesco was so accommodating. Both he and the master pizza chef Fabio were kind and took the time to help us improve. We learned a lot, ate a lot, and laughed even more. A perfect time.
Written June 30, 2022
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New York City, NY56 contributions
Dec 2015 • Family
A definitive highlight was our pizza-making class, led by Francesco Civita of Eat in Italy Food Tours, and hosted at the upscale Palazzo Petrucci Pizzeria. We met our small group just outside the historical center, stopped for a strong espresso and a traditional pastry, before arriving at the pizzeria as it began the day’s operation. While the pizza oven heated up, the pizza chef showed us how to use leftover pizza dough to make treats, worked the dough for two days ahead, and got us going on our own custom-designed pizzas. Actually making the pizza in the blazing hot oven was like watching a magic trick – they would cook instantly, with any extra toppings that fell off literally carbonizing as they hit the oven floor. No pizza I’ve ever eaten has tasted better than the one I made myself at Petrucci. It’s fantastic that a pizzeria and chef as prestigious as this one would make time and space for these lessons, and I’d recommend that anyone going to Naples for more than a day find a way to do this. We also liked Francesco and would happily take his other food tours or cooking classes on a future visit.
Written January 22, 2016
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J we are so glad you liked our pizza class so much! It was great having you and your family with us and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon! Hope you are making great pizzas back home with our secret recipe!
Written February 15, 2016
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Joy F
Madrid, Spain6 contributions
Feb 2018 • Friends
I wish other people who had taken the Chiaia Food Tour had been either more honest in their reviews or more discerning, because we signed up for this tour based on the reviews I'd read on TripAdvisor and were hugely disappointed.
First of all, I recognize that my friend and I are not the typical tourists, as I myself am a food tour guide and he is a historian and professor, but it was a distinct negative that we both felt that we knew more than our guide. Our guide was very sweet and tried hard but just did not seem prepared for the tour in terms of information or history. Also, her English was good but not outstanding and this did impede understanding in multiple occasions (particularly in the underground historical portion of the tour). She knew nothing about wine and if the owner of the wine bar had not been free that day to explain our drinks to us, we would have learned absolutely nothing about Italian wine in general or even the specific wines we were tasting.
Secondly, the 100 euros we paid per person for this tour were NOT worth it. Other companies charge similar prices for high-end food and drink tours where you leave feeling full, satisfied, informed, and that you have spent your money well. I felt none of these things at the end of our Chiaia tour. I felt ripped off and that I could happily have had more to eat. (In fact, we asked for a second glass of wine at our final stop and were told that it would cost extra: 4 euros each.)
I hate to leave negative reviews but I hope our experience and our ill-spent 200 euros can save someone else from making the same mistake. I would not recommend this tour.
Written March 6, 2018
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Hi joy, I am very sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience but it seems you have focused your cryitisism on aspects that are quite unusual. You claim to be a food tour guide and don’t say anything about the food you had? What you call a guide on our tours is sa tour leader a professional figure that is very different from a tour guide and the tour is a food tour not a historical tour. We are food experts not historians like your friend. We take our customers to visit restaurants and food shops that are where the locals go, away from the tourist traps to taste our real food, not monuments and churches. The focus is on the food and it’s flavours and origins and it seems you haven’t mentioned anything about the food at all apart that it wasn’t enough (because you asked for a sixth glass of wine and you were kindly told it would have an extra cost of 4€).That too seems a bit weird since the tour includes truffle gelato, coffee, eggplant parmigiana and a buffalo mozzarella with a first glass of wine, a small pizza, another three wines with cheeses and cold cuts at the wine tasting only to finish off with a bruschetta and two different dishes of pasta with a final (the fift) glass of wine. All this in about four and half hours. No one he ever said the food wasn’t enough, many have cancelled their dinner reservations after they came on our tour. The value of the wine alone you had on the tour is 35€ and if you had a minimum experience as you say you would understand that with all the places visited 6 food stops (plus the underground) the value of the tour is much higher than 100€. But in any case I will be more than happy to reimburse you for the extra wine glass you had. All our tour leaders know all about the food places and dishes you taste and are not required to know anything about wine because the wine tasting is held by the owner of the winery and director of the European School of Sommeliers is the one whom is paid to describe the wines and I can assure you he always has time so why get upset about getting it done by someone who knows just about everything about wine. I can assure you that all our reviewers were honest in describing our activities and their experiences with us so your comment about wishing that if they would have been more honest you wouldn’t have participated is completely out of place. You are not only insulting us all as a company but them too. A food tour guide and an historian expecting to learn more than what they should know from a food tour around trattorie, bars, bakeries and restaurants is something I can’t stop smiling at. Thank you for becoming our first 1 star review!! FYI Most Food tour owners and employees are per of a large online community and give each other discounts and various extras for free to their colleges. If you work in the business you should have known, try next time!
Written March 8, 2018
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melissa r
La Center, WA65 contributions
Feb 2018 • Couples
This is a review I'm very sorry to have to make. Of all the activities we had planned for our two week trip to Italy in February, this is the one we were most excited about. We have a wood fire oven at home, and both my husband and I were really looking forward to learning more about pizza making in the birthplace of pizza...Naples! We made a special trip and booked an overnight in the city just for this class. From the beginning, it was an awkward experience. We were met promptly at the location and learned that we would be the only two participants for the evening class. Although we knew that would impact the dynamics of learning, we figured that was okay. Although neither my husband nor myself are overly outgoing, I figured we'd get some extra time to really hone our skills on a one-on-one basis. I was looking forward to a real bonus! But from start to finish, both of us were quite disappointed. We simply couldn't get a rapport going with Tommasu. I honestly feel we tried to make the best of a slightly uncomfortable situation, but I don't feel that he made a reciproal effort; he didn't meet us halfway to turn the evening around into a positive. There was a bit of a language barrier, not unexpected, but I found that many of our very specific questions about the process couldn't really be addressed. We stopped for a quick espresso (which was fabulous, one of the best we had in Italy) before going to the class location. It was really an uncomfortable place for us. They were getting ready for the evening service and we quite honestly felt that we were in the way, whether it was being on the perimeter of heated debates in a language we didn't understand, having the tables set around us as we finished our very quiet meal, having the chef spend more time on his cell phone than interacting with us, or simply feeling as if everyone was waiting for us to leave. We did learn tips and techniques about making pizza that were worthwhile, but not enough to offset the overall tone of the experience or to make me happy that we spent a great deal of our hard earned money and walked away feeling less than satisfied. Yes, there are pictures of us on the FB page smiling accommodatingly and holding pizzas, but that's not the true "picture" of our experience. I'm not sure why we had a different time than so many who wrote glowing reviews, but I have to say that I cannot recommend this class. We were sorely disappointed.
Written March 4, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Dear Melissa, I am very sorry to read you were disappointed by the experience, but I am struggling to find sense in your observations. As you have noticed your review clashes completely with all the rest we have recieved from people having the same identical experience. It seems to me your being not so outgoing (as you described yourself) ruined your experience stopping you from fully embracing the experience, the atmosphere but managing to enjoy the espresso and the pizza and food had. At least that! Let me be clear about one thing. We always take the best care possible of our customers (obviously related to the situation), always going the extra mile for theirs and our our satisfaction and this is obviously reflected in our success. Sometimes though some customers just can’t be satisfied, either because they think they are the center of the world and wanted to be treated as such, or they are just simply unpleasant people that attempt to ruin years of hard work by reviewing perfectly good things as bad. It was awkward from the start because you were told there would be only you two participating in the class? Really? How? Why? In what way would that “impact the dinamics of the class”? Do you remember you took the class during the peak of the low season (feb-mar) and on the day there had been a snow storm (the first in 35 years) that paralyzed the city. Traveling during this season is yes cheaper but also has its faults: you may be the only one! I apologize for unwillingly creatiing a situation that made it awkward for you to spend an afternoon with your husband. You claim that both you and your husband aren’t outgoing and that Tommaso didn’t make any effort to turn things around? I know him very well, he is my trusted business partner because he is not only one of the best pizzaiolo there is but mainly because he is a joyful happy guy that loves his job and enjoys teaching. This is the first time I have ever heard something regarding his availability in general and ability to answer questions is just false. Speaking with an accent doesn’t mean he can’t answer your questions, it means a person from a country half a word away from yours makes an effort to teach you, what he has learned about his job in years, in your language. A thing that leaves me wondering is that Tommaso himself remembers you both, that you had a great time and that nothing of what you said happened. You say you weren’t given extra attention but you were and also had the chance to make a dough each from scratch and made more than just the one pizza you ate at the end, plus having the chance of asking everything possible to someone that trains professional pizzaioli from around the world, but for some reason you felt he wouldnt be able to because he doesn’t speak your language perfectly. Tommaso made one phone call while you were eating the appetizer at the table, a grown man with a family and small kids is allowed, in my opinion, to take a minute to make a call if he feels he has to as long as he doesn’t damage the activity but again you were eating so what exactly bothered you is a mistery. You were also bothered by the rest of the restaurant’s staff preparing for the evening service and speaking between them in their language? You felt as everyone wanted you to leave? Maybe it was just that they were getting ready for an evening of hard work after your 3 1/2 hours of individual pizza class? You did realize you actually had the class in a functioning pizzeria and not in a tourist trap? “Yes you smile accomodatingly holding pizzas in the photos but that’s not the true picture of your experience? Seriously? Did we force you to smile too? If you hated it so much why not say something while you are there instead of writing this unbelievable review? We would have done something about it, but that’s not you is it? You aren’t that outgoing. Happily you become quite the opposite when hiding behind a monitor and keyboard. Thanks again for teaching us not to believe in those to seem to be having fun and smiling in photos! Now we know they actually want to be saved!
Written March 6, 2018
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Edinburgh, UK61 contributions
Nov 2017 • Solo
Had an amazing evening learning how to make pizza! It’s really good fun and the result is super tasty. You also get to try different cheeses and tomatoes, and a local starter and at the end you eat your pizza with a drink of your choice. Loved it!
Written November 11, 2017
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Thank you for such a great review!
Written November 12, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Stuart F
Carlsbad, CA32 contributions
Sep 2016 • Couples
We had a good time in our class iand made fantastic pizza.
I question however whether it was a good value. Too many cooks in the broth to get paid on this tour. The restaurant, the guide, the pizza chef, and of course the organizer.

For €100 per person, we expected more than fried dough with a little salad on top and one pizza each. Water and one beer per person was apparently included, we had to pay separately for a bottle of wine.

Luckily we only had four people, as the space in the preparation area in the kitchen was relatively small, but I can imagine if you had more than 4 in a class it would be much too crowded and. You wouldn't get the hands on experience that we had. They take up to 10 on the tour. Each person makes one pizza and then eats it, while the next in the group takes his/her turn.

One last caution, they do the class at a Pizzeria that is a 25 minute taxi ride from the historic district in Naples, so be prepared to spend another 20-40 euros if that is where you are coming from and going back to. Or learn the metro system ahead of time.

Overall, good memory, great pictures and our guide Simone was as nice as could be, just wanted to point out the pitfalls.

Written September 25, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Dear Stuart, I am very glad you decided to point out our pitfalls, so we can work on them and improve thanks to your acute observations. We are all sorry if you considered not enough what you called "fried dough with salad on and one pizza each". Since we like to consider our activity a Pizza Class and not an "all you can eat buffet" with an entrance fee of 100€, the focus is on choice of ingredients, preparation tecniques and procedures to make the most famous dish in the world. The price you pay is for learning and having access to the knowledge of making a real Neapolitan pizza in a pizzeria from a highly quoted Maestro Pizzaiolo. The food included is usually considered plenty and delicious because of the very high quality of ingredients and quantity offered. The scugnizielli (what you called fried dough with salad on top) are a delicious apetizer made of deep fired strips of pizza dough seasoned with d.o.p. world famous pomodori del piennolo (a rare type that only grows on Mount Vesuvius), oregano, extra virgin olive oil, Neapolitan basil and garlic to taste. If you ate them you were probably also taught how to make them. The fact you considered it a salad probably means we failed in getting across to you the quality of the ingredients used and that it was part of the learning process of the class (different uses of the dough). You didn't mention the cheese and tomato tastings, maybe you just forgot about it.. We are also very sorry you considered the fact of getting water and a beer or any other one drink included in the price not enough. Although clearly indicated on our site we will surely make it more crear. But expecting an open bar seems a bit too much. Amazing you managed to criticize the space (300sq metres) and how it is used with a class with a larger number of 4 participants since as you say your group was a party of 4. Also indicating the participants wouldn't get the chance of having the same hands on experience as you. I wish I had the same ability! You also figured out the costs of the business and indicated its flaws! Thanks! The location of the pizzeria is 1,50€ metro ride (10mins) away from the Historical Center of Naples. The meeting point is infact outside the metro station. You are free to come with whatever transportation you wish, our suggestion is the metro, your choice was a taxi because you would have needed to learn the metro system ahead of time. In Naples there are 2 metro lines a blue one and a yellow. Our customers usually manage to figure out how to reach us but again we will try to make it more clear from now on. The price of a taxi from the historical district is between 10 to 12€ each way and the trip can't take more than 15min. If you divide the sum between your party of 4 it would be between 2,50€ and 3€ each, so not that bad after all. Maybe what made the difference was the fact your hotel was next to the airport and no way near the Historical Center or Naples as a whole. It was a pitty you didn't use the transportation options, the maps and indications we sent to you during the extensive email exchange we had with your group in the past four months. Since you were so careful in pointing out all the things you didn't like, let me point out one thing we did not appreciate. You attempted to scam our staff by handing over half the sum due and when we made you notice it wasn't the whole amount you accused us of trying to take more from you. After we pointed out the obvious, you magically found the missing money in your pocket. Now isn't that a move that describes what type of customer you are? Over all a good review, just wanted to point out the pitfalls!
Written September 27, 2016
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P16 contributions
Jun 2015 • Friends
Taking a cooking class, with Eat in Italy Food Tours, is an awesome way to spend a day in Naples! I've been in Naples twice this year, and both times I've spent a day cooking with Chef Francesca Caprino. After meeting at Mergellina Rail Station, it is a short trip to a local market that is filled with local vendors selling products to the residents of the neighborhood. Then off to Francesca's home to enjoy local wines and an unbelievable few hours of learning to cook Neapolitan cuisine. Francesco does a great job organizing the day! Francesca makes sure the grocery shopping and food preparation are perfect! Will definitely do again!
Written July 6, 2015
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Thank you so much! So it's really true you liked our cooking class?! I though you had come back to take it a second time in 2 months because you wanted to test us :-). As always it was great fun to spend the day with you and your friends! Thanks so much for coming, making it a great day for all and for this special review! You really have become part of our top 5 favourite customers! Ciao!! Francesco & Francesca
Written July 18, 2015
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Janine M
2 contributions
Jan 2015 • Couples
My boyfriend and I had a great time during the Vomero Food Tour. Our guide Margherita, was vey knowledgeable, not just about the food that we were tasting but as well as the history and culture of Naples.
She was full of useful information and was always helpful. As it was our only day in Naples, we were a little pressed for time and she was able to cater to that. Thank you Margherita and Eat In Italy Food Tours. We had such a great experience and learnt so many things during our tour. A day we'll never forget
Written January 11, 2015
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice review! It was a pleasure to have you!
Written January 11, 2015
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Susan R
Belle Harbor, NY11 contributions
Dec 2014 • Couples
I wrote to Francesco and let him know that I was a slow walker and asked his advice about which tour was best for me. He let me know that he could also arrange a private pizza-making tour on the day when our cruise ship docked in Naples. I thought that would be a great choice and it was a perfect day. Francesco was our guide and we knew to come hungry. After a stop for cappuccino, we visited the lab and restaurant kitchen of Acunza Pizzeria in Vomero, an upscale area. Everyone in the restaurant kitchen was so happy to greet us. My husband and I tasted the ingredients, looked at the machinery, an old mixer for the pizza dough and a high-tech pizza oven with the family name. Francesco explained everything. We sampled delicious doughnuts made from pizza dough and sprinkled in sugar and took a break before the pizza-making. The process was demonstrated and then we took our turns (excellent teaching technique). We sampled fried pizza, a Neapolitan specialty and then made our pizzas. Everyone in the kitchen was smiling. What a fun pizza party. The day was great, but wait, there's more. Francesco e-mailed us recipes and photos the next day. Highly recommended and worth every penny.
Written December 14, 2014
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Dear Susan, it was an absolute pleasure to have you! It was truly a delightful morning, Patrizio says hello to both you and your husband!
Written January 11, 2015
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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