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589 reviews
Very good

João Fonseca
Porto, Portugal7 contributions
Apr 2022
It's very expensive, especially inside, but it's very cool. Has different types of music per room, very big venue and very fun to dance on.

The only problem is the big line, but it was pretty fast to get through. Felt pretty secure with the amount of guards that were there and had no problems whatsoever getting in. Need to buy tickets online though.
Written April 26, 2022
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Birmingham, UK58 contributions
Mar 2018 • Friends
Just got back from here at the end of a stag weekend and a brilliant night was had by all.
I read the negative reviews and was a little apprehensive, however the door staff were fine, bar staff were fine and the tunes were great.
The queue was enormous on arrival and still there when we left at 3:30am! Buy in advance to save a long wait.
Written March 11, 2018
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Verity McDonald
3 contributions
Jul 2019 • Friends
Absolutely LOVED razzmatazz, only a few issues occurred. Perfect for those looking for a cheap and easy way to experience drug fuelled hallucinations. We suggest starting your journey of hallucinations in the toilets to give a rustic vibe. Aside from the drugging, whilst slightly monotonous the music provided a ambient setting for a wild night in Barcelona. One complaint we do have is the slightly overpriced water, €7 for a glass when you’re friend is in need could be considered extortion. Aside from this the Barcelonian men will guarantee you a very hands on experience. Not for the faint hearted, however was a banging night out. For what we remember of it...
Written August 2, 2019
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Dana Point, CA17 contributions
Any bad reviews you read about this place were written by people who went on the wrong night..or people who are the bottle service type. Yes: if you go to this club at 12:30 there wont be anyone there. This is a late night place, I would suggest going no earlier than 1:30 or 2 and it doesn't even hit its peak until about 3. Most of the headline DJs also don't come on till about 3 as well. Personally, I am not super into the club scene like most of my friends but this place is a lot of fun and shots are only 2 euros. There are also many rooms throughout the building, each with its own flavor and music. The main room you walk into when you first get in is the biggest but not my favorite. Mostly remixes of popular tunes and some rock and roll. The loft is my favorite and it is up stairs through and outside walkway and into another room. This room usually has the most famous DJs and is often a mix of house and tech-house music. There are two other rooms which have a little more laid back setting and play more lounge, jungle, and trance music. Oh and all of these rooms have at lease one bar in them. Like any place some nights are better than others but I have never had a bad time here and when its good its amazing. Standard cover charge is 15 euro unless there is a special event. Or if you live in Melon District Residence up the street you get to skip the line and get in free every Friday and Saturday :)
Written November 10, 2010
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Laura H
Boston, MA2 contributions
Apr 2017 • Friends
Overrated. Expensive. Poor Service. I was immediately grabbed by many aggressive men in the club who spent the night following me around. The bartenders were rude and ignored many customers. At the end of the night I realized my phone was missing and a bouncer would not let me check to see if it had dropped. I believe I was pickpocketed and the bouncers were no help. I was leaving Barcelona the next day, but was unable to get in touch with the staff at all.

I would not recommend this club to tourists and especially females. I am very disappointed in the treatment at this club. I will update if I ever get a response from my email, but I do not find it to be likely.
Written April 16, 2017
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Krakow, Poland1 contribution
Feb 2015 • Friends
5 dancefloors with different kind of music were exactly what i needed. You can get lost because the place is huge but i can gurantee you will not regret your choice. Best party ever!
Written February 23, 2015
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Barcelona11 contributions
May 2014 • Friends
Bouncers at this venue are responsible for an appalling assault last weekend. This is a terrible club that sanctions violence against gay and lesbian people. This kind of behaviour must be stopped at all costs, boycott this horrible place!
Written May 8, 2014
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ashington14 contributions
Dec 2013 • Friends
I am currently living in andalusia on my year abroad.. and I decided to take a trip to barcelona with my friends, Barcelona is honestly a stunningly beautiful city.. but on saturday night me and my friends were all excited to go to razzmatazz, we had heard it was the biggest nightclub in Barcelona, so obviously it is going to be good, well it wasnt.. Look if your an indie kid, or techo, or dubstep lover then you may enjoy it, but when i go out on a night out i want to get drunk.. feel safe atleast.. have a wild dance and listen to songs that arent constantly repetitive patterns, droning on and on.. for me, i honestly dont complain ever about nightclubs because i always have a good time, but it was seriously a dive, full of dodgy characters.. where vulnerable girls will fall prey.. and by prey i mean being robbed. My phone was stolen out of my bag, which had been by my side the whole night.. it had obviously been a plan.. and they had watched me, i was absolutely devastated, so if you still want to go to this place full of strange, weird, interesting(some) and dodgy characters by all means go.. but GIRLS especially my god, please watch your bags dont go out with a bag that doesnt have a zip, and constantly keep your phone by your chest if you can, because i loved my little 2 day life in barcelona.. and somebody doing that to me.. it honestly ruined my weekend, I wasnt drunk. which i guess made it worse because it proves how cunning these pickpockets are.. so PLEASE be careful, if i still had my phone i honestly still wouldnt reccomend this nightclub.. Ive had better nights in my local bar at home.. far too big.. too much walking.. to little decent music, unusual atmosphere which was endearing for about 20 seconds, then just looked like a big dark dingy garage. Me and my friends love to party so much.. and majority of us really disliked this nightclub! Also 17 euro to pay is a joke!
Written December 15, 2013
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Mel P
1 contribution
Aug 2018 • Friends
Quite easily the most disgusting treatment I have ever experienced or heard of on a night out by this club's staff: bouncers could not have cared less when told that a man had spiked my friend's drink with mdma and allowed this man to re enter the club despite him openly admitting to doing it. They insisted that because consensual drug use is very common in the surrounding area of Barcelona that they didn't care and couldn't do anything about it even though it would have taken no effort to kick the man out as he was already stood outside the front of the club, thereby risking both the safety of my friend who he then could have attacked and everyone else in there of having their drinks spiked too. The bouncers were patronising and refused to accept that this man could have taken advantage of my friend or others; by allowing him back in after he had admitted to spiking the drink they were effectively endorsing his behaviour. We were basically told to get over it or go to the police if we were really that concerned, who were equally as dismissive. For €18 entry that is a complete and utter disgrace and is totally inexcusable.
Written August 19, 2018
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Kelly C
Barcelona, Spain32 contributions
Mar 2017 • Business
I don't write bad reviews often, but I felt this needed to be done. Firstly I read about terrible bouncers there etc that was not my experience. I found them very professional & helpful and even assisted when we lost one of our bags. The music was mmm not great but we were there to have fun and make best if it so it was just a minus. The crowd was cool lots of friendly people like always in clubs after a drink.
The bathroom had the absolute worst stench of my life, seriously bad
And the best DJ was in their playing music ( poor DJ)
Right after we entered I had the following experience which I think needs to be reviewed,
I was one of the first people in a group of five to arrive Saturday night march 25 th
After being let in we went to the first bar as you walk up to get a drink, other people in my group were served first ordering drinks w Red Bull. While I was waiting to be served one of the girls in my party asked me to give her a Red Bull Can which was sitting on the bar. I didn't expect it to be empty , and Because it was empty I knocked it into the bar rather than grabbing it. ( because there was no weight in it) the bartender immediately came over very aggressively and threatened me telling me to get out of there right now or he would grab me and throw me out himself
I was in such shock I just stood there
He really frightened me , I then tried to explain the misunderstanding and he came at me again and told me he didn't want to see my face and leave it or he would take me out himself. He was actually very threatening and scary. I didn't want it to ruin our night so I just moved to another room, but when the girls in my group brought it up a day later, I realized they found it as disturbing as I did
Before we left that night two of the girls were robbed by other clubbers. I'm only mentioning that because I think it's important your aware of this very common issue especially in Barcelona for some reason, so when visiting any place like that keep your whits about you. That isn't the clubs fault. Plus it stays open real late, and before it's assumed I had just come from a work dinner and no I was not drinking or drunk .
. Anyway
I don't know if this is normally how Razzmatazz treats people coming into their club But I can tell you that I worked in Miami for years in the club scene and as a bartender never would I have spoken to someone Like this and I actually don't even know what he thought I did that he thinks it was justifiable to behave in such a way .

Also be aware this club is in middle if no where , cabs expensive to get there and scarce cabs to get back if your not nearby
Written March 28, 2017
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