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Meson la Buleria
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Very good

Marrakech, Morocco10 contributions
Don't miss this place if you're in cordoba
Dec 2016 • Couples
That was charming magical full of harmony and émotions especially when the 3 year old boy gets on the scene 😯

The young dancer was not just perfect. You feel that the show is made just for you.
we were just 2 tables but the family show was great .

It's the pure flamingo which you Can't live somewhere else .

I recommend this lovely place
Written December 16, 2016
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67 contributions
Enjoy the sounds of Flamenco and the company of a Gypsy family.
Oct 2016
This place is very authentic. It is run by a Gypsy family and all their friends drop in as well. Gandma so cute in her polka dot dress. The entire family participates, while grandma, claps and looks beautiful a little boy about 4 years old at most gets on stage and dances with mom and dad as if he was a professional dancer all his life. Incredible and a must see. With the admission ticket you get a drink. The only issue is that the place was rather empty. I think it was because it was a weekday , because there is a construction site nearby which blocks traffic, and also because it isn't a typical "tourist" show with flashy lights and dinner. It is however 100 % authentic and wonderful.
Written October 31, 2016
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Ardavan B
Paris, France4 contributions
Negative comments are ridiculous
Aug 2016 • Friends
This place is basically where the Gipsy family running the show lives.

We went there last night without much conviction because of all the negative comments on Trip Advisor, and because it was a bit empty, but we were in for a ride.

Let's start with the bad: the food isn't good - it's not a restaurant. They probably buy stuff at the store and serve it to you. The "acoustics" of the place - again, their "home" with grandma sitting in a corner and watching TV the whole time - isn't great either.

That being said... we were seated right in front of the scene, and when the music started, we were in for quite a ride! This is a place where the whole family is playing what they live for, Flamenco music: father, son, cousins... The guitar player and the "drum" player who looked like hipsters delivered great performances. When you see the oncles, the dad, the mom, etc. who all come on stage, start clapping, and the female dancer starts dancing, you can't help but be sucked in the magic of it.

We were all in awe of the great show they played, despite the limited number of people in the room (pity!). In our group, a friend who plays flamenco guitar was so impressed he actually went and talked to the guitar player and signed up for 2 hours of guitar the next day. The show started at 10:30pm and lasted a little less than an hour. There were 6 of us, the bill was 120 euros.

Sure, at the end they showed us their CD and DVD like it happens in many places, but they weren't pushy at all, they only asked once, and we were glad to get them.

So, if you're looking for authenticity in the music, in the show, in the people playing, and are more interested into that than in the food, then it's probably a very safe choice. If you want a restaurant, go somehwere else.

But you can drink beers and enjoy a great show, I'm glad we did. Don't be fooled by the ridiculous comments of disappointed tourists who don't do any justice to this place. At the very end they even had their 2 year old son come on stage and he was happy to show a bit of dancing, that was quite an experience. Authenticity and great music. That's what you'll find here.
Written August 16, 2016
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Adi S
6 contributions
Terrible. Big disapointed
Apr 2016 • Family
Sound is really bad. Breaks between each song. Low quality of the dancer, the guitarist was not gentle with his playing. Noisy , not flamenco. 12 euro for nothing
Written April 19, 2016
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Jon T
Puerto de Mazarron, Spain537 contributions
Flamenco puro
Oct 2013 • Couples
Recommended by Lonely Planet, it was worth the hunt to find it. Go early and reserve a table at the front, although it is so small that anywhere will do. 12€ per person. All men, guitar players, singers, box beater (sort of drum) AND THE DANCER WHO WAS FANASTIC. Great night of flamenco. Starts at 10:30 pm and ends around midnight.
Written October 28, 2013
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Canberra, Australia52 contributions
No Show
Sep 2013 • Couples
After seeing brochures for the Flamenco show, La Buleria, we booked through our hotel to see the performance. Arriving at the address, we found no other patrons. We waited about 40 minutes when a gentleman told us in Spanish that we would have to wait until more people arrived. It was 11.30pm at this stage and when we declined he told us to come back the next evening. Again we declined as we would no longer be in Cordoba. Eventually after much discussion and phone calls to our hotel we were told we would get our money refunded. All of this discussion was by the only other patron who had a little Spanish.
And yes we did get our money refunded. We had paid only 12 Euros whereas the other flamenco performances were much more expensive.
There was no paper or soap in the toilets.
If the show had occurred I am sure we out have had an authentic flamenco experience but that was not to occur.
Written September 8, 2013
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York, UK47 contributions
Thoroughly entertaining
Aug 2013 • Couples
We went to Meson La Buleria to enjoy the Flamenco Show and were thoroughly entertained, the performers were a family and worked very well together. The musicians were talented and the singers performed in a very heartfelt way. It was clear that the dancer really enjoyed dancing and she was mesmerising to watch. The only shame was that it was very quiet, when the show started there were only 6 people in there, although more came in later on. The sangria was good. The food was okay, although it is not their strength, so if we went again we would probably dine elsewhere first. All in all we had a fab evening, two tickets, two meals and a jug of sangria to share came in at a bargainous €40!
Written August 27, 2013
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Mahadev André G
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil80 contributions
May 2013 • Solo
The show was cancelled at the last minute because there were so few people. There are other places to go, but never this one!
Written May 17, 2013
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Cockermouth, UK99 contributions
Nothing special - but not awful
Oct 2012 • Couples
I'm no judge of flamenco but they seemed very good. High speed guitar playing, good rhythms and a slick dancer. One of the singers was more of a shouter and there was little variety but it was all pleasant enough. We did fall prey to the "buy a DVD" approach but that was our fault and the whole evening, with only two drinks each (for two of us) ended up costing 46 euros. A bit steep for an hour's entertainment. We didn't have food so can't comment on that. My advice would be maybe try another venue - was almost certainly not the best.
Written October 21, 2012
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rolle22 contributions
Avoid at any cost
Aug 2011 • Couples
We were extremely disappointed by the Meson La Buleria. We went there to enjoy a beautiful show of Flamenco in a city that vibrates with this marvelous art form, but ended up feeling cheated and deprived of a beautiful evening.

First of all, the sound system was put so loud that it was physically painful to the ears. Being a hard rock fan, I have no problem with noise, but in this case it was hardly bearable, and specially spoiling the show. We told the artist at one point, but he just told us the owner wanted it that way...

The artists were of uneven quality. The guitar and cajon (percussion) players were extremely talented, and it was a shame the sound level was somehow spoiling their performance. The singers and dancers were rather ordinary from what I have seen at other places.

A disturbing aspect was that in the middle of the show, the artists would go table to table selling their VHS or DVDs, and of course you were somehow obliged to buy them.

Finally, the food was very, very bad. Some of it came directly from tins.

It was a real shame that we wasted our only evening in Cordoba at this show. I wish we would have chosen another place.
Written October 31, 2011
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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