Au Lapin Agile
Au Lapin Agile
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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The show at the Lapin Agile « Songs, Music, Poetry » is composed of several singers of various kinds : old french songs, Edith PIAF’ songs, chansons of Paris, drinking songs with all the audience singing along in an ambiance typical of the Lapin Agile, the cabaret known throughout the world. The Lapin Agile is the perfect definition of the artistic cabaret. Everyone, artists and audience, combines to form a company to cross the time barriers.
Suggested duration
2-3 hours
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The area
Neighborhood: 18th Arr. - Buttes-Montmartre
How to get there
  • Lamarck – Caulaincourt • 2 min walk
  • Abbesses • 7 min walk
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298 reviews
Very good

Glasgow, UK158 contributions
Nov 2022
The show was like going back in time. It’s an old fashioned French variety show with singers, dancer, musician etc. everything is in French but this doesn’t distract from the overall enjoyment. The only downside was the white wine, which was included in the €32 entrance fee was approx 100mls and tasted awful.
Written December 9, 2022
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Thank you very much for your comment. We are sorry that you did'nt appreciate the wine...
Written March 21, 2023
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New York City, NY5 contributions
Dec 2022
We had a wonderful evening at au Lapin Agile. It is a very authentic french cabaret with guests being seated in a small room around the performers. All of the performers were so vibrant and extremely talented. They encouraged us to sing along (even though it was all in french and I only new a few words here and there to the music :-) )

We were lucky that our travel agent suggested this as a night out. We would not have ventured here on our own, but I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Montmartre area.
Written January 2, 2023
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Thank you very much Elana. Your comment means a lot to us 🙏
Written March 21, 2023
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Carlos O
Mexico City, Mexico68 contributions
Mar 2013 • Couples
A lot of people come here under the wrong impression. Although in essence it is a cabaret, au lapin agile is not a "moulin rouge" or "lido" style cabaret. On the contrary, it is essentially how cabarets where originally back in the mid 1880's a place of folk song and music. So be warned there is no dancing or french cancan, or topless women in this joint. As you enter this caberet, you are magically transported back to the bohemian essence of parisian montemartre. It is as if you could almost picture Picasso in the corner enjoying the music, or Modigliani stumbling in. In here instead of a "tourist" enhanced show, you will be stripped to bare minimum to experience french folk music as it should. The show lasts a few hours and the servers are in essence the musicians themselves, so don't expect a glam treatment. Instead let yourself be taken by the beauty of this place. Think about the fact that this place survived Napoleon's III coup d'etat and the proclamation of the french republic, the June Rebellion, WWI, WWII, and many other historical occurrences. It was the meeting place of the bourgeois in the late 1880's- if that's not enough to get your historical blood flowing- honestly you're historically dead. If you want anther beer or drink, in between songs quietly step outside into the reception and ask them for what you want. The reality is they try not to bother you and instead they try to let you enjoy the music. There is no food served here, so grab dinner before hand. If you are tired or jet lagged skip it, and instead wait for a night where you are well rested. If you are tourist coming here to live the "plastic paris" stay away, I promise you will not like it. If instead you like history, the french bohemian essence interests you, or if you love french music, do not miss this place. You will leave feeling like a true bohemian parisian.
Written April 7, 2013
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The Colony, TX2 contributions
Date:August 19, 2008
Independent Traveler

I visited Au Lapin Agile with my 13 year old niece and expected to have an authentic French experience and did. I understand when you'll in France people speak french, however, due to the touristy nature of the venue, you would expect some sort of commentary on the show. The only ones having fun were the actors and singers themselves. Even a program with the story line would have made it better. Better yet, let the tourist know that the show is entirely in french. Of course it's in France but...
I sat there trying to glen some gist of what was going on and finally decided to chalk it up as a "It's just good to be here experience." Then I and several others got very irritated when we realized they took our money and couldn't care less if we were drawn into the show or not.. It went on and on and on and...
It was like a big inside joke-on the tourist. Looking around most had glazed over stares, waiting some interpretation or looking for escape which had to be made through the performers.
After what seemed an eternity, like the painting of the rabbit out of the pot, we hopped out with about 10 other dissapointed tourists.

My advice, just go see the quaint little cottage and take a picture outside. I am returning with a group this spring and that's what we plan to do.
Written August 19, 2008
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New York City, NY85 contributions
Jun 2012 • Couples
Just came back from this place which was recommended by the guidebooks. What a dissapointment. They treat customers like parts of assembly line. Nobody came to our table after more than one and a half hours! They included the price of a drink which was never offered!
Very rude, unfriendly and not personal service!
Written June 8, 2012
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Bournemouth, UK13 contributions
This has the potential to be one of the highest-rating attractions in Paris, but someone needs to tell the managers of this place that they are performing for customers, not for themselves! We were slightly dubious about going here, because of the mixed reviews. We were right to have our doubts . . .

Starting with the good news, it is definitely authentic and the singing is terrific. I lived in France for 3 years when I was younger and really enjoyed hearing the songs that made me fall in love with France. There were about 7 or 8 different singers, of different ages and genres, and there was also some comedy and poetry.

Now the bad news. 1) It is REALLY uncomfortable, almost a form of torture after a while, since the tables are too low. 2) It seemed impossible to get a second drink. We were there over two hours and saw no way of ordering a drink (you may be asking why we didn't just leave the room to get one, but I'll come on to this). 3) Whilst very professional, some of the artistes were just not friendly. The evening we were there, the mix was about 50% (non-French) tourists and 50% French. However, one of the performers in particular seemed very upset that we were not all singing along. He even made a comment, which he probably thought we couldn't understand, that some of us looked like statues. He also proceeded to harangue, in what he probably thought was an amusing way, a pair of elderly Japanese gentlemen (who subsequently left). None of this was very funny. 4) The show goes on forever, with no discernible break, almost no commentary and no easy way to even leave the room (the artistes perform in front of the entrance doorway). I'm sure even French patrons would appreciate a little background to some of the music, but it seemed as if we were supposed to know this already, and if we didn't, we shouldn't be there. In the end, even though we were enjoying the evening, we sub-consciously formed an escape committee with some others (strategic positioning of stools and bags) and, during a longer than usual pause between breaths, bolted for the door, along with at least half a dozen others, including some French people!

Overall, if you adore authentic French chansons, this is the place to experience it. However, you also need to have slightly masochistic tendencies, not mind being sneered at by a couple of arrogant performers and be able to nurse a drink for 5 hours. You have been warned . . .
Written June 23, 2008
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Troy, MI49 contributions
My husband and I attended an evening at Au Lapin Agile in April 2008. We had a nice time and overall, do not regret going -- but here's what you need to know before you go...

1. All the singing and banter is in French. This is fine (after all, you're in France!), but since there is no translating of anything being said or sung, non-French speakers may grow a little weary. We only speak a few phrases in French, and we enjoyed the songs -- up to a point. The audience is encouraged to sing along, so if you are so inclined you can brush up on your French folk songs before attending.

2. The show (at least the one that we saw) is simply watching the performers sing with each other while they too are sitting around a table in a dimly lit room (audience is seated around the perimeter of the room). There is no stage (that we knew of). Occasionally they get up to play the piano, accordian, etc. We never saw any dancing. Maybe that happened after we left.

3. The show is long. We left after TWO HOURS and there was no break, intermission, or end in sight. Some of the performers have solo parts in which they sing song after song after song. This got a little tiresome. Another couple left at the same time. They were French and knew all the words to all the songs and even THEY had to get out of there. I don't know how long the show is supposed to be, but it started at 9pm and we left at 11pm.

4. The cost is 24 Euros per person and includes one free (small) drink. We were a little surprised at the total cost, but were ok with it. The kicker is: they don't take credit cards. You will need to have cash on you. We were lucky we happened to have enough but it was close. Hit an ATM before the show. We were not informed of the cost or type of payment accepted until we decided to leave.

5. Reservations? We were there on a Friday night and were asked if we had made reservations. Answer: No. Reply: Ah, ok right this way. We were seated with no problem. Not sure why reservations would be needed. There were several empty seats.

If you're looking for something fun and very French to do in Montmartre, by all means stop by Au Lapin Agile and have a drink and, even if you don't speak French, a good laugh. But be prepared for a long evening and bring your cash!
Written April 28, 2008
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Robert W
Avon, OH82 contributions
I don't know whether to be disappointed with myself or the show.

The show is in an extremely small venue, less than 75 people.
It's an old house/bar . Very crowded seating. A historical building. Borderline fire hazard .

Hard to get a drink.

Haven't said that in a review before.

Obviously, the entire show is in French. We knew this going in.

There are various acts. There is the pretty woman singing several songs. Then the accordion player doing even more singing . The piano man sings. The leader protagonist talks.

I can say I saw a lot of people who apparently enjoyed this. I can also say I saw lots of people who were we're bored. I saw bored Americans, Germans and French.

My advice is to do your homework . If you think listening to the soundtrack of "Saving Private Ryan" where they are stuck in that small town waiting for the Germans is good, then this is your place. If you like French accordian music, this is your place.

My wife and I tried to rationalize this one. We saw something new from another culture , that isn't available at home, not at a terrible price. That's good. Can't say it was fun.

This didn't move me. I think it was more a generational rather than national/ linguistic disconnect . I can't think of many bars in U.S. where they sing Civil War or WW I songs.

First time I strongly disagreed with Rick Steves review.

Do your homework . It wasn't the show for me. That doesn't mean it was bad
Written May 11, 2015
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Boston, MA12 contributions
Oct 2011 • Friends
Perhaps I should simply summarize: You walk in, paying an exorbitant amount in cash in order to be squeezed on to a narrow bench. You are teased and treated rudely. You receive a single cherry cordial drink. Nothing happens...for a while. Eventually, you notice one table is especially belligerent, and the singing commences. And then, you understand what makes the show exceptional.

It's truly a charming show, and the feeling that you're part of a larger community is extraordinary. It was the first time that I've truly seen an entire room gather together and sing old songs. (Well, excepting the equally spontaneous but extraordinarily less classy rounds of late-night "Don't Stop Believing" that always seems to break out at places I go to in the US.) The cast rolls through many songs which you may know- classic Serge Gainsbourg for example- before moving on to personally written ditties which are heavy on French puns. I'd suggest refreshing your knowledge of French songs from the 30s through 50s on the plane, as a good chunk of the fun is being able to join in on the lyrics you know.

As a former student of French (I took it for about 10 years and studied abroad in Paris before subsequently forgetting a lot over a period of 9 years) and as my friend is literally a French-English translator, we were able to generally keep up with the ditties- but they definitely assume a native fluency. (Word of note: a few comments also include a decidedly anti-American and anti-UK sentiment.) Are the classic songs fun without understanding the words? Definitely. Are the songs from later in the evening fun when you can't understand the words? Almost certainly not. It you do go as a non-French speaker (which I recommend), just plan to leave a little early and try to suggest that they seat you by the door.

In terms of location, yes, it's Montmartre, and it can be a pain to get home. However, it's not impossible and you can almost certainly find a taxi if you head towards the large touristy sites/ below Sacre Coeur. And it's a perfect way to get to know the area by night in a safe but fun way.

Definitely go!
Written June 29, 2012
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New York18 contributions
Jan 2018 • Couples
Reasons to go: 1) you love chansons or 2) you don't understand French but you want to check out one of Picasso's old haunts and you're cool with watching a bunch of French retirees have a merry sing-along while you sit in bemused confusion. If you don't fall into either of these two categories, you should skip Au Lapin Agile because you'll be miserable. I fell in the second group and was delighted by the two hours I spent there.

The cabaret is presented entirely in French, without any concession for those who aren't fluent, in a program that rotates non-stop between group sing-alongs and solo performers. While there are drinks offered (everyone gets one free glass of cherry brandy upon arrival), the menu is extremely limited and the staff seems uninterested in encouraging you to order anything. Instead, the focus is solely on the music, which is lovely and very enjoyable in such a cozy historic venue. My French comprehension isn't great so I could only understand a small percentage of what was going on, but the French audience members surrounding me seemed to be loving every moment, reacting happily to what I assumed were nostalgic references and warm banter with the performers. In the end, it was a fun cultural immersion experience.

A few things to note:
- The door opens promptly at 9pm but otherwise there's no indication of any business if you arrive earlier. My husband and I showed up at 8:45pm and stood outside for 10 minutes nervously wondering if the place was closed for the winter until someone randomly popped out to assure that they'd be opening soon.
- The venue is cash only and you pay upon exiting.
- The breaks between acts are extremely short and the only way into/out of the room is directly behind the performers, so if you've had your fill and want to leave, you have to time it well or it's awkward for everyone.
- If you go to the bathroom, be sure to look closely at the coat hook, which is an extremely amusing wooden carving of a rabbit pooping into a basket.
Written January 14, 2018
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