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London, UK18 contributions
Dec 2021 • Couples
Just saw the best pantomime dame of my life at the Severn Theatre. Can Brad Fitt be his real name? The whoe panto was a delight. They managed to keep all the traditional humour, music,w dancing, all sorts of fun and a song, while losing the dated attitudes of the original Peter Pan play, that embarrassed me so much, last time I took a visitor to see it. Enjoyed every minute, so glad I went.
Written December 5, 2021
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Telford, UK104 contributions
Dec 2021 • Couples
For ten years running now (apart from the cancellation last year) we have been going to the pantomime at the Theatre Severn. Same seats every time. We love it. Lovely atmosphere. Great (most of the time) panto.
This years Peter Pan seemed a bit lacking something.
Anyway we enjoyed it.
My only real complaint is the ridiculously expensive drinks. 2 bottles of non alcoholic beer and 2 glasses of wine. Guess………. £21 !!!! Unbelievable.
We will take our own next year. If you were more reasonable Theatre Severn, you wouldn’t lose out.
Written December 29, 2021
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Shrewsbury, UK74 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
Booked this comedy for a friend in need if cheering up. Always dubious of comedies in case I don't "get it", but this was an excellent show, with a fantastic cast. Thoroughly enjoyable. Theatre staff were also great at keeping communication going in light of the flooding, as it did look at one point as if it may not happen.
Written March 1, 2020
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Oswestry, UK47 contributions
Dec 2020 • Family
Went to this years ‘Panto’. A monologue from a dame. Maybe a note on your website with not appropriate for children would have been advisable.

I’d feel less cheated if you’d said we’re struggling can you donate.

Such a shame, the dame even said at the start that pantomime is his main income source, so he had to do something.

On a plus side, the previous panto’s for the last years have been amazing.
Written December 27, 2020
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Shrewsbury, UK2 contributions
Aug 2020
PLEASE please support Theatre Severn !!! Last week my husband and I went to see the film Military Wives and we want to reassure people thinking of going how save we felt. We had many vacant seats either side and behind us and were sorry to see more could of been filled. Come on everyone at £7.00 a ticket Enjoy !
Written August 10, 2020
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Matthew M
Birmingham, UK128 contributions
This is a review about the venue in general. After 3 e-mailed complaints and a letter to the manager with absolutely no response, I felt that it was worth at least putting my disgust on public forum for others to see.

I purchased my tickets for the Jessie J concert back in February as I enjoy her music and wanted to support the local music scene. I collected my tickets in March and had kept them safe up until yesterday afternoon when I unfortunately lost them at the specialist college I work at. Because of the nature of my job working with young people with severe learning difficulties, we sometimes experience personal belongings being removed, destroyed and damaged. Naturally I was very upset and distressed about the situation as I had spent £70 on the tickets and I am not a high earner and obviously I couldn't afford another set for the night.
I went with my partner to the Box Office at around 6:30pm taking with me the original debit card I booked with, my I.D. And my proof of address. I approached the young lady on the desk who listened to my concern and I believe was generally sympathetic with me. The older gentlemen working next to her, who was serving another customer, interrupted his conversation with his customer and replied very bluntly back with the response “No sorry, its your fault if you've lost them” without even looking at me or properly acknowledging my presence. I responded by again calmly explaining the situation and pointing out my distress and previous loyalty to the theatre. He quickly snapped at me with the reply “No you could be a selling the tickets on” again not looking at me and speaking down to a customer in front of queue of people. My partner then asked if there was anyway we could see the concert and the young lady demanded £65 in cash. I pleaded with my partner not to have us fork out nearly £140 to see the concert in total but he did it for me. The young lady then said to us “Are you going to have a domestic in front of the ticket office?” I felt absolutely sickened to be spoken to like this I was purely acting out of concern for my partner who is a low-earner and didn't expect to have an announcement to the general public any inclination about our relationship. We paid for the tickets and walked out feeling very upset about the way this was managed.
I understand there might be a rule about re-printing tickets but at my previous location in Ludlow, the entertainments venue is operated in a more pleasant manner and a customers track record of loyalty is available for the receptionist to help offer a more personal level of service. To be accused of re-selling tickets and having a domestic is outrageous and raises serious questions about the quality of training and poor lack of understanding customer needs. To have the entire queue of customers know about my sexuality and personal life was also I believe totally unacceptable.

After being a regular customer of both the venues cafe, restaurant and box office in the past I have been left feeling saddened and not willing to deal with the venue again in the future.

Thank you for listening guys and I'm sure most people will receive a better service than the one I had to go through.
Written September 3, 2012
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Shrewsbury, UK78 contributions
Apr 2014 • Family
Couldn't find anywhere to review this show specifically.....performed by Get Your Wigle On (a local amateur theatre group). We were expecting an ok performance from local kids but this was AMAZING!!! Unbelievable production with amazing vocals! Exceptional acting, music & production. We have paid more to see professional shows all over the country, even in London! The standing ovation was well deserved!! Main auditorium next time!
Venue great as always!
Written April 24, 2014
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Leeds, UK404 contributions
Mar 2015 • Family
The theatre Severn is a lovely modern theatre, the bar is like a wine bar and the staff are very good, they should put a few more tables in the bar area.

Toilets are like those of a modern hotel, really clean and for once a reasonable quantity. It's great to have seating out in the main waiting area, so many theatres lack this and because it's a relatively modern building there is lots of space.

You can park directly behind the theatre at zero cost after six pm.

The auditorium is very good and quite intimate. The seats are very good with lots of leg room and are very comfortable.

Footloose was an amateur production, the cast worked hard. Some of the American accents sounded a good way off the mark and some of the top notes within the singing were not great. To change sets the decision was made to turn all of the lights off, fine at first but it did become a bit of a bore sitting in a blacked out theatre whilst there was a scenery change.

There was no doubt that one or two players were miscast - lets not run away that this was a free event. The paying public quite rightly deserve the best that the group can offer and by a bit of swapping around, this would have benefitted the production.

The dancing was very good by the main players, clearly some of the cast had difficulties making it hard to watch

So - crunch time, was it worth seeing. Well we visit the theatre at least several times a month around the country. Of course there is going to be a significant difference between this and a professional production. I truly believe in am/dram, it's a great thing to do and to support - so yes support this the main we enjoyed our evening and it certainly beats sitting at home watching some of the dross on TV.

To the cast - enjoy what you do and above all have fun. For those that do it clearly shows in their performance.

To the producer and director - don't accept second best, aim higher and use the obvious talent better.

Finally - the audience were fabulous, obviously friends and family to members of the cast, their support was contagious and fun.
Written March 13, 2015
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Luton, UK104 contributions
Mar 2019 • Friends
Hilarious. Very comfortable seat but would not recommend the back row in the boxes close to the stage. could only see one half of show so moved to stand away. But amazing capacity and all good seats otherwise.
Written March 22, 2019
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Martin R
Shrewsbury, UK40 contributions
Mar 2016 • Couples
Good venue for the town but should have been made bigger. Anyway, my post for the excellent jazz on Saturday lunchtimes. It's free and worth a visit. We found it by accident and loved it.
Written April 14, 2016
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