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Meadowhall Shopping Centre
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Very good

Jasmine B
6 contributions
Mar 2022 • Friends
MEADOW HALL! Most Sheffield people love meadow hall, it's where we put our money in the bank, we go on trips, we buy presents, books, we go to the cinema. Over all great place, I'm only going to list the cons so that visitors can be aware!

1. The whole place is usually quite busy from 2-7 on week days. It's much more busy on weekends mid day. It can be confusing to be surrounded by people, but try not to get overwhelmed, go into a shop to have a small break if your someone who struggles with crowds.

2. The cinema. Its good! They have a variety of screens and movies, however I have had a bad experience once. Me (13) and my dad (39) went into the Vue to watch Eternals the day it came out. Upon entering the screen, we noticed it was kinda small. But anyway that's fine, we didn't pay much so.. But then, we started smelling something cheesy. Low behold We were sitting right behind a homeless man who snuck into the cinema. Poor guy was just trying to sleep and I can't blame him for that! But the smell was very bad so we moved to the right. He then moved to the bottom of the theatre. A Member of staff came in multiple times and looked around some but he never said anything to the man.

3. The MacDonald's. In the MacDonald's you have to order on the screens. Last month I went with my friend to meadow hall, I payed for her Chinese food and said "can you please wait with my things while I go get MacDonald's?" she agreed and I went, we were seated right close to it. I ordered and stayed there for about 30 minutes and no food, my order number even dissapeared from the screen ; I gave up and left. Very dissatisfied. I got subway instead which, was very fast and tasty!

Little note : my favourite stores in meadowhall are,
Waterstones: sooo many books and for good prices
Menkind : nice staff and well priced funko pops & merch for anything you like may it be marvel star Wars or anime.
The guitar shop (can't remember what the name is) in the lanes
Very polite and kind staff, I'm friends with one of the guys that works there he let's people play the guitars and stuff and he helped me find a present for my dad.

Visit meadow hall you might just find something you like!!
Written March 20, 2022
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Selby, UK2,429 contributions
Dec 2021 • Couples
Parking is always easy, whole centre is very clean with a huge range of shops and variety of restaurants. The new Flannels shop is particularly impressive. I did however have an issue with the amount of people not wearing masks bearing in mind we are in the middle of a pandemic and that mask wearing is law unless you have medical exemption. As you enter the centre there are small posters telling everyone to wear masks but this is simply ignored. There were no PA announcements nor further posters, nor security staff enforcing the rule. Whilst I was waiting for my girlfriend to come out of a shop I counted people coming down the escalator (sad I know!) and out of 100 people 36 weren’t wearing masks (this didn’t include children). So, if you fancy catching covid I would definitely recommend MeadowHell as a great place to go!
Written December 22, 2021
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Aaron James
Oxford, UK59 contributions
Aug 2020 • Couples
I was disappointed during my visit to Meadowhall to find it much too crowded unappealing. I found that some areas are dark and unattractive and could do with some fresh air to lighten them up. This was especially true with the food court. Some good brands here with friendly staff, however, when considering Levi's and Topman.
Written December 25, 2020
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3 contributions
Sep 2020 • Couples
Went to return an item to Zara on my day off, waited in the queue for 15 mins just outside of the barrier when a security guard came and asked me to move on, I pointed out I had queued for 15 mins already and his response was ‘this is Meadowhall now, if you don’t like it...’. I decided to go for a walk as there was a load of people hovering and waiting for a spot within the barrier. I came back to find the queue twice as long and way beyond the barrier. I understand it is difficult times and this was an issue when Meadowhall first reopened, so why months later has it Not been addressed and a better system organised?? I spoke to a women who had attempted four times to come to Meadowhall and return something to Zara. Rather than a well organised queue it is a free for all with people hovering waiting to jump in. So never returned it and not sure when I will get another chance to, wasted journey.
Written September 28, 2020
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19 contributions
Oct 2020 • Couples
Absolutely disgraceful service at the Apple Store with staff deliberately discriminating against us for not wearing a face mask - this despite wearing a sunflower lanyard (indicating hidden disability) and showing the appropriate medical exemption.

Staff took it one step further and humiliated us in front of a line of other customers by refusing entry even though it was late in the day and hardly any shoppers were present in the store. They further took our temperatures by waving a device in our faces without our consent.

Their conduct is contrary to the disability discrimination act and we shall be taking further action against the manager and staff members concerned for their inappropriate and highly offensive behaviour. Staff ought to note where grounds of discrimination are present, it is the individual and not the company that is liable.

Quite honestly, an appalling level of service and one where staff and management alike ought to be hanging their heads in shame at their conduct this evening.
Written October 3, 2020
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Gemma B
1 contribution
Dec 2021 • Family
We came to the Santa express on Monday the train ride itself was lovely but the visit was spoilt by the unprofessional ladies on the snow globe. We joined the queue at 5.30pm by 5.50pm the same family was still choosing their photos. The two ladies then shut the computer down, stuck a sign up saying back at 6.20pm and walked off, not one word was said to the queue of approximately 20 people. We had to leave as our twin babies couldn’t have waited that long and there was still family’s before us. I have complained and the response back was the most unprofessional I have ever read ! It said I have it confirmed she spoke to the queue and said back in ten minutes ! A total lie ! No apology from the company or anything, why would I make this up, what would I gain ? I would never book another event again after this through this company.
Written December 23, 2021
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United Kingdom35 contributions
Sep 2020
We have not been to Meadow hall since last christmas so this was our first time in the current covid situation. One Entrance door into Next with hand sanitizer available and face masks have to be worn at all times during shopping in the centre. Social distance aspects inside are very well set out with a one way system all the way round the centre. We went early morning so the centre was not busy and we did feel able to walk around safely.
I would have liked to see more staff monitoring how people were wearing their masks as did see a lot of people with them below their noses. Very impressed with the Greggs social distance process with extra areas to wait and a staff member letting us know when to go up to the counter. Some of the small shops such as The Works could do more to social distance.
Written October 16, 2020
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Leeds, UK412 contributions
Jun 2021 • Couples
Overall this venue has a lot to offer from retail shops, food outlets and entertainment places.

Plenty of signage to guide you in the right direction but will still get lost. Covid signs still around so do or don’t as you like.

Shopping is of good quality but some shops are closed down so even thou they are colourfully wrapped to disguise they still need to be filled. Pop up’s are the trend or even embracing a indoor farmers market option. Think out of the box !

Lots of places to eat within a certain section of the building and coffee stops at most exit points.
Written July 26, 2021
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26 contributions
Jun 2020
Decided to go today as it was cold and raining. Had a look on line first to get an idea of what shops are open.
Firstly bottom level of car park closed, presumably to limit visitors. Plenty of spaces upstairs. All access is one way, so some doors are entry only and others exit only.
Loads of security at doors. Directional arrows on floor and plenty of signs to follow. Not all stores are open. Limited access to all stores. Some display red, or green signs above doors to tell you if you can go in or not.
There is no queuing system outside shops. If they are full you have to come back later.
Temperature testing is required for Apple store.
All food and drink outlets that are trading are click and collect, or take away only.
You can sit on benches, but need to leave space between you. You cannot sit down to eat on these benches. We ate in the car.
You cannot try anything on. Some stores that span both levels let you in on one level and out on the other.
Toilets were open, but the ladies hand driers weren't working and there were no paper towels to dry hands.
I wouldn't want to visit if it was busy.
In summary it was not a pleasant experience. The joy has gone out of shopping as you can't browse or enjoy your visit. Is this the future I hope not...
Written June 18, 2020
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23 contributions
Aug 2020
Great selection of shops. However, the shopping experience is not geared up for older people. There isn’t anywhere to sit down, except for eateries. The shops have poor air conditioning, so it is unnaturally hot. These large, outdated shopping malls need better policing. This shopping centre has never quite hit the mark for some reason. It is too crowded, and has a hostile atmosphere.
Written August 31, 2020
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