Yorkshire's Winter Wonderland

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Yorkshire's Winter Wonderland

Yorkshire's Winter Wonderland
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Yorkshire’s Winter Wonderland, York’s magical festive experience, will return to the grounds of McArthur Glen’s York Designer Outlet this winter incorporating outdoor ice skating on the North of England’s largest outdoor ice rink, a traditional funfair, Santa’s grotto, Christmas shopping and exciting new Scandi-licious treats from PapaKitchen.Tickets for ice skating at The Ice Factor are on sale
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436 reviews
Very good

kerry i
4 contributions
Great experience
Nov 2021 • Family
Great ice rink, easy parking and quick turnaround to get the skate hire. Really helpful skate marshall, highly recommend spending your time here!
Written November 26, 2021
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Sylvia S
York, UK5 contributions
Big shout out for the quick responding staff after injury on the ice
Jan 2020
I took 2 children Ice skating and whilst trying to keep the children balanced I managed to slip over myself giving my head a good pounding on the ice. I quickly got carried off and very well looked after by staff members whilst other staff carried on skating my my kids to keep them occupied whilst i got sorted out. Massive appreciation for the staff, just sorry i didn't get their names
Written January 4, 2020
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Marc Dominic T
Barnsley, UK196 contributions
Great ice skating ! Booking full of hidden extras
Dec 2019 • Family
Went New Year Eve for a 6-7 session on the ice rink ... helpful staff lots of stewards and not too many people.

The fun fair was a little sparse and fairly expensive.

Over all the ice skating was well priced BUT the online booking added a booking free plus a 2.5% charge and then an extra 50p for e tickets so you didn’t have to print tickets. This was the only bad bit and probably could be overcome if the administration was better managed.

Over all experience good... booking felt like being ripped off.
Written December 31, 2019
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2 contributions
Chalet coffee
Dec 2019 • Family
Went ice skating with my sister yesterday the ice skating rink was really fun however no were to put your bags only got told that you had to give it in at the box office once i had my skates on. Had a coffee from the chalet next to it only because the coffee stores at the outlet were too busy. The coffee was disgusting and only option is filtered coffee.
Written December 31, 2019
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Deborah E
Northallerton, UK983 contributions
Disappointing and dangerous
Dec 2019 • Family
We booked ice skating two months in advance for a treat on Christmas Eve morning.
On the day of the event we drove the hour from our home to the Yorkshire winter wonderland. We parked up easily as there was lots of spaces and which is free.
We walked over to the event to discover we had to get in one queue to get our wrist bands and then join another queue to get our skates. The tickets we purchased were for 10:30-11:30 we didn’t get on the ice until 11:05 after having to join the two long queues even though we had got there 20 minutes early. when we got on the ice ring it was already melting ice the ice ring was packed with too many people and was definitely a health and safety issue, lots of people were slipping over. It would be interesting know how many people we’re actually on the ring. We were asked to leave the ring at 11:35, of which I was disgruntled by as we certainly hadn’t got our money’s worth.
I get it was Christmas Eve and we expected it to be busy but not that busy. Also organisation of the wrist band collection and skate hire needs to improve.
Unfortunately for us this wasn’t the magical Christmas Eve ice skating we were expecting and we would not purchase tickets for this event again.
Written December 24, 2019
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Blue Dude
2 contributions
Dec 2019 • Family
Visited yesterday with 3 children all excited to go ice skating. The ice had a layer of water on top and was pooling in many places causing all three children to fall over soaking their clothes. We only could endure 20mins on the treacherous surface. We then had to go to GAP and buy new trousers. An expensive 20mins that was no fun. The staff need to tell their faces that this is advertised as Winter Wonderland and cheer up. Will not be returning.
Written December 20, 2019
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Malton, UK1 contribution
Magical winter wonderland
Dec 2019 • Friends
My children went today with school and I can honestly say,it was fabulous!The marshall took the time to show them all how to skate,usually they cling to the sides but now they have confidence and they are away!What a wonderful addition to the designer outlet.
Written December 16, 2019
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Gray's Reviews
Timaru, New Zealand1,378 contributions
Lively market
Dec 2019 • Couples
Lots of music, lots of lights and lots of people, all merging into a wonderful Christmas market. Many food stalls and many selling clothing and other bits and pieces.
Good happy place.
Written December 13, 2019
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1 contribution
Dec 2019 • Family
Your contact us section on your website doesn’t work as no recaptcha image loads- conveniently.

Just back from an extremely disappointing visit. We travelled 1.5 hours to come skating outside for my daughters birthday treat as she loved it so much last year. She is an extremely competent skater, at 6 years old she is on the British ice skating young stars development programme. Yet she was continuously told off from the moment she stepped on the ice, she was told off for spinning, forward skating, skating backwards and doing forward lemons. I was told that it stated no spinning or jumps on your terms and conditions online. However it doesn’t.

We arrived at 9.30 as due to polling day their school was shut however we were unable to book skating until 2.15 due to school trips, not a problem we spent the day walking round the outlet. The last school session had 6 skaters on yet our session also had 2 school trips on.
My daughter is used to skating in a busy environment so was always making sure she was safe but everytime she did something a member of staff would tell her she couldn’t do that. I spoke to the manager who told me that anything where a foot leaves the ice is unacceptable, however how can you skate without doing that?! Large chains of dangerous non skaters were often left unchallenged yet our 6 year old was constantly told off, 2 foot spins fine according to one Marshall, not according to others. Forward stroking (basic skating) not allowed, forward lemons, not allowed etc etc etc. My 6 year old was upset and asked the Marshall if having fun is even allowed. Very disappointed in the way we were spoken to and the attitude of staff, we spent a lot of money paying for 4 skaters only to stay on the ice 15 minutes as they weren’t allowed to do anything. We were told we couldn’t have even a partial refund as it was online that you couldn’t do these things. We won’t be returning and will be telling all our skating community friends about the way we were treated. Not once did she skate dangerously.
Written December 12, 2019
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1 contribution
Helpful like a hole in the ice - oh wait a minute ...
Dec 2019 • Family
Arrived at the skating rink just after 10am with three children (1 excellent skater, 1 good skater, 1 trying again for the first time in over a year) 1 moderate skating dad and 1 watching from the side mum. We went to the hut to book on and were informed that we would not be able to skate until the 14:15 slot due to school bookings throughout the day - this I understood and so to MacArthur Glenn we went for a bit of a shop and an early birthday lunch for our excellent skater. We went down to The Chalet (cafe area) to have a hot chocolate and start getting ready at about 13:00 - this session apparently booked by schools only had 6 people on so we asked if we could go on at this time instead - we were told no as it was booked for schools - ok so we waited and drank hot choc inside out of the rain.
At 14:00 we went to get skates on so we could skate in relative peace without worrying about school trips only to find that there were two schools skating during the public session - already frustrated but not the end of the world. We were told that despite the heavy rain (no fault of the rink) that we were not allowed to have our hoods up, with although may have restricted vision would have kept the water out of my eyes (I could barely see by the time we got off - it also meant I could not put my hood up later on as it was full of water!)
We got on the ice after every teenager pushed past my 6 year old ( our excellent skater). The staff didn’t seem to mind the school kids pushing there way past people and shoving each other on the ice.

My little girl who is a very adept skater (our excellent skater) started to practice some o FB her ice dancing routine and was almost immediately told that she was not allowed to spin in the ice. She had complete a one foot spin so in the busy environment I can understand the potential danger of this so we asked for clarity on these rules that were not posted anywhere visible. We were told that she was not allowed to spin at all, go backwards or lift one foot off of the ice. She listens to this and proceeded to move forward around the ice completing Lemons - where the was able to propel herself forward without taking her skates off of the ice - she was almost immediately told she was not allowed to do this as she was going too fast despite the school kids speeding round and overtaking her during the few seconds she was doing lemons.
We told her just to skate normally when she was almost immediately told off for skating in a straight line from where a member of staff had told her not to do lemons to where mum was watching from the barrier.

I was helping our poor skater round the rink trying to build his confidence. We were constantly avoiding the school kids who were ska to be in chains of 5-8 and falling as a result. The staff didn’t mind this despite the rules in the skate hut stating that you should not skate in a chain of more than 3. The school kids were trying to jump and spin and chase each other going very fast and being very dangerous to those around them by holding their skate up toward the other kids. The in ice Marshalls watch these thing happening and said nothing to the teenagers.

Meanwhile our good skater had fallen several times after he had managed to skate into several large holes in the ice. These were not made by those skating during our session but must have been over several hours of people skating into them - there were a dangerous hazard brought about by improper ice management - merely driving the zamboni over these hole would next them the need to be filled with ice shavings and allowed to refreeze - the fact it was raining only meant that the were hidden from view and therefore posed and even bigger threat as no skater would know the holes were there until it was too late. Also the sides of the rink where all the beginner skater hold onto the side and move along didn’t look like it had been touched since the initial laying of the ice.

We have no way of conveying or frustrations and concerns to the event organisers as the onsite staff were rude and did not want to know and the online contact section of their website conveniently does not work.

In short the staff picked on the smallest and most competent skater in the ice and we still don’t know why
The school kids were allowed to do what they wanted

The ice was improperly managed and a danger to be on - we left 15 minutes into our hour session - frustrated and with no way to raise our issues formally.
Written December 12, 2019
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