Vue West End

Vue West End, London: Address, Phone Number, Vue West End Reviews: 2.5/5

Vue West End
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2-3 hours
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The area
How to get there
  • Leicester Square • 1 min walk
  • Piccadilly Circus • 5 min walk
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48 reviews
Very good

Carly Dye
cambridge42 contributions
Very pleasant cinema experience
Aug 2021 • Family
Ticket prices here were surprising cheap considering it is in Central London, was expecting to pay more not less than we do in our home town of Cambridgeshire. Really nice cinema, we had reclining seats but did not pay extra for these. Friendly staff. Toilets, foyer & screen we're very clean & tidy. A very pleasant experience.
Written August 14, 2021
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1 contribution
Health and Safety/Accident Waiting to happen
Apr 2021 • Friends
Firstly the lift was out of order, no biggy there’s escalators and our screen (8) was right on the top floor and I have mobility issues. I made it, despite the final escalator being turned off!
Got to our screen and they hadn’t cleaned it from the last showing (pretty bad during these Covid times)
My brother who I was with went to the loo before the film started and found some bizzare left bags in there, so he made the epic trek back downstairs to tell a member of staff. They were busy trying to find a man who just walked in with no ticket (worrying)
Film was good, no issues with that. Until we went to leave and discovered they’d turned all of the escalators off! Had I been alone, I would have been trapped up there because I physically cannot walk down the steep uneven turned off escalators.
My brother went downstairs to explain the situation and he said that they weren’t too happy about having to turn the escalators on again, but they did. I felt very embarrassed by the whole situation. Thankfully this isn’t my regular cinema, as we were just visiting London but I feel this place is a massive health and safety risk, especially for people with limited mobility. When in London, I’ll be going to odeon or cineworld in future.
Written May 21, 2021
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Catalin C
1 contribution
Poor design
Feb 2020
I would like to preface this by saying that there are cinemas in London much worse than this one.

I saw Birds of Prey in Screen 7, row C. If my source is correct, this screen is fitted with a Sony FINITY SRX-R515DS, which came out in 2015.

Though in terms of technology 5 years is a long time, I have doubts that the projector was to blame for the clusters of pixels in the wide-shots or the lack of detail in close-ups. Assuming the ticket was correct - it clearly said 4k - and the manager confirmed it, these people are definitely using this projector wrong. There is no way it pulls YouTube 2006 quality.

The screen is too small for the room, and placed wrong. There is a stage-sized space between the seats and the screen. All this makes the front row the best place to sit. The optimal viewing position for most cinemas would be somewhere in the middle of the room. The screen only covers your field of view in width, and I was in the third row.

Perhaps the screen is too large for the projector? Maybe it's too wide? Who knows? Either way, the whole design of this cinema is completely amateur. The brightness was poor too. Dark scenes suffered a lot because of that, with blank spots, but bright frames were the worst, with the lack of focus. Also, any fast motion will lead to terrible blur. I saw an action movie, but kept wishing for static shots.

Sound in screen 7 had an echo. Poor design. In good cinemas, you can feel the vibration of an explosion and you can hear the crispness in a low male voice. The sound here was comparable to a public speaking competition in a high-school gym.

I also tried Screen 9, with Underwater. Here the projector clearly had the sharpness advertised. Colors and brightness were good, but not impressive. However, the screen was so small that, from the second row, it was not enough to cover my field of view. It was not the least bit immersive. There is nowhere closer to sit but the recliners, which cost twice more, and will only get you an extra metre closer.

Both screen 7 and 9 are practically bad enough that you will find yourself phasing out during the movie or not being able to follow the action correctly.

I will not comment anything on seats, food or staff. I honestly do not care one bit about any of those things. I just want good picture quality. I do have to say, at screen 9 there was a guy walking in and out of the room over and over again. Fix that.
Written February 21, 2020
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Nuenen, The Netherlands70 contributions
31st of december
Jan 2020 • Family
It was a sudden idea after visiting the Christmas market in Leicester square: going to the movies! The idea was great and even the viewing was ok. But the building and interior itself....nah, that was pretty poor. Even the popcorn was old.
The technique was good, but the atmosphere was a bit lame.
Written January 2, 2020
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Orlando, FL1,326 contributions
Worst theater I have ever been to
Aug 2019
Congratulations on being one of the worst theaters I have been to anywhere in the world! From the ticket machine that didn’t work and the staff who didn’t care about it to the concession stand staff who were more interested in chatting with each other than serving the completely flavorless popcorn. The ticket taker who was too busy talking to the manager to help us and the manager who grabbed our ticket rudely and gestured in an annoyed way behind him. To the escalators and elevators that were all broken (is that even legal?) to the tiny screen in the big theater, to the restrooms that were tiny and only on one floor and in really bad shape.

Wow. Thinking through all that, it really was bad.
Written September 10, 2019
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James S
133 contributions
An interesting experience
Jul 2019 • Friends
In London sight seeing, decided to catch a film, went for afternoon performance in Leicester square. We thought the premises were closed as the main doors were shut, but once inside were able to engage with the friendly & helpful staff to discover what screen our chosen film was showing at. At this stage patrons were out numbered by the staff ( and there were only three of them) we were directed to the escalators and told to keep going to the top, which we did, little did we know that was the last we were to see of any employees (maybe they are not allowed above ground level?) It all seemed rather surreal ascending the moving stairway to heaven with its mirrored walls. We finally reached the upper most level (without the aid of oxygen!) & joined the queue for our screen (when I say queue, in front of us was a young lady on her own standing in front of a sign which said, 'film being tested' (which we took to mean - wait here, someone will let you in soon!) The published start time came & went, no sign of any staff, then a member of public appeared, opened the doors & moved the sign! So we took that as a signal to enter, the place was heaving, there must have been three or four people already there! Bizarrely as we walked passed the projecton room, our shadows were cast onto the screen! We looked for our seats in row L, but could only find rows K & M. We decided to take a chance and go for row M, the place was starting to fill up ( there were nine of us in there by now, but still no staff!). The seats were comfortable and the film was good. At the end we ascended the magic staircase and emerged blinking in the sunlight into Leicester square, it was certainly an interesting experience.
Written July 18, 2019
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Waterbeach, UK286 contributions
Weekend Visit
May 2019 • Couples
My partner and I visited the Vue cinema to see the new Detective Pikachu movie. We went to a 2D screening in screen 9, but we nearly missed the start of the movie. Firstly because when we arrived there was only one member of staff on the snacks counter for a queue of about ten people, then secondly because the lady who scanned our ticket told us we were in screen 2! We went and sat in Screen 2 for about ten minuets. It was only because I asked someone else what they were here to see that we realised we were sent to the wrong place, then after enquiring were sent to screen 9 on the top floor and none of the escalators were working! We sat down in our seats just as the movie was about to start, which is where my final comment comes. The experience I have in my local cinema is so much better, screen 9 felt very crowded, and the screen felt really quite small compared to what I’m used to at my local cinema. I think, this is more of a cash cow from visitors thinking Leicester Square would be a good place to see a movie because of the premiers they get there.... well, I can confirm it isn’t. Though, their toilets are the best I’ve seen in any other cinema, so there is that.
Written May 12, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Altrincham, UK8 contributions
Pretty Good. Just Expensive
Mar 2019 • Solo
First time visiting as it was the only cinema in the Square that had times that suited. Very nice interior, comfy seats in Screen 5, Atmos sound was some of the best I’ve heard In a cinema, and the video quality was excellent. Preshow waiting available in the very comfy bar was a bonus.

However the pricing leaves a lot to be desired. Over £18 for a standard ticket, and 9.99 for a popcorn and drink puts it well above the other local venues in terms of pricing, for no discernible benefit over the other venues.
I’m aware that it’s probably the most premier location in the country, but it’s comparatively overpriced, which puts a negative shine on the visit.
Written March 24, 2019
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Amin A
Repton, UK1,978 contributions
Nice but not impressed enough
Mar 2018 • Friends
For how much you have to pay you’d think you’ll be a bit more impressed. It is a great cinema of course. Comfortable seats, clean toilets, many screens and films to choose from, and can book tickets online of course. It’s just over priced.
Written February 12, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

168 contributions
Very over priced
Jan 2019 • Family
To me feels very overpriced vs odeon around the corner. I know they need to make a profit but £6.50 for popcorn is a good example, but I know I could just not buy it.

The other problem was down to the fact the lift wasn’t working until I mentioned a few times. We couldn’t apparently use the stairway so the duty manager was kind enough to stop the escalator to allow my girl who isn’t confident go up and down.

But apart from that the cinema experience was good.
Written January 6, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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