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5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
The ultimate rooftop playground experience for grown ups with bar, street food, open air cinema and interactive games area. Formerly an empty rooftop car park, the space plays host to number of community events and activities for kids during summer holidays. Open May- September.
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  • Stratford • 2 min walk
  • Stratford • 2 min walk
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Very good

KT Yellow
Colchester, UK98 contributions
Festival feel
May 2021 • Friends
Wonderful to be back here post lockdowns and especially when the sun is out! Spectacular views of spectacular London and great cocktail and food choices. Such a festival feel despite being in the centre of Stratford!
Written August 2, 2021
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Chelsea A
1 contribution
Good vibes in East
Jun 2021 • Friends
Roof east has been my favourite spot for a few years now. Good food and cocktails, really nice open environment and super friendly staff. In particular the security team are absolutely lovely and always more than happy to help with anything they can.
Written July 23, 2021
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Southend-on-Sea, UK85 contributions
A young vibe with overpriced products
Jul 2021 • Friends
This is an interesting place that has a lot of potential but for whatever reasons falls short of mark. The security in this place is spot on and the security guys are extremely focused on the people and what they are doing or getting up to, but the day we went numbers were limited to booking only. On a very hot day we were surprised that we could not take any water in whatsoever, which is probably another security issue and a reason that I would not want to go back.

There were a hell of a lit of staff on all buzzing around bringing drinks to the tables. Apparently it is order via the app unless you accidentally on purpose you leave your card back home and then you can have table service via Apple pay.

The staff were all very polite and helpful which is probably a minimum requirement when paying over the top for food and drink. A Camden pint would set you back £6:20 which in my world is a tad on the "you saw me coming" side. Sona round for 3 was nearly twenty squidly. Maybe I could stomach the elevated prices if they came in a glass rather than an eco destructive plastic container, that just made things worse. My friend decided to spend £12 on a cocktail and £12 on a pizza,. The pizza was very tasty and the gentleman serving was very accommodating and helpful. However the pizza came on a paper plate, another non eco friendly policy. Her £12 cocktail, which tasted ok also came in a children's paper cup with paper straw and looked pathetic. Maybe this is what the youth of today want, children's party ware for high priced products.

The people there were mainly all youth and young couples and a lot dressed up like Love Island wannabes. Considering the place is a disused floor of a car park with park bench and deckchair seating it seemed somewhat discombobulated. It may just be that I am an old fuddy duddy and don't understand the merits of plastic cups, paper cups and paper plates for a nice time out. And maybe I care too much about what all this waste is doing to the planet.

When I went to use the men's urinals (neatly signed at the back of a porta cabin I was disgusted at their lack of had washing facilities for men who may have handled a family member and got a few splashes of kidney dialogue on their hands. In fact there were no hand washing facilities to clean one's hands following the discharging of a £6.20 punt of beer. Even the two hand sanitizer units at the side of the urinals before you go in were empty so a big disgrace on them.dor that.

All in all its not for me and my party and I left before our alloted time was up and made our way round to the local spoon. There we had food served up on adults plates and bowls and our 3 pints (under £10) of the same beer in r grown up beer glasses. And we could also pay by cash.

I will leave this place to the children.
Written July 19, 2021
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Michael c
3 contributions
Very friendly and helpful staff
Jul 2021 • Friends
Had a wonderful evening at Roof East.
The staff were all very very lovely. They were more than happy to fill up our water bottles and even offer ice and lemon. They went out of their way to ask how our night is going. Offered to look after our bags while we did mini golf and were accomadation when we asked for a different table with higher seats.

Highly recommend if you want something different in London. The staff were all incredibly friendly.
Written July 18, 2021
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Stephanie P
2 contributions
Great Night Out
Jul 2021 • Couples
Friendly and welcoming staff greeted us into a lovely atmosphere of great drinks and fun activities. The bathrooms were clean and fun. The cinema was comfy with quick service!
Written July 13, 2021
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Sam C
London, UK2 contributions
Awful service
May 2021 • Friends
Booked batting cages for a birthday celebration only for them to cancel a couple of hours before. They refuse to refund even when they where responsible for cancelling. Would avoid their customer service is awful.
Written July 2, 2021
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London, UK129 contributions
Sunday fun day!
May 2021 • Friends
This was a nice spot to chill. Upon arrival they take your temperature and make you fill the track and trace form. They also checked my backpack. We booked the Crazy Golf beforehand which was fun but very quick. Im sure I could have gone around again but we just left it. They have other games too which I am sure we could have booked there and then because it was not busy on a Sunday afternoon. We sat at a bench and order cocktails which was good but a little overpriced - a bit too much ice for my liking. All in all the vibe was chilled, good customer service and great RnB music playing . I would deffo come back.
Written June 16, 2021
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London, UK14 contributions
Fun night spoiled by rude manager and extortionate prices
May 2021
Two friends and I visited Roof East for a film screening in May. The film (Bridesmaids) was great, as was the experience of watching it as blankets were provided and drinks arrived quickly after ordering. That is where the good experience ended...

Unfortunately, the drinks and their ordering process are the downfall; the app you have to use to order drinks is not fit for purpose, as you cannot order a spirit and mixer because the options do not show up. Therefore we had to interrupt staff members and order drinks through them, letting them know what we wanted. Furthermore, we have never witnessed such expensive drinks in this kind of venue- if I recall correctly a single vodka and mixer was £12!! This is the same as / even more expensive than drinking in the city, which is insane. I will be advising future visitors to bring their own bottle of vodka in their handbags :)

The worst part of the night was after the film ended. At no point were we told (in person at the venue or through email when booking) that everyone would be required to exit the venue immediately after the film ends. As we each had a full (very dear) drink left at this point, and as we had just seen a group of around six people sat at a picnic table with drinks, we assumed we would be able to sit down for five minutes to finish our drinks. We asked a member of staff / security if we were able to do this and they said we couldn't. Also when we went to the portable toilets, we were basically stalked by a member of security, who were incredibly rude and in-your-face, telling us to hurry up. So after we were told that we couldn't sit down and finish our drinks, a member of security told us that we could stand by the exit and finish them, only to be told by someone else (who was apparently the manager) two minutes later that in fact we couldn't do that, and that we had to down our drinks immediately or throw them away (hilarious- assuming they haven't seen the drink prices).

The manager, Alex, proceeded to be very rude and patronising (pretty sure he was about 22), after we had explained the situation politely. Also we were told that the group of people sitting on a table drinking after hours were in fact staff members... why were staff members allowed to sit and drink in a COMMUNAL area when paying customers can clearly see them and will expect to be able to do the same? I would advise you stop this to avoid future confusion and disappointment. My friend downed her drink because she had half left at this point, at which point the manager Alex thought it was appropriate to advise the rest of us to 'follow the good example of your friend'. I had a fruit cider at this point which as you will know, are very gassy and are uncomfortable to drink quickly.

I almost forgot- the cherry on top of this experience was when we were walking to Stratford station after we left the venue, and one of the security team drove past us in a van and beeped and cat called us! It was definitely a member of security from the venue, as we recognised him from talking to him minutes earlier. It would be nice to not be harassed when walking home late at night.

My friends and I would only return to Roof East if the following changes were made:

Cheaper drink prices (especially spirits)
Less rude / aggressive security
Less patronising manager
Improved app

I would like to say I'd recommend going to a film screening here, but unfortunately the end of the night left such a sour taste for us that I can't. If you do go, just make sure you take out a loan and avoid talking to any members of security / authority.

That's all :)
Written June 10, 2021
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Paul P
1 contribution
Appalling Customer Service
Jun 2021
The only thing I have left to me is to leave a bad review as all of the attempts I made to resolve a booking issue fell on deaf ears and the had the nerve to charge me a "No Show" fee. Sounds like the are hiding behind the "Covid" wall excuse so they don't have to speak to customer.

Never got to experience the venue but would not go back based upon the level of customer service, or lack of, that I got
Written June 7, 2021
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Jan Y
Gillingham, UK6 contributions
Great Burgers
Jun 2021 • Friends
Had lunch at Roof East and had probably the BEST burger I've ever had!
Had the Cheeky Elvis Burger which includes peanut butter. . .not a combo I'd ever tried before. It's AMAZING!!!
It's not cheap, especially as it comes with no chips, salad etc.
But it's soo good 😁
Great atmosphere to the place too, love watching everyone playing the games.
Definitely recommend Roof East for a chilled out drink and meal. . .or a more party time. .it caters for both 😊
Written June 6, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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