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The Luna Cinema
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London, UK274 contributions
Luna Cinema - Cardiff Castle
Sep 2021
I had high expectations for Luna Cinema. I had also attended screenings at 2 other outdoor cinemas run by other companies during the summer, and I expected a big name like Luna Cinema to be much better than those. However I was disappointed as it was the worse outdoor cinema experience.

I will start with the positives. The food was nice, and there was a good variety including hot dogs burgers, chips, arepas filled with beef, chickens or cheese, popcorn, sweets, chocolates, ice-cream and churros. The food was expensive but that it to be expected. The location was really good as well, right in the middle of the castle square.

The drinks selection was really bad. There was no proper bar, only canned drinks, including pre-mixed spirits, which was very disappointing. The cans were quite small as well, not full size beer cans, only 330ml.

There was a very long wait for food. We ordered churros and waited over 25 minutes and they were still not ready. When we went to the stall to enquire, there were still 15 orders ahead of ours!

The atmosphere was terrible as well, especially when compared to other outdoor cinemas I had attended. It was basically full of families having picnics and very young children (who probably shouldn't be up so late) running around everywhere.

The screen wasn't that big, and as the seating section started quite far back from the screen, even towards the front the view wasn't that great. I can't imagine how bad the view must have been for people at the very back of the seating area! The people who paid for VIP seating were probably the only ones getting a good view, but there were only 4 VIP sofas available and they sell out so fast!

I would not recommend Luna Cinema, unless you are a family bringing your own food. For adults there are better, cheaper outdoor cinemas which offer a better view and a full bar service,
Written September 5, 2021
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London, UK11 contributions
Outdoor cinema at its best!
Aug 2021 • Friends
I can't recommend the Luna Cinema experience highly enough, whether as a visitor to the UK or just as a treat as a local.
They have thought of everything; from the seating to eating. The staff were so welcoming and the sound and picture quality was amazing on the huge inflatable screen.
We watched 'Singing In The Rain' at Kensington Palace, a magnificent setting; and even the chilly August night added to the atmosphere, as everyone wrapped up in blankets and coats.
My party all left saying we must make this a yearly trip.
Go! - you'll have a wonderful time.
Thanks to all at Luna for an evening we will remember for ever.
Written August 16, 2021
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Ringwood, UK36 contributions
Well organised, a perfect night out
Aug 2021 • Couples
We got our tickets through Sky VIP to watch Bohemian Rhapsody at Lulworth Castle. Doors opened at 19:00. We came prepared but if we had turned up with nothing we could have easily have got everything as luna cinema provides chairs, blankets, food, drink all on the app. We ordered food which was delicious. There was a delay in the film starting as we had to wait for sunset but that was so we could see the screen ok. They made sure that everyone on blankets were at the front so no ones view's were blocked. You can bring your own food, drink including alcohol but no glass. They provide cups on the door to pour your drinks in if you do have glass. Would definitely recommend.
Written August 14, 2021
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London, UK32 contributions
An outdoor cinema event with a twist
Jul 2021
We were attending a Luna cinema event at Westminster Abbey and the screen was set up in Deans Yard within the Westminster School ground. It was an atmospheric setting and we were allowed to bring our own picnic (no glass bottles or glasses are allowed for your information). This was a very enjoyable night out. We watched Knives Out which we haven't seen and it was a very good choice. However, the selection of films at the various venues could be improved.
Written August 10, 2021
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Dimitar P
7 contributions
Make sure you know what you get intourself into
Jul 2021 • Couples
Basically, the concept is you sit on the grass or bring your own chair to watch an old movie. Begs the questions - why not watch in on the sofa at home. Even if you are into watching a movie sitting on the ground, freezing to death and hoping it wont start raining, make sure that you know what are you signing up for first.

When walking into the venue we were surprised with the question - have you booked a chair? Our tickets said standard seating which I would assume meant that it includes a chair. Not an unreasonable assumption, one might think. The key is in the term “seating”. Turns out, you get to choose a space on grass in a park. Some people were more familiar and prepared with picnic blankets but we were not amongst the lucky ones. When I asked if we could buy a blanket from somewhere, I was directed to an online platform where I could buy a blanket for £10 (the ones you get on long haul flights for free and is good for pretty much nothing) - and on top of it they only had one!

So 2.5hours later after changing every uncomfortable pose sitting and laying on the ground, freezing and miserable, with the boots of a neighbouring couple in our faces, unable to feel about 3/4ths of my body, I felt the only pleasant and joyful moment of the whole experience - the closing credits of the movie. If you end up going, make sure you chose a short movie!
Written July 31, 2021
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Callejero Viajero
Kent, UK19 contributions
Excellent value, great for couples and families
Jul 2021
Really enjoyed the experience of being outdoors in the fresh air, at a very professional covid secure event that was well-staffed and had a great atmosphere at Tonbridge Castle.

Get there early for the best views.
Written July 26, 2021
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Bhav P
Luton, UK46 contributions
Something different!
May 2021
Great experience, would definitely recommend paying for the front rows though! You get a speaker on entrance and you don't need to leave your car at all (unless you need to toilet of course).

The grass was a little muddy and cars were getting a bit stuck... but they had plenty of staff on hand to resolve issues.

Screens were good, the speakers were decent enough, and we had good weather for the occasion. I would watch a film you've seen before because it's not like going to the cinema, it's just unique experience.
Written May 25, 2021
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Sarah B
Oxford, UK2 contributions
Enjoyable, but weather-dependent!
May 2021
We went to the drive-in cinema at Blenheim Palace. We saw Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet and very much enjoyed the experience. For full disclosure I won tickets from a Sky VIP competition so didn't have to pay, but we felt that the experience would be worth the ticket price if we had paid. The location is in a field in the grounds with a lovely view of the palace off to the right hand side. We were in "standard" view which meant we were a few rows back, so the screen didn't look massive from that distance but we could see the screen well enough. The speaker unit is provided and gave really great quality sound, with the option to adjust the volume. The speakers are sanitised between customers.

There are a few food options. We had nutella and banana crepes which were ok for £6 a crepe. Served in sturdy "pizza box" containers with wooden cutlery, which were easy to eat unlike other takeaway crepes I've had. They weren't very warm, but perhaps understandable given that they'd been served outside. Food was ready to collect in ten mins with a safe pick-up from a staff member behind a screen. Portaloos are available although we didn't make use of them.

On the night we went unfortunately the weather wasn't perfect, with showers on and off. This meant we had to use the windscreen wipers most of the evening, which did affect our view of the screen a little. I was worried about draining the car battery so I was reassured to see at the end of the night they had a little golf buggy type vehicle with jump leads ready for any vehicle which needed them. Departure after the film was well-organised with stewards in control and on the look out for queue jumpers. Took about ten mins to get out of the field, even despite some cars being stuck in the mud and needing a push from the stewards.

I'd particularly commend the staff, who were well prepared for anything on the night and were cheery and friendly despite being stood in the rain for three hours!
Written May 19, 2021
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Peacehaven, UK3 contributions
Excellent Night out with Luna Cinema
May 2021 • Couples
We attended Goodwood last night and loved it! Friendly helpful staff, great food and a wonderful night out whilst sitting in the comfort of our car!
Written May 3, 2021
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Birmingham, UK14 contributions
Lunar drive in cinema, NEC, Birmingham
Apr 2021 • Couples
We attended the screening of The Greatest Showman at the NEC in 1st May 2021. Doors were open at 1945hrs with the film at 2945hrs. We arrived just prior to the opening time and there were already cars in the audience area.

It was very smooth entering with ANPR and no physical or email ticket was needed and there was a queue of about 10 cars in front of me but we didn’t stop. The firs encounter with staff was handing us out speaker as this is how the sound is transmitted to the car and not via tour stereo. I’m sure this assists saving the battery drain in your vehicle but must be a big investment for the company. The member of staff that gave us the sound system was lovely and polite and told me it was heavy and boy was it heavy...

We were directed to several parking attendants with clear and friendly gestures and all cars were parked off set so you were never directly behind a vehicle.

The sound system had a touch screen on it (it has been disinfected prior to issue but we have it a Covid wipe nonetheless) and you could access information including film details, food details etc. To order food, you scanned a QR code on both a leaflet we were given with the sound system and also in the front screen. There was a volume knob bottom left that went from very quiet to window rattling loud. One thing I just say was that the sound was excellent and clear as a bell, no hiss or delay and it’s obvious these are quality units.

Film start was announced and it was great. My only slight mention here is the colour/brightness could have been a little stronger but it in no way distracted from the overall experience. I saw people collecting their food orders throughout the film from a Covid friendly collection point to the right hand side.

One vehicle left their lights on in front of us for a while but one of the parking attendants come over to ask him to turn it off which eventually they did.

Just before the film started, a young lady walked over to our place with a bouquet of flowers and I joked with my wife they were for her...well I was very surprised when she actually came to us and said that they like to give one friendly customer a gift so we kindly accepted a lovely interflora gift bouquet. My wife was made up.

Once the film was finished, the car park lights came on and everyone was politely asked to remain where they were until directed to move by the parking attendants which everyone did. They started allowing cars to leave one at a time from the front row and worked slowly back. It took us about 10 minutes before we could leave but is was very organised and efficient. You handed in the speaker as you left the entrance and you could see them spraying the units to sanitise them.

No delay and straight onto the motorway and home.
]my first drive in experience was great, really enjoyed it and was fun to do.
Written May 2, 2021
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