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9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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More than 3 hours
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Studio 8 160 Barlby Road, London W10 6BS England
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4 reviews
Very good

Jim E
Manchester, UK2 contributions
Effective fitness training that's fun too!
Jun 2014 • Solo
Finding it difficult to get motivated to train regularly, I signed up for a fitscape fitness holiday in Spain on the basis of a glowing article in The Sunday Times. And I wasn't disappointed. Great team of trainers that laid on several hours of varied training each day, plus some spectacular hikes. There were about 15 other guests on the trip and we all became firm friends in no time. Good, clean and very comfy accommodation.
Written August 29, 2014
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Mahi L
London, UK1 contribution
In:spa healthy holiday in Marrakesh
Apr 2014 • Solo
I have a very poor experience from using in:spa. I do not recommended to anyone and I will not use it in the future myself. I recently (April 2014) used In:spa (running by the same directors as Fitscape) company to have a healthy, relaxing holiday in Marrakesh. However, I found this trip from the time I arrived in the airport stressful until the time that I had to explain the situation to the people in charge (totally waste of my time and money)! The customer satisfactions has no meaning to the organizers of in:spa holidays. All they are interested is your money & the trip is highly overpriced!
In order for them to understand my bad experience on the retreat, I filled in their feedback form, spending one hour on the phone with the main director going through each point.
Still they come back to me, saying we do not understand why your experience were different from others.
Below are some highlights of this trip:

1- Poor choice of Taxi company. The guy who picked me from the airport, did not hold my name, just piece of paper written by pen in:spa. He could not speak a word in English just picked up my luggage and next minute I am sitting in his car wondering that what is going to happen to me,..

2-Unsafe accommodation. Due to a heavy rain for 3 hours, my bedroom flooded badly and I had to stay overnight sharing with another guest. Initially they offered me to sleep with 5 more people in the main hall with 2 personal trainers, two host and yoga teacher,... (I paid for a single room to have my own privacy)

2- After that sleeping two nights in a damp room with the noisy dehumidifier

3- The villa had a smelly corridor on your way to attend the yoga practice (it was not hygienic at all!)

4- The contact number given to us for emergency was for Spain and not Marrakesh

5- Above all, having a host, who does not know what to do in case of
unexpected event,...

7- Plus so many other disappointments one after another.

After all the correspondence with the company's directors they have offered £500 refund which is not acceptable in comparison of paying £2500 for this trip with flight fare paid separately!
Written July 18, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Vancouver, Canada4 contributions
Terrible service, very unsafe location and they don't care after taking your money.
Apr 2014 • Business
I used this company twice. However, the second time they sent us to a very unsafe location and their service was terrible. I contacted them during and after and posted my comments on their website. They keep deleting it. They are violating the mis reprentationact by only posting 5 star ratings. Here is what I expeinced and they don't care and don't respond to my emails.

Dear Simon,
I see that you do not post any review unless it is 5 stars. It is false advertising as well. I wonder how many clients like me, tried to post and you would delete them. When I logged in your site to book, I was impressed with the reviews. However, now I know it was controlled and not accurate.
I have contacted a solicitor in the UK and they have advised me to contact ABTA and to follow the procedures for arbitration and record a complaint against your company with them to be posted on their website.
I will also peruse my complaint and review and send it to the Sunday times and the Conde Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2014 committee and other agencies that protect consumer’s rights.
I am obligated to send you a SECOND REQUEST as per the steps of ABTA procedures to negotiate and try to solve the issue.
Hence, this is the record for my second request:
1. When I booked my holiday in April, I was sent an email with the wrong dates in March.
I contacted the staff and I was told, sorry.. Mistake.
2. I received a letter with info on the resort in Morocco; however, the phone number posted was wrong. The number was for the resort in Spain.
3. I was told that I should wait for only 20min for another couple to arrive and the driver will be waiting for me at airport and I can give him my suitcase and relax at the café.
After 8 hr flight from Doha, I arrived with no signs of the driver. I started to call the number on the letter and there was no answer (I was calling Spain!). Hence I started to worry and called the London office. They said they will check and came back with driver is on his way.
Driver arrived an hour late and then we had to wait another 30min for the other couple.
4. I have requested a single quiet room because I am a very light sleeper when I reserved my booking and paid the amount. Upon my arrival I was given a room facing the busy gathering in the courtyard and was told: see how it is. I told them to change it and they said they couldn’t. It was a very noisy room facing the tennis courts and the courtyard.
5. The host, at the first dinner, did not have much to say. She was really not interested in the guests at all. No explanations on our first day at all or how the schedule works and the sheets they gave us. Some people missed their massages because it was not explained.
6. First run in the morning, I asked specifically on the route and if we all will be in the same loop. They said yes and we started. I was not in the fast group nor in the last group but in the middle. As we ran, I saw many forks on the road and kept trying to see where other people where and there was no sign of anyone. I got lost and had to back track my route. Some of the walkers actually asked about us and advised Petra that we were nowhere to be seen. The staff, had no idea and nor did they care.
7. My biggest complain about the holiday is that you have chosen a very unsafe Villa. The Villa is at the bottom of a V shaped area .The weather changed and we had a major rain storm and the villa got flooded with rain water and sewage water within a couple of hours. It all came gishing into the villa and in our rooms. It stank of a horrible smell and we had to rush all our stuff on the beds and your staff kept sweeping and trying to get the water controlled. We were told by Petra that we are stuck and we cannot go out or anyone comes in the villa until the next day. The electricity got cut off for a few hours. So we were stranded. If for any reason, one of us injured themselves we have no way of getting any medical attention.
We got to know that the roof and the big chandelier in the villa have collapsed in September due to the same rain storm and hence, there was just a plastic cover over the court yard. The flood happened before and yet you continued to use that villa even when it was not safe. It is a Health and safety issue. We trusted you and unfortunately you took advantage of our trust. The place was not a 5 star as you claim to be.
My friend Mahi’s room was unusable that night and Petra suggested that she moves into my room without asking me. I obligated and told Petra that I paid for a single room for a reason.
And I will gladly host my friend Mahi in my room, however, I should have been asked and I also look for In:sap to deal with this matter. No response.
8. Following the flood, my room stank of sewage smell. The staff was giving me their own scented candles so I can overcome the smell and keep using my room.
9. I went to one of the group training sessions and it had boxing segment while we do sit ups with a partner. Your young big trainer came a few inches from my face as I was lying down and yelled and screamed with such anger at me. He told me I was not good enough and not doing enough. I was on the floor and could not really move. I started to shake and got very upset. I went to your host Petra, after and told while I was shaking and crying. He has seriously offended me. I did not pay for boot camp. I have paid for a yoga, fitness and good nutrition week. Not to be yelled at by a young trainer at age 54. After that session which was a Monday, I did not attend any of his group fitness classes. I missed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
10. I asked the other young trainer for a 15min of his time to show me how to stretch my hips. One of the other guests said he was really great at certain exercises needed for tight areas. He did not obligate me because he said he was busy. He wanted me to book a full private hour with him. He was free and I saw him with other people sitting around and flirting with one young client.
11. As for the nutrient one on one hour session that you offered. It was basically commercial. Tania listened to me and kept on saying, I can’t say, I wouldn’t know, unless you hire me back in London and I look at your blood tests. I have no medical issues, I just gained 8 pounds in the past 4 years and wanted to know what to avoid. Most of the hour she just stared at me and told me I can hire her through skype and here is the website.
12. We were offered two massage sessions as part of the package. One was great and the other one was horrible and everyone complained about it. It was a waste of money and time.

I think the fact that we have posted our reviews and your staff keeps deleting it means that some other clients may have had the same issues and yet no one would know. It is false advertising. Consumers need to be protected.

I will purse sending photos of the mud slide as well as the Vila to news papers. You won awards you do not deserve.
Written July 13, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK3 contributions
Fitscape Fun in the Sun
Aug 2013 • Solo
Spending a week exercising in Southern Spain in August first had me a little worried, but it really couldn't have been a week better spent. Fitscape’s venue in Spain was fabulous--lots of space for guests to gather together or have quiet time on their own, different locations for the training sessions, challenging runs and great hikes. The Fitscape team was incredibly talented--very instructive, creative (and patient!) in the sessions--but above all, enthusiastic and energetic. Their program was really well balanced between working out and chill-time, so you could tailor your week as you wanted. The quality of the meals was an added bonus I hadn't expected--all around, my experience far exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to sign up for the next one. Question is---do I go back to Spain, or check out their options in Italy, France or Morocco?
Written August 19, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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