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Neighborhood: Soho
The go-to district for a good time in London, Soho hosts a wealth of world-class theatres and a compelling lineup of cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs. At Soho's core is London's original Red Light District and the epicenter of the LGBT scene – and thus the city's hottest nightlife. For shopping enthusiasts, Soho is not only the home of London's greatest concentration of boutique shops, but also the most strategic place to set off on a tour of the world's most celebrated department stores. In the southern part of the neighborhood lies Chinatown, with its multitude of delicious and affordable restaurants. Closer to the Thames, Chinatown's narrow and teeming lantern-lit lanes spill onto the expansive hub of glitzy Leicester Square.
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  • Piccadilly Circus • 2 min walk
  • Leicester Square • 5 min walk
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Very good

Leila M
St Helens, UK39 contributions
Dec 2019
I don't usually post negative reviews and some people may disagree but I have to say that this show was a let-down for me. I had attended Thriller Live in Abu Dhabi years ago, which was phenomenal, so I was excited to go with my family to watch the West End performance and had high expectations. Sadly those expectations were not met. I appreciate that trying to emulate the King of Pop through renditions of his biggest hits is not an easy feat but I had anticipated a lot more dazzle. From the average performance of a young Michael to an overweight version of his Remember the Time character trying to muddle his way through a dance routine, it hit me as a very lacklustre portrayal of the Legend's legacy and an insult to his name. Don't get me wrong, as some of the performers had great voices but lacked in oomph and impact, tending to rely immensely on the audience's interaction. Add to this the fact that the theatre was very run-down with an awkward seating layout, the 230 GBP we had to pay for three tickets was money down the drain and we left the theatre before the end of the show.
Written July 22, 2020
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Justin power
Rochester, UK167 contributions
Mar 2020 • Family
I went to this show years ago. I have to say they have changed it for he better. Cut out the slow boring songs, made it more upbeat. All singers really good. Having read the bad reviews lately, maybe that was a one of bad show.

Long live Michael's music.
Written March 10, 2020
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Barbara B
24 contributions
Mar 2020 • Solo
A rainy Saturday afternoon, l decided to see if l could book a show. I decided on Thriller Live. One of the best shows l've seen. I always thought Michael Jackson was a great showman and loved his music. The cast bought the songs to life, what fantastic voices. The dancing was superb, the sets, costumes and lighting were spectacular. The live band brilliant. Everyone was up dancing. What an amazing fabulous show. I had the best afternoon ever. Dont take my word for it, go and see it before it ends.
Written March 9, 2020
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United Kingdom10 contributions
Mar 2020 • Friends
Better than expected..really enjoyed the show... excellent dancers and singers covering all his best music from start till his last.. dancers are ALL spot on.. good singers too..i was really impressed with the white guy's voice (hair tied back) doing MJ !!!
Singers do involve the crowd too, so can sing/dance at times!
Im giving 4 stars, and not 5 because of the slightly dated theatre and also some seats of plan are not so great..different levels to the stage can be too high or can be difficult to see all the stage...make sure of this before booking!

Def. worth seeing once with a good seat, if its within your budget..
I wouldnt go otherwise.
Written March 3, 2020
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8 contributions
Better than expected
Feb 2020 • Couples
I can honestly say I really enjoyed the show, was not expecting much tbh after reading all the negative comments, second half definitely better than the first, the singers and dancers work really hard and put on a good show, it doesn't deserve all the bad comments it's really not that bad
Written February 29, 2020
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15 contributions
Thriller did not thrill !!!!
Feb 2020
Sorry and disappointed to report that thriller was terrible !!!

There was only one amazing MJ look a-like performer, who had a small dance routine at beginning of opening and then we didn't see him till nearly the end of first interval. He then danced to "cool operator" , this was a fantastic dance routine, by him and the dancers , especially him and received the loudest applause .
But, unfortunatley, he didn't sing (real shame , he's the star of the show) and therefore, 4 other male singers , that couldn't dance; tried between them to sing all the other songs to fill up the time.or get you to stand up and join in like a panto , dreadful and terrible - 3 of them out of tune and they just didn't look the part - very amateur performance
We felt like the performance was like you get on a cheap holiday cruise with the staff trying to entertaining you unsucessfully!!
We left at the first interval as couldn't sit through any more !!!
This was a Saturday night showing - maybe other showings have a different cast, because we read good reviews beforehand , so really shocked it was so awful.
Written February 27, 2020
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Mrs Doyle
Brighton, UK112 contributions
Loved it
Feb 2020 • Couples
From start to finish we loved this show. We saw Michael Jackson live years ago and love his music so wondered how this would compare. We were blown away by the singers and dancers. Everyone was singing in the audience by the end, fabulous and would recommend to any Michael Jackson fans.
Written February 25, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Natalia T
5 contributions
Jan 2020
I have never written a review on trip advisor in my life despite having even phone stolen in hotel! That's how upset I felt watching this show that I had to write this.

I don't even know where to begin, but this show was atrocious. I am a huge MJ fan and this was just horrible. Even if you're not a huge fan, you are better of sitting at home putting Youtube on with his classics and having a glass of wine. I live in London and have been to sooooo many good shows, please don't waste your money on this and spend it on another show/something else unless the below sounds good to you!

I am writing this review in the hopes that the directors/whoever is responsible for this monstrosity will look at reviews and do something about it!! I would love for the show to stay, but with so many new musicals coming up, if this is how it continues I can't imagine it will last long in London. I want MJ's music to live on and would happily go to watch the show again and again. BUT the whole thing needs to be redone. You need 1 MJ. ONLY 1. I realise it might be difficult to find someone who can do everything i.e dance, sing etc and who wants to be leading the show considering all the controversy, but real fans will always go if it is worth it! I went to see Tina Turner and the woman was simply INCREDIBLE. She danced, sang everything herself. Find someone who is remotely good, because this is just offensive.

There are 5 or 6 people depicting MJ, at different times. Sometimes they sing together. MJ would be turning in his grave if he saw this. One of which is a woman (I think) who cannot move or dance to save her life. MJ a woman!?? I realise we are in that age of equality, but again, this is just weird. The other dudes can't sing. And the only one decent guy who dances and looks like MJ( who was the ONLY good thing about the show) doesn't sing!! They sing along him as he dances, and he dances all of 2 songs.

The time lines do not match, theres no real story, the dancing is AWFUL with weird movements and god the costumes are AWFUL. They have people dressed in modern day neon clothing and trainers jumping around like idiots.

You can tell the backing dancers are not very good/experienced. Their dancing is slow, not flexible, no energy, they do not look fit at all when you compare to some really good shows. It's just FLAT. I felt so so bad watching this. I have seen all of MJ's videos live and recorded and this is just insulting to his fans and people who pay to see this.

Written February 24, 2020
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Chester, UK64 contributions
Pure entertainment
Feb 2020 • Couples
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last night. Pure entertainment from start to finish. I feel if people did their research before booking this event it would save the unnecessary negative comments. They would know what to expect and accept it for what it is. Pure entertainment!
Written February 23, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

bangor n.ireland3 contributions
One star to many
Feb 2020 • Family
If you get free tickets , it’s still not worth going . Words can actually describe how horrific this monstrosity of a show is . Please please please don’t do it at least then I will feel my agony will have at least had a reason .
Written February 22, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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