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Matthew B
1 contribution
They don't seem to answer the phone!!!!
Oct 2021
SUN 03RD OCT 2021 - Booked two tickets but soon needed these cancelled.

Phoned the number but no answer, being kept on the line for an hour before I gave up waiting any longer. It's absolutely useless.

I also emailed - no response as of yet.

I am still waiting to get in touch and I intend to get my money back as I made reasonable attempts to get in touch but they were not answered.
Written October 4, 2021
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UK10 contributions
Cineworld Rushden Lakes closed
Feb 2020
we have been unlimited card members since Feb 20, we just had an email stating that due to the COVID-19 virus it has to close which is understandable, but they still want to take the monthly subscription off us although they can't give the service, I can't cancel the card as not been a member for a year. phone them to see if they will stop the subscriptions till they reopen but they refused, any ideas, PM please.
Written March 20, 2020
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Johnny doey
12 contributions
Ruislip Cineworld Screen 7 - Freezing
Mar 2020
Temperature problems in screen 7. It was freezing. Very cold air coming through the aircon. I went to the reception (where we show tickets), told the assistant (tall young English guy, polite, helpful, did his best). Tall guy said 'Screen seven we have problems, it's too hot or too cold'. His words. He spoke to another guy 'Alan' on his mobile, told Alan to turn the heating on. I heard him. 30 minutes later, it was still freezing. People around us had their coats on. I went back to the same tall guy, told him it's still freezing. He found Alan. Alan had forgotten to turn the heat on. Altogether, I went 3 times to repeatedly ask. After another 15 minutes, the cinema got warm, then it became really hot. Then too too hot - for about 30 minutes. For the last 20 minutes of the movie, it got chilly again. The heating went off. SO, this was our afternoon: coats on, coats off, coats on again. Horrible experience. Alan offered me a refund. I didn't want it, so we didn't claim it. We weren't looking for a freebie, just a pleasant afternoon, which this WAS NOT. Avoid screen 7 at Ruislip Cineworld. And If you want assistance from staff, be prepared to ask several times.
Written March 3, 2020
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London66 contributions
Cineworld South Ruislip. COLD! Brrr.
Jan 2019 • Friends
Cineworld South Ruislip a nice new modern multiplex, quick entry, comfy seats, parking, places to eat nearby, supermarket too. Lots of pluses - BUT ... IT'S SO COLD !! I've experienced this often as have others I have spoken to. Whether it's winter or summer, cold air is pumped into the cinemas. I complain, it's ignored. I complain again. Then they put the heating on for about 30 minutes. Then, it goes cold again. WHY? Are they being stingy with the heating? It's so miserable sitting shivering in a cinema. People around us had their coats on. The cold air is pumped from the ceiling vents, so you need a woolly hat. What's the correct temperature for a cinema, theatre or other viewing venue? Do they even know? This is a shame, because it's our local cinema, but we're reluctant to go for fear of catching a cold or flu. It's ridiculous.
Written January 6, 2019
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Reginald Giblet
Watford, UK36 contributions
Neck breaker
Nov 2018 • Family
Paid £50 for last 4 seats available (according to the ticket machine) in screen 7 Ruislip . These were unfortunately front row and we had an awful view with seats about 6ft from the screen. I looked round after 10min and lots of seats behind were empty! Useless set up don't waste your money.
Written November 25, 2018
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1 contribution
Nov 2018 • Solo
I've been to this theater several times and the facilities are adequate, however, every time I've gone, the movie is LATE. Last night the stated start time was 5:45, first there were commercials that lasted until 6:00 then there were about 10 minutes of previews and then another 20 minutes of commercials. The movie itself didn't start until 6:30, which is ridiculous. Previews should start when the advertise start time arrives and then go immediately to the movie. If I wanted to watch commercials I would have stayed home and watched a film on TV. I don't know if this happens at all movie chains but I've also had this happen at the Leicester Square location.
Written November 17, 2018
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London, UK345 contributions
Bad admin, bad attitude - highway robbery
Oct 2018 • Friends
We went to the Cineworld in Fulham Road to see The Wife (a very good film). My wife booked online and took the correct card with her to collect tickets. The Cineworld system failed to find the card (or perhaps the people operating it did not know what they were doing) so our three tickets were not issued and we were obliged to buy three more. No apologies. When we returned home the card had been debited twice by Cineworld, once for the tickets we used and once for the tickets they failed to issue. Now Cineworld is refusing to refund the first payment although it is clear that the fault lies wholly with them.

The title sums it up - their systems did not function correctly and their staff were worse - highway robbery indeed and it feels to us every bit as bad as online scammers. Thank goodness it was not much money but you can be sure it is the last money we spend at Cineworld and urge others to be similarly cautious.
Written October 4, 2018
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London, UK249 contributions
Brand spanking new looks good but!
Dec 2017 • Friends
Went to see Paddington this afternoon, good job I have the Mercat Movie 2 for 1 as the prices are excessive. Adult £12.40, Senior & Student £9.90, Child £9.40 and Family £37.60. Before 5pm Mon to Thurs a reduction of £1.50 for Adults and £1.00 for concessions. Nice new and comfortable but I would certainly not pay the full prices when I can use the Vue Park Royal much cheaper. There were only three of us in the screen to watch the film. If they don't rethink the prices I believe the cinema will be empty most of the time.
Written December 5, 2017
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London, UK139 contributions
Cineworld - South Ruislip
Oct 2017 • Friends
Had no idea there was a Cineworld opening here, and had heard from a local friend that it was really well done.
I have to say that I was really impressed with this cinema indeed!

It’s placed within a retail park, including a good selection of restaurants and supermarkets. If you’re a Cineworld Unlimited member, you can get your standard discount off your bill in Frankie and Benny’s!
It’s also worth pointing out that there is a very large car park, and there were still a lot of spaces available on a Friday night, even though the whole place was rather busy!

I had eaten at said restaurant before the film, so I didn’t purchase any food from the cinema itself, although I assume it’s the same as any other Cineworld.

I believe the cinema is only a few months old, so it still looks to be in great condition, and I was extremely impressed that a lot of effort had gone into building a very presentable cinema today, as one might suspect that the cinema business may have gone “down hill” in the past decade or so.
It’s a cinema that looks very pleasing to the eye, and shows a good range of films.

The seats inside the screens are very comfortable, being padded, including padded armrests.
I sat at the very back of the screen so the armrests did not move up/elevate; perhaps seats further down the screen had this feature.
The seats may feel a little narrow at times, but overall I was very happy with them.

On the way out, a member of staff had a casual chat and the whole atmosphere was very friendly, and I enjoyed my overall experience.

I’d definitely recommend this Cineworld to others, and would love to go back there more often, but unfortunately it’s a little difficult for me to get to from home/work.
Written October 9, 2017
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Amber Gallagher
Kent, UK51 contributions
West India 'Pee'
Sep 2017 • Couples
Went here recently and it was really expensive to park for starters, the staff were miserable and didn't even smile. It stank like BO in the screen and was asked to show my unlimited card regardless of my hands being full and struggling she just stood there waiting with her misog face for me to pull out my cineworld card! Even worse the toilets were filthy and had pee on the floor. I wouldn't go back to this cineworld at all i'll stick to my local area. The only good thing was the Star Seats which you could lift the arm up on!
Written September 28, 2017
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